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  1. Just wanted to say a big 'thank you' @StevieDay1983 for the posts. This required a lot of effort and a lot of time. I really appreciate it.
  2. The thing with Djere is his menthal issues of the game. He now owns a bizarre record losing 18 straight tie-breaks..and that tells a lot..
  3. I just want to say: what a shame that Fritz didn't find the way to win against Nadal..so many missed opportunities in that one.. You were on the right track with this pick..fantastic value as well..a pity..
  4. What about his menthal issues? Does he have a "head"for a win,right attitude?
  5. Djokovic 1.45 Nadal 2.55 I can understand some kind of logic behind this odds,but i stil think they are not "appropriate". Even tough Nadal was really average today v FFA.
  6. 58 unforced errors from Dimitov. Really..shameful match.
  7. Yup,very bad performance from Grisha.
  8. Goffin delivered Fun fact: i only was able to watch first set. Eurosport in Serbia canceled rest of the match due to cycling. In 1st set Goffin was slow by every meaning of the word..like he didn't had breakfast in the morning. Obviosly,rest of the match was better for him. As for the Djere - Medvedev match..thank God for dropping odds on Djere. It saved me from lost bet. I've watched 2nd and 3rd set..i have to say that,no matter of result,Medvedev didn't impress me. He is lucky with the very soft draw he is given. Ramos Vinollas would beatin' him with ease.. I'm going with one bet for tomorrow since i feel that odds will drop. G.Dimitrov to beat D.Schwartzmann @1,65 local bookie soccerbet Dimitrov is in such a nice shape this spring..good run of results,while i couldn't say the same for Diego. I watched them both over this clay-court season..Schwartzmann i watched in Rome against Kecmanovic. With Kecmanovic it was a real thriller and Diego eventually came on top only because of better fitness.. And i have to mention that Dimitrov outplayed him easy recently in Madrid. Yes,i know,this is RG,but let me tell you - this Paris clay is not that slow and ball bounces lower which favors Dimitrov's game..i just don't see what changed since Madrid for Argentinian and expect another win for Grisha.
  9. D.Goffin to beat F.Tiafoe @1.70 local bookie I think thay Goffin is overall a better player. He leads by 3-1 in h2h and what is interesting is the fact that, all of those matches came from hard courts which are Tiafoe's favourite. I think on clay Goffin will have even more advantage. I have recently watched Krajinovic - Tiafoe match in Rome. American lost 0-2..a tight match,but what i didn't like was his decision making, tennis IQ not the best and lack of patience when it comes to constructing a points on clay court. I alsko wanted to back Djere on some handicap line against Medvedev,but the odds have dropped and i find no value in them no more.
  10. Matches on open courts should re-start around 17.00 CET.
  11. @CzechPunterwhere are the RG picks?
  12. Djokovic,Nadal,Alcaras and Zverev in the same part of the draw..that's sick..
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