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  1. Super 6

    We won't support anything to do with Skybet under current ownership, they're an absolute disgrace.
  2. Europa League Predictions > Feb 22nd

    to PL @MartinKamenarski Can you take the CAPS LOCK off? It's considered SHOUTING on the net.
  3. Stats

    Have to agree with @BillyHills - you are very negative in your posts in general. Whether you mean to be or not, only you know, but you just state the obvious and repeat over and over - it's a bit mindnumbing to be honest.
  4. Racing Chat - Tuesday Feb 20th

    to PL @yossa6133
  5. Football Ratings Accuracy

    Thought I'd replied to this, but it appears not. We don't divulge the formula for the ratings, a bit like Coca Cola don't tell you their secret formula.
  6. customer care

    They can afford to do this since they ripped off affiliate websites to the tune of £4m per month, including Punters Lounge. Their management are utter crooks and PL will never promote them again under current ownership. Do not be fooled that Skybet are punter friendly, they are effectively blacklisted on PL.
  7. 2018 ELO Ratings Development

    @Kentucky110 - I assume you mean to have the option to switch to how they are currently? Not sure that will be the case, but they'll be better especially on performance ratings side. Download ability - I'll put that on the list.
  8. Football Ratings Accuracy

    to PL @Brigadier - we are developing ranges of the ratings to give you more of an informed opinion of what the right bet in each match is. However, it needs to be combined with a couple of things and all integrated together, which will take a while. Any ratings can only ever be a guide though.
  9. ATR loses Irish Racing from 2019

    Apparently ATR is about to become Sky Sports Racing if you believe the rumours. It's all a bit of a mess really.
  10. Speedbet feedback?

    to PL @Dakux Not heard of them as yet, always we be wary of new bookmakers is the best course of action.
  11. Premier League Predictions > Feb 3rd - 5th

    to PL @MaliMisko12
  12. Ten Tracks To Follow - Jumps

    to PL @Ronimo