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  1. This was one I looked at as Lim is in his 60s nowadays but he is so loved he is bound to raise his game. I would still expect Woodhouse to win it but previous performances put me off. I even remember Lim nearly hitting a 9-darter. [ PDC World Championships ] bets = 2/2 / bank = +7.5pts
  2. Just one for me tomorrow. Labanauskas to beat Matthew Edgar. These two actually met eachother last year in this event, in the 1st round. Lab won that match 3-1 and with a 10pt extra average. He is far more experienced and experience counts for alot up there for this kind of event. Each night is deafening. 6.5pts D.Labanauskas to beat M.Edgar 8/13 bet365 [ PDC World Championships ] bets = 1/1 / bank = +3.5pts
  3. 1pt S.Bunting to win Quarter 1 28/1 paddypower 1pt D.Noppert to win Quarter 3 22/1 paddypower 1pt G.Durrant to win Quarter 4 8/1 ladbrokes I'm adding these 3. Bunting has picked up some recent form and at 28s for him to win his quarter looks like too big a price. Noppert much the same on his price and Durrant only has Price above him on the odds yet he is 8/1. 8/1 for him to beat a player he's already beaten this year.
  4. Klaasen beat Burness 6-0 when they met in the past but one to swerve for me. I think Klaasen wins but he is so random it's unreal. The one I do like tonight is Humphries to win. He faces Devon Petersen, who despite liking this kind of event, tends to fly hot and cold. It all started for Humphries here last year when he went on that little run. A run which involved beating Rob Cross. He is a real prospect and a player I rate highly. His 5 matches last year gives a combined average of 95 and although Devon actually did pretty well himself last year, his 4 matches at the Worlds have an average of 91. Humphries is ranked higher and has beaten better opponents. He has already won the World Youth Championships with consistent scores in the mid 90s. 5pts L.Humphries to beat D.Peterson 7/10 betfair
  5. £5 treb please west ham (2) 3.80 man u (1) 1.75 spurs (2) 2.15
  6. I've asked this in the past, but it wasn't something the forum liked the idea of. *edit - however, i'm happy to add profit/loss on my own tips. I can start doing that from the Worlds. Remember though, you don't have a gun against your head with peoples tips. People love you then hate you in the same day with tips. You'll give them multiple 16/1 winners and then you get a couple of even shots lose and you're useless. It's a fickle world.
  7. Yeah for sure. Especially when it's a "first to 4" The only bet I like today is Un-Nooh to beat Lisowski.
  8. The big one gets started tonight. One of my most favourite sporting events of the year, let alone the darts calender. This event symbolizes christmas more to me then santa haha Van Gerwen won this last year and indeed that was his third win of this tournament in the past 3 years BUT i still do not think that this style of set-play suits him. There are so many players coming into this event out-of-form that the odds are all over the place. I'm going to take 1 from each quarter of the draw. MVG is in the top half. There is alot of pressure on Price this year in my opinion. He is expected to challenge and at 5/1 he is no price for me. I'm going to take a punt on Ian White and Nathan Aspinall in the top half. Aspinall is a player more than capable nowadays of 100+ averages and White is a thorn in MVGs side. He is one of a few players that can beat MVG on any given day. In the bottom half, it's much more open. It's setup very well for Price, but as mentioned before that brings pressure. I like Durrant and Peter Wright. Chizzy is tempting and it was hard to decide between the two, but Wright has a better h2h against Chisnall. 2pts E/W P.Wright to win Worlds 16/1 betfred 2pts E/W N.Aspinall to win the Worlds 40/1 bet365 2pts E/W G.Durrant to win Worlds 40/1 betfred 1pt E/W I.White to win the Worlds 66/1 bet365
  9. yeah good call on Gilbert, Foo. This event hasn't been kind to me atall. I think it's time for me to have a look at the Worlds, in the darts
  10. no, there are a few that will be going into my "crap" bin after performances yesterday. Awful. 2 rounds played today. So by end of play today, we'll be down to the final 8. Despite that poor day yesterday, I still have all my outright bets active although for me them to all get through 2 rounds will be quite the achievement. I do like Fu to keep his run going though. He has Un-Nooh at 10am, and it's always been a close game between them. A deciding frame has been the winner every time. Highfield is a player who is scoring very well at the moment. He has beaten Selby in the past and I think he's worth taking on the +2.5 handicap, despite how bad my recent tips have been in that department 4pts M.Fu to beat Un-Nooh evens bet365 6pts L.Highfield +2.5 frames to beat M.Selby 4/6 betvictor
  11. I think I am going to take Gary Wilson this morning on the (-1.5 handicap) he's got a good record against Wakelin beating him 3 times in a row and even last week at the UK he was 4-0 down to wakelin and won 6 in a row once he turned on the snooker. He's generally playing well at the moment give or take a few odd frames. I'm also going with Ursenbacher on the (+2.5 handicap) against Higgins. Higgins was quite poor in the UK and he still went deep. He isn't playing well or scoring like he normally would and he's played alot ot snooker recently. I would be suprised if Ursenbacher could not get 2 frames. Alan McManus takes on James Wattana and I'll be taking McManus on the (-1.5 handicap) McManus whitewashed Wattana the last time they met and McManus is playing alot better right now too. Wattana's win over Noppon was very random and perhaps because Wattana is abit of a legend back home for Saengkham because his scoring went to crap. To continue with handicaps, I'll take Cahill on his handicap over Ronnie. The matches between the two have always been close. He even beat Ronnie the last time they met. 6-3/6-4/5-3/8-10 are the four results, it would suprise me if James doesn't put 2 frames on the board and if he gets a good early start, he's more than capable of winning again. 5pts G.Wilson (-1.5 frames) to beat C.Wakelin 4/5 betfair 5pts A.Ursenbacher (+2.5 frames) to beat J.Higgins 4/5 bet365 5pts A.McManus (-1.5 frames) to beat J.Wattana 4/5 bet365 6pts J.Cahill (+2.5 frames) to beat R.O'Sullivan 5/6 bet365
  12. Unlucky on Noppon mate. Big surprise Wattana winning that.
  13. It's a forum rule. It just helps other people out also. Just a line will do. Good to see new faces in here.
  14. 10am matches - I'm going to go with Jordan Brown to beat Liam Highfield this morning. Brown has steadily been getting better and better this season. He's already beaten Bingham, Joyce, Akani and he's not been shown up against the top players like Trump and Selby too. He faces Highfield, who is quite hit and miss. 4.30pm matches - The one I like here is Li Hang to beat Selt. Selt is bang out of form at present and Hang showed good form last week. Scoring very well. 7PM matches - James Cahill to beat Akani. I like Cahill alot and I think if he plays anything like his standard and potential he should win this. 4pts J.Brown to beat L.Highfield 13/8 ladbrokes 5pts L.Hang to beat M.Selt 4/5 unibet 5pts J.Cahill to beat S.Akani 4/5 bet365