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** April Poker League Result : 1st Rav, 2nd kevsul, 3rd McG **
** April Naps Competition Result: 1st Craig bluenose, 2nd BBBC, 3rd LEE-GRAYS. KO Cup Winner dj.orange. Most Winners Johnrobertson **


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  1. Another European tour Grand Prix type event kicking off today. Here is what I'll be going with as what I see as some value. 3pts Chisnall to win 12/1 william hill --------------------------------------------------------- 1pt e/w Heta to win 25/1 paddypower 1pt e/w Dobey to win 40/1 paddypower ---------------------------------------------------------- 0.5pts e/w Gilding to win 66/1paddypower 0.5pts e/w Van Veen 125/1 paddypower 0.5pts e/w Gurney 175/1 paddypower
  2. I thought those were good tips harry. I was really suprised with Smith losing to MVG, last night. I thought Clayton was dreadful but part of that was Price going off at 110 average for most of it. Sigh, Another Grand Prix up next. Starts today.
  3. I've gone with couple that did well last week so : Kitayama, Rose, Straka, Davis and Suh. Will be interested to see how Block performs in this after a very successful major.
  4. It's Finals night. Just 4 remain with pre-tournament pick Clayton taking on Price. Michael Smith taking on MVG and then we'll see the final of the 2023 Premier League. I'm effectively on Clayton to beat Price at 5/1 here so I will leave that match alone but I will take Smith to beat MVG and hit the most 180s in the match, also. MVG had injury concerns last week and withdrew to allow Van Den Bergh to go on and win the night. He then didn't look too great in the Players Championship events. Meanwhile, Clayton won one of those events, which bodes well for pre-tournament backers. I feel like Smith wins this evetn as of right now but hopefully Clayton can atleast make another Premier League final. 2pts Smith to beat MVG and hit most 180s 7/4 Bet365
  5. Final week, guys. With the £50 prize, I would assume that most of you would prefer 1 winner. If anybody is against the following idea then please let me know. Everybody chooses their team as normal. Whoever effectively gets through this weekend will then go to a decider. Each person picks their team plus "how many goals are scored in total" for the 10 matches. all teams combined. This will also be used if everybody loses OR if everybody wins. If you're happy with this then please just pick your team and a number. Nobody can pick the same number once it's been stated. Also, we will go on the LOWER amount. I.E, if there is 25 goals and somebody picks 24 and somebody picks 26, we'll go for he 24. Keep that in mind. Fader
  6. Over the next couple of weeks, we have two Q-School events. Event 1 starts on Friday and runs through to the last day of May. Then Event 2 kicks off on June 1st and finishes on 6th June. There will be 8 tour cards up for grabs in these 2 events. The four semi-finalists will all get a card. The rest of the placings are made up for the best-performing players over those 2 events. i.e., frames won. My event 1 bets : 2pts F.Patrick to win Event 1 7/1 Bet365 1pt H.Pinhey to win Event 1 9/1 Bet365 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0.5pts C.Totten to win Event 1 40/1 Bet365 0.5pts L.Pullen to win Event 1 50/1 Bet365 0.5pts Curtis-Barrett to win Event 1 50/1 Bet365 0.5pts R.Powell to win Event 1 150/1 Bet365
  7. yeah, for sure. Will be this format going forward for every major. Cheers
  8. Final table below. Congratulations to @BARNSLEYCHOP who picked out 1st, 2nd and 4th. Please send me over your Paypal details. Sorry for small print. Alot of info to get in.
  9. Could have been so beautiful last 2 days. Cheers.
  10. Waiting on Newcastle tomorrow but 5 players go into the final week. 6 if Newcastle win.
  11. Congrats to Gzeven. Please PM me your Paypal details.
  12. final table will be tomorrow as we wont be finished until around 11/12 likely
  13. I suppose anybody with 4 places would have got the bet on Gilding so thanks Paddy
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