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  1. Looks much more realistic than I thought it would .... should be fun !
  2. Bank 1027.39 Sha Tin 1.45 - Excel Delight 11/8 2.15 - Kings Race 5/1 2.45 - Just Not Listening 9/4 3.15 - Righteous Doctrine 5/2 3.50 - Glorious Artist 9/2 Prices Wm Hill - 10 x £2 doubles
  3. Through the card at Sha Tin ..... 12.15 - Aurora Steed 11/4 12.45 - Shimmer and Shine 5/2 1.15 - Hidden Spirit 7/2 1.45 - Excel Delight 11/8 2.15 - Kings Race 5/1 2.45 - Just Not Listening 9/4 3.15 - Righteous Doctrine 5/2 3.50 - Glorious Artist 9/2 prices Wm Hill
  4. not sure what happened with the link there BH ..... here's the 2019 version It does look pretty good !
  5. I don't think I've ever watched a virtual horse race .......... should be interesting ! I'm expecting a cartoon but maybe that's just me being way behind on technology ..... 😀
  6. Thanks Land Afar...... that's sets the scene nicely ! The other track referred to on the fixture list link is Conghua ...... along with HV and ST it's listed along the bottom of the fixtures
  7. I had a look at the various countries that are still racing and I think Hong Kong may be the best one to concentrate on as there's regular meetings and it doesn't look 'alien' to UK punters. I can't make head nor tail of all the Claiming Races in the US ! HK seem to race every Sunday and Wednesday, there's only 3 tracks but but only 2 tracks are racing during April There are 9 meetings in April The races appear to follow a similar structure to the UK and Ireland with some Group Races and lots of Handicaps. The horses have Official Ratings which helps a lot ........ and the Racing Post carries the form in a format that we're used to Here's the April fixture list
  8. Thanks BH and Paul I'm sure most of us are already going stir crazy after a few days stuck indoors. I know I am .... 😀 I'm on the laptop about 14 hours a day desperately looking for something to fill the time ! I didn't really intend to bother with the overseas racing but after a few days I found myself having a casual glance and the Hong Kong meetings look OK for UK & Ire punters .... lots of handicaps and not many tracks. Might have a crack at that while they're still racing. Main thing though ....... everybody look after yourselves ....... let's hope we all get throught it and things return to normal in a few months 👍
  9. The Racing Post is closing down for the duration of the crisis ..... last edition tomorrpow The website wil still be kept going Don't know about anyone else but I haven't bought a paper copy of the Racing Post since the 1990s ....... to be fair though I was 'on a break' from racing from 1996 to 2008 so I might have carried on buying the paper if I'd been following the sport during those years When I came back in 2008 everything was online
  10. Yeah ..... I'll probably just take a break now I do find it difficult to get involved in Hong Kong, South Africa or the USA I suppose I just don't know enough about the tracks, the race conditions, the 'class' structure; the trainers ......... all the things that I have an instictive grasp of for the UK & Ireland ...... it's like starting again !
  11. All racing in Ireland now called off until April 19th at least
  12. So much for that ! All racing in Ireland has now been called off until at least April 19th
  13. If you don't have RTV you can follow the Irish racing live on Talksport 2 radio all week...... (digital radios and on the internet) might give it a listen to see how they cover it, don't think I've heard live racing on Talksport before