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  1. Ling 2.10 - Electric Ladyland - win at 13/8 bog bet365
  2. 5.45 Newc - Mountain Brave - win at 7/1 bog bet365
  3. Lud 2.20 - Almazhar garde - win at 7/4 bog betvictor
  4. bank 1269.11 Sou 5.20 - Prince Caspian 13/8 and Global Esteem 10/1 Sou 5.50 - Airshow 5/2 and Zylan 5/2 prices bog bet365 4 x £5 doubles
  5. Sou 5.50 - Zylan - win at 7/2 bog bet365
  6. Chelm 4.30 - Equipped - win at 6/4 bog betvictor
  7. I spent a few years concentrating on AW handicaps and formulated an opinion on race classes to concentrate on For what it's worth my experience was that any race presented a betting opportunity but you were looking for different things In the better class handicaps I was looking for horses that had a higher OR than their last winning mark ..... generally the younger and more lightly raced horses in the field....... these would be horses that were still on the up, still improving, moving up the grades In the lower grade handicaps I was looking for horses falling down the weights who had won similar races in the past and were now getting back to their level ...... particularly if they were getting closer to the winner in their last two or three runs but still dropping in the weights No evidence to back this up but it seemed to work for me!
  8. My usual response to 'inside info' is that the stable staff might have great info on their horse ...... but they don't have any info on all the other horses in the race If there was someone who worked in 10 different yards and had inside info on all 10 runners in the race then great Similar really to these 'Chasers To Follow' type books that come out every year ....... Mark Thingy off The Racing Channel might tell you that Lightning is a fantastic chasing type ........ but 6 months later in a handicap at Warwick he's not telling you anything about the 14 other runners ........ they might be fantastic chasing types as well !
  9. Sou 12.55 - National Anthem - win at 2/1 bog bet365
  10. bank 1289.11 Kelso 1.55 - Elvis Mail 15/8 Sou 1.45 - Jazz Hands 4/1 Sou 2.20 - Rasaasy 4/1 prices bet365 bog £5 Trixie
  11. Ling 2.00 - Silent Attack - win at 4/1 bog bet365