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  1. In Betis' "Benito Vieiamarin", this year's Copa Del Rey final, with Barcelona giving the favorite near 1.60. However, we can not say that she has impressed her with this year's image, especially the last time. On the other side, Valencia is always a hard-core team and is expected to make it difficult in Barcelona and of course to conquer a trophy after years. On the contrary, the "blaugran" go to the doubles, but the Champions League failure and how they stayed away from Liverpool are overshadowed. Apart from Valencia, Garari and Terzishev are injured, while Barclays is suffering from a terrible injury problem with Goal Sergeant, average Rafinia, Wimbledon and Sharjah FC BARCELONA vs CF VALENCIA @@ FC BARCELONA, odds 1.65
  2. So that made it to the regular season, Stuttgart must now play two matches with the third Cwt. League Unirea Berlin to stay in the Bundesliga, while the Union aims to rise. The positive thing for the hosts is that they have completed the championship with some winning results and have good psychology for the two bar games against a team with lower bets and inferior material on all lines. The seat plays an important role in such matches and we expect Stuttgart to do its job VFB STUTTGART vs 1. FC UNION BERLIN @@ VFB STUTTGART, odds 1.87
  3. In the derby between Gladbach and Dortmund everything is likely, since the hosts are also hunting for the Champions League. If Bayern wins at the same time, Dortmund may be disappointed BORUSSIA MONCHENGLADBACH vs BORUSSIA DORTMUND @@ +0 Ah BORUSSIA MONCHENGLADBACH, odds 2.15
  4. Espanyol and Sochiedad are fighting for a European position in the next season's cups, they only need the victory today. They have to give it all for the points and I expect to attack from the start, it is very likely that both teams will score RCD ESPANYOL BARCELONA vs REAL SOCIEDAD @@ Both team to score, odds 1.55
  5. Who would have expected that Monaco with this roster would be equal to the third from the end of Caen and that he would be in danger with relegation. Besides, today's penultimate match is played in Shabiana and each loss is not corrected. The home match against Amian is unrelated and must win AS MONACO vs SC AMIENS @@ AS MONACO, odds 1.65
  6. Beginning of a run-down run from Serie B in Serie A, with Specia being the host of the Città. Clearly the big name for the pair here is the home team, but they have to show in the field. In front of their audience they are always more efficient and they certainly would like a good scoring against the repeat at the Citadella headquarters in a few days. The match hides difficulties, but the head factor can tilt the balance to the left SPEZIA CALCIO vs AS CITTADELLA @@ SPEZIA CALCIO, odds 2.15
  7. Historic Sunderland has been able to compete in England's League One but has the chance to claim the rise to Championship and in this respect it has made the first step in qualifying in the final of the barrage by winning in the first match in Portsmouth with a 1- 0. Nothing is over yet, as today's rematch is left at the opponent's headquarters. "Black cats" seem more likely to be ready for this big goal and are unable to lose even tonight PORTSMOUTH FC vs SUNDERLAND AFC @@ +0 Ah SUNDERLAND AFC, odds 2.30
  8. Known to everyone, what does a Championship team mean to go to the Premier League and what benefits are there for such a great event. We are currently in the semi-final phase of the barrage, and today we are expecting the rematch between West Brom and Aston Villa. The "peasants" were imposed on their seat Saturday afternoon with 2-1, reversing the scoring in the second half. A strong counter, not forgetting that it is a hate derby. The two teams will give them everything to qualify for the final and nothing can be ruled out. However, according to what we saw in the first game, the most likely betting scenario is to score both teams WEST BROMWICH ALBION vs ASTON VILLA @@ Both team to score, oddds 1.62
  9. All games in the Bundesliga were played on Saturday, but Eidracht Frankfurt was playing the great rematch in the Europa League with Chelsea, where he praised the dream of the final in the penalty shootout. But crucial is the current game of Mainz as well, as Andy Hooter's team is fighting for the first four of the scoring, leading to the Champions League golden clubs. Mainz is completely indifferent EINTRACHT FRANKFURT vs 1. FSV MAINZ 05 @@ EINTRACHT FRANKFURT, odds 1.60
  10. At Olympico there is a derby this evening, with Roma hunting for the fourth place, leading to the Champions League. Against her the champion Juventus, who has been doing ... tourism in the last few weeks and is questioning what will be the mood for her players today and in the next games that follow. The motivation in Italy always makes the difference and deserves our risk AS ROMA vs JUVENTUS TURIN @@ AS ROMA, odds 2.30
  11. After Dortmund's loss last week in Bremen, Bayern Munich opened the gap from the second place to the four points, two races before the finals of the championship. So he has two chances to win another title, first and better today against Leipzig away. The match is not easy and I will bet on many goals RB LEIPZIG vs FC BAYERN MUNICH @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.45
  12. As Milan has made some losses recently, it is forced to go to victory by the end of the game and then see if it has managed to reach the goal of the Champions League. Today he has a derby in Florence to overcome, but with the situation of Fiorentina he can win ACF FIORENTINA vs AC MILAN @@ AC MILAN, odds 2.30
  13. A great fight at OAKA, where he judges a title, that of the Greek Cup, with both teams giving it all. AEK had more time to prepare, since PAOK was a bit disengaged from the Championship celebrations. The quality of the two teams is given, and any team found in her day and pulling her virtues will have the lead. Boundary favorite in betting platforms is the Northern Bull. I'm expecting a patience game without a risk from both opponents, because a goal changes balance. I will go with the few goals PAOK THESSALONIKI vs AEK ATHENS @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.45
  14. This year, St Etienne has been a great champion, and especially lately it is by far the most formidable team of Shabiona. Proof, the four consecutive wins in the championship, which brought it just to -1 from the third Lion, which leads to the Champions League qualifiers. Against her has a tough rival today and namely the fifth Montpellier, where she tries her undefeated. However, with the "coronation" forum this time they can add their fifth consecutive three-pointer to the championship AS SAINT ETIENNE vs HSC MONTPELLIER @@ AS SAINT ETIENNE, odds 1.65
  15. Arsenal's last hopes for the first four were lost, after the unbelievable 1-1 against Brighton on Sunday. A result that hurts the gangs, but they do not have time to look back, since the only way to save the year and play the time at the top inter-league event is to win the Europa League. Major score of 3-1 from the first race, but nothing is over yet. Holding defenseman Holding, left Back Becker, midfielder Ramsey and Welsbock. Arsenal qualifier, but Valencia has not said its last word and can at least reach victory CF VALENCIA vs ARSENAL FC @@ CF VALENCIA, odds 1.95 Eintracht Frankfurt is likely to have another mind, as it does not explain the heavy defeat from Leverkusen in the league with 6-1 and even a score formed from the very first part of the game. Fatigue factor was clearly more influenced by the fact that the German team is constantly demanding games in the Bundesliga and Europa League. Where she again turns her attention to the great rematch in London and after 1-1 of the first race. More important, of course, is the absence of all, that of the main offensive Aler, who is injured. Let's go with the goals CHELSEA FC vs EINTRACHT FRANKFURT @@ Both team to score, odds 1.95