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  1. Daily Total

    Would you like chocolate on that donut too? We're moving to a new system, but it's going to be a while yet. Once we do, it will be far easier for us to let you delve into the stats as you wish. Right now, it's a lot more difficult. I've said it a few times, the rest of 2018 could be a bit painful for the PL Development team, but 2019 "should" be paradise and it may come early.
  2. Premier League Predictions > Apr 21st - 23rd

    Don't worry @Tiffy , 2019 plans are to ban everyone bar just me and you mate, I might even get Trump to post a bit too for the craic.
  3. Over 4/1

    Yeah apparently so, not sure if it’s related to just homes or aways, but I remember reading about it a few years ago. It’s on the list to do, but way down at the moment.
  4. Veikkausliiga Predictions 2018

    to PL @FT Fin Please make sure your posts don't include links, especially affiliate links. Looking forward to your posts.
  5. Bulgaria "A" PFG > 2017/18

    to PL @dr-Lag
  6. Aintree Tipsters Competition 2018 - Day 1 Selections

    to PL @lickquid Please don't copy paste selections from other sites as links are not allowed and it throws the formatting out.
  7. Paddy power paid out on my bets and then took back the money

    to PL @Alijay1987 It sounds like the palpable error rule. It also sounds like you knew the odds were not right. It's in every bookmakers terms and conditions that if a bet has obviously incorrect odds, that they can adjust it after the result.

    Fortunes Pearl re-settled as a loser for the record, and profit figures will be updated. All other queries/errors please email to

    @evertorial As we state on the spreadsheet, any errors can be sent to and they'll be corrected if what the sender is saying is accurate, so please do that. Rule 4's are notoriously poorly reported and we do catch the majority. We'll check on Fortunes Pearl, again, these need to be reported to
  10. Sorry for my rant tried to send a private message but wont let me. :ok


    I wouldn't even bother replying to him. The facts are this: PL is the ONLY site that publishes tips results like this. ATR doesn't, Oddschecker doesn't, RP doesn't, GG doesn't, no other big sites do - you have to ask yourself why? Because they're losing money is why and they don't want to highlight it. I've said it before, it's a bit like Coca Cola running an advert saying "A human tooth dissolves in 4 days in a glass of Coke" (true story btw) do they? No, they promote it being the "Real Thing" and a feel good drink. PL likes to be up front and honest, it's the foundations we were built on. Despite producing these results, a minority troll or try to find fault with them. It's like anything, the more info you reveal, the more a minority will always want to try and burst the bubble with negativity. It won't happen here, trolls are not welcome and swiftly dealt with. That's why we're No.1. This isn't a rant or self promotion, it's simple facts. Anyway, I must get back to deciding which lapdancer I've going to get a private dance off in my mansion now.

    I'm sitting in my mansion with a racetrack running around it and a substantial amount of eastern european poledancers on demand, life is sooooooo good....
  13. Special Greyhound bets

    to PL @Lazirus I don't know of any myself. Greyhounds can be a murky business betting wise, so not sure they'd be keen either.
  14. 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix

    2/3 Verstappen kills the treble!
  15. Social poker

    I'm going to let the plug slide and see what the poker boys and girls think.