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  1. Online casino betting with someone elses debit card

    to PL @dodderydear I'd blame this mostly on the casino, as they shouldn't allow a card to be used that's not the same name as the registered account. However, it's none of my business, but you should always be asking permission to use anyone else's card of course. As for fraud and taken to court, that won't happen, it's more of a case of the casino trying to cover themselves, especially if they're a UK casino with the threat of a heavy fine from the UKGC.
  2. When do bookies ban you from betting sites?

    I guess what @John.Dav means is that when they take a view that you are too clever and close your account. Personally, I think ALL bookmakers should be made to take a minimum amount of £50 on any bet. They are "book makers" after all, which means you manage your book. Pinnacle don't ban punters, they allow winning punters and hedge, whilst also placing that same bet elsewhere if they see that punter is a long term profit maker. Bookmakers should become book makers again and not what they seem to have become, which is traders.
  3. Who is right, me or Unibet?

    There's many bookmakers that wouldn't do that, so they have to be applauded for that.
  4. Who is right, me or Unibet?

    I've made Unibet aware of this thread, but other than that we can't really get involved due to data protection blah blah blah... Sometimes it's an executive decision by traders, that can get overturned by management. Unibet are a very reputable bookmaker, and come high on our recommended list for the record, so let's see what happens. Also, what you've said above has to be accurate. Plenty have piped up over the years and told only half a story, but I have to say yours doesn't sound like one of those.
  5. ELO Test

    Nice one. Just tag me if you have any queries on anything and let's see how you get on.
  6. Who is right, me or Unibet?

    to PL @JP1111 Personally, I'd have to say the bet lie with Unibet there, if what you say is accurate. Let me see if I can get a reply for you.

    Have no fear, it will only be improvements and a better mobile experience.

    Amazing day and another month of profit secured - still undefeated. So much more to come with big updates planned for PL throughout 2018, taking it to a higher level.
  9. There were issues with the data provider last night, some were resolved but appears not all. Looking into it.
  10. Joke Coral - cannot even use £10 bet on a 1-7 shot

    to PL @David Newman Have you asked their support why? Does seem a bit strange!
  11. Tipster Selections

    PL Tips are up before 8.30.
  12. ELO & Form Ratings System / New Approach

    Full explanation here
  13. Self Exclusion????

    I emailed Betfred to look into it for you yesterday and I'm told they're doing that, but I can't be told anything because of data protection.