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  1. to Punters Lounge @Andrewsl I had a similar situation a LONG time ago when internet betting was almost non existent. I ended up sending a letter to Ladbrokes head office and to their credit, they paid me out, just depends whether it's worth your time, but yeah manners cost nothing from the twat behind the counter. Get her name and stick it in the letter/online complaints, it'll add weight.
  2. @ercan3985 to Punters Lounge. You're initially looking at Prediction ratings, but the 2nd screenshot is performance ratings which are after the match, that's why. Please read here to understand the difference
  3. Thanks for letting us know @Toples , I've asked for this to be looked at as I'll be on a long flight shortly.
  4. List of runners updated, added value split now confirmed and trophies have been ordered.
  5. Ok, I've been holding this info back for a while and this PL Poker Championships has been hastily arranged because of it. I held this info back because I didn't want it to appear to be attention seeking, but here it is... I got diagnosed with advanced Cancer a while back which is now terminal and nobody knows how many more of these I'll see. However, knowing the stubborn twat I am, I'll still be around in 10+ years annoying everyone going all in with 26o! I'd REALLY LOVE it if everyone turned up and left APAT until 2021. I don't look ill and strangely don't feel ill and I know this will be shocking news to a number of people who have known me years, but I'm every bit the same sarcastic twat you've all met previously and in great form! Let's make this one to remember, no morbid stuff, just poker, alcohol, shits and giggles.
  6. Poor planning from APAT. Anyway, we haven't had a Punters Lounge Poker Championships for a while and they are always more fun than any other tourney.
  7. @Dave488 - Hi Dave, it's been a while. I've merged your new account with old one, so you're back on original account with new email address.