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  1. I think RPR are more useful when it comes to grizzled old handicappers who have run a few dozen times Years ago when I was concentrating on AW handicaps I used to look at RPR ..... and I was looking to see if there was any pattern in a horse's past form. These were lower grade handicaps full of well experienced horses So I was looking to see if a horse produced it's best RPRs at one of the AW tracks over the others or at a specific distance or in a specific class of race or in big or small fields........ I was trying to guage whether today's race was likely to see the horse at his be
  2. As for today's race what the RPR is saying is that the run of Quasiamart on 5th Nov in their opinion was a 15lb better performance than the run of Dobryn on 13th Jan That's their assessment of those 2 runs That's only 1 factor to take into account for today though .... is one of the horses improving rapidly and might leave previous RPRs behind ...... has one of them got much more favourable conditions as to the ground, trip etc today and therefore might do much better than he has in previous runs. Alternatively did one horse have perfect conditions when it earned it's rating but prob
  3. All form ratings are opinions .... it's somebody's opinion of what the form was worth I think maybe RPR and Timeform are different ....... I think RPR are trying to put a figure on what each past run is worth in terms of form on a common standard so all past runs by all horses can be directly compared with a figure I believe Timeform are doing something different ....... saying what they think a horse is capable of in the future, hence all the p and P and squiggles etc. Of course an opinion of past form is built into that But it all comes down to opinion ........ was that
  4. yeah, on the flat and AW all the RPRs are adjusted to 10 stones
  5. Just on this point The RPR for Jumps are weight adjusted to 12 stones .......... so the 128 is what he would have to run to that day if he'd been carrying 12 stones That day he was carrying 10-12 so 16lbs under 12 stones. So on that day he actually ran 144 but he would have run 128 if he'd been carrying 12 stones So today at 11 stone 8lbs he's 6 lbs below 12 stones so he gets 6 points added to his RPR of 128 to give 134 ...... If he'd been carrying 12 stones 5lbs today he'd have 5 lbs taken off the 128 and his RPR today would be 123 The RPR for past races is what he w
  6. Sou 4.00 - Berrhari - win at 7/1 bet365
  7. 2.50 Ling - Currency Exchange - win at 3/1 PP
  8. +44.69 Ling 2.50 - Currency Exchange 11/4 and Cheeky Az 7/2 Ling 3.25 - Zen Dancer 6/4 and Miss Seafire 5/2 prices bet365 4 x £5 doubles
  9. I agree with that but I also think about all the staff at the yard, the associated businesses in the area like farriers and horse transport firms, vets etc who depend on the yard .......... I'm thinking if he's forced out of the sport then there's a lot of people and their families who are going to lose their income OK, the disruption might only be short term if someone else takes over and the staff might get other jobs in the industry but it'll be a very difficult period for a lot of families
  10. 1st and 2nd in both races ! return 64.69, profit 44.69 +44.69
  11. Newc 5.30 - Songkran 11/4 and Home Before Dusk 4/1 Newc 6.00 - Imperial Command 15/8 and Silver Dust 11/2 prices bet365 4 x £5 doubles
  12. Newc 5.30 - Home Before Dusk - win at 9/2 PP
  13. Terrible The very least we can expect is that these fantastic animals are treated with respect and dignity
  14. 4.50 Wolv - Treaty of Dingle - win at 25/1 bet365
  15. Finished the month on +39.63........ always nice to finish a month in profit even if it's not a great amount !
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