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  1. to Punters Lounge @craigh You can put German bets here in future .
  2. to Punters Lounge @dopeness That's impossible if you're asking for a 1.10 banker every day that can't lose. Upsets will always happen.
  3. to Punters Lounge @jammnsdf734 It does seem the same bet to me also, unless I'm missing something. I've often seen this with other types of bets that are essentially the same thing.
  4. @Rey86 Absolutely, I'm thinking Footy Chat & Banter is the best place for it? Feel free to start the new thread.
  5. Nice shoutout from Micky Quinn to Punters Lounge too!
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  7. Thread cleaned up. @Rolemat you're on thin ice, so cool your jets and your ego with it. This isn't the Betfair forum. We all bet differently and nobody needs to prove anything.
  8. @Rey86 I'd check your settings again, but I've added email notification for you as well for now.