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  1. February 12 - February 18

    Khachanov no words really..
  2. February 5 - February 11

    And it seems that Victor Estrella's winning streak in Quito finaly came to the end.
  3. January 29 - February 4

    Norrie was 0-2 and break down in the third set and somehow menaged to turn things around. Absolutely ridiculous
  4. Australian Open 2018

    L.Safarova - K.Pliskova Over 20.5 at 1.65 From my point of view they both play similar tennis. Pretty aggressive,solid service but not so good on return and defense. Each of the 7 previous matches went over this line. And line could easily be covered in two sets as well. Also - i will definitely try option Tie Break in the match - Yes @3.70
  5. Australian Open 2018

    I'll definitely follow this one
  6. Australian Open 2018

    Czech,do you have any kind of information of what the surface will be? Fast,medium fast..?
  7. From my point of view,players will try to show that problem wasn't in them,but in former coach who was sacked few days ago. Thanks for your answer and opinion anyway.
  8. Is it time for Dortmund to win finaly @Neubs
  9. 2017 Off-Season

    @CzechPunter Thank you very much not just for picks,but for your enthusiasm as well. You're always here for any kinf of debate. Since you are from the Czech Republic, is Stephanek officially appointed as Novak's coach? Because i can't find confirmation in Serbian medias.
  10. I'll definitely wait for lineups to come out. And if Pochettino won't rotate too much,i'll follow same bet,but for higher stake.
  11. I would surely like to hear what does @Neubs have to say about Dortmund's match v Spurs?
  12. November 6 - November 12

    From what i heard - he does. He's very motivated for comeback. In style that is.
  13. 2018 World Cup Play-Offs

    Manolas and Mantolas are out. Sokratis doubtful. Stil - odds on Croatia are too low. I'll try with U2,5 total goals and U0,5 first half.