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  1. @Mindfulness Sorry for the delay, this has been fixed.
  2. Either way, Rashford is clearly a better penalty taker. You can't have 2 designated pen takers, you're just asking for trouble every time.
  3. to Punters Lounge @GreatCaco A few words why and where the odds are from is always appreciated.
  4. Just googled "Jack G's Correct Score System" and found these: As you can see, Jack G's original system might even be as old as 20 years ago or more, judging by the EZBoard link posted, which was 1999 and the birth of Punters Lounge.
  5. @Xtc12 That link is a VBulletin link which is our very old forum software dating back to 2002, which is why it doesn't work. I remember @jackg99 well but his thread was about 10-15 years ago too and I can't see it at all. We do have an archive system for old threads, but changing from VBulletin software to this far superior software was hard work and not everything could be brought across, this thread may well be in that, but like I said it's a very old thread. I'll check in the archives for you.
  6. to Punters Lounge @kamieniarz We don't divulge the criteria to get the PM facility as that would defeat the object of why there is criteria, mainly to help against spammers. Why the urgent need for PM's straight away?
  7. Great first post - to Punters Lounge @Sierra Delta Please add bookmaker where odds are from so anyone can follow you too.
  8. @Pirate53 We don't have results like we do on the horse racing tips because we need to do more odds development first. Once we have all options open to us, then we believe that will be a realistic reflection of performance rather than the limited options at present. I can pull the stats from the system for anything you want though, nobody is hiding. We had a clean sweep last night with 7/1, 9/1 and 10/1 winners.
  9. Yes but if the cashout odds were obviously incorrect, then it's the same rule. You can cashout at a lot of bookmakers these days, but it's debatable whether you're getting good value when doing so.
  10. It's possible they use the palpable error rule, but it's all guesswork - you'll soon see.
  11. I don't see any issue here. Horse Racing in play odds are notoriously volatile, so if they allowed you to cash out at better odds (I assume that's what you're getting at?) then that's their fault. As with anything, it's all about terms and conditions, so take a look as they differ with each bookie.