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2019/20 Last Man Standing Competition - £250 Cash Prize

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The 2019/20 Last Man Standing Competition will begin on the weekend August 9th/10th and 11th.


We will be running the main Last Man Standing Competition and also a Consolation version to run alongside for those who are eliminated from the main one.

  • The prize for winning the LMS Competition will be £250 which will be deposited into your PayPal account.
  • The prize for winning the Consolation Competition will be £50. (No other method of payment considered)
  • Winners of both competitions will also receive Punters Lounge Merchandise

The Competition includes the use of a 'Joker' which means you can choose Win or Draw on a certain week if you are struggling for a definite selection. This can only be used once. You also get the use of a Lifeline on One week if you forget or are unable to post.

Once the main competition has been won we will begin another one the following week .




**Please read the full rules before you play in the competition**


No need to register for the competition, your first selection will count as your entry.


Good luck all:ok



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Cheers BH ..... looks like fun

I'm already wondering which load of overpaid prima donna johnny kick-a-balls are going tto let me down

Knowing me it'll be Man City .......and it'll be the only game they lose all season ... . ?


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9 hours ago, thebestthere said:

I must say this must be the best forum on the internet.

It is rather good for a gambling forum 

2 hours ago, BillyHills said:

I have to agree, we just keep on giving  :lol


And we keep on trying hahaha

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23 hours ago, Gray306 said:

and trying and trying......

Some people trying are VERY VERY trying  (not putting a smiley face as I don't like them in black & white)

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