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  1. Final Predictions > Jul 15th

    In such a final it certainly does not fit securely, I expect a very closed game with a lot of feasibility and without the two teams taking risks in their game. The few goals in the final are of great luck FRANCE vs CROATIA @@ under 2,5, odds 1,45
  2. 3rd Place Play-Off Predictions > Jul 14th

    It is difficult for the two teams to have a strong motivation today, I will give Belgian a lead in the third place that has shown more stability, I expect to be an open goal match on both sides BELGIUM vs ENGLAND @@ Both team to score, odds 1.47
  3. Semi-Finals Predictions > Jul 10th & 11th

    England has a small lead, but it will not be an easy qualifier for either team. England has a great will and will give it all. Croatia has no stability, it has been marginally qualified in two rounds of penalty shootout roulette. Qualification, will be judged in the details, will be a very closed match and so the few goals are significant CROATIA vs ENGLAND @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.50
  4. Semi-Finals Predictions > Jul 10th & 11th

    Very open match, with all the results open, so every forecast is risky, I expect the two teams to score and become an open game, to score both teams FRANCE vs BELGIUM @@ Both team to score, odds 1.75
  5. Croatia is a marginal favorite in betting companies, the qualification will depend on its own effectiveness. Russia will give her possession and will defend herself by striking back into the counter-attacks. The few goals have a lot of luck RUSSIA vs CROATIA @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.47 Classic two-time football is going to be a tough fight, with England taking the lead. Sweden is mainly based on its defense, it will reasonably hold England in, which if serious can get the qualification relatively easily. I'll bet in England SWEDEN vs ENGLAND @@ ENGLAND, odds 1.95
  6. Major match, Brazil can be imposed on any team, but all this is proven on the court. Belgium has a lot of quality, but defensively it has gaps and Brazil can qualify and both teams can score BRAZIL vs BELGIUM @@ Both team to score, odd 1.75 loss of Kavani is important and can change the balance. The Uruguayan defensive line is compact and can keep away from their home, the French. I expect a patience game, closed with few goals and phases URUGUAY vs FRANCE @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.47
  7. Last 16 Predictions > Jul 2nd & 3rd

    England is a marginal favorite in betting companies, but it will not be an easy game against Colombia. I expect the two teams to be very cautious and to become a patience game, with low tempo, few goals COLOMBIA vs ENGLAND @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.50 This European battle will be judged on the details, the two teams are hard-hitting and the match will not be easy. I'm expecting a patience game without a lot of risk, so I'm expecting a few goals SWEDEN vs SWITZERLAND @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.47
  8. Last 16 Predictions > Jul 2nd & 3rd

    Japan is militant and Belgium must be careful to be in the next phase. 1.40 in its win is low and there is no value, although it is quite possible. I believe he can open the scoring and get many goals BELGIUM vs JAPAN @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.85 Brazil is the favorite for winning - qualification, odds for winning are low in legitimate betting companies. Mexico is a trustworthy team and can hit the counter-attacks, stay away from the final result and will bet on both teams BRAZIL vs MEXICO @@ Both team to score, odds 2.02
  9. Last 16 Predictions > Jun 30th & Jul 1st

    A very important showdown, whichever team passes, can reach the institution. If Argentina repeats the appearances of the first two games, it will not be fortunate, of qualitative France. I expect the qualification to be decided on the details, the two teams will not risk very much and will be cautious, the few goals have a lot of luck FRANCE vs ARGENTINA @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.50
  10. The motivation is with Japan, it's a compact team and a lot of running, patience that never gives up. Poland made a tournament and I can trust it. I will bet Japan's militancy so you will not lose it today JAPAN vs POLAND @@ +0 AH JAPAN, odds 1.80
  11. An important match for the two teams, who are even able to choose an opponent after the eighth group is held earlier and will know the results and rankings. Everything is open to the showdown, I will bet on both teams score, have excellent offensive lines and quality score at least once ENGLAND vs BELGIUM @@ Both team to score, odds 1.85
  12. Qualification match, whichever team loses, I expect the two teams to be rather cautious and not to take any special risks, but both teams have not shown stability in the two games of the group. I'm expecting a game of patience with few phases and goals SERBIA vs BRAZIL @@ +2.50 Under, odds 2.02
  13. An important match for the two teams will give me a lead in Mexico, which I think is of the highest quality and can take it to the pitch MEXICO vs SWEDEN @@ MEXICO, odds 2.35
  14. Surely the draw is convenient, but the draw or draw has fallen a lot and may not be worth it. From 2.80 there may be some value. Major goals have a few goals DENMARK vs FRANCE @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.52 Australia is forced to win if it wants to qualify for the qualification, so it has to fight more aggressively. Peru is a very good team and can take advantage of any empty spaces, I do not think it will lose today
  15. Despite the disappointing appearances of Argentina, I will bet on her victory, because despite her problems, she has the quality and selfishness of her players, to claim with claims the qualification NIGERIA vs ARGENTINA @@ ARGENTINA, odds 1.52 I will go with the best quality team and not with militancy, and Iceland should win and give places in Croatia, punish it ICELAND vs CROATIA @@ CROATIA, odds 2.20