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  1. to PL @sfarad This is effectively a martingale system and is doomed to failure long term. Doubling up on expectancy is a long term loser. Classic examples of this are when people see 5 or 6 reds on the bounce and bet black in casinos. I once saw 23 reds on the bounce and the double up bet from 6 to 23 starting at £10 is around £500k. You will win with martingale for a bit, but when you lose, you'll lose everything you gained previously because the multiple bet becomes so big - bigger than your bank.
  2. 2019 Cheltenham Festival

    We have our own dedicated section with previews, tips, trends, live odds and results right here . Any tips from forum members, let's keep them all in there.
  3. Tennis Tips - February 11 - February 17

    to PL @Crimson_Silhouette
  4. Punters Lounge Suggestions

    Wow, where do I even start! Nothing is ever guaranteed @Alexhoward - any website says different, please direct them here and our forum members will no doubt maul them like a steak in a lion's cage. Long term profit is all you should be aiming for and you're in the right place for that.
  5. New to Betting

    to PL @Alexhoward
  6. The Welsh Open 2019

    Nice work @Fader
  7. UK Horse Racing returns on Wednesday

    Yeah, you can understand why they did it considering what happened previously in Australia, but they never had vaccinations. So perhaps it was the wrong decision and to just give affected horses an incubation period, while keeping them away from the rest of the yard could well have done the trick. I think they just shat a brick with Cheltenham coming up...
  8. ------------ Punters Lounge now has an Exclusive 50% Discount code for all registered Punters Lounge Forum users which is: EXCLUSIVE Punters Lounge 50% Discount Code: CGMPL1901 All queries regarding the discount code should go to -----------
  9. UK Horse Racing returns on Wednesday

    A risk managed return to UK horse racing has the go ahead for Wednesday.
  10. Danish League+

    @Toples These are now fixed. Some small bugs with the system handling data occurences it hadn't encountered before.
  11. Exporting Daily Ratings into Excel

    @The Maximiser Glad you've been hitting the bookies with the ratings. We'll put it on the list, but I'll be honest there's some pretty big things ahead of it in the development queue.
  12. Danish League+

    @Toples Thanks for letting us know, and we'll get that fixed asap.
  13. Fethard veterinary hospital in ireland tipperary  use a special product [ Nuevoagri ] disinfectant

    99.9999% effective against all pathogens in contact with horses  they apparently have not had an outbreak of any infections in the 3 years they have been using it   perhaps our yards in U K should follow their lead 

    1. black rabbit

      black rabbit

      have you a twitter following sir puntalot  perhaps if you have and tweet it out there some trainers may pick up

      on the info re Fethard using  that product  [ lets hope we dont lose cheltham 

  14. ITV4 showing Naas on Saturday

    No worries!