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  1. HELLO newbie here! just asking..

    to PL @Spitznagel_362 Can you elaborate on what you mean?
  2. Small percentage gains

    to PL @Longtimereader I assume you mean Martingale system not nightengale? That's an out and out losing method, I'd sway you massively away from that. If you use the search tool, you'll see it's been heavily discussed and quite heated from what I remember.
  3. Liams Home Favorites Strategy

    to PL @magzine2
  4. How did you rate the new Longchamp

    Don't be argumentative! English is a far bigger language to be fair. Even when you go to South America where Spanish is No.1, there is English everywhere. It's more to do with the French are notoriously arrogant and we're shit at learning languages. to PL @Tiger roll
  5. Annoying "Shares" bar appearing

    What did you do to the poor share bar @Trotter - I just got an automated email from it this morning threatening a lawsuit against you! I'll try to talk it around though, but you owe me one...
  6. Non Runner Alerts

    to PL @benhamdoun You can see all non runners here every day There isn't an SMS or email service as yet, but we've been asked a couple of times recently, so it's a feature we're considering on future updates.
  7. Annoying "Shares" bar appearing

    I never hide it, so it's hard to tell if there's an issue. I'd clear your cookies and do it again, as browsers often get clogged up. It's here to stay though with over 1000 shares per month across PL.
  8. Premier League Predictions > Oct 5th - 7th

    Everyone and his mum is on Burnley this weekend and it's not hard to see why. I do have a bad gut feeling about this fixture though. Teams like Huddersfield are not going to win many matches away from home, if any, but away to Burnley is one match you'd expect them to come out and attack much more so than away to Man City etc... which always concerns me. Burnley should win though, I can't disagree there. Also think Palace v Wolves is nailed on for both teams to score and wouldn't dismiss Fulham out of hand, as Arsenal are still very much in transition.
  9. anyway i can view this deleted thread?




    1. Sir Puntalot

      Sir Puntalot

      @Punterbro - Unfortunately not, new regulations mean we had to clean that whole forum. However, it can't be done. Once you're restricted, it doesn't get overturned.

  10. A newbie here!!!

    to PL @MM72 Not a fan of matched betting and the sites that promote it, as it's not what real punters are about. Either way, welcome onboard.
  11. Newbie question

    @Withnail - Sorry missed this initially. It suggests different data providers to me. If you searched stats on horse racing, across 3 or 4 sites you'd very likely get discrepancies too. It's not ideal, and it's never a massive discrepancy but it's quite normal. Football stats are the same too, different data providers I'm afraid.
  12. Kieran Fallon phone tips

    to PL @Broderick Crawford Unfortunately this is a classic scam. Just block the numbers or change your phone number. Basically if it was an 8 runner race, they would contact 8 people with the same scam. One of the horses has to win, hence one of the punters will too and so on.
  13. big bets

    There's a number of bookmakers changing their attitude, but I think the UKGC will make them all take a certain amount from any punter in time.