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  1. The defeat to Liverpool in the first leg 1-0 gives Simeone a slight lead. Suffice to see if the Argentine coach's defensive approach will be enough to give his team the quarter-finals ticket. Liverpool at Anfield are undefeated this season and are giving it another boost to their game. Klopp has prepared his players racing and psychologically, which I think may be the ones who will finally celebrate in the end, as they excel in quality and have the help of home LIVERPOOL FC vs ATLETICO MADRID @@ LIVERPOOL FC, odds 1.60 Both want it very much, but it is very difficult to choose one to qualify for. Both will chase the victory and have all the backgrounds to score and give us a thrilling showdown with many stages and goals. PARIS SAINT GERMAIN vs BORUSSIA DORTMUND @@ +3.50 Over, odds 1.90
  2. Tottenham will be forced to press first on a pitch Leipzig has not learned to play defensively. I think both teams will score goals and make it to the Red Bull Arena RB LEIPZIG vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.70
  3. The relaunch of the league for Salzburg has been disappointing, as the team has counted three defeats and two draws (all G / G and Over3.5). The Minamino and Haland flight may have been expected to affect the team aggressively, but the biggest problem is in defense, where the team has conceded 14 goals in the last five games. The visitors also dominated in the re-opening of the league with Salzburg 2-3 for the championship and with a series of victories now leading the standings with 51 points, against 45 Salzburg. In value performance the simple Over 2.5 FC SALZBURG vs LASK @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.62
  4. Single semi-final for the Cup with the favorites. Lyon is in good shape and is also psychologically elevated after wins over Juventus and St Etienne. He has had four wins in his last five games, while he is particularly strong at home. The guests chase their every goal and are qualitatively two steps above all other teams. I think it's up to the Paris players to win tonight and at odds of this kind it's worth betting on them. The Parisians have proven that they do not understand seats when needed OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS vs PARIS SAINT GERMAIN @@ PARIS SAINT GERMAIN, odds 1.70 I expect a game with a lot of purpose, as there is the repeater. I expect to have a repeat of the championship match and I will bet on a few goals PAOK THESSALONIKI vs OLYMPIACOS PIRAEUS @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.65 It will be a tough battle, where the qualification will be judged on the details in both matches. AEK is firm in defense with Carrera in the leadership technique and will strive to maintain a zero in her defense. Aris is not far from Thessaloniki and wants to return to his home country with hopes of qualifying. I expect a low score, with a lot of purpose and I'll bet a few goals AEK ATHENS vs ARIS THESSALONIKI @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.57
  5. There is no strong motivation in the two clubs. Expect a test game and it can be an open game. Panathinaikos is definitely a favorite, but there is no ace on the legal betting pages. I'll risk my last race and bet on many goals PANATHINAIKOS vs VOLOS NPS @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.90 The Italian technician is trying to keep his players alert. Indifferent duel, I don't see a strong motive. AEK certainly has the first reason for winning PANIONIOS vs AEK ATHENS @@ AEK ATHENS, odds 1.57
  6. Over a week away from the Lions who threw Juventus on the canvas and with a 1-0 win I took a major step in qualifying for the Champions League quarter-finals. The team comes from three consecutive games unbeaten in the domestic championship and is 7 points away from 3rd place and the ticket to the Champions League. Her psychology is on the rise and she needs victory more than ever today. St. Etienne has made three defeats in its last five games and is just +2 from the relegation line. He will play defensive tackle today, and he has a poor track record against Lyon. Difficult match for the home team, which if left unanswered, will be far behind OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS vs AS SAINT ETIENNE @@ OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS, odds 1.6
  7. Barcelona, which is in better shape, is counting four wins in its last five visits to the Bernabeu. There is no 'sure' point to a clasico and I think the two teams will be eliminated REAL MADRID vs FC BARCELONA @@ Draw, odds 3.85
  8. Turin is in dire straits and I do not see Napoli upset. Despite her fatigue, Napoli, at her home, can be imposed. The two clubs make great goals after scoring and conceding a goal especially Turin. I'll bet on many goals SSC NAPOLI vs FC TORINO @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.70 The excellent course of the "latsali" continues, with the team being just -1 from pioneer Juventus. Last year's match extended its unbeaten run to a 2-3 win at Genoa. He works extremely aggressively and always makes sure to score more than he receives. Bologna comes from two unsuccessful results that broke its series of victories. Outside, he has counted four wins in the last six, a sign that he has been firmly in the final. I think he can make it difficult for Lazio, who has the upper hand anyway. It makes sense for the doubles player who has been confirmed in the last four games of the two teams SS LAZIO ROMA vs BOLOGNA FC @@ Both team to score, odds 1.70
  9. Chelsea would like a little more rest, but is used to playing at high rates. Bournemouth are in poor fighting condition and quite vulnerable defensively. Chelsea have the potential to find a way to get away with victory points AFC BOURNEMOUTH vs CHELSEA FC @@ CHELSEA FC, odds 1.80
  10. There will be a tough duel where the details will be judged. I think Monaco is a better team and will be able to break Reese's vigorous defense. I'll bet on the seat and the best team AS MONACO vs STADE DE REIMS @@ AS MONACO, odds 1.70
  11. It will be a very interesting duel, as it was in good shape despite the defeats of the previous race. Marseille is a favorite, but it won't be easy for Nim. I'll follow the prehistory, where both teams score OLYMPIQUE NIMES vs OLYMPIQUE MARSEILLE @@ Both team to score, odds 1.85
  12. Arsenal certainly has the first floor, especially at home, but Olympiacos can fight it. I expect an open game, with goals from both teams. Olympiacos must attack in order to have hope. Defensively, both teams are vulnerable, while Olympiacos is missing the important Semedo. I'll bet on many goals ARSENAL FC vs OLYMPIACOS PIRAEUS @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.73 I give Leverkusen a slight lead, which makes more convincing appearances lately and the momentum favors it. But I cannot deny Porto's mighty headquarters. I think the doubleton will be easily or hardly confirmed. FC PORTO vs BAYER 04 LEVERKUSEN @@ Both team to score, odds 1.55 Wolves is a much better team, just today it will confirm the qualification, today it can double its winnings, Wolves' win is great value RCD ESPANYOL BARCELONA vs WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS @@ WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS, odds 2.50
  13. Both the hosts and the guests are very much looking forward to this year's Champions League success. I think both teams will be very careful about their defenses, as no one will want to go out except for the first match. I expect no more than 3 goals REAL MADRID vs MANCHESTER CITY @@ +3.50 Under, odds 1.55 I'm looking forward to an exciting race in France. Lyon plays at home thw and will try to beat the favorite. But coach Garcia missed the main Depais player because of an injury. Instead, Juventus will come to France with Cristiano Ronaldo. The 35-year-old is motivated to win another Champions League trophy with a third different club. CR7 plays in great form and I think he's a player that can make a difference in this game. I'll go with the favorite OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS vs JUVENTUS TURIN @@ JUVENTUS TURIN, odds 2.10
  14. Interesting duel with no clear favorites, where qualification will reasonably be judged in Barcelona. Both teams are in good shape and can give us a nice game. Barcelona is definitely a favorite, but it won't be an easy task. I expect an open game with goals and spectacle, both teams scoring is quite possible SSC NAPOLI vs FC BARCELONA @@ Both team to score, odds 1.60 Interesting duel, with the two clubs starting from a different starting point. They have shown very good performance in the group matches, with aggressive virtues, especially the Germans were throwing fires. At the same time, they have defensive weaknesses and in many cases cannot keep their homes intact. I believe we have goals and final efforts and I will bet on many goals CHELSEA FC vs FC BAYERN MUNICH @@ Both team to score, odds 1.60
  15. Atletico has the first reason, but a little bit of tiredness and a bit of bad prehistory prevent us. Villarreal will look for at least the degree of a tie, but will not open much. I'm waiting for a close match ATLETICO MADRID vs CF VILLARREAL @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.75