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  1. @halesyy Please don't put personal info in posts, this has been removed. Not only will you get spammed by bots and scamsters, but it defeats the whole purpose of the forum.
  2. @note3user You'll need to post the actual selections and not just a link to an image, or the thread will be shut down I'm afraid.
  3. to Punters Lounge @halesyy Happy to allow this as long as there's no cost.
  4. Spot on and same rule applies to betting on every sport.
  5. @The Equaliser - That's fine as long as @BillyHills authorizes the thread. No more copy paste from other sites with links.
  6. @delfino You're getting one warning, use it or lose it.
  7. Stegosaurus banned - trolling. Previously banned also.
  8. to Punters Lounge @Rimatino I believe it's after 8am on the day, but best to check with their customer services to be sure.
  9. Subjective would be an understatement @MattA147 - it's more about the horse than the jockey in my experience, the jockey is there to deliver trainers instructions.
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    to Punters Lounge @Action We'd suggest contacting