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  1. Quite the performance from Gary Wilson and Wenbo. Both win all 3 and both only drop 1 frame. O'Connor performed well too and should have beaten Selby really but he still finishes 2nd to Wenbo. Our third outright goes through. +11pts for the day Another couple of outrights play today in the shape of Georgiou and Tom Ford. To say Georgiou has a tough group would be an understatement with Ronnie O'Sullivan to contend with. Not to mention the talented Chris Wakelin. Hirani can also play. I actually am happy to take on Ronnie though and I think both Georgiou and Wakelin have a chance to win Group 10. In group 15, I'm happy to rule out Dunn and Burns. Milkins can play, but I'm not sure this is his format. In my opinion it's primed for Tom Ford here and I'll back him to win the group. He is another outright tip so it would be brilliant to get both Ford and Georgiou through today. 1.5pts C. Wakelin to win Group 10 6/1 Coral 0.5pts C. Wakelin to win all his matches 45/1 paddypower 1pt M. Georgiou to win Group 10 9/1 betfred 1pt M. Georgiou to beat Wakelin and Hirani 6/1 paddypower 2pts T. Ford to win all of his matches 15/2 paddypower Champ League bets +18pts
  2. Clayton wins the group. +8 for the day and +8pts for the tournament. The final tonight. Here's the final 4 line-up : Anderson 13/8 Aspinall 6/4 Clayton 9/2 Klaasen 13/2 Standout value for me is Clayton. Cover on Anderson. Klaasen has coasted through this in my opinion with the odd good performance when it's needed. Aspinall has been great in patches, as has Anderson but for me Clayton has been the most consistent. 2pts J. Clayton to win PDC Home Tour 9/2 betfair 1pt G. Anderson to win every match 6-0, 6-1, 6-2, 6-3 or 6-4 7/1 PDC Home Tour bets +8pts
  3. Could NOT be any more unlucky on Anderson last night. 3 wins, 6-3, 6-2 and 6-5 and the 6-5 he was 6-2 up and let it get back to 5-5. Typical. 2nd Semi-final day today and by end of play we'll know the final 4 of the tournament. Group for tonight : R. Cross N. Aspinall J. Cullen J Clayton I think tonight's group is stronger than lastnights and I think any of the 4 could win it. I'm not convinced by Rob Cross though and he's one I'm putting a line through.The odds on Aspinall is alittle short. I think Cullen and Clayton both look decent value tonight. I'll take Aspinall as cover once again but I'll go for Clayton. 2pts J. Clayton to win group 5/1 betfred 2pts N. Aspinall to win every match 6-0, 6-1, 6-2, 6-3 or 6-4 7/1 paddypower
  4. No luck yesterday. Burden was a strange one, on course for going 1-0 up and he touched the white ball and then his head just went for the rest of the day. Feilong was 2-1 up on Day but let him back in to win the 4th to draw. Perry went out lamely and so the first outright casualty. Groups in action today are 5 and 14. We have another outright in Gary Wilson today and I think he should get through his group. He has done well in the past in the Championship League and won a group to reach the final day in the event. Greene is a player that can turn up on any given day, but i'm going to take Wilson to win all 3 today. In the other group, I'm not convinced by Mark Selby in this type of platform. I'm happy to take him on with Wenbo. I think O'Connor could be a live outsider also and so I'll take both with small stakes today. 2pts G Wilson to win all 3 5/2 paddypower 2.5pts L. Wenbo to win Group 5 14/5 betfred 1pt J. O'Connor to win Group 5 10/1 betfred Champ league bets +7pts
  5. We have Groups 4 and 12. You can see who is in those groups above. We have Joe Perry, our third outright playing in Group 4 and he is the favourite to win that group so hopefully it will be 3 out of 3 on the outright front. Perry has quite up and down form, but this whole group is very inconsistent and Perry does have alittle bit of nice form coming into this, beating Neil Robertson and reaching the Quarter Finals of a Players Championship. In the other group, Kyren Wilson is the big name and is expected to come through with ease really, but I think there could be an outsider do well in that group. I think Alfie Burden and even Feilong have a chance today. I will go with Burden today as a live outsider but I also am going to take a chance on Feilong beating Ryan Day. 2pts A. Burden to win Group 12 8/1 888sport 1.5pts C. Feilong to beat R Day 7/1 888sport
  6. We will know 2 of the final 4 by the end of tonight. Gary Anderson is the favourite and rightly so. I think he probably wins this group tonight but I'm hoping outright pick Dave Chisnall can make the top 2 at worst. We saw with Klaasen that he can have moments where he just rattles off legs and scores very heavily. He thrashed Peter Wright to sneak in and win the group and although on whole he may not have been super impressive, he is a live threat to Anderson and Chisnall. De Decker also has taken out big players like Gen Durrant. I'm not going to go too heavy with this group. I have Chisnall to qualify for this in a sense and the only bet I will take it Anderson to win all his matches -1.5 effectively. 2pts G. Anderson to win all his matches 6-0, 6-1, 6-2, 6-3 or 6-4 11/2 paddypower
  7. Brecel goes through to make it 2 out of 2 with the outright betting. It means Lisowski doesn't win all 3, but Mark Joyce does indeed win Group 9, which means a day profit of +5pts Champ League snooker bets +11.5pts
  8. Waites was abit unlucky tonight. Losing to Clayton in the first and then dropping just one leg in the next two matches but Clayton wins all 3 and wins them with ease to bring another +13ots profit today and to finally take this thread back into a profit. PDC Home Tour bets +2pts We're now into the Semi-finals. The final 8. Here is the two groups : Group A : G. Anderson D. Chisnall J. Klaasen M. De Decker Group B : R. Cross J. Cullen N. Aspinall J. Clayton The top 2 from each group will go through to a final 4 group on Friday. Early thoughts, I like Chisnalls group for getting through. I think Cullen is a good outsider as I do not believe Cross will make it through to the final 2.
  9. 4.30pm Kempton - Jazz Party 25/1 E/W bet365
  10. A good start to the tournament, although it could have been perfect. Gilbert won 2 and drew 1 of his 3 matches. 2-1 up in the 2nd match but it ended 2-2. Slessor was Trumps main rival in Group 2 though, as expected, and he did indeed beat Jones Wells and Grace to bring in the 15/2 shot. Gilbert goes through also. Group 3 and Group 9 play tonight. Luca Brecel will be in Group 3 and he is one of the outright picks. I'll leave that group alone but I think it's worth a little outsider bet on Mark Joyce to win Group 9 at 3/1. He is a good player and very underrated. This is a hard group to get out of and I would normally be on Holt but his odds are too short for me. Davis isn't the faster scorer and is more of a grinder. I will take a chance on Joyce Although I like Brecel today (on the whole) I think it's worth taking Lisowski to win all 3 at such a big price. I expect it to be a 2-horse race and if Lisowski wins the other 2 matches then 9/1 on him beating Brecel is too big. 2pts M. Joyce to win Group 9 3/1 betfred 1pt J. Lisowski to win all 3 matches 9/1 paddypower Champ League Snooker bets +6.5pts
  11. Not much shown by Hughes, but Aspinall wins all 3 within the score brackets to make it another +5pt profit for the night. The accy was very close as Noguera did lose all three but he also played better than I thought he would and managed a couple more legs than predicted. Tonight's group : Group 8 : J. Clayton S Waites M. Hopp C. Wilkinson Somehow, Max Hopp starts as a second favourite in this despite his illness that he has just recovered from and the fact his averages in his group win were pretty much all under 90. Don't understand that but makes abit more value on the guy I'm picking which is Scott Waites. I took him when he won Group 27 and I'll take him again tonight. His 3 winning averages were 97, 91 and 99. Clayton is the favourite and rightly so, he beat Waites 10-7 already this year but Waites is the value. Once again I will take some cover with Clayton. This group could very well go down to the Clayton Vs Waites match, which is the very first match. Starting well will be the key. 2pts S. Waites to win Group 8 5/2 betfair 2pts J. Clayton to win all matches 6-0, 6-1, 6-2, 6-3 or 6-4 15/2 paddypower
  12. 1pt D. Gilbert to win all his matches today 4/1 paddypower 1pt E.Slessor to beat D.Wells and D.Grace 15/2 paddypower