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  1. Well done today @ejmali333!
  2. One of the sad things we all have in common .
  3. This week definitely was an eye-opener of sorts for me personally, I'm probably stuck with an outdated mindset that worked well in the past, but which doesn't work anymore. A painful realization, but a lesson learnt!
  4. Yeah, it does, not happy at all myself, this downstreak is like the start of the season all over again. I thought that Donati would be all over him when he broke back at 3-2 in the first set, it was not to be. Also a bit unlucky that they apparently moved his match from the centre court, only like twenty spectators there - and it was that factor that brought him over the line against Bolleli a few days ago.
  5. Well done if you thought Osaka would be able to get something, I got that one completely wrong. Dzumhur just threw it away against Karlovic, so I'm back to a minus for the season . Not touching Budapest again this week either after seeing Dzumhur-Karlovic and Troicki-Djere.
  6. Not sure what you're asking. CSN = Carla Suarez-Navarro
  7. If Korpatsch has a good start, she can do a lot of damage and perhaps even win. If CSN breaks her straight away and gets a hold, however, it could be over in no time. No value in backing CSN outright certainly, you either back her on the handicap or Korpatsch outright imo. Good luck with the rest, I was thinking about Bedene as well, but the odds are maybe just too low for me to take them. The only bet that I don't like is Sharapova to win, the field seems too strong for her given the situation. At 33.00, sure, but not at 10.00.
  8. Meh, can't get any streak/momentum right now, Granollers wanted it more than Jaziri today and that made the difference. Not going to add anything for tomorrow, can't see anything worth it and having too many bets in play makes me slightly uncomfortable . Fabbiano-Nedovyesov was suspended for darkness at 2-6 6-2 btw, one-set shoot-out tomorrow.
  9. Edit: Updated.
  10. What a fail that one, guess Kerber isn't getting back on track anytime soon . Now watch her win Stuttgart .