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  1. 3.40 Asc - Blue Point - win at 3/1 bog Corals
  2. 230 As: Laurens 305 As: Guildsman 340 As: Blue Point 420 As: Phoenix of Spain 500 As: The Grand Visir 535 As: Star of Bengal good luck everyone !
  3. Carl 4.00 - Praxidice - win at 11/4 bog Corals
  4. bank 1707.76 Donc 2.10 - Astonished 11/4 and Wufud 3/1 Sals 4.10 - Snazzy Jazzy 2/1 and Archers Dream 5/2 all prices bet365 4 x £5 cross doubles
  5. Just looking at the Cathedral Stakes and Archer's Dream has been well backed this morning, in to 9/4 from 7/2 and might now go off favourite 2 runs, 2 wins, up in class after a very easy win in a Yarmouth novice race. The form has been franked with well beaten horses coming out and winning next time. Could be an exciting prospect
  6. Donc 2.10 - Astonished - win at 3/1 Paddypower
  7. Quite a big field here so I've taken a view on the draw ……… PL Racecards 'low numbers best on straight track particularly when soft' ……. and I've crossed out everything drawn from half way upwards Crossed out horses that haven't won over the trip Not much else to go on as most of these are fairly unexposed lightly raced types …….. I expect this is very much a 'target race' for 3yo sprinters and trainers wil be trying to hide their potential whilst getting a high enough mark to get in I've also checked for soft ground form Left with 2 against the field Dazzling Dan 6/1 Blown By Wind 10/1 pretty skinny prices for a 22 runner cavalry charge of largely unexposed types!
  8. 4.55 Chester - Bossipop - win at 7/1 bog bet365
  9. Chester is a track where I think I ought to do well with it being fairly idiosyncratic, particularly on soft ground which should exaggerate the draw bias But I don't think I have sussed it out really as I don't have much success there..... Let's have another go ……. leaving the 2yo race as there's not much to go on.... Chester 2.40 - Durston - win at 9/2 bog bet365 Chester 3.10 - Queen Penn - win at 3/1 bog bet365 Chester 3.45 - She Can Boogie - win at 9/4 bog bet365 Chester 4.20 - Confrontational - win at 8/1 bog bet365 Chester 4.55 - Bossipop - win at 7/1 bog bet365 Chester 5.30 - Al Kout - win at 7/1 bog bet365 I'd be very happy with two winners …..
  10. Chester 2.40 - Durston - win at 9/2 bog bet365 Chester 3.10 - Queen Penn - win at 3/1 bog bet365 Chester 3.45 - She Can Boogie - win at 9/4 bog bet365 res Chester 4.20 - Confrontational - win at 8/1 bog bet365 Chester 4.55 - Bossipop - win at 7/1 bog bet365 Chester 5.30 - Al Kout - win at 7/1 bog bet365 good luck BH and everyone else ! ……..
  11. Substitute - Goodwood 7.10 - Ship of the Fen - win at 15/8 bog bet365
  12. 5.00 Chep - Celestial Force - win at 5/1 bog Corals
  13. Inspections everywhere now except Newbury but over the water Leopardstown is Good To Firm, Good In Places !
  14. I'm someone who does tend to stick to a particular subset of races but I change the subset every few weeks or few months ......... I find the main problem with sticking to a small group of horses is that you get to know them too well and get pre-conceived ideas stuck in your mind which prevents you from looking at the race or the form logically of course I don't stick rigidly to it though but each day I look first at the races within my subset My most profitable subset of races is all aged handicaps ............ with a few 'rules' to try and stick by Firstly I try and stick with the younger horses in the field on the basis that they're more likely to still be on the upgrade and ahead of the handicapper ....... this is one big advantage of doing all aged handicaps I try and stick to races from 7 furlongs upwards. ...... this is because I think the sprints have a wider age range as sprinters can peak at 6 or older....... it's more difficult to narrow the field by age and experience. Later in the year I particularly like staying races over 12 furlongs plus because the weight for age scale seems to benefit younger horses to a larger degree than at other trips or times of year (Mark Johnston is particularly adept at using the WFA scale to his advantage) Personally I like class 4 and 5 handicaps firstly because there's lots of them. But perhaps more importantly I like to look for horses dropping in class and you don't get many horses dropping in class if you look at class 2 handicaps because they're the top ones (there are extremely few class 1 handicaps on the flat ........ a handful each season). Field size ..... I'd try and avoid the really big field handicaps because it takes too long to look through all the horses plus the chances of interference, getting blocked in or hampered would logically be higher and there's nothing worse than seeing your jockey with a double handful trapped on the rail and unable to get out. For handicaps I like fields up to about 12 which offers the possibility of EW betting without being too crowded When I feel like a change from all aged handicaps I might look at 2 year old races (generally towards the end of the season).......... or group/listed races just on the basis that I'd probably be watching them anyway For a complete break from the flat I might look at novice hurdles or chases in summer jumping When I'm feeling lazy I just scour the cards for any races with 5 or 6 runners because I reckon I can zip through 3 or 4 of them in the time it takes to look at one handicap I quite often look at All Weather handicaps and Flat handicaps at the same time as you can often get horses better on one surface than the other which helps narrow the field. However this is accounted for in the prices so it's more profitable to look for horses improving on the AW who have a poor turf record from when they hadn't started improving ..... or vice versa