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  1. Correct score 1:0 @5 Russia half time/full time X-1 @4.50 Penalty in the match YES @4 Red card in the match YES @4.50 All for small stakes because odds are high and bets are pretty risky
  2. Nobody actually offered an answer why Maksimovic would not travel to Russia, but it is assumed that this is the reason. Interestingly, however, lack of game did not prevent some other players from appearing on the list. Like Grujic or Milenkovic, for example. However, Maksimovic was regular in qualifying. GL with your bet!
  3. Well,i did found a lot of errors,mostly typo but i'm not going to correct anything. I hope everyone understood what i wanted to say. Yeah,i apologize for that Cheers
  4. Let me continue Mladen Krstajic,the new head coach,was a decent player with the decent professional career. His best days as player were in German Bundesliga where he played for clubs like Werder Bremen and Schalke 04. He was also playing for Serbia and was the part of the team which had that catastophic tournament in WC in Germany 2006. As coach hi has no experience of what sort ever! Zero! Nothing! And this is the first and most important reason why i think this tournament will be another dissapointment. Krstajic has no coaching expirience,no right attitude and no authority over players i'm affraid. And this something that cost us a lot in the past. Our shameless FA sacked a coach who maybe didn't was that popular but who delivered and put another man in his place. You simply DON"T do that ahead of WC Our captain (Branislav Ivanovic,ex Chelsea now Zenit) was stripped of the captain's tape without any explanation.Rumors said that this was done because he was loyal to Muslin. After so many years in the national team as a captain and right before WC? You DON'T do that! Further, Because of everything I mentioned in the first post, it's clear that the new coach is set up to do something else. This something is to be quiet and to not make trouble.For example that means that he "has to take" some players to WC. We have this joke in Serbia that even head coach was suprised when he saw final list/cut for the tournament (don't know if you get the joke - it means that someone else made the list,not him) You assume correctly that on the list is Sergej, but also several other players who did not play in the qualifications, and many standard players were dropped. Matija Nastasic (Schalke04) (ok,he's injured), Jagos Vukovic(Verona), NIkola Maksimovic(Napoli/Spartak Moscow),Ivan Obradovic (Anderlecht), Ljubomir Fejsa (Bennfica), Nebojsa Gudelj (Guangzhou), Nemanja Maksimovic (Valencia), Mijat Gacinovic (Eintracht Frankfurt),Nikola Milunovic (BATE Borisov), Stefan Mitrovic (Gent)..all left out from WC squad. You DON'T do that after they made it through the campaign. In order to make things look even worse, our new coach used some of these players in friendly matches in March and now they are not in the team. If he already wanted to make changes, then in March against Morocco and Nigeria should be played by those who will travel to Russia. You DON'T to that! Now in the team we have several complete debutants and players who are for the first time in the team. And there are also those managerial players that I wrote about and who are heading to the WC just to be to sell after it..Two of them are from my favorite club - Red Star - Nebojsa Rodic and Nemanja Radonjic. I love them very much,but they didn't deserved to be called up. Especially the first. Then Tosic from Besiktas who played some role in the qualis,but nothing special. Grujic from Cardiff (you know him @StevieDay1983 ) had a horrible season and played a bit.. a youngster from Fiorentina - Milenkovic who is completely unexpirienced at this level,Jovic from Eintracht Frankfurt..etc Of course that some of these guys are very talented,some of them were part of this golden generation from New Zealand, but the World Cup does not serve to play young players for the following qualifications. And we'll exactly do this. It's WRONG! If I analyze our system and the positions of individual players it is clear that we will be in huge problems. From 3-5-2 wi'll switch to 4-3-3 E.g. Defenders Rukavina (which is a weak link anyway) has no substitute on the right back. Of course, that can be played by Bane Ivanovic, but the problem is that he did not play at all in the qualifications as full-right back, only the position of central defender. No matter who will start on the positions of central-defenders the fact is that it's gonna be combination of two centre-backs who never played with each other before. And with Kolarov on left side and who is more wing-back player and very attacking-minded i really fear what can happen. Vladimir Stojkovic is our no.1 goalkeeper. On good day he can be fantastic,but on the bad day..well - let's say that he can do "wonders" like Karius. Midfield In the midfield we have this dynamic duo from the EPL - Matic (Man Utd) & Milivojevic (Crystal Palace). They are the spine of this team,but literally don't have the substitude. Grujic is not at this level unfortunately. If one of them gets injured or suspended we're in deep,deep trouble. This is the part of team where we lost the most,i would say. No Gudelj,no Fejsa, no Gacinovic (who is more all-round player) and no Maksimovic from Valencia. I gotta feeling that we're gonna suffer defensively..huge Wingers,offensive midfield Our most creative players are Sergej,Tadic and Ljajic. Sergej,like I said,wasn't part of team during qualification time. And because of injury he was not in the squad for the International friendlies back in March. So,this preparation period is actually only chance for him to get with team-mates. He's still very young but because all the rumble with previous coach Muslin,there is h-u-g-e pressure on his sholders to deliver what is expected. I think that if we don't going to get a decent result in Russia,the greatest critics will be thrown at him. And i really don't know how he will cope with this pressure. He can easilly under-perform Ljajic (Torino) is a talented player i'll give you that,but a player with very problematic mentality and additude. He has long,long history of various behavioral and incident problems with the national team and in his club career as well. Because of this he have joined the team at the very end of qualifications. Frankly - don't know what to expect from him. Tadic was convincingly our best player during qualifications. He opened the campaign in an impressive manner, and later he slightly dropped in the game. It was not unexpected. After all, he is not really a world class, otherwise he would play in a much better team than Southampton. I expect a lot from him, but I'm not sure how much he will succeed in the new formation and the new role .. And what is more important no one actually knows what is Krstajic's idea with this three players and does he think to put them on the pitch in the same time? Maybe the following match against Bolivia will give us some answers.. Zivkovic is a very interesting player, but it seems that our coach's idea is to use him deeper in the midfield, which I think he can not play. He's very poor in defense. Kostic&Radonjic - i see both of them as a players from bench Forwards Mitovic,Prijovic,Jovic Jovic is new here. Mitrovic is supposed to start every match,Prijovic is simmilar type..the only thing that matters about these guys is that they all lack creativity and heavily depending on their team mates. Conclusion I really smell a disaster here. As you can all see from my analysys there is simply too much of YOU DON'T DO THAT here. Almost half of team is new,coach is new,not a happiest selection...this is simply not the best squad. More the most popular choice,a team gathered to be loved by the fans. And there is a big problem beyond every other that i mentioned. It is a question of mentality and behavior. Our teams in the past have already shown such weaknesses. Even at the World Cups. Personally I feel the lack of the right motive even though this is the biggest competition. I do not see the idea that this is the climax of the season and even career. There are signs of a feverish relaxation, as if there is not enough focus ... like going on a vacation, not a big competition. The team lost the discipline that adorned him with the previous coach and I struggle to see how Krstajic gonna handle this. If we lose the first match against Costarica i think that we will completely fall apart Betting angle Serbia not to qualify @1,70 Serbia total points 0-2 @3,0 (or even 0-1 @5,0) Serbia total points 0 @15
  5. I'm sorry i'm late but better late than never i suppose. Also i apologize for my English which is not the best. I'll try not to make too many errors. Post will be a long one because i feel that everyone should have a clear picture about things in Serbian football. You guess is wright - I'm Serb. I would like to start with our FA. More precisely with the FA President - Slavisa Kokeza. Kokeza was, as it is said in a mafia jargon, a tiny fish. He held a security agency and a brothel on the Serbian-Bosnian border. He was close to the notorious Serbian Radical Party who had an active role in the wars of the nineties. Their leader Vojislav Seselj was tried at the Hague war crimes tribunal for which he was sentenced to ten years in prison. In 2008, this party organized a rally of support to another convicted war criminal Radovan Karadzic. Kokeza secured this gathering during which there was a conflict with the police. In riots, he was beaten by the police. I'll try to post the link with the picture from a press conference after the rally. Kokeza is at the right in the picture, in the middle is Tomislav Nikolic, former president of Serbia, and left Aleksandar Vucic, current president of Serbia. https://www.danas.rs/sport/serdari-i-vojvode-ponovo-jasu/ Next year, Nikolic and Vucic split the Serbian Radical Party and form their own with which they won elections in 2012. Kokeza remains close to them and after 2012 begins his rise in Serbian football. I have to give you another note here and I will no longer be interested in politics. Although President Vucic in recent years, since he is in power, says that he has changed - in fact, he is not. He continues to reject any personal and responsibility of Serbian politics for wars from the past. An autocrat who has crushed all democratic freedoms in the country and institutions as well. This is important to know and understand because it is directly linked to Kokeza. With the direct support of Vucic, Kokeza first becomes vice president of our biggest football club - Red Star from Belgrade. After a short period and after the protest of the fans, he resigned and left the club. It turned out to be in an even better position - president of Serbian FA. Our football federation is completely corrupt. All his bodies. Unfortunately, now I can not find one picture from a few years ago when the Steering Committee held. All members arrived at the headquarters of the federation accompanied by personal bodyguards, and each bodyguard was armed to the teeth as we have a saying in Serbia. (to the teeth it means fully) It's a strange combination of politics, football agents and underground (mafia,mobsters if you prefer these phrases). Everyone has interests because in a poor country like Serbia, football has a lot of money and plenty of opportunities for enrichment. And president of the FA is almost like a Don,head of the footbal mafia and he is loyal only to the politicians who put him there. President Kokeez's first move was somewhat unexpected. He proposed Slavoljub Muslin for the head couch of our national team. Muslin was once a very solid player of the Crvena Zvezda and Yugoslavia. As a professional player he played in France. Muslin began his coaching career at the club where he finished his playing career, Brest. He moved to Bordeaux in 1995. With a team that had great potential and players such as Bixente Lizarazu, Christophr Dugari and the future world champion Zidane, Muslin had good results in the UEFA Cup season 1995/96. securing a place in the 1/4 finals. However, he got fired in 1996 due to bad results in the championship, which means he did not lead the team in the 1/4 finals, where the Girondins won the Milan tie and came to the final in which they were defeated by Bayern Munich. After Lans and Le Man he finally came back to Red Star,this time as head coach. His time in the Red Star was very successful. We won three titles and played well in Euro Cups.After a split with Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) he was coach of Lokeren in Belguim and several clubs from Eastern Europe. Last appotment he had was in Krasnodar i think. He came to be head coach of natioanl tema in a tricky moment. Behind us was an unsuccessful campaign for the Euro 2016. The players were left without morale and without the support of the fans. Muslin decided to build a team from the ground. He completely changed the system and formation. As a Crvena Zvezda fan I knew exactly what I could expect from Muslin. Tough game,very well organised team and a discipline players. It was a footbal philosophy where only result counts and only points are important. We all knew that Serbia not going to play some attractive football,no "joga bonito". Team started to play in 3-5-2 formation and and from the beginning it started to produce results. At the beginning of the qualification campaign, our most important player was Dusan Tadic, who himself participated in all goals of Serbia as a scorer or assistant. Muslin decided to rely more on experienced players and younger ones to get a chance from the bench. Some of your may know. Serbia was the champion of the world in New Zealand in the U-20 and this generation had many talented players. But for coach only important thing was the team to qualify for Russia, not young players to develop through important matches. This kind of thinking was a correct one for the majority of fans but not for the some part of players agents. A special problem was created with Sergei Milinković-Savić and his agent, Mateja Kežman. Sergei is probably the most talented player of the younger generation and is already a star in Lazio. He's regular in the team and is one of the best players for which his price has risen and why he is on the radar of the biggest Europeans clubs. Coach Muslin did put him on the list for the beggining of the qualification, but he wanted to Sergej start from the bench. His intention was for him to be the first substitute and to be some kind of "secret weapon" against our rivals. Sergej refused this and started to demand place in starting 11 and a guaranteed minutes. The coach did not allow this and Sergej left the team saying,and i quote:"i will not play for Serbia untill Muslin is head coach". And this raised a lot of dust in Serbia media's and this is going to become a excuse for all the attacks on Muslin which will follow. Of course, Muslin did not care too much about this incident and continued to do the best he could. As a result, we qualifiled for the World Cup even though our team did not played some beatifull football,but it was an efficient one and probably the only way we could do it with this group of players. So what went wrong then? As the qualifications came to an end, and as it became clear that we would succeed, those corrupt pieces in our football began to put pressure on Muslin and sought a way to get him out. Muslin, in fact, was never the part of this story. He spent most of his coaching career in foreign countries, in countries of a different football culture. He has never become bound in such activities. He kept himself and his principles and did not want to give up to football criminals. This football mafia saw the chance for big money. Because spot in the World Cup brings big money directly from FIFA. And then there are other possibilities. As an opportunity for managerial players to push themselves into the team and then sell for better contracts ..and coach Muslin was an opstical for this kind of activities. And that's why they had to get rid of him. And although Muslin achieved what he came for, he was sacked.With the pretext that the matches were unpredictable, we played bad football, that the fans wanted a more attractive game and the best players in the team. Of course - none of this happened accidentally, on the contrary. It was all part of the well-planned plan of Slavisa Kokeza. Muslin went with dignity, and instead of him, his assistant Mladen Krstajic became new head coach. Since this post is too long, I will now publish it. And in the next, I will explain the current situation within the team and why exactly I think that Serbia will experience another disappointing tournament. The next post will not be this long, I promise.
  6. Sure i will explain,but later today or in the evening. If that's not a problem. Because I'm pretty busy right now.
  7. I really hope that you did not put a lot of money on this bet.
  8. Real Madrid to score over 1,5 goals @1,75 Total goals to be scored over 3,5 @2,21 Sergio Ramos to be carded @2,50 Both teams to score in both halves @8,93
  9. I would not be surprised if this game go into extra period. That`s why i`ll pick Manchester United to lift the trophy @1,85
  10. Europa League Predictions > May 16th

    Same as you @StevieDay1983 Plus i will try Griezmann anytime scorer @2.10 GL
  11. February 12 - February 18

    Khachanov no words really..
  12. February 5 - February 11

    And it seems that Victor Estrella's winning streak in Quito finaly came to the end.
  13. January 29 - February 4

    Norrie was 0-2 and break down in the third set and somehow menaged to turn things around. Absolutely ridiculous
  14. Australian Open 2018

    L.Safarova - K.Pliskova Over 20.5 at 1.65 From my point of view they both play similar tennis. Pretty aggressive,solid service but not so good on return and defense. Each of the 7 previous matches went over this line. And line could easily be covered in two sets as well. Also - i will definitely try option Tie Break in the match - Yes @3.70