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  1. Match betting : I''m going to take Wenbo to beat Dott tomorrow morning. Dott has a 5-3 head-to-head lead in this matchup, however Wenbo has won the last 2. Not played against eachother since 2016 but Wenbo won both 4-0 and 4-1.It's Wenbo's form in this event that has impressed me so far though. Wins over Wakelin and Bingham. Top players and scoring 4 centuries and 5 50+ breaks in those 2 matches. 4pts L.Wenbo to beat G.Dott 5/4 bet365
  2. Quite an open event I think. Won by Trump 2 years running in 2016/2017 but in 2018 a Jimmy Robertson Vs Joe Perry final shows we could have some shocks here. Not to mention that the Masters has literally just finished in the UK and now they're out in Austria. A short flight perhaps, but still not a great time of recovery there for the likes of Ali Carter atleast. Looking at the top half, I'm going to leave Ali Carter well alone. I think Pengfei has a good chance against him actually. In the top half it very much looks like Neil Robertson should make it through. You'd have to say that the Masters was abit of a bizarre one for him after being 5-1 up and losing much like Kyren Wilson. I'm going to take Scott Donaldson each-way though. He has a hard route and that is reflected in his price. In the bottom half it looks much juicier and abit more value too. I'm going with Gary Wilson to do well here. He has players that he has beaten and has a good h2h record against such as Brecel and Xintong and he's always scoring well. I'll take some chinese guys at huge prices as outsiders also. Xintong can be dangerous and so i want that cover. Guodong and Yuelong both also have the quality and Mark Williams is so bad right now I want a few players from the bottom half. 1pt e/w g.wilson to win European Masters 25/1 betvictor 0.5pts e/w z.xintong to win European Masters 40/1 betvictor 0.5pts e/w guodong to win Eueopean Masters 66/1 ladbrokes 0.5pts e/w S.Donaldson to win European Masters 125/1 bet365 0.5pts e/w z.Yuelong to win European Masters 66/1 888sport
  3. This continues on Wednesday, in Austria. A ranking event where the winner gets 80k. Here is the draw : D.Wells Vs M.Holt T.Pengfei Vs A.Carter R.Milkins Vs D.Junhui S.Donaldson Vs K.Wilson J.Higgins Vs F.O'Brien R.Williams Vs T.Un-Nooh G.Dott Vs L.Wenbo L.Haotian Vs N.Robertson M.Williams Vs Z.Yuelong J.Page Vs Y.Bingtao D.Lilley Vs B.Hawkins J.Jones Vs M.Selby L.Ning Vs M.Fu A.Burden Vs X.Guodong G.Wilson Vs L.Brecel M.White Vs Z.Xintong
  4. Bingham wins 10-8 then. A strange tournament but bodes well for the outright bet on Bingham in the Championship League I suppose. Masters tips +5pts Snooker tips 2020 Level
  5. ugh Ancer 1 shot!!! annoying.
  6. what a shame for Gilbert. Can't believe Kyren Wilson loses 6-4 from 4-1 up what in the world. final is quite a close one. Carter I would side with normally but Bingham has such a good h2h recent record against Carter it's hard to ignore so it's a no bet for me. Bingham won the last 6 in a row
  7. funny enough Judd is actually right handed (I believe) but plays with his left. that double would suit me. Would love to see Gilbert win a big title.5-2 Gilbert now. Maguire looking for a king comeback, part 2! *brilliant stuff from Gilbert. Every mistake Maguire made, he punished. I fancy him against Kyren Wilson/Bingham*
  8. Higgins deserved to go out there. He was woeful. So was Carter to be fair, but alot better than Higgins. Murphy will be pretty relaxed knowing he has Carter to get to a final though. I would love to see Gilbert win this now. He deserves a title. Maybe a Gilbert Vs Murphy final. I like Gilbert to beat Maguire today but it's the later game that I'm interested in and that is Kyren Wilson to beat Bingham. Wilson has a decent record against Bingham and I thought Bingham was another player that looked pony in the last round. Wilson didn't start well against Lisowski but from 2-0 down he really turned it on and I think he'll be too strong for Bingham. 5.5pts K.Wilson to beat S.Bingham 10/11 ladbrokes 2pt double - K.Wilson (-1.5 frames) & D.Gilbert (-1.5 frames) 4/1 bet365 Masters tips +12.5pts Snooker tips 2020 +7.5pts
  9. Murphy goes through with ease really. A nice 120 break in there too. Perry really didn't turn up. Murphy awaits in Semi-final to play the winner of tonights match. John Higgins Vs Ali Carter. Although Carter had a good win against Selby, Selby is abit of an enigma and like I said on the preview of the tournament, you'll see him out in round 1 or win the event. There doesn't seem to be much middle ground there. That being said, and the fact that Higgins has such a strong h2h record against Carter, it's a no-bet for me tonight. I have Higgins on the outright which is enough here as he'll much more of a test in the Semi-finals against Murphy. A couple of very even matches (in the bookies opinion atleast tomorrow) and that bodes a few bets that I'll look at tomorrow morning. Masters tips +15.5pts Snooker tips 2020 +10.5pts
  10. I didn't see any of Murphy Vs Trump or Perry Vs Ding and so it's hard for me to gauge how well they played. Identical wins and both good wins. Both 6-3 and both scored 3 50+ breaks and no centuries. Add to that, that they havent' played eachother for four years and it's quite hard to pin down an obvious winner. I would lead to Murphy as he is the better player and better scorer and he also leads the h2h with ease and tends to always win the imporant matches. No value though and I'm not confident enough to stick him on a handicap. I will instead go on "Highest break scorer" again and side with Murphy. It's by no means a pick with huge confidence but Murphy has been "Highest break scorer" in this tie 4 out of 6 times and you'd have to say that Murphy is the more fluent scorer. 6pts S.Murphy - Highest Break Scorer 4/6 william hill Masters tips +11.5pts Snooker tips 2020 +6.5pts
  11. somehow Lisowski was highest break scorer there. 2-0 up and should have been 3-1 and then that old "bottle" took over and he loses 6 in a row. Classic Lisowski. Still 72 the highest break, so that's all good. Masters tips +13pts Snooker tips 2020 +8pts
  12. Higgins wins with ease and infact the first "favourite" to win of the tournament. That's just crazy and just shows it doesn't pay to back short favourites in my opinion. Pre-tournament pick Higgins nips that in the bud with alittle help from the woeful Barry Hawkins. Tomorrow the out-of-form Kyren Wilson will take on Jack Lisowski. I'm going to take the outsider once again here. I think if you looked at both players, you would have to say that Lisowski is in the better form and although it tends to be abit different in the bigger events, form does tend to carry over (see Allens performance) My only worry for this bet is, I find that Lisowski has little, well...bottle and if it gets around the 4-4, 5-5 mark, I would probably expect him to lose. With that being said, Lisowski leads the head-2-heads and can boast that form at the Scottish Open where he beat Higgins, Un-Nooh and Mark Allen and lost in the final to Mark Selby. All that being said, I'm going to take Lisowski to be "highest break" I think he's hitting the balls very well here and I don't want to lose a bet on some lack of bottle. Lisowski has been hitting plenty of centuries recently. 119 in his defeat to White. 123 against Vafaei. The final of the Scottish open he got highest break at 119. A 135 and 118 against Allen.. etc etc etc. In 2020, Kyren Wilson (although improved recently) always strikes me as a 70-90 break type of player. 3pts J.Lisowski (Highest break scorer) Vs K.Wilson evens bet365 Masters tips +10pts Snooker tips 2020 +5pts
  13. Going with 5 this week. Im was very close in my picks this week but at under 20/1 this week i'm alittle reluctant to take him. However, I do feel like it's around the corner for him. I've gone for guys this week who are performing when it comes to GIR and can hold their own with Scrambling. 1pt E/W Byeong-An to win The American Express 25/1 bet365 (paying 5 places 1/4) 1pt E/W B.Todd to win The American Express 40/1 betfair (paying 8 places 1/5) 1pt E/W A.Ancer to win The American Express 40/1 bet365 (paying 5 places 1/4) 1pt E/W H.English to win The American Express 50/1 bet365 (paying 5 places 1/4) 1pt E/W D.Berger to win The American Express 60/1 bet365 (paying 5 places 1/4) Golf bets 2020 -12pts