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  1. Got it! The thing is..Djere is very bad on HC. Even on this slower HC. The other day I was reading an interview in Serbian Newspaper in which he said : I'm already thinking about defending points in Rio de Janeiro. It is clear that he is not with his head completely in Melbourne. I get the impression that Melbourne is just a stopover for him,a check-point of some kind and that he's here just to collect prize money..but now with this Nishioka's health/fatigue issues it's probably best to skip this one.
  2. Does anyone have any information about Yoshito Nishioka's health/injury problem? I see that he has withdrawn from some challenger event couple days ago..
  3. This match should produce some goals i think. Over 2.5 goals
  4. Very tough matches to call so i'll probably skip posting this round.
  5. Very bad match from both teams and a goaless draw. BTTS pick lost so only +1.55 units was made which make my total score of +6.75 units so far. See ya next week
  6. As if you read my mind @branskie Because my first (and probably only) pick for this round is tie between Cukaricki and Vojvodina. This is a most attractive match of this round in LingLongTyre League (official name of the League) and the match between a team with a perfect home record and a team with a perfect record on the road. Cukaricki is small club from Belgrade. What is most curious thing about Cukaricki? Obviously the fact that this is the only club in Serbia(!!) that has private owner. They are a club with completely private ownership. Therefore, they are a very healthy club with stable finances. The club philosophy is to give space to young coaches and young players. Today's head coach of Red Star,Vladan Milojevic,coached Cukaricki some 5 Years ago. In recent time Cukaricki was able to sell players to some of well-know clubs across Europe like FC Copenhagen and Braga. Top prospects of this team are Ibrahim N'daye (right-winger from Senegal),Miroslav Bogosavac (left full-back) and very talented forward Slobodan Tedic who is on Manchester City's radar (obviously not for the first team,but for they youth team). Because of this private ownership,club is developing very nicely,but on the other hand - this is also a handicap of some kind in Serbian football. Local Serbian politicians and these football mobsters can't take advantage out of Cukaricki,the club almost has no big,organized supporters so their position in our not so great. With Vojvodina things are quite different these days. But i've written about it already. An interesting thing is that today the coaches of Cukaricki and Vojvodina just a few seasons ago were coaching their opponents - Nenad Lalatovic was head coach of Cukaricki and Aleksandar Veselinovic was on Vojvodina's bench. So there will be no secrets between these teams. They both announce the open match with goals but i think that bookies got something wrong here and Vojvodina shouldn't be such a underdog. Vojvodina DoubleChance @1.85 3 units BTTS @2.02 1 unit GL
  7. I'm definitely on the Croats side in this round. They have better players, they are a better team and I think they will give a revanche to the Hungarians for defeat in the first match. That defeat was due to the Croats suffering from a 'post-world cup hangover'. Now they have come together and a away win against Slovakia is a sign that they have come out of the crisis. All the best players are together, Ivan Rakitic is back in the squad and coach Dalic will have a strong team at his disposal. Match will take place in Split, the stadium is already sold out and there is a great euphoria in this part of Croatia. I expect a victory for the home side. Croatia -1.25(AH) @1.82 local bookie
  8. Obviously a very disappointing weekend with many upsets. Only Vojvodina delivered. This round was bad with result of -5.5 units. This makes total score of +5.2 units after two match-days. International break follows after which i hope to return to winning ways.
  9. Actually,i'm going with one more pick Partizan - Vozdovac Both clubs are from Belgrade,but beside this they have nothing in common. Partizan is a famous club and was a part of "Big 4" of Yugoslavian football along with Crvena Zvezda,Dinamo Zagreb and Hajduk Split. Vozdovac is local club with no big influence in Serbian league. Partizan is doing really fine this season. They have only one defeat in all competitions (against Malatyaspor during Europa League qualifications) and they're playing nice football. Savo Milosevic's philosophy is attacking and attractive football and so far it brought good results for them. In the midweek Partizan won against Astana in Kazakhstan by 2-1,but to be honest they've should won by even bigger margin how good they've played. Vozdovac is also playing attractive football and they are scoring lot of goals which is something that's not so usual for this Serbian "lower" teams. They coach already said that they wont defend against big favorite so i think that open game is on the cards and goals should flow even though Partizan is maybe little tired after a Thursday's match and long trip to Nur-Sultan. Partizan to win & over 2.5 goals @1.70 3pt Total goals scored over 3.5 @2.40 1pt