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  1. I thought this was an Aprils Fool joke but i'm watching a youtube stream and it's on the betting markets too. I won't be tipping this as it does seem like it's done very much in jest, but it does make you wonder if this becomes more of an idea the longer this goes.
  2. Ah man. We only have darts left now
  3. Trump Vs Higgins has been pushed to tomorrow due to Higgins not being able to make it on time. Now, Murphy Vs Allen is at 1pm. I'll take Murphy on the -1.5 handicap. Murphy has a good record against Mark Allen and has already beaten him in 2020, last month, 6-2. Also 10-3 in the Shanghai Masters in 2019. I like Robertson for the other match but am alittle put off with Robertsons lack of form recently. That and a little girl of 1yr old now makes me think he could be alittle knackered. I'll see how he does against Ding. 5pts S.Murphy (-1.5 frames) tobeat M.Allen 4/5 betvictor
  4. Starts tomorrow. A small event but some top players are here. Here is the draw : 1pm - N.Robertson Vs D.Junhui 1pm - J.Trump Vs J.Higgins 7pm - M.Selby Vs Y.Bingtao 7PM - S.Murphy Vs M.Allen The good thing about this event unlike the Gibraltor this is a "first to 9" match and elimates any bad luck taking you out of a match. Trump will be looking to win back-2-back events here and he is also reigning champ here. I believe it's going to be shown on ITV4 also. Looking at the draw, the semi-final looks like being Trump Vs N.Robertson and then the other looks wide open. I think the value is in that bottom half and in my opinion I can see that being Murphy Vs Bingtao. Based on that I'll take these two each-way. 2pts E/W S.Murphy to win Tour Championships 7/1 bet365 1pt E/W Y.Bingtao to win Tour Championships 28/1 bet365
  5. Trump wins the event. Kind of glad i never went on the outright market 2020 snooker bets +65.5pts
  6. Ian White wins. Ratajski didn't enter so that one's void. Darts 2020 tips +61.5pts
  7. 4.00 Southwell First Assembly 4/1 bet365
  8. After hitting a 16/1 winner in Aspinall today we're going straight into tournament 8 tomororow. I'm going to take a few guys that tend to get to the latter stages tomorrow. I'm leaving Aspinall alone 1pt E/W K.Ratajski 28/1 bet365 1pt E/W G.Clemens 55/1 bet365 1pt E/W C.Dobey 55/1 bet365 0.5pst E/W D.Noppert 80/1 ladbrokes 0.5pts E/W L.Humphries 90/1 bet365 Darts 2020 tips +67.5pts
  9. I'm going to take Figueirdo to beat Selt. Selt is bang out of form right now, losing to the likes of Andy Lee. Figueirdo has come on bounds in the last year and has every chance here but I'll take the nice price really on Fig running it to a deciding leg at the very least 2.5pts I.Figueirdo (+1.5 frames) to beat M.Selt 11/10 betvictor
  10. Hard to find the draw for this anywhere but it was made at 11am and gets started at 12 and lasts a day. I'm going to take Aspinall, Durrant. Gurney and Johnny Clayton today. All in form. Gurney not so much but this is the kind of event that he will turn it around with. Nice to see darts not bowing to cancelling events 1pt E/W N.Aspinall to win Players Championship 7 16/1 betfair 1pt E/W G.Durrant to win Players Championship 7 25/1 betfair 1pt E/W D.Gurney to win Players Championship 7 40/1 betfair 0.5pts E/W J.Clayton to win Players Championship 7 66/1 betfair
  11. This event got started a few days ago and early on the matches were very much amateur level. Now the bigger players have joined and the fact that sport all over the world is coming to a grind there are a few matches playing. I do wonder if like everything else this will be cancelled half way through or not and so I'll create this thread and take a look at the matches and we'll see what's avaliable and what's going to happen