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  1. Call me old-fashioned but it's still The Hennessy to me ...... Newb 3.00 Like the look of Secret Investor at 9/1 bet365 Young horse, 8 years old, has won at Grade 2 level and won a top handicap on seasonal reappearance at Chepstow with the placed horses franking the form. Thrives on decent ground, from the Nicholls yard. Has run well here before, finishing 2nd to Native River in the Denman, Grade 2, in February There's a whole bunch of horses between 7/1 and 10/1 ....... about 8 of them and the winner will probably come from that group I wouldn't be surprised if my se
  2. minus 192.40 With only a few days left in the month it's time for Hail Marys ........ Biggest race of the day 3.00 Newb - Secret Investor - 9/1 bet365 bog £20 win
  3. minus 172.40 Taking a chance on the old Champ beating a couple of shiny new upstarts ..... Newb 3.00 - Paisley Park - £20 win at 7/2 bog bet365
  4. minus 152.40 Chelm 5.00 - Ghalyoon 6/4 and Intuitive 11/2 Chelm 5.30 - The Gill Brothers 5/2 and War Glory 10/3 prices bet365 bog 4 x £5 doubles
  5. Yes, you're right, my 'system' is for the Flat I have thought about trying to adapt my system for the jumps but haven't been able to get a handle on it ...... I suppose logically handicap hurdles would be the place to start as most horses start their jumps career over hurdles Might take another look at that ! What I have found is that there is often a big age range over jumps as some horses start off as juvenile hurdlers, others as novices, others in bumpers, others in point to points ...... it might be worth thinking along the lines of 'number of races run in' rather than just
  6. Congratulations to Hollie Doyle who has been named 'The Sunday Times Sportswoman Of The Year' Bit of a boost for Racing as well which doesn't get many of these kinds of awards, gets the sport in the limelight
  7. I have a bit of a system for handicaps in which the first race card filter is 'select the two youngest age groups in the field' so usually 3 and 4 year olds in all aged handicaps, the second filter being 'distance win' then draw ....... I posted a month's worth earlier in the year and managed to finish the month with a small profit after 100 plus selections However ........that system is for early to mid season when the younger horses are more likely to be less exposed and still improving relative to the older horses ......... and of course they're getting decent weight for age allowances
  8. away from Racing ........ just seen that Diego Maradona has died, aged 60 controversial in life but no doubt one of the greatest !
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