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  1. Nope. I dod not. In one period of the 2nd set she was on the 15-0 run in points on her serve,and still wasn't able to put any kind of pressure on Maia. She lost tb with that horrible fh miss. And then complete meltdown in the decider. Funny thing is that she, not Beatriz, looked completely exausted at the end of the match.
  2. Actually,i'm watching the match quite carefully. My observations are purely based on what i see.
  3. Obviosly Haddad Maia does have legs for the match,but she also have a courage and tennis iq..which Jabeur doesn't.
  4. Zverev serving for the match and then his famous meltdown. Pathetic.
  5. I haven't seen Lloyd Harris for a long time..he's current no.186 on rankings.. What happened to him - injury or..?
  6. The famous outfit of Dominik Hrbaty, from 20 years ago, finally got a worthy successor
  7. That's for sure. Nevertheless,i see Croatia as a much stronger and "deeper" side..pack with quality and experience,both. A narrow win for the Croatia..something like 1:0..maybe even after extra time..
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