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  1. @Absurdity1007 We'll agree to disagree. Let's get back to Snooker Predictions and not history folks.
  2. To me, Hendry is and always will be the greatest. He raised the bar by such an enormous amount, it's not even up for debate in my opinion. Ronnie is however the most talented by a long long way and even Hendry has admitted that on several occasions.
  3. Agree with Selby, not sure how I missed him out of the reckoning in my post! He's a total machine.
  4. The problem with Judd Trump is his cue action. He's as talented as it comes, but he hits the ball so hard that when the real big pressure comes, he will naturally tense up too much and that's when you see him miss a ball by a mile. I played snooker to a high level for 10 years, so I can spot this very easily. At the World Championships, he wants it so bad, the pressure just seems to mount up too much and he's crumbled numerous times where his cue action has just gone to shit. The likes of Ronnie in comparison, truly is a Rolls Royce cue action. He'll be hard to beat. Neil Robertson is very suited to the WC format and should go a long way. Barry Hawkins also loves this venue, but just doesn't seem to have that extra gear, something I also lacked!
  5. Thanks to @DanV89 who told us that some notification emails weren't getting through. We investigated the issue to find that Microsoft (Outlook/Hotmail) email was a massive culprit, blocking 97% of notifications in the last 30 days. Gmail blocked 5 emails in the last 30 days, compared to Microsoft blocking nearly 3000. Thanks Bill. We've put a potential solution in place, but it's down to Microsoft whether it works or not. We'll know in around 7 days, but a permanent solution for those missing any notification emails would be to switch to Gmail.
  6. Yeah, it was all quite emotional, great to see him back at the top.
  7. @vvararu Please post bookmaker names without brackets or it doesn't link up, then anyone can follow your bets with ease.
  8. The fastest lap is certainly making the teams think, and all the drivers seemed to want to target it during the last race. It's probably a bit big at 7/2, but in a season I bet it doesn't happen more than 3 or 4 times I reckon.
  9. @tryer I hear what you're saying with it being impractical. Our ELO Ratings are now automatic, but I don't know of any spreadsheet to help you. I'll move this to systems and strategy where it might get more help.
  10. to PL @Dante2020 I would think Betfair decide this for themselves, but you can always contact them direct or try their social media.