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  1. A tad early, but hey ho. Lots of work going on behind the scenes as we prepare to go up a few gears in 2019, and record traffic in November 2018 means we're clearly doing something right. Thanks to all the posters and lurkers and the Punters Lounge Team alike. Have a good one!
  2. Just Wondering

    to PL @the winger It does happen, but it's dependant on how you've been betting. Ladbrokes and Coral are the same company these days too.
  3. Do PL tips really make a profit?

    @Old codger - 110% agree on gambling awareness, we’re all quite strong on that point here at Punters Lounge. I just want to correct you on all tips are advised at bet365, because that’s not accurate. Tips are now on our new platform and because of odds development, we’re generally only using bet365 for now. Historically we have used other bookmakers too, it's just that Bet365 are the quickest to put odds up for racing every single day. An interesting point is that we are likely to be not always putting up best prices available, hence the results could well be even better. During 2019 we are totally focused on odds development to widen the choice of bookmakers, without using tiny bookmakers where a tenner would collapse the price. We very much hope to have a full odds comparison with integrated betting by the end of June, which will of course be awesome.
  4. Do PL tips really make a profit?

    From 1st August 2016 to 31st October 2018, the stats are as follows for Top Rated Tips only, which is the majority anyway. Profit/loss: 23,547.73 Yield: 4.23% Total Stakes: 556,820.00 Strike Rate: 27.83% 1st November onwards are on the new platform but above is a huge sample to work on.
  5. Do PL tips really make a profit?

    Wise words @Alastair & @Lemon Silk
  6. Do PL tips really make a profit?

    Bet365 restrictions are a bit of a myth. They restrict some punters for sure, but these are punters who are generally taking best price on everything they bet, but even that they’ve eased up on. These are generally arbers and no bookie likes those.
  7. Do PL tips really make a profit?

    I think you’re overthinking it. Tipster services that you’re talking about are paid services and more importantly have very few selections. This means it’s easy for bookies to shorten those to minimise risk, but with our tips, it’s almost impossible because of the amount of tips.
  8. Short Priced Favs

    to PL @Ratso
  9. Do PL tips really make a profit?

    Then I'd suggest you do some research on betting banks and staking plans, because with that amount of tips you need a reflective bank/staking or you could get wiped out.
  10. Do PL tips really make a profit?

    @Robinmgb Have a look here and and here . Here you'll find lots of members discussing various ways of using them.
  11. Do PL tips really make a profit?

    @Robinmgb I think it's probably best to paper trade them for a while to work out what is best for you. Lots of members use them in different ways. We do intend to add such things as filters so you can search, what strike rate a certain price range is amongst other things, but it will be well into 2019 before we get to that. I'm the Managing Director of Punters Lounge, so I'll always respond to threads like these as will @BillyHills who is our horse racing tipster. Unfortunately, we get a few trolls here and there who want to somehow find negatives and your post did come across that way. I do realise that's not the case now, so I'd suggest being careful with stakes as there's a LOT of tips and if you're backing every single one blindly, you'd need a huge bank. We don't advise staking plans/starting banks because people do use them in different ways.
  12. Do PL tips really make a profit?

    I do find threads like this strange. So you’re basically questioning Punters Lounge integrity and are we making the results up? There are a ton of members using the tips in different ways and if we published incorrect results, they’d jump all over us and rightly so. Unlike so many other sites, we publish full results. Other sites just shout about winners, because they’re losing long term. Profits go up and down, that’s the nature of betting. Please also remember, our record is better than any other out there and the tips are completely free.
  13. Boxing: October/November/December 2018

    Agree with virtually everything you've said there @opole but I just think Joshua is underrated as a boxer. Stiff - agreed, but hand speed is under-estimated. I think it would be close and as you say Usyk moving up and others coming, it's great to see the heavyweight division buzzing again.
  14. Boxing: October/November/December 2018

    Fury won that despite 2 knockdowns. How he got up from the 2nd knockdown was beyond belief. I just didn't think Fury could get in that condition after what he put his body through, but fair play to his camp, he was in good shape. A draw is a total farce, Fury won that.
  15. La Liga Predictions > Nov 30th - Dec 3rd

    to PL @Dr. Florida192