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  1. APAT UK Team Championship 2018 - Blackpool - 2nd-4th Feb

    to PL @Barryjohn @avongirl will get back to you, and feel free to get involved in our Added Value Monthly Poker League here
  2. Help for BETWAY, they stole me

    As with 99% of posts like this, the poster is usually hiding the majority of the facts. Betway is under the UKGC, who are regulating heavier than Anthony Joshua weighs in these days. If you have a valid claim, contact the UKGC and IBAS.
  3. APAT UK Team Championship 2018 - Blackpool - 2nd-4th Feb

    @avongirlHow many we got? @heniek31 keen?
  4. ELO Ratings

    Currently away all weekend, but if it slips my mind, please remind me on Monday.
  5. Class Action Against Paddy Power

    In shops, agreed you have a point, but online that's impossible to police. Money laundering is only laundering if you get something in exchange for it. Simply losing money isn't laundering because it's all gone.
  6. Class Action Against Paddy Power

    I guess the question is how do you differentiate a problem gambler with someone who just has a shitload of cash to bet and it means little to them?
  7. We've tried building an iframe to work within PL but unfortunately it's just not working how we'd like, so we're now linking direct to the original site we built, which is at This is accessible on the menu above and opens in a new window. It includes: Super Fast Score Updates (Faster than Sky Sports). Live Betting Odds & In Play Odds. Pick your own games to watch and choose your favourite leagues. Goal Notification with highlight and flashing football and sound option on or off. Score Summary with goals, yellow and red cards etc... League Tables with Form and Stats on each League showing Average Goals Scored and Over 2.5 Goals % Fixtures and Results on each league. Team Pages with fixtures and results, accessible from league table pages. We hope you like it and all feedback welcome.
  8. Live Betting

    They can't see the history, only that it was edited, admins have super powers, a cape and can fly round space without oxygen.
  9. Live Betting

    Admins can see all edited posts.
  10. ELO Ratings

    @jorgepedro Unfortunately what we've found in the smaller leagues is that sometimes matches have stats and sometimes not. Also, they vary in accuracy dramatically, so we ditched them as I wasn't confident in any one set of stats I came across. If a team has a 30 rating in 2 different matches, it's an identical performance, however away matches are weighted slightly higher because it's harder to play away from home for most teams. I consider anything below 25 a below very average performance. You'll see teams with a minus occasionally, and that means they were absolutely awful. To the other side of the coin, anything above 50 is way above average in my opinion. However, you have to take every performance as just a guide based on the opposition, but generally they are an excellent "at a glance" guide. No minimum or maximum, I've seen minus ratings and I've seen over 100, but they are both rare. I'll check those leagues you mentioned, but we got rid of some because of missing data where the supplier didn't have info for some matches. I'll go over those and point them out. The top leagues have no missing data, but even with some missing matches here and there for minor leagues, it's still a decent guide.
  11. Best 'New Customer' offers currently available?

    Take a look here and we have lots of enhanced offers, when they become available (twice a week, bust mostly towards the weekend). These rotate throughout PL, or by clicking on offers tab on the right side. A number of new offers being added very shortly too.
  12. Live Betting

    What are you requesting?
  13. Goldenball Picks

    to PL @thaimaker24 Please post in the correct forums and threads.
  14. William hills won't pay winnings

    to PL @Ellabells83 All bookmakers have errors covered in their T&C's. I think that you knew the dog wasn't 10/1 anyway right?