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  1. Mobilebet problems with withdraw

    Thanks @ComeOn Connect - it's not always simple to resolve every issue, but you stepped up.
  2. Agreed, absolutely awful. Not sure I'd even back them to beat Nigeria to be honest.
  3. Well said @waynecoyne If you type @ and then type the username it tags people and sends them a notification. I did it for you anyway.
  4. New Divisions for 2018/19 Season

    Fairly large it would seem. to PL @rafaelcunha
  5. Mobilebet problems with withdraw

    Ok @ComeOn Connect - not good enough anymore. Get yourself a proper system because your current one is broken. Somebody should be dealing with this direct now.
  6. Tip for Brazilian series B

    to PL @BruMac I moved your post into the Brazil section.
  7. Mobilebet problems with withdraw

    @clyde47 No worries, just remember bookies get hundreds of emails, so I’m sure if you label it like they asked above a little light bulb will pop above the team leaders head.
  8. Racecards

    Seems like for this race, it wasn't recognising the favourite so had 9/2 which was the 2nd favourite. I've asked our developer to take a look.
  9. Racecards

    @Data The odds are brought in from Bet365's feed, so there could be anomalies their side and it could be a processing error. Either way, even Oddschecker make mistakes, we're all human. The racecards are having a major update in the coming weeks, as we move to the new PL Mothership. Feel free to report anomalies though, just tag me using @Sir Puntalot or send an email to and someone will take a look at it.
  10. Mobilebet problems with withdraw

    @clyde47 I went out of my way to get @ComeOn Connect to reply to you on the forum, so please follow their instructions. Saying "you know who I am" isn't going to get anything resolved.
  11. @Icongene Tunisia are no mugs, they gave Spain the runaround just before the WC started and have 6 players that could have played for France (squad though). Anyway, England were quick and tasty at times and the system is one the players seem to know, but still very very shaky at the back. Hard to make any real concise opinion how good England are, but a lot of improvement is needed. Panama will get smacked silly I know that much, way too much direct pace for them to handle.
  12. Leovegas problems
  13. 52$ To 2000$ for 2018

    to PL @traderman64
  14. Next goal, no goal no bet Bookmaker

    to PL @Justin045 - I'd just check around each bookmaker as they sometime name markets differently from 1 bookie to the next. You can find all our recommended bookies here