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  1. It's possible but I have noticed some big improvements in his game. The evolution of Struff is quite impressive because his game elevated to a tipping point in which he is now extremely dangerous with all the big weapons.. You have improved baseline game on both wings, incredible net play that is almost unmatched, and maybe most importantly of all.. A far improved first and second serve which was one of his biggest problems. Can't say exactly what happened over the past couple of years, but I think his confidence improved quite a bit.
  2. Good shouting @StevieDay1983. I am very interested in MLS betting. I am not exactly sure why, but I think it is a thriving league that is almost becoming like a super league in America. I don't understand it, because I didn't realize they are that many football fans here in America, but there is certainly no shortage of players, cities, and space.. I think it's great that they can organize these teams, and was once a league of what seemed to be a handful of teams is no more. I used to bet football all the time years ago, and I think there is definitely money to be made on it.. Never seemed to get the right grasp for the European sides.. There is just too many teams, and they don't have enough coverage here. I hope to see this active, and I will try to provide some information through betting Asian betting filter research or start watching some of the scores. Good luck guys, and sounds like a tough one over there Fader, but I am certain you will find glory again.
  3. Someday when Zeus comes down and baptizes a lightning bolt on all of our foreheads.. This forum will be bananas.. We will have betting tips, and conversations about fighting.. Start a watch party, and do meet up groups with real human made alcohol. "These are the days of the last" they uttered while building space capsules and terraformed superstructures. We once breathed air of the ocean, and had light from a distant world. Place any betting tips or information for this card or any relevant mma event around this time. Great Luck!
  4. Book: William Hill Tallon Griekspoor to win Libema Final @ -155 Jan Lenard Struff to win Boss Final @ Even Go ahead and book, cook, and bake these, and burn them if you need to. Please only like this post if you agree with both of the picks. I'm not going to write analysis on these.. We have some great punters here that are very cool to talk matches with. Maybe this is the varsity team, because we got a cheerleading squad also. Post your picks regularly, and give some analysis if you want. In my opinion I'd rather you post the picks with some organized format, and don't worry about being wrong everytime. We are all responsible for our own betting decisions. I don't want my posts to be about whether you like me or my writing. If you agree with me.. This gives information in certain cases that could be helpful. So, this is why I ask for specific request of this.
  5. I disagree.. There is quite a few times when the number gets imploded.. The bookies use cute tricks for a long time I saw. They will actually line the person they think is going to win @+110 odds, and then the general Joe Public will assume that the -130 is going to win because they are favored.. I know this because I did it myself one too many times years ago. And alot of times these lines can inflate bigger. Watson will be under fire all match in my opinion having to defend everything and being at a serving disadvantage also. not something I would feel good about. I didn't realize the match had started. I'm gonna check it out.
  6. I think Watson is prime for a deep run somewhere soon.. Grass or American hard courts. There may be value on this for you, but atleast 5/10 times .. I'm seeing Boulter get the result here.. So the value is pretty slim. I'm looking for something with more margin. Good luck on Watson. I usually only watch her matches when I"m ready to bet her.
  7. @Smiles Tennis You are a good man. I like you, and reading what your beliefs. I think you are a great addition to this place, and I'm sure you've been here for a long time also because I have recalled your name a time or two. You probably saw I picked Watson yesterday. I was extremely confident in her winning vs Golubic because I know that Swiss was dealing with an injury, and Watson would beat her on pure athleticism. I don't have a strong opinion about that match, and I think Boulter is one of the most dangerous players I've ever seen on grass courts. I also think Harriet Dart has played that role in the past, and I guess Boulter ran right through her. I am suspicious of Dart being in top form. So for me.. I cannot bet that match because I am a fan of Heather Watson, and I believe she has a chance to win.. Boulter scares me alot.. I see the match like 48% Watson 52% Boulter, and I am really confused even just saying those numbers. So I would say I have no opinion on the match whatsoever as to who will win. As for the other matches going on. - I guess I would say that I believe Griekspoor is extremely dangerous in Holland right now.. He is getting huge support, and he is playing quiet well. Ruusuvuori was one of my top bet considerations yesterday, and I played too safe with a couple of matches.. But I handled myself well in other sports market.. So, I am content and confident with my bankroll yesterday. I know for a fact that CzechPunter would not bet on Emil Ruusuvuori because I understand his betting style.. But, I do know he likes to bet favorites.. Frankly, I will say that I am fan of both players being Tallon and Emil. But, this is a situation in which you can only consider betting the underdog or leaving the match entirely. I promise you that is good advice regardless of what happens. Good luck on your bets today, and I look forward to seeing some more of those spreadsheets, hopefully with some of the more relevant matches.
  8. I'm probably not going to bet the Watson - Boulter match. It seems this can go either way easily. So please disregard my comments earlier about it .. if anyone read that.
  9. I'm also picking Cornet to win the match. I just don't like the odds much on it to risk anything.
  10. Heather Watson, to win at odds +126 I love this bet because I think that Heather is going to track down every ball. She seems motivated and moving well and she’s also striking the ball. Well as for Golubic. she’s playing with tape on her leg and looks out of shape and forcing shots on the grass but I think that Heather will outlast her with consistency probably
  11. I saw some highlights of the match, and I think it was a bit of both.. Sakkari is clearly not in form on grass, but what I saw of Cornet looked pretty solid.. I was considering to back USA player because she seems overlooked, and I don't even know who she is. She's also playing really well, but I am afraid to go against Cornet.. It should be a clear dog or pass situation. I would never consider backing Cornet at that price, and I thought both women looked equally strong with maybe a slight edge to Cornet.. But, it's hard to tell from the highlights.
  12. It seems this is not your style, but I would really like to see matches for larger events.. There is huge grass court tournaments going on right now, and many good betting options away from the lower ranked tournaments. I have done this strategy before also, but the lines should be soft enough on grass to provide some information rather than betting itf matches where you have players withdrawing from injuries, and betting options for those are not available for some people. Thank you if read!
  13. I found betting on it a long time ago. I used to play poker at a friends house many years ago, and my friend was training Jiu JItsu and following UFC events in the very early years and fighting tournaments in Japan. 5 years or so went by having been introduced into the sport, and it gained more popularity worldwide. Being an avid sports bettor. I liked the angle of only relying on one person to win, and I've also been interested in martial arts off and on throughout my own life. Eventually, it can relate to gathering as much information as possible. So, If i'm betting American football "NFL" and they are only playing one game a week.. Well I have an idea of where to place money if I'm following the sport closely, and there isn't much research even to be done if you are watching scores and live match studying. The same thing happened in fighting as you broaden your knowledge base to find lucrative betting opportunities.
  14. I would say it varies, but far more underdogs winning than boxing for example. There is alot more fights though in general, and the fights are much shorter than a boxing fight which makes it all that more efficient and interesting to gamble on. If there is a card of for example 12-15 fights total right. Then a realistic possibility is for 3-4 of the underdogs to win. There will be times 5-7 dogs win, and there will be cards where only one underdog wins. There is quite a few mma promotions, and there is usually a wait for the weekend when the events happen, but if you have other interests.. This would suit your needs perfectly as you'll have ample time to do any desired research.
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