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  1. I'm definitely on the Croats side in this round. They have better players, they are a better team and I think they will give a revanche to the Hungarians for defeat in the first match. That defeat was due to the Croats suffering from a 'post-world cup hangover'. Now they have come together and a away win against Slovakia is a sign that they have come out of the crisis. All the best players are together, Ivan Rakitic is back in the squad and coach Dalic will have a strong team at his disposal. Match will take place in Split, the stadium is already sold out and there is a great euphoria in this part of Croatia. I expect a victory for the home side. Croatia -1.25(AH) @1.82 local bookie
  2. Obviously a very disappointing weekend with many upsets. Only Vojvodina delivered. This round was bad with result of -5.5 units. This makes total score of +5.2 units after two match-days. International break follows after which i hope to return to winning ways.
  3. Actually,i'm going with one more pick Partizan - Vozdovac Both clubs are from Belgrade,but beside this they have nothing in common. Partizan is a famous club and was a part of "Big 4" of Yugoslavian football along with Crvena Zvezda,Dinamo Zagreb and Hajduk Split. Vozdovac is local club with no big influence in Serbian league. Partizan is doing really fine this season. They have only one defeat in all competitions (against Malatyaspor during Europa League qualifications) and they're playing nice football. Savo Milosevic's philosophy is attacking and attractive football and so far it brought good results for them. In the midweek Partizan won against Astana in Kazakhstan by 2-1,but to be honest they've should won by even bigger margin how good they've played. Vozdovac is also playing attractive football and they are scoring lot of goals which is something that's not so usual for this Serbian "lower" teams. They coach already said that they wont defend against big favorite so i think that open game is on the cards and goals should flow even though Partizan is maybe little tired after a Thursday's match and long trip to Nur-Sultan. Partizan to win & over 2.5 goals @1.70 3pt Total goals scored over 3.5 @2.40 1pt
  4. Keep in mind that the odds on Serbian League matches are dropping very fast, so you need to react quickly and place your bets as soon as possible.
  5. Once again i'll go with three picks. Vojvodina - Spartak Both clubs are from Vojvodina province so this is a small derby. I already wrote about Vojvodina FC,so i wont repeat myself. Spartak is a club from Subotica,in the far north of the country. The club has a long tradition but not a trophy history. Vojvodina has a perfect score on the road, but this is not the case at home. Therefore, they will try to change this already against the Spartak. Everyone in the club saying that the match has to be won, coach Lalatovic returns to the bench,Vojvodina has a better team so I think the home team will win tomorrow. Vojvodina AH(-1) @ 1.75 4pt Radnik Surdulica - TSC Although Radnik was founded in 1926, it is a small club that was never significant in Serbian or Yugoslavian football. On the contrary - the club played only local leagues and was almost at the amateur level. However, things started to change in the middle of the decade when a local politician from one of the ruling political parties came to the head of the club. In just a few years,Radnik has risen to elite rank of Serbian football. Despite this,the team is very averige in terms of quality and without great ambition in the league. They have a score of just two wins in nine rounds. TSC,on the other hand,is very ambitious project like i said and there's no doubt they are a better side. Still..i'm not that sure they will claime a victory so i'll go with a safer bet. TSC DNB @2.02 2.5pt Napredak - Crvena Zvezda Napredak is a club from central Serbia, from the city of Krusevac. It is one of the traditional centers of Serbian football,altough Napredak never actually been a successful club. It is never easy to play in Krusevac because the atmosphere is a bit hostile. However, as the biggest and most successful Serbian club, Red Star has a lot of fans in this part of Serbia. They will also have great support from the stands. Napredak's home record this season is 1-1-2 so far. They're able to hold Partizan in 2-2 draw,but lost to Vojvodina 0-2. One of their problems is short roster and because of this they can't really hold their form. Their best striker Ivanovic is injured and therefore doubtful for Sunday clash. After a big UCL victory against Olympiacos the morale in Crvena Zvezda is really high. Atmosphere is great,team is playing better after a lost against Partizan. Although coach Milojevic will make some changes to the team and rotate players, I expect a strong Red Star lineup and a routine three points for the team from Belgrade. Handicap victory is on the card. Crvena Zvezda AH2(-2) @2.02 2pt GL to all who follows
  6. All picks won Nice profit of +10,70 units made. Waiting for the next round.
  7. I have three picks for this round Radnicki Nis - Partizan Undoubtedly the derby of this round. Radnicki is club from the south of the country, a club of great tradition and success in the past. Their peak was in the 1980's when they played European Cups. Radnicki has been on the rise in recent years. This is mostly due to the fact that the ruling party stood behind the club and channeled money into it. Last season they ended as runners up in domestic league. However, their coach Nenad Lalatovic has left the club, as have several players. This was reflected in bad results in the opening of the new season,so coach Simo Krunic was sacked. The experienced Milorad Kosanovic was brought in his place,but their game didn't improve a lot. Also,the absence of certain players due to injuries will be a problem to home side. Partizan is the second largest club in Serbia just behind Red Star. After a disappointing last season, they got a lot better in this one. Their coach,a former Serbian international,Savo Milosevic has build a team which is a mix of experience and young players. Last week they beat Red Star in so-called 'eternal derby' and they're just one point behind biggest rivals on the table. Also,they managed to qualify for the Europa League group stage. So they're coming in this match full of confidence. Partizan's style of play is very attacking-minded. They'v got good offense and pretty poor defense. Like i said - Radnicki's coach Kosanovic is very experienced coach,a coach with 'guts' so he wont be impressed or scared of Partizan. Open game is on the card,but i feel that away team have momentum on their side and i see them taking 3 points in Nis. Probably 1-2 win. Partizan to win @2.05 2pt BTTS @1.77 2.5 pt Mladost Lucani - Vojvodina Nothing much to say about hosts. They are a team from a small town in Serbia without any particular tradition or success in the past. Also,a club without big supporters. Vojvodina,on the other hand,is a big club for Serbian standards. Club of great tradition founded in 1914. They gave a lot of great coaches and players to Yogoslavian/Serbian football. The most famous coach certainly was Vujadin Boskov and most popular players were Sinisa Mihajlovic and these days Dusan Tadic. Vojvodina is a club from Novi Sad which is a capitol city of Serbian province Vojvodina. Some of you may know Novi Sad as a place where the famous EXIT music festival is hold for many years now. Now..what is more important..after a period of very poor results this summer Vojvodina got a new board. With the new management, money has come into the club. Several state and public companies have become sponsors of the club. You guessed it - all the changes came directly from politics. The new management has also hired a new coach - Nenad Lalatovic. Yes, the one who coached Radnički Nis. To Serbian standards, he's a solid coach. He is a great motivator and a coach who makes good chemistry on the team. We in Serbia know that he is also a coach who goes where there is money and where he knows that the club has the "help" of certain structures. And this is exactly the help Vojvodina has this season. They started well in the league and I think they will win in Lucani. The stakes would be even higher, but coach Lalatovic was penalized for misconduct and would not be with the team. Vojvodina DNB @1.80 5pt (if you don't have this option or if odds dropped then take AH0 on Vojvodina) THC - Rad THC is newly promoted team from a small town also in Vojvodina,but it's a very ambitious project behind which Hungarian capital stands. These are the same investors who invest in NK Osijek - a club in neighboring Croatia. Rumors say that these investors are actually people close to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. I don't know if these rumors are true or not,but the fact is that there's a serious money behind this club from Backa Topola. They even build a brand new stadium which is why the home team is playing in nearby Senta. So far this has not proven to be a handicap for THC as the team is sitting on the top of the table after nine rounds, but with a game more than Red Star. Opponent,Rad,is from Belgrade and it's one of the worst teams in the league and one of the biggest relegation contenders. In the midweek they were knocked out from the National Cup competition by a lower league team of OFK Beograd. I expect nothing more but a routine win for the home side. THC to win @1.67 4pt (by the time i write this preview odds dropped so i advise to take THC AH-1) GL to all who follows
  8. Before i start with the actual previews i want to share with you something about Serbian Football League which i found very important to know. Those who follow my activity here may remember a couple of my long posts about Serbian football written before the World Cup in Russia last year. These were posts that tried to show the connection between football, crime, football agents and politics. Everything I wrote back then also applies to club football. Things are even worse here. Many club officials are in conflict of interest,many are members of the ruling party and cooperate 'off the pitch',trade points, etc. Because of all this, there is a reasonable doubt about the match fixing and the regularity of the competition itself. How is it even worth it to bet on a league like this, you wonder? Well, because of the knowledge of these things, it is possible to predict the outcomes of matches. Of course, not all matches are fixed in the conventional sense, but rather who has a better position in the Sebian football, who is closer to football or even political authorities. Despite all the above, it is possible to make a profit by betting on the Serbian League. I have already made a nice profit since the start of the season so i hope that this positive trend can continue.
  9. I just want to ask @StevieDay1983and @Sir Puntalotis there a chance to create a Serbian Super League thread? I would like to post sometime a preview or two. It's a football league to be precise.
  10. In case anyone wonders what I did with the pick - i did nothing. Literally nothing. I just sat there and watched the match. And I made more than a nice profit in the end.
  11. Well..just one more step for Bianca and also for me Obviously it's a huge step cause Serena is playing pretty well and she crushed Svitolina in big fashion,so i feel (or better to say fear) that she can win the final as well. Unfortunately my local bookie don't offer me a cash-out option,so i guess i have somehow to "close" or "defend" this pick. The problem is the odds are very unbalanced and Serena is a clear,big favorite. So,my question to you guys is - how can i do this? Is there a possibility to do so,or i have to wait for some in-play betting maybe? Help
  12. C.Moutet - D.Goffin under 31.5 games @1.75 Local bookie Moutet is more clay court player and he suffered a convincing defeat to Goffin in RG last year. It was 75 60 61 for the Belgian. Moutet lost against Steve Johnson in Winston Salem last week 36 36,while Goffin played final in Cincinnati so he's in good run. I expect a easy win for David.
  13. One early bet for me. Bianca Vanessa Andreescu to win US Open - Yes - @19 local bookie The young Canadian is a revelation of the season and a most pleasant surprise. She won Indian Wells this year. She got injured on Roland Garros but she's now back with a Toronto title. The Grand Slam is a two-week long tournament and anything can happen of course and it's true that Bianca doesn't have much experience at that level, but that didn't stop Osaka from winning the title last year, for example. No one is playing better on American HC this season than Andreescu and I think the bet is worth a small punt. GL