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  1. UK Weekend > Feb 18th - 20th

    On the subject of accumulators and are they a mugs bet, there's really 2 sides to the story. 1. Of course singles are better bets than accumulators, because the percentages are way more in your favour. 2. However, not everyone has £50, £100 to be putting on bets. So they place accumulators in the hope that they can still win big (ish) and for a small stake, that's fun and not too pressurised. There's nothing wrong with point 2 and anyone that says there is, is quite frankly very arrogant.
  2. UK Weekend > Feb 18th - 20th

    You just kept on trolling after what I said? Thread cleaned, you're banned. Normal service resumes guys.
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  4. UK Weekend > Feb 18th - 20th

    @Petersson1984 - Now you ruffled the big man's feathers, this could be a bad scene.... So, here's my thoughts. You don't post any bets, with or without reasoning. Therefore, you sound like a troll - post your bets or just shut the fcuk up.
  5. Wow GC got boring...

  6. How you all did this week

    Nooooo, I said it'll be a trip somewhere with "sand"...
  7. How you all did this week

    @andrewcalo Does that include booze and hookers?
  8. - bogus bonus

    Oddschecker were bought out and owned by same company who own Skybet. Since that happened, they've become a total joke. We're trying real hard to develop odds ourselves and it is a huge task, but if we nail it, we'll do it far differently from what they have and lose the spammy look they have. Most sites have forgotten about the user, because it's all about pound signs.
  9. Wow GC got boring...

    @CarlStill got the guns I see! 
  10. Could have been Bond!!

    Yeah but what about the muppet who was in line to replace DC, then made himself look a right twat with Taylor Swift. Not a prayer now, must be gutted!  
  11. Wow GC got boring...

    Your email just bounced back, just drop me an email at if you got a problem logging in.  
  12. Wow GC got boring...

    It's me Carl, just a change of name. 
  13. Wow GC got boring...

    @Carl new It's been a while.   PL has evolved into something more with the times mate, lots of new stuff coming and not just a forum these days.   How's things? Want me to combine your accounts?

    That's because it's the last 2 and last 4 average at that point. Sure, but the +18 was AFTER the prediction was made, it shows that Nantes have improved performance than the last 2 and 4, so now their average will have increased. However, no predictions, whether tipster based or ratings based are 100% accurate or there would be no bookmakers because we'd all be billionaires.  

    Apologies, it's clear that the ratings explanation needs to be better for new visitors. The regulars know over years how they work, but I'll upgrade the explanation shortly. I've had numerous queries via email about it and here's what I answered to one of them: --------- The Prediction Rating is BEFORE the match based on previous PERFORMANCE Ratings. Performance ratings are a rating given to a team AFTER the match, based on their attacking stats. So as an example of a Performance rating where the better team didn't win, would be: 11/12/16   Bologna  38.00   0-0 Empoli  9.00  29.00 The performance ratings analyse the stats of the match AFTER it is played to give a TRUE indication who the better team was. Here, Bologna were clearly the better team, but didn't manage to get the win. I hope that explains it better. :-)