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  1. Regarding the UK ELO Prediction Ratings in particular, it's 1 week short of where I get involved, which means they are slightly unbalanced at this point. Some teams will have played 2 home or 2 away matches and their opposition only 1 match, so their average rating will be slightly off until this weekend is complete. So just be careful and check the performance ratings to see the state of play until this weekend is complete. Once we have 2 weeks of home and away matches, we're off and running!
  2. Sorry forgot to get back to you. This isn't as simple as it may seem, so leave it with me and I'll ask my coder, but he's on something a little bit bigger at the moment. I'll let you know asap.
  3. Unfortunately, IE is the world's worst browser, so much so they binned previous versions of it. Out of interest, can you tell me what version of IE it was?
  4. to PL @lammy1961 They'll start again this weekend, as we now have some data off the ELO Ratings. Check out the Horse Racing Tips as they're on a different planet!
  5. @tafflizgreg - That's really strange, as you can see by my screenshot below, it's fine. I would suggest it's your settings/browser, because I'd have a ton of emails otherwise. Can you answer the following questions please? 1. Is it windows or mac you're using? 2. What browser are you using? 3. Have you tried a different browser, if so, do you have the same issue? 4. Have you cleared your cookies and temporary internet files on your browser that is showing with errors? Still same issue?
  6. Can you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing? Is this desktop, tablet, mobile? The more info the better please.
  7. So the is on you then?
  8. I'd be careful with labelling a whole division with the same tag, in fact I point blank would never do that. What I see is this: Barnsley were vastly superior to Ipswich yet managed to lose the match, never mind win it! Leeds were a goal superior to Preston, who were very average, yet didn't get the win. Millwall and Reading should definitely have won their matches, but only managed to draw. All these teams, especially Barnsley, Millwall and Reading were worthy winners and should be noted.
  9. Ok, so the ratings are at their most powerful right now, when even the bookies aren't quite sure what's going on. So tell me guys/gals, what do the performance results tell you below? I'll come back with comments soon.
  10. Oh and @Dannyboy236 it's Punters Lounge, not Lodge!
  11. I guess it's how you look at it. You can only truly know how good a tipster is, over a big sample of tips and there are thousands on our record, so that really puts a lot of other tipsters out there in the shade, because you'll find they include accumulators they've hit, which aren't really a true test of whether you can do it long term, only singles are. I'd also suggest this - if someone said that if you followed these tips for life at £100 per tip and an average of £80k profit per year, would you just say "It's too many tips?" - I'd be finding the way that I could back them all, and to be honest, there's a ton of software out there these days that can do it quickly. Also, how long does it honestly take to put on 20-30 bets a day? We've become a lazy nation in my opinion, always looking for easy cash, but it doesn't exist. You have to put in the time to earn good money. I'll leave this to BH regarding the NAPS. The reason for a tip for every race was me. Myself and @BillyHills discussed how was best to move forward with PL's new structure, design and tipping, especially for horse racing. I had plenty of people giving me feedback that they'd like to see tips for every single race, as not many sites do it. To do that, we needed a ratings system and that was devised by @BillyHills to be the future of Punters Lounge horse racing tips. Neither of us believed it would be as successful as it has been, but when you keep things simple in your selection methods and introduce logic with it, you can't go far wrong as long as your knowledge is good. My ELO football ratings are of a similar kind of logic BH has applied, knowledge, logic and simplicity.
  12. $150 changed to £150 and backdated to 1st August. Paypal only now folks.
  13. Explanation now live, but the page has gone a bit skewed (coder will fix later), but view in desktop for now
  14. @Dannyboy236 @Division - Explanation now live, but the page has gone a bit skewed (coder will fix later), but view in desktop for now