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  1. League Tables & Banter - Week 5

    ano, im having a mare, but this week could see the rot stop
  2. Greyhound memories

    its a sport i never bet on nowadays,but thats more to do with burnt fingers than anything else, used to go the dogs 2/3 times a week, shawfield in glasgow, only 5 dog races which was an official track, which was on tues,thurs and sat every week, with the trials on a sunday, plenty flapping trips in around the city of glasgow with ashfield and carfin being the "livlier" ones shawfield you could always get a decent bet on, but it was in "a rough"part in the city you needed a car/taxi if you won serious money and you never waited on the last race!!!! ashfield was a track that had plenty of ringers or bookmaker dogs, but there trials on a sunday was where the big money was punted unofficially, seen plenty sore faces in those days.but it was a track where someone always knew the ringrers would win,and they won with half the track too spare !!!
  3. 1450 fakenham 1pt win saucysioux 5/4 pp
  4. Naps Competition - Monday Nov 20th

    1250 liecester 1pt win red square revival 10/3 sjames
  5. Racing Chat - Sunday Nov 19th

    done elgin in my comp, and bet jenkins, doh
  6. Betvic gold cup saturday

    was there a mix up in the entries??? was watchin tv today, sound down, was it cloudy something
  7. remember to get transfers in before next weeks deadline
  8. Naps Competition - Sunday Nov 19th

    1500 cheltenham 1pt win jenkins 5/1 bet365
  9. 1600 cheltenham 1pt win outofthisworld 7/2 pp
  10. 1525 punchestown 1 pt win rhinestone 8/11 will hill 1500 cheltenham 1pt wi thomas campbell 11/8 bet365 1500 cheltenham 0.5 ew dell arca 10/1 stan james reserves 1530 chelt, red indian 6/1 bet365 win 1600 chelt outofthisworld 10/3 bet365 win good luck guys
  11. Division 1 - Week 5 Selections

    burton v sheff utd 2.0 preston v bolton 2.0 stuutgarf b dortmund 1.44 all friday night and all over 2.5 goals 3.25pt treble
  12. Short Priced Favs

    good luck ma\te
  13. Naps Competition - Friday Nov 17th

    1240 cheltenham 1pt win what happens now 7/1 bet365