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  1. Trump atleast does the business. Un-Nooh was well into the match but his defensive play was so bad. so, so bad. Good to see Murphy win a decider to make it through also. On to tomorrow. Maguire Vs Selby is first up at 1pm and then the evening match is Joe Perry taking on Bingtao. I'll take Bingtao tomorrow night. I thought he looked excellent against Kyren Wilson. I didn't watch the Perry Vs Robertson match but it very much looks like Perry took advantage of some sloppy play from 1-1. Perry won 4 in a row from there and then Robertson got his groove back on to make it 5-4 before Perry took his chance. No head-2-head between these two but I'll side with Bingtao, who is looking solid in most departments. In the earlier match I'm tempted by Selby on the -1.5 handicap because I thought Maguire was awful against Ding. I also thought about the 4/7 on Selby having highest break but I'll stick to just this bet for the day 5pts Y.Bingtao to beat J.Perry 17/20 betfair Players bets -4.25pts 2020 snooker bets +19.75pts
  2. Well I was going to go Chelsea until I saw Bournemouth beat them home and away last season. I'll go Leicester please.
  3. So some small relief last week with a profit on the day being made but still this event is hurting me with the draws. Looking at tomorrow and we're in in Dublin for Week 4. Durrant Vs Aspinall Cross Vs Anderson Gurney Vs Smith O'Connor Vs MVG Price Vs Wright First up I'll take Aspinall again this week. Aspinall has really proved me wrong so far this tournament. I thought he would struggle with the setup but that's not been the case atall really. I fancy him against Durrant. Durrant has a good head-2-head against Aspinall but Durrant has a 94.82 average so far with these first 3 weeks, whilst Asp has 95.26 and when you think that he only managed an 89 average against Henderson you'd have to fancy him. In the next match I actually fancy Cross this week. I thought Anderson was terrible last week and I've lost patience in him. Cross isn't firing by all means but he is so hard to beat that I think Gary could slip near the end and maybe lost 7-5 or 7-4. Int he third match, I actually think Gurney has a good chance but it's not a bet I'm willing to go for. Same with MVG, I fancy MVG wins but it could be a close one. Finally, I'll take Wright. I would be looking at draw here with Price now but not against Wright. He is showing some real consistency now and he has to be backed for me. 4pts N.Aspinall to beat G.Durrant 5/4 bet365 4pts R.Cross to beat G.Anderson 7/4 betfair 5pts P.Wright to beat G.Price 13/10 betfair ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1pt accy - Aspinall, Cross and Wright 14/1 betfair 0.5pt accy - Aspinall, Cross, Gurney and Wright 40/1 betfair Premier League bets -16pts 2020 darts bets +40pts
  4. Going for the hat-trick this week. Hard course here and and a different kind of proposition to last week. Tournament is lacking a few top names but maybe that's more because they're scared of the course here 😛 Gary Woodland is very tempting this week and I may regret not backing him but at 18/1 with 8 places that price just isn't for me and so i've gone with the following 6 this week. First up Billy Horschel. Easy bet really and quite an obvious pick. Loves it around here and is hitting abit of form now. T8 in 2016. T4 the following year in 2017. T16 last year. Next up at a similar price we have Im. Shane lowry is the next and he is a player I actually liked last week but I thought I'd give him a week to see how he fares. Lowry is a player I think will suit round here with his Scrambling and GIR. Three at bigger prices that I'm taking this week are Clark again (performed well last time I backed him and a player I like) Grillo and Sabbatini. 1pt E/W B.Horschel to win Honda Classic 25/1 betfair (1/5 8 places) 1pt E/W S.Im to win Honda Classic 30/1 betfair (1/5 8 places) 1pt E/W S.Lowry to win Honda Classic 35/1 paddypower (1/5 8 places) 0.5pts E/W W.Clark to win Honda Classic 60/1 paddypower (1/5 8 places) 0.5pts E/W E.Grillo to win Honda Classic 80/1 ladbrokes (1/4 5 places) 0.5pts E/W R.Sabbatini to win Honda Classic 90/1 ladbrokes (1/4 5 places)
  5. West Ham (1) 2.70 Wolves (2) 3.10 £40 double please
  6. Well both Dott and Higgins looked rubbish until the final couple of frames where Higgins took control. Late last night we had the first match i've seen of any quality as Bingtao impressed by beating Kyren Wilson pretty easily really. He looks a decent dark horse this week with Joe Perry up next. I'll take a couple today and the first is Un-Nooh to see off Mark Allen. Allen is back on a down patch recently and when he gets like this he tends to play like he doesn't want to be anywhere near a snooker table. We haven't seen Allen perform since the Scottish Open last year and since then we've seen defeats to the likes of Gilbert 6-1. Lu Ning 5-0, Gerard Greene 5-4, Wenbo and Dale have also beaten him. Head-2-head also points in Un-Noohs favour as he has won the last 3. The other bet I like is Trump on a handicap to beat John Higgins. Judd has won the last 5 head-2-head matches between the two and has beaten him 4 times in the last year. Judd hit 5 50+ breaks in his 6-3 win over Holt and a century in there, whilst Higgins didn't even make a 50+ break until 6 frames in. 4pts T Un-Nooh to beat M.Allen 6/4 bet365 6pts J.Trump (-1.5 frames) to beat J.Higgins 4/6 boylesports Players bets -4.25pts 2020 snooker bets +19.75pts
  7. Well, Maguire was poor as expected but Ding even more so, I suppose. Looking at today's matches and it's hard to find too much value. Dott Vs Higgins match I have Dott small stakes on the outright and that bet was really due to me thinking he has a chance here. I think that match against Higgins looks like it's going to be a close one. One bet I am going to chance is Dott have the highest break. Higgins, the lat few times i've seen him, seems to really struggle now compared to how he was in among the balls. Robertson should beat Perry easy enough. Tonight, Judd also should have little work against newly crowned shootout champion Holt. Holt sneaked into this tournament winning that event otherwise it would have been Ronnie against Trump. I do like Bingtao against Kyren Wilson tonight.I'll take Bingtao to win that one. It should be a tight contest and could quite easily go to a deciding frame, but the value is surely with Bingtao. 2pts G.Dott Vs J.Higgins (Dott Highest break scorer) 6/4 betfred 2pts Y.Bingtao to beat K.Wilson 11/8 bet365 Players bets -3pts 2020 snooker bets +21pts
  8. Yeah, as Torque said, decimal is just one number above. i.e, 67 for 66/1 34 for 33/1 etc etc
  9. Tonights matches : Maguire Vs Ding Selby Vs M.Williams Maguire Vs Ding It's nice to see more tournament with a "first to 6" especially after the likes of the Snooker Shootout. An event in which neither of these two participated. Head-2-head shows a clear advantage for Ding, winning the last 4. The last 2 were in the last year and most recently the 2019 UK Championships final which Ding won 10-6. I fancy Ding here and I think he can cover the -1.5 handicap. Maguire should have played in the shootout to atleast get some practise in. Since beating Robertson at the Masters in Jan he has lost too many matches. 3pts D.Junhui (-1.5 frames) to beat S.Maguire evens paddypower 2020 snooker bets +24pts
  10. After Holt won the shootout late last night, we're straight into this tonight. Trump Vs Holt Higgins Vs Dott Ding Vs Maguire Selby Vs Williams N.Robertson Vs Perry Bingtao Vs K.Wilson Allen Vs Un-Nooh Murphy Vs Gilbert First, starting at the bottom half and I just think it's got to be Murphy Vs Robertson in that Quarter-final. Robertson is 3/1 and Murphy is 11/1 and so based on that and the fact that before Robertson's German Masters easy win over Murphy, they had both shared a deciding leg win over eachother, I think Murphy is abit of value. In the top half i'm going to chuck a point E/W at Dott again. I just think Dott has a decent chance against Higgins and if he beats Trump, the winner beats Ding/Maguire and so at such a big price, it's worth the outlay 2pts S.Murphy to win Players Championship 11/1 bet365 1pt E/W G.Dott to win Players Championship 50/1 boylesports 2020 snooker bets +23pts
  11. Fader

    WGC Mexico

    Patrick Reed wins 50/1 a lovely price. He was bang in form with the putter this week golf bets 2020 +88.25pts
  12. Holty wins the tournament. 66/1
  13. Dott dropped out prior to the tournament. Shame, I think he would have done well. 2nd day of Round 1 today. Would assume the round 2 draw will be tonight.
  14. Atleast Aspinall won. Price draws yet again. I may have to start just backing Price draws every week. Premier League bets -16pts 2020 darts bets +40pts