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  1. Tennis Tips - March 18 - March 24

    I am going to be mostly away personally this week, but good luck to everyone who's getting involved in Miami Open/Challengers!
  2. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    Not that I have any bets, but I'd like to mention that Nadal is carrying an injury and it looked like he wouldn't win the decider yesterday.
  3. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    Nothing interesting today either, although I was briefly considering backing Rafa to win 2-0.
  4. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    Nothing for me today, but I wouldn't mind seeing Thiem win.
  5. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    Muguruza should win, but I don't think that she's trustworthy enough that you should go heavy on her.
  6. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    Philipp Kohlschreiber (+3.5) to beat Gael Monfils at 1.86 with Pinnacle Just have to play this after yesterday's result. The German is on fire.
  7. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    When youngsters like Andreescu hit a patch of form, they're usually really hard to stop and they usually give up only once they run out of mental stamina, which Andreescu seems to have plenty of. Wang is going to beat her if she doesn't show up, but I don't fancy her chances if she does. If I had to choose who to bet on, I'd probably say Wang at the odds, but, if there's value, it's probably only very slight.
  8. Tennis Tips - March 4 - March 10

    Thanks - I mean I'm always happy with whatever plus there is, but I obviously wouldn't mind being a bit more lucky . I'd like Vondrousova to win for my pre-season bet and I think that she might, but I'll be cheering for Ostapenko for you guys, there's still plenty of time for the Czech to get her points .
  9. Tennis Tips - March 4 - March 10

    I'd honestly rather watch anyone else than her, her matches are giving me panic attacks. And a reminder guys - with almost nine pages of content in this thread already, let's please move on to the next week's thread for next week's picks from tomorrow .
  10. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    Philipp Kohlschreiber (+1.5 sets) to beat Novak Djokovic at 4.21 with Pinnacle I was deciding between the games handicap and the sets handicap for this one and decided to play it risky for once, hope it pays off. Djokovic was clearly rusty in his first match and that was hardly surprising given that he hasn't played since the Australian Open. He was in no danger of losing, but he could've dropped the first set with a bad shot or two and he's likely to give some chances to Kohli in the second round. The German has an absolutely dreadful record against Novak, but he's taken a few sets off him before and he's in good nick at the moment after crushing Herbert and playing really clutch against Kyrgios. The most crucial aspect of this bet, however, are the odds, as we're getting 4.21 for Djokovic to have a bad set or Kohli to have a really good one, which just looks too good to me.
  11. Tennis Tips - March 4 - March 10

    6-4 *3-0 and Kvitova still lost apparently, even though she then even had a break lead in the decider. How can you not love tennis? It really has been a nightmare ride for me since the Australian Open, I'll be only in a cosmetic profit for the year in posted picks if Nadal doesn't cover today. That said, the recent days were great for my pre-season picks, so there's that small plus at the very least. Great job to everyone who's making a sense out of this Indian Wells though!
  12. Tennis Tips - March 4 - March 10

    Great job with the underdogs guys, lots of interesting views. @money44 I now don't even know whether to support Kvitova or not, I'd like your parlay to come in .