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  1. Great post.
  2. (back) to PL Pirate53. It's easier to use google docs for spreadsheets as it slows down the forum if too many big files are added.
  3. You'd have to say Leeds look a good bet to go up if they keep current squad and add a few more. 16/1 looks big to me and I wouldn't touch the relegated teams with a bargepole.
  4. Banned, just a child who can't banter without being personal.
  5. I do think Real Madrid will win if I'm honest, but that's only if they bring their A Game, as anything else will play into Juve's hands. Really surprised to see the betting so close as I'd have put Real closer to 2.20 ish. It's a game to watch rather than bet on for me, hopefully Juve come to play and not defend.
  6. Leave me alone Harry! ETA for a spread calculator, 2073 - how's that?
  7. @Notorious Ok so Juventus can't win - so will you give me 20/1 or +2000 your odds.
  8. I'm on holiday and really don't care!
  9. I would say Bet365 and Betfair would be hard to beat for VIP services, but you'll need to be a big hitter.
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  11. Good luck. How's the golf been treating you in 2017 @Bamford? Up or down?
  12. to PL @Cyprus Punter Care to elaborate?
  13. Had Juve been understimated on the odds, you would have had to take them but the bookies have it about right I'm afraid! It's a tough call and it will come down to individual mistakes I think...
  14. Whatever, sort your fcukin avatar out as well!
  15. @Notorious - is it possible for you to banter without calling someone a bastard or some other personal insult? If not, don't post.