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** November Poker League Result : 1st Danshot, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd Elliott Sutcliffe **
** November Naps Competition Result: 1st adamross, 2nd andellio, 3rd Craig bluenose, 4th Redphil57. KO Cup Winner vangovin. Most Winners MCLARKE: **


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  1. @Fader not that I expect it will make much difference in the long run, but I think I should have 21 points (6+3+6+6) so far
  2. We'd left before the threads went up. Didn't want to win the FA Cup this year anyway
  3. I 'm not sure if we're playing this week, but we're going away today for the weekend. So if you could pin the fixtures on the wall and throw three darts at the sheet to make my predictions for me please. I'm confident that this would have far more chance of success than any choices I could come up with on my own.
  4. 1 Sunday November 20th 4pm Qatar Vs Ecuador (A) (0-2) 2 Monday November 21st 1pm England Vs Iran (H) (2-0)3 Monday November 21st 4pm Senegal Vs Holland (A) (0-2)4 Monday November 21st 7pm USA Vs Wales (X) (1-1)5 Tuesday November 22nd 10am Argentina Vs Saudi Arabia (H) (4-0)6 Tuesday November 22nd 1pm Denmark Vs Tunisia (H) (2-0)7 Tuesday November 22nd 4pm Mexico Vs Poland (X) (1-1)8 Tuesday November 22nd 7pm France Vs Australia (H) (2-0)9 Wednesday November 23rd 10am Morocco Vs Croatia (A) (1-2)10 Wednesday November 23rd 1pm Germany Vs Japan (H) (2-0)11 Wednesday November 23rd 4pm Spain Vs Costa Rica (H) (2-0)12 Wednesday November 23rd 7pm Belgium Vs Canada (H) (2-0)13 Thursday November 24th 10am Switzerland Vs Cameroon (H) (2-1)14 Thursday November 24th 1pm Uruguay Vs South Korea (H) (3-0)15 Thursday November 24th 4pm Portugal Vs Ghana (H) (3-1)16 Thursday November 24th 7pm Brazil Vs Serbia (H) (2-1)17 Friday November 25th 10am Wales Vs Iran (H) (2-0)18 Friday November 25th 1pm Qatar Vs Senegal (A) (1-2)19 Friday November 25th 4pm Holland Vs Ecuador (H) (2-1)20 Friday November 25th 7pm England Vs USA (H) (2-0)21 Saturday November 26th 10am Tunisia Vs Australia (H) (2-0)22 Saturday November 26th 1pm Poland Vs Saudi Arabia (H) (3-1)23 Saturday November 26th 4pm France Vs Denmark (X) (1-1)24 Saturday November 26th 7pm Argentina Vs Mexico (H) (2-0)25 Sunday November 27th 10am Japan Vs Costa Rica (H) (2-1)26 Sunday November 27th 1pm Belgium Vs Morocco (H) (2-0)27 Sunday November 27th 4pm Croatia Vs Canada (H) (3-1)28 Sunday November 27th 7pm Spain Vs Germany (A) (1-2)29 Monday November 28th 10am Cameroon Vs Serbia (A) (0-2)30 Monday November 28th 1pm S.Korea Vs Ghana (X) (1-1)31 Monday November 28th 4pm Brazil Vs Switzerland (H) (3-1) 32 Monday November 28th 7pm Portugal Vs Uruguay (H) (2-1)33 Tuesday November 29th 3pm Ecuador Vs Senegal (X) (1-1)34 Tuesday November 29th 3pm Holland Vs Qatar (H) (2-0)35 Tuesday November 29th 7pm Iran Vs USA (A) (0-2)36 Tuesday November 29th 7pm Wales Vs England (A) (1-3)37 Wednesday November 30th 3pm Tunisia Vs France (A) (1-2)38 Wednesday November 30th 3pm Australia Vs Denmark (A) (0-2)39 Wednesday November 30th 7pm Poland Vs Argentina (A) (1-3)40 Wednesday November 30th 7pm Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico (A) (0-1)41 Thursday December 1st 3pm Croatia Vs Belgium (X) (1-1)42 Thursday December 1st 3pm Canada Vs Morocco (H) (1-0)43 Thursday December 1st 7pm Japan Vs Spain (A) (0-2)44 Thursday December 1st 7pm Costa Rica Vs Germany (A) (0-3)45 Friday December 2nd 3pm S.Korea Vs Portugal (A) (0-2)46 Friday December 2nd 3pm Ghana Vs Uruguay (A) (0-2)47 Friday December 2nd 7pm Serbia Vs Switzerland (H) (2-1)48 Friday December 2nd 7pm Cameroon Vs Brazil (A) (0-2)1 Argentina2 Germany3 Brazil4 France
  5. Man City (2) 1.28 Liverpool (1) 1.30 Arsenal (1) 1.20 Half Bank treble please
  6. Man City (1) 1.20 Middlesboro (1) 1.73 The Mighty Swindon Town FC (1) 1.70 £30 treble please
  7. There was a software update when I logged on, don't leave it until the last minute.
  8. Swindon (1) 2.00 Tottenham (1) 1.50 Exeter (1) 2.30 £10 treble please
  9. Chelsea (1) 1.40 Bradford (1) 2.45 Crewe (1) 2.15 £10 treble please
  10. Stars not letting me log in, several other sites are fine. I'll try again just before 8pm
  11. Can we rename this 'Leo's Winnings Thread 2022' ?
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