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  1. Probably nobody can ensure it's gonna be the field they wont and that it will go on as planed.
  2. What a tragedy I ofcourse knew about @Sir Puntalot but didn't talk to him even once I think. How sad but at least it wasn't Covid-19 he died because of! That would have been even worse.
  3. I think we probably will see a draw the coming weekend again. Just doesn't seem to be anything separating Managua and Estelí.
  4. You kidding, nothing particularly interesting? Have you missed 18 year old bulgarian Adrian Andreev kicking everyones ass in exhibition matches now? Andreev paid 2.12 at Unibet to beat Roberto Cid Subervi last weekend. 3 tie-breaks without break of serve between Cid Subervi and Andreev and the 18 year old lost first set but wow how he's playing in his exhibition games. After he beat Cid Subervi he's been steamrolling everyone. And as you mentioned there are some tennis coming up in Germany. I've seen Dustin Brown scheduled to play someone.
  5. Single elimination was only in the quarterfinals. Now it's best of 2 matches.
  6. CD Walter Ferretti to beat (halftime/fulltime) ART Municipal Jalapa at 2.15 with Betfair I think there will be two slaughters of the away teams this playoff. Ferretti haven't beaten Jalapa in last three meetings so they really got something to prove now. Jalapa have drawn their last two away at Estadio Nacional de Futbol but I highly doubt it will happen this game but that is what we will be seeing from Jalapa, they will go for the draw. How long will Jalapa be able to keep Ferretti at bay is the question. I think high enough about Ferretti to belive they can get one goal in at least in first half.
  7. Real Esteli one hour before the match against Jalapa they went from 1.55 to 2.05 and still won 1-2.
  8. I'm thinking of Real Esteli to win with -1 three way handicap at Betfair
  9. Real Esteli to beat CD Walter Ferretti at 2.16 with Betsson Esteli has a pretty good away record and is one of the best teams in Nicaragua so anything but a win by this team is what I expect.