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  1. Australian Grand Prix

    I think it could well be carnage at the first corner with the new wider cars. All the drivers may well still be in last season frame of mind and having to allow for the extra width, well that's gonna be interesting! Lots of small parts on the new cars too, so the safety car does look absolutely nailed on. Agree with @BillyHillsabout finishers, especially as the new cars look almost impossible to retrieve once the back end goes.  
  2. 2018 World Cup Qualification European Section

    England are an improving side and I like they way they're trying to play, very much like Hoddle made them play and the last time England were a real force in my opinion. However, I wouldn't put them in top 10 right now, but then again I wouldn't put Lithuania in the top gazilion.  While England's defence is still open to question, they have good attacking options and it's just a matter of time before they start scoring more goals and Lithuania presents perfect opposition for that. If Slovakia can put 4 past them, so can England. Germany are obvious favourites in Azerbaijan, but I'm not expecting a cake walk and in the same vein as the 2 bets above last night, I think Draw/Germany represents good value. Azerbaijan have shown consistently they are a tight unit and can defend well, but Germany will wear them down. If they can keep Germany quiet for 20 mins, then they may well frustrate them well into the 2nd half.
  3. 2018 World Cup Qualification European Section

    It's a good value bet with an organised defensive side against a big favourite, profit on the 2 overall, so I'm happy with that.  
  4. 2018 World Cup Qualification European Section

    I'm not a fan of international football either, but the one thing these smaller teams are now, is very organised. I think both Austria and Italy are bankers to win, but I think they're going to have to be patient against 2 teams who will be there with a defensive setup. Simply out of value, I've gone for...
  5. 2018 World Cup Qualification European Section

    @Pep004 Jeeeesus, get yourself an Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat as well!  
  6. PDC Premier League 2017

    Nicely done with Barney 6/1!  
  7. Australian Grand Prix

    Really looking forward to this new season with all the changes.  I think Bottas will challenge Hamilton hard and seems a stronger character than Rosberg, so Hamilton might have more on his plate than last season.  
  8. As promised this is now live, but it's brand new so please let us know if there's any issues. (please hard refresh if it doesn't appear straight away)   Especially for @DrBetterwho and I quote "doesn't know shit about those american odds"  
  9. Log in problems

    Yup, add ons tend to cause havoc in general unfortunately.  
  10. Log in problems

    Yeah, Chrome and Safari are far superior these days, throw that Firefox away.  
  11. Log in problems

    I'd have to say that it's a Firefox issue. Please try the following, because if it was a "forum issue" I would have 6 million emails and there would be few posts, but that's not the case. 1. Check your Firefox browser is the latest version. 2. Try Chrome (far better browser) - same issue? 3. Try Safari (also great browser) - same issue?  
  12. Log in problems

    It might be a cookie conflict issue, as mine seems fine. Can you delete cookies and then see if you have the same problem after? If you do, let me know.  
  13. The big one awaits.   Click here to get Non Runner No Bet at Bet365  

    The arrows are the direction of odds at Bet365.   Green means "Money" and Red means "No Money" - I'm going to change those to "Backed and Drifting" to be more clear. Any questions about the ratings, let me know.  
  15. Amantino's ELO Rating Picks

    Looking forward to it.