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  1. ELO For Tennis Predictions

    to PL @alexmarius We don't have this currently, but of course it could be applied to many sports which we'll look at going into 2019. We'll need our resident tennis expert's input for tennis though @CzechPunter - definitely a good idea though.
  2. Clean up of ELO Ratings Leagues

    The ratings are not even in first gear yet. Tips aren’t always based on them and ratings are only ever a guide.
  3. Copa Sudamericana 2018

    @Uriel18 - No rules as such, but try to give some reasoning for your bet with odds and bookmaker so anyone can follow if they wish.
  4. Betting Tools Section Deleted

    I wish it was that simple @Xcout - easier to manage in systems and strategies. Betting tools was relatively inactive too.
  5. It happens to the best of us @Ameer - keep going.
  6. Naps - Overall Totals from 2016

    Believe it or not, the sample size even for JohnRobertson/Rainbow etc... is small. You'd need at least 2000 bets to know where everyone really stands and probably 5000 to be totally clear. That's what makes our horse racing tips record with well over 25,000+ bets so impressive as a record here
  7. A newbie here!!!

    to PL @Uriel18 We have our in house horse racing tips here and football tips here and then there's tons of PL members who are excellent tipsters themselves. Good luck!
  8. Bobby Madley Retires

    We've all been with a few dogs before, but that's a step too far!
  9. Unfortunately this section is just wide open to spammers and abuse, so it has been closed. Betting Systems & Strategies remains but will be guarded against similar things happening. As for the recent spat on the forum last night. We're ruthless in managing the forum because we have to be, otherwise it turns into Gerry Cottles Circus. @keef75 unfortunately put himself in the crossfire, but after an email exchange today has been re-instated today. Thanks Keith for emailing in. As I said to Keith in an email, we have such harmony on PL in general compared to years gone by when it was a war zone. That means we don't tolerate trouble/spamming etc... in any shape or form. back @keef75 and apologies you got caught up in that, but we're very hot on people thinking the forum is an advertising space for their own good. It's a hell of a job managing the forum and the rest of PL and we do it well, but sometimes we have to put our foot down or chaos starts. The likes of @BillyHills @CzechPunter @StevieDay1983 and myself try to do everything to make this place great, that's without the tech guys who don't post (cos they're nerds! ;-) ) and we'll continue to do that.
  10. Tennis Tips - August 13 - August 19

    @Rypcio Remember to always put the bookmaker, then others can follow you if they wish.
  11. Non-League Predictions > August 13th-15th

    @Marek76 We’re allowing this these days because it’s not like the old days, when someone saying I just won 5 grand just for the craic. It’s too much censorship otherwise and takes the fun out of it.
  12. Non-League Predictions > August 13th-15th

    to PL @Stevecw - glad you won some beer tokens
  13. Tennis Tips - August 13 - August 19

    to PL @Rypcio Your English is more than fine, so don’t be afraid to post more.