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  1. Welcome to Punters Lounge @ray2520 We always give our visitors a voice here so to remain neutral and true to our core, unless we can see it's very spurious claims. We can't get involved like previously because of all the new rules, but I will invite our contacts at Unibet for comment for you. You're welcome to update the thread at any time.
  2. Well done guys and thanks to @avongirl for all the updates. Double bubble in May too? ?? Oh go on then!
  3. I’ve thought the same for a long time too, you would be more of an asset here @Torque I might have to start a campaign to get you in here. ???
  4. Also, if using Chrome, which I also use, it is notorious for getting clogged up. Might be worth clearing your cache.
  5. I'd say that's an issue your end @Trotter Have you tried with a different browser? Horse Tips Horse Tips Horse Tips Horse Tips Nothing wrong there.
  6. to Punters Lounge @Lee Thistlethwaite You do have to provide ID for sure, but seems like they've got this the wrong way around as it should be on deposit. To not have at least a passport isn't great either though, you need this for ID galore these days. I would pick up the phone and call them, emails and live chat won't resolve it.
  7. to Punters Lounge @Ilovemath I've moved this to where it will get most attention. However, I must advise you that any attempt to sell this software on here via whatever means or any spam, and it will be an instant ban if not emailing [email protected] for approval. We are a free community and always will be, thanks for your understanding.
  8. Makes sense, looking at it and asked IPB support if they have a library we can import as I tried one image but it didn't look good.
  9. There's millions of settings in the forum admin, just most are default from IPB the forum software providers, so it's easy to fix. I'm not entirely happy with that Thanks default choice (a trophy seems strange) by the forum software providers. Any suggestions of what to change it to and I'll get it done.
  10. to Punters Lounge @marco3367 I'm always of the opinion, that the more you complicate ratings the less accurate they will be. Having a major player our can affect teams, but not always such is the strength of squads these days. I remember last season Athletic Bilbao had both their top forwards out, drifted from 1.90 to 2.80 and still won 3-1 I think it was.
  11. @LeMale The maximum number of reactions were set to 10 per day, that's default. It's now unlimited, so should be fine now.
  12. That's very odd! Never heard of that before, let me do a few checks.
  13. Punters Lounge will always be in very good hands with or without me, that I can promise @Valentine
  14. Absolutely in my view or at least they used to, but no UK punters can bet there these days so I can't vouch for that now. They're not shy in taking a big bet though.
  15. Good luck everyone and huge thanks to @BillyHills for organising this as brilliantly as ever!
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