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  1. September 18 - September 24

    @ogii55 8.40 shots will lose horribly from time to time, nothing to be ashamed of!
  2. September 18 - September 24

    Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova to beat Catherine Bellis at 1.73 with Paddy Power If my records are correct, this will be the first time Bellis is going to compete in Asia, so things might be rather tricky for the youngster here. What's more, Pavlyuchenkova has also bounced back somewhat recently and she has the quality and experience to win this, so I like her chances at 1.73.
  3. September 18 - September 24

    Btw, Gasquet .
  4. September 18 - September 24

    Sara Sorribes Tormo (+4.5) to beat Heather Watson at 1.91 with Pinnacle This is obviously primarily about opposing Watson, who hasn't had a good performance since Wimbledon. Her wins have been very tough recently and Sorribes Tormo will be able to keep the ball in play all the time, so chances are that this will be tight at the very least.
  5. September 11 - September 17

    Yibing Wu (+5) to beat Yen-hsun Lu at 1.86 with Pinnacle Yibing Wu is still pushing forward, so he might even have a chance of winning this one. In any case, the handicap looks a touch high to me at 5 games given everything.
  6. September 11 - September 17

    S.Darcis/N.Kyrgios - Over 33.5 games at 1.85 with Pinnacle This also looks a touch low to me in all fairness. Neither guy is completely fit and that's obviously a risk, but Kyrgios isn't going to lose this under the line, is he? So it should be all about Darcis - and the home conditions should allow him to get a set or a few tie-breaks imo. He's always tremendous in home DC matches and his slices should frustrate Kyrgios as well.
  7. September 11 - September 17

    L.Rosol/R.Haase - Over 3.5 sets at 1.71 with Unibet These two have already played six fairly tight matches, so I don't see Haase winning 3-0 here, especially on clay. Rosol has had plenty of time to prepare for this and he tends to play well in Davis Cups, so four sets should be on the cards much more often than not. D.Goffin/J.Millman - Over 3.5 sets at 2.10 with Paddy Power Goffin hasn't been fit since the French Open and his recent results are quite telling, so I'm not sure why this is priced above evens. Unless Millman chokes big time, he should be able to challenge the home guy.
  8. September 11 - September 17

    @KennyDelight Well, I can at least see some rational explanations for that one (mainly concerning Brown's typical attitude), but yeah, I'm afraid that there aren't many favourites that you could trust on the Challenger circuit in the early rounds. Still waiting on what the TIU finds in the Dolgopolov investigation, that should be interesting and telling. If they do absolutely nothing and say that everything was fine, it will be really really sad - and I'm afraid that I can't emphasize enough how sad that would be for tennis in general. There have been many great tennis stories this year, but this is the most important one for me.
  9. September 11 - September 17

    Take note of Yibing Wu....China might have someone truly legitimate in the men's game for the coming years!