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  1. Gezzy was pants. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Price walked away from Darts before end of the year. Not really sure how Wright lost and Claytons doubles went to pot. Not a great first week but I've never done that great at the lottery that is the Premier League
  2. Stevens 2-0 up loses 5-2. Perry 3-1 up loses 5-3 Yupeng 3-0 up loses 5-4 Jesus suppose Wakelin was 3-1 down and won. I suppose few of the outright still doing OK. Guodong smashing it tonight with a 100 and 2 50+ breaks. Slessors only frame should have been the top break. Should have went pink and was like 2/3 balls from a century but I'll hope now that Guodong can beat Lisowski and then K.Wilson in that top half.
  3. If only. Would LOVE to see Jimmy win a title. Just seeing him play well is great.
  4. Went out in the 1st round last year, too. Lost to crappy old Walden.
  5. Yeah, spose you could also see it as, he may see it as winning this to play into form but in general, I think Perry is a big price to win this one.
  6. Have to have a go at a 4-fold each week too. 1pt - Clayton, MVG, Wright & Aspinall 10/1 paddypower (money back if one loses)
  7. I'm going with Peter Wright to win the first night. I think Clayton beats Van Den Bergh, the Smith Vs MVG match could go either way but you'd think that the winner of that SHOULD make the final. I think the bottom half is where the value would lie. I love Dobey, 100/1 winner, he's a star in my eyes haha but this is a debut season and the PL is not the same kind of crowds as you see in the other events. I think Peter beats him and I don't rate Price at the moment or Aspinall so by process of elimation really, Wright is my pick. I was tempted with Clayton at 7s but I have him as an outright and winning the night would give him more points to do so, so I'll just go with Wright for now. 2pts P.Wright to win Night 1 4/1 paddypower
  8. One more bet for tonights matches. On a sidenote, can't wait to watch Lisowski Vs Jimmy tonight. White is playing some of the best stuff I've seen from him in ages but you just know he's going to get smashed anyway Guodong plays El Slessor tonight. Guodong is playing some good stuff and overcome Fan Zhengyi 5-4 from 4-3 down. He hit 4 50+ breaks in that match and was pretty solid. That's how I see Guodong really, a solid player who scores alot of 70-100 scores to win frames. I don't see him as a player who hits a whole lot of centuries and in fact in his last 10 matches he has hit just 1. 1 in the last 12 in fact. Don't get me wrong, he wins alot but he tends to "get the job done" Slessor beat O'Connor 5-2 and hit 2 centuries, including a 115 and a 120. He also hit 2 against Lam in qualifications. Also hit a 142 in his Welsh Open win against Emery last month. I think it's worth siding with Slessor on the Highest Break tonight 2.5pts Slessor (Highest break) Vs Guodong 11/10 bet365
  9. Anybody tempted with Joe Perry to beat Robbo?
  10. on a sidenote, Yupeng going 3-0 up on Heathcote and losing 5-4 is a disgraceful result.
  11. Part of the bet was Jiahui's poor form. Wakelin just gave away that 2nd frame at 53-0 up attempting some stupid swerve and he did it twice and you could see the free ball was coming. There was other options like rolling up off the cushion. Just abit stupid and at 2-0 he's then up against it. Went 3-1 down and thought he was out of it. He's improved as it's gone on and that final frame break (when it really mattered) showed his grit. I'm not sure that will give Neil Robertson any sleepless nights but he only needed that win for the bet and let's face it, 125/1 on Wakelin winning the tournament is always going to be a shot in the dark. Small profit on the day with Wakelin getting over the line. I thought when Stevens went 2-0 up, he had Brecel but to be fair to Brecel he turned it on and shot away.
  12. Wakelin playing like an absolute tool. Just threw the 2nd frame away by trying an impossible swerve to give away a free ball. Absolutely brainless.
  13. 2 for me, for tomorrow. Main bet is Wakelin to beat Jiahui. I just think that he'll free up after a huge win for him and I think he will treat the rest of the season like a freebie. He actually has been playing well prior to the Shootout. Kinda annoys me that I didn't see it really. Beat Yupeng and Gary Wilson at the 6-red qualification. Infact since losing to Peifan Lei at the English Open in October, he has won 14 in a row and is unbeaten in 2023. The other that I'm going for is Stevens to beat Brecel. I thought Brecel went out really tamely in his last 2 events now. I understand that they were against Ronnie and Judd but his interviews come across as somebody that isn't that bothered and I'm not sure he'll be ready for a Matthew Stevens who is coming off of a great win over an in-form Ding. When you look at who Stevens has lost to this season, it' always either great players or great performances. Lisowski, Ronnie, Kyren Wilson, Judd and Mark Williams. Even the loss over Haotian, Haotian hit 2 centuries and 2 50+ breaks in a first to 4. I just feel like Stevens is too big. He beat Brecel in their last h2h, also. 5.5pts Wakelin to beat Jiahui 8/11 paddypower 2pts Stevens to beat Brecel 13/8 bet365 1pt 4-fold - Wakelin, Stevens, Junxu & Yupeng 7/1 paddypower
  14. No, it's crazy how fast these players go in and out of form. He was useless and Pengfei played good really. Atleast Jimmy turned up for a level day. Hopefully tomorrow brings a profit. I still think a big price has a chance of going far in this event.
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