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  1. Well it is on clay I can see today on the livestreaming of Mo Safwat and Manuel Guinard..
  2. @Lorenzi Musetti There is a picture on the tournament from above and in that picture it looks like the courts are hard courts outdoors.
  3. Very confusing. The tournament is marked as Red clay in the PDF document for draws and still it's marked as on hard in the ATP challenger calendar.
  4. Maybe they got tired with backing other peoples bets here or they just got fed up with writing reasons for every different bet posted.
  5. Why all the favourites? Is Maflin that bad compared to Carter?
  6. Mackenzie Mcdonald to beat (-1.5 sets) Elias Ymer at 1.72 at Betsson Elias is still trying to find some form but still hasn't got it despite his nice win yesterday. Mackie met Elias in Aussie open 2018 and Mackie showed who's boss then and so he will do I suspect this time also. Not mutch to add here but Mackie has shown lately that he isn't an easy task.
  7. Maybe in the challengers. You haven't missed there are 3 challengers active this week?
  8. Wow Teymuraz Gabashvili wins the doubles title in Cary impressive stuff from Denis and Teymuraz in the sloppy match tie-break. Teymuraz nowadays usually don't even get far in a doubles draw.
  9. I like Michael White especially because he is always a player with chance of having some higher capacity then what the bookies rate him as when they set their odds. I saw Whites odds yesterday and read here and then decided to have a bet on the guy from Wales. And he didn't screw it up, which can be the case with him but that's also one of the reasons for the odds they set on him most of the times.
  10. Ok, well you might be right... I thought you wrote WTA and that confused me.
  11. Ok Stan unexpectedly takes second set and that's it for me this week. Two bets posted and two losses. I'll keep following others than myself instead. Works better that way.
  12. Livebet: Stan Wawrinka/Andrey Rublev under 9.5 games second set at 2.28 with Unibet
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