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  1. @theacademic - We normally don't allow these surveys as it's effectively spam, but if you contribute to the topic here then of course that's a different story.
  2. Without doubt in my opinion, not even a debate. Ask yourself this - what other player has dragged an average Serie A club to win the title, which was Napoli at the time and they were very average. Then he did the same with what was an average Argentina team to win the World Cup.
  3. I know my Dad has a big collection for sure! Going right back to the Leeds old says with Bremner and co. Some stories there for sure!
  4. Good luck guys and girls for next month and more cash! We always try our best even in a crazy situation we're all in. More importantly, stay safe and healthy.
  5. The future of betting? Not a hope in hell. It will have it's own place, but is so open to abuse it's crazy. It simply could never match football or even horse racing ever.
  6. It's not the government's job to bail out football clubs like some seem to think it is, their job is to look after the people and jobs and sure that covers a lot of football too, but let's dig into this more. First of all, FIFA, UEFA, The FA, EFL, & especially The Premier League should NEVER let any club go out of business in this scenario because it's just not their fault. Let's break this down though: So the EFL to their credit has promised £50m as far as I last read and rightly so, but if it's not enough then they need to put more in. These football authorities have huge cash reserves, not least because they love handing out fines. The Premier League - I dread to think how much cash is in their bank account and they need to back up the EFL and the whole of the Non League Football Divisions too, because in reality it wouldn't cost that much and they've got a ton of money to do it. As for FIFA and UEFA, but especially FIFA - these guys are a total joke at the minute. FIFA has all the money in the world as they're corrupt as hell with all the bribes they get, not to mention the revenue and same applies to UEFA. They again are a total disgrace at the minute, as they should be backing up all football authorities with cash if the that authority can't financially stop every club going to the wall and what have they done so far? "Fifa also announced it had donated $10m (£8.5m) to the World Health Organisation's Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund." Well, whoopee fcukin aye FIFA - are you taking the piss with that? 🙄 It's staggering the arrogance they've got and Gianni Infantino is instead on youtube telling everyone how to wash their hands - is he on crack? I'm speechless at FIFA's lack of input and more importantly cash.
  7. They have to play the season out for everyone, as and when all this pandemic blows over. They'll be legal cases galore otherwise and it's not fair to do it on average points, which was my original suggestion. Don't forget Qatar World Cup 2022 starts in November too, so pushing everything back shouldn't really be a problem.
  8. to Punters Lounge @Benwaller That's a tough one, but I don't think it's going to be a win for you in this case. Trying IBAS is worth a try, they can only say no we don't agree.
  9. Won comfortable, nicely done @Bang on
  10. @BillyHills is Mr Punters Lounge, he's more important than me and I own it! Total legend with all the updates. Nicely done mate.
  11. I think this will be the last week of the all these leagues too, but I had a look and really like Darlington too based on the stats which is how I always go about picking teams. Good luck mate!
  12. Just merged this with the odds thread @Darran - anyone pressures you, just cough and sneeze at them that should sort it.
  13. I think we're going to have to agree to disagree @zabadac