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  1. Maflin comes through to beat Higgins. I thought he may bottle it once it got to 10-10 but he played really well and you would have to say he looks likely to make a semi-final now. I can't see the winner of McGill and Jamie Clarke. We shall see how they play. Maflin more than covers the handicap but ofcourse didn't make the highest break with Higgins hitting a 147. This morning sees the conclusion of Williams Vs Bingham. I'll be hoping for Bingham to start well and pull away in that. Judd vs Bingtao also continues. Trump was plain awful yesterday and was lucky to get it to 5-3 down. If he plays to his normal standard I still think the handicap is achievable but will need to win the first session 3-1 atleast. In the afternoon matches Selby Vs Saengkham is locked at 8-8. I'd like to think Saengkham can hit the hanidcap there as he only needs to get to 10 frames and it's been quite an even match. There is still a unlikely outsiders chance of the accy ofcourse. I have McGill to win his quarter and I'm not too keen to get involved in the McGill vs Clarke match. McGill played really well against Lisowski until abit of nerves got to him. Clarkes performance was inspired and to beat anybody who has hit 5 centuries against you and 3 50+ breaks in the 8 frames they've won, it's got to be pretty special. However, most of the time when a player wins a match like that, the next match the level drops and so the only bet I would consider is how many frames we will see. Ding plays Ronnie tonight. What a match that will be. Ding can finally play Ronnie now without his head going and he's beaten him in the last match and beaten him at the bigges stage. It does worry me though that he's only just beat Mark King whilst Ronnie is destroying Un-Nooh. I'll go with both to make 2 centuries+ I think it's a given that Ronnie does that and if Ding wants to stay in this game he will need to do it too. 2pts R O'Sullivan Vs D.Junhui - both players to make 2+ centuries 7/4 betfair
  2. 1pt E/W M.Wallace to win PGA Championship 125/1 willhill (9 places, 1/5th) --------------------------------------------------- 1pt X.Zhang - Top asian player 14/1 paddypower 1pt S.Garcia - Top Continental European player 9/1 betfair 0.5pts E/W M.Wallace - Top GB and Ireland player 20/1 bet365 (4 places 1/4th) 0.5pts E/W T.Lewis - Top European 30/1 betfair (4 places 1/4th)
  3. Very strange session lastnight. Bingham misses the black to go 3-1 up, williams wins the re-spot black to go 2-2 and then Williams turns into a machine for 3 frames but at 5-3 I still think Bingham comes through that. Looking at this mornings matches Maflin continues his great form against Higgins with a lead and Saengkham takes on Selby. I have a feeling it's going to be a different Saengkham this morning and I also feel like Selby will play better. With that in mind, I still think it's worth taking Saengkham on the handicap. In the 2.30 matches after looking at head-2-heads and recent form and such I'm going to take Judd on a handicap. I think the fact Bingtao lost so many frames back-to-back and the fact he looked so nervous, I don't think he just forgets that and if Judd gets going early it could easily turn into a big defecit session and one hard to come back from. 6pts N.Saengkham (+3.5 frames) to beat M.Selby 5/6 bet365 5pts J.Trump (-4.5 frames) to beat Y.Bingtao 4/5 betfred 1pt accy - Trump -4.5 / Maflin to beat Higgins / Bingham to beat Williams / Saengkham to beat Selby 30/1 betfair
  4. My idea was always to go for Koepka for this. It was mainly the reason for tipping up Koepka last week because I know he likes to have a good tournament prior to an Open. It was the perfect result for him really because if he won it, I wouldn't have liked him this week. Much like I don't like Thomas this week. I took Koepka at 11/1 on Friday after his first round at St Jude. I thought that his price would drop after a good tournament, however looking tonight he is still 11/1. It's a short price but I'll be taking him without any each-way options. I thought about Xander Schauffele but he just seems to throw that one bad round in. If he was 22/1 or above I would be on him but 18s I am leaving him this week. It's too small for me. My second pick will be Dustin Johnson. I eluded to DJ being slightly overpriced a couple of weeks back and he's slowly getting back to form. 2nd in this event last year, he certainly has the talent to keep with Koepka. Next up Cantlay. I feel like Patrick is very close to winning again. A T3 position last year. Morikawa is my next pick. I just think Morikawa had the perfect game for this event. I was trying to decide between him and Hovland but I think if it came down to the final few holes, Collin would hold his nerve far better than Hovland in my eyes. Two 40/1 shots next are Daniel Berger and Jason Day. Berger is in brilliant form right now and although he didn't perform in this event last year, I just feel like when you look at the stats, much like DJ, he is primed to deliver soon. 4pts B.Koepka to win PGA Championship 11/1 sportingbet --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2pts E/W D.Johnson to win PGA Championship 22/1 willhill (9 places, 1/5th) 2pts E/W P.Cantlay to win PGA Championship 25/1 willhill (9 places, 1/5th) 2pts E/W C.Morikawa to win PGA Championship 30/1 willhill (9 places, 1/5th) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1pt E/W D.Berger to win PGA Championship 40/1 willhill (9 places. 1/5th) 1pt E/W J.Day to win PGA Championship 40/1 willhill (9 places. 1/5th) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0.5pts E/W S.Lowry to win PGA Championship 60/1 (9 places. 1/5th) 0.5pts E/W T.Lewis to win PGA Championship 125/1 (9 places. 1/5th) 0.5pts E/W C.Champ to win PGA Championship 150/1 betfred (9 places. 1/5th) Golf 2020 +134.74pts
  5. Thanks Litost, I think I will probably be looking at Saengkham on a handicap atleast as Selby isn't the Selby of old atall and although Saengkham had it easy in the last round, he played really well and didn't miss much atall. Like you say, the composure was pretty impressive. I would probably say similar with Bingtao. He's playing well but he gave alot of chances early on and Trump will punish those. Ding beat Ronnie last time they met which will help him mentally for sure. He's just beat Mark King so it's hard to know where he is at currently but if he turns up who knows. Looking at tonight, I'm going to take Bingham to beat Williams. I think Williams form is hard to gauge after beating Alan McManus and in Bingham we will truly see where he is at. Bingham is certainly playing well though and has just beat a player bang in form in Ash Carty. That could have easily been a different kind of match on another day. Bingham is alot better in the longer format. He's already beaten Williams in January when he won the Masters. 5pts S.Bingham to beat M.Williams 4/5 bet365 4pts S.Bingham (-2.5 frames) to beat M.Williams 6/4 bet365
  6. agreed. We have matches starting at 1pm today. I'll be leaving the Hawkins match alone as that looks to be an already decided match but the Higgins Vs Maflin match looks interesting. Maflin got a very out-of-sorts Gilbert in round 1 but he took full advantage and scored very well. I think he can keep things close against Higgins and I'm also going to take Maflin to hit the highest break. Maflin won the last h2h between the two and hit 4 centuries against Gilbert. We haven't seen a century from Higgins yet. Infact 74 was his highest break against Stevens. 6pts K.Maflin (+4.5 frames) to beat J.Higgins 4/6 betfred 2.5pts K.Maflin highest break 7/5 betfred
  7. appreciate this and also thanks to Torque and Vikki for their support.
  8. Blimey! Murphy was awful. How he even got one century playing like that i do not know. Constant chances and stupid errors. He had no concentration atall. Thankfully McGill did the business and even more of a surprise that after that awful start, Slessor got it back to 10-7 so the handicap was covered. In the afternoon match we have Gould Vs Maguire. I already have an outright bet on Maguire and so I'm hoping he can hit the ground running but he will face a hard task in Gould. Gould looks to be playing really well now and Maguire will not have it all his own way. I had a thought earlier that this kind of environment suits Gould. He has come out and said that he really struggles with social media criticism and when you look back, Gould has performed best at the Championship League with no crowds. Makes sense he performs better now with no crowds at the crucible. Gould has won the last four in a row between these two. The last match was only 3 months prior to lockdown. However, Maguire is in form himself and I think he will win this one. I am tempted to bet on breaks here but I'm going to take a punt on : 2pts S.Maguire to pot the first ball, most century breaks & win 4/1 paddypower WC Bets +10.50 2020 +145.75
  9. Fader

    WGC St Jude

    absolute killer for me this tournament. Koepka lead round 1, Todd round 2 and 3 and then Todd puts in that last round and doesn't even make the top 7 and Koepka finishes 2nd. Just want to scream haha! Good call on Thomas and Xander top 10 and 20, GangGreen. +7pts for me in this as Berger came 2nd, Koepka came 2nd and Xander 6th. Palmer, Ancer and Todd all finihed 15th. The main bet on Koepka was largely because of the main event next week and perhaps Thomas winning is a good thing as I will be taking Koepka for that. Golf 2020 +134.74pts
  10. I've not changed my comment either. The forum is all about people making their own minds up. I don't make people follow me. It's upto them. Time is a big factor for all of us. I certainly wouldn't be criticizing other peoples picks when I have no reasoning on my own.
  11. Slessor continues his match against Bingtao at 2.30pm. Very unlikely that Bingtao is going to let that lead slip. Slessor has shown he is a debutante really having multiple break downs in and amongst the balls. In the other match it's the start of Shaun Murphy's campaign against Noppon Saengkham. Murphy has been playing well for a while now after that one disastrous season where he was more interested in Golf. I'm going to take Murphy on the century market today. Already in 2020 Murphy has made a Semi-final of the Masters, German Masters and Players Championships and won the Welsh Open. Even in his last defeat to Mark Allen he scored 6 centuries in the 8 frames he won when losing 9-8. Saengkham beat Michael White and Eden Sharav. It's going to be a step up in quality here for him. 5pts S.Murphy to have 2 or more centuries evens paddypower -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2pts S.Murphy to have 3 or more centuries 13/2 paddypower 1pt S.Murphy to have 4 or more centuries 20/1 paddypower
  12. because it's a fact. We like to have some reasoning on the forum which is something that I should have mentioned to you in the darts posts. Reasoning can't always be in depth but simply saying somebody is going to win isn't enough. Gilbert wasted many chances and wasn't good enough on the day. He wins after going 8-7 up and you change your opinion? seems abit of an odd comment. Many things go into why I choose a particular bet and I'm not going to go deep into it on every preview but for somebody who simply says "a to beat b" to complain to me about reasoning it quite comical.
  13. McGill takes on Lisowski this morning and Ronnie will finish off Un-Nooh in the 10am matches. I'm going to take McGill to win this one. I've gone for McGill to win his group and although that is going to be a hard task, he is playing so well right now and has the luxury of momentum that it would suprise me if Lisowski came into this flying from the off. McGill has won the last 2 between these two and dropped just 2 frames in the 2 matches he has had to qualify for Sheffield. 5pts A.McGill to beat J.Lisowski 6/5 bet365
  14. I don't bet only on past history. If only it were that simple.