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  1. Premier League Predictions > Dec 26th & 27th

    Why not.Just look at the injury list at the West Ham,in defense they didnt rotate for at least 6 match,snodgrass and andreson played last 6,7 match,who will know who will play here,but last time I looked match them against Fulham and I can say,Fulham didnt win because the lack of quality.I will give you an example.Try to run every day for 10 km in one week and I will ask you about your sharpness and energy.I can say Saints will win because the lack of rotation at West Ham.
  2. Premier League Predictions > Nov 30th - Dec 2nd

    Huddersfield Town -Brighton & Hove Albion 1(2.50)bet365 I watched Huddersfield against Wolves and I can say they were full of confidence,attack is not good enough,but morale and confidence is there and they play home at their own fans.On other side I watch Brighton against Cardiff and Leicester and I can say they are poor,they are doing so much fouls around dangerous area and there is main Mooy weapon(a free kick).I saw that Hughton change formation and some players so he want to find a winning formula and in this kind of match you cant experiment with someone who is in momentum and full of confidence.I think Billing will be man of match because this guy is so good in his position
  3. Premier League Predictions > Nov 24th - 26th

    Fulham-Southampton X 3.10 bet365 So what I can say,worse defense against attackers who have problems to score a goals.I think it will be very boring match today.Ranieri is type of coach which first want a good defense and when I saw line up what I can tell you that he can see like I that fulham cant play with two CB.Both team look like team from championship not from PL and for both of them one point is are like 3 point at the moment.So I you want try under 0.5 goal on match but low stake.
  4. Premier League Predictions > Nov 3rd - 5th

    Cardiff City-Leicester City 2(2.30) I think because the high motivation at Leicester City players this will be 3 points for guest.These last matchday weeks Leicester were without some main player on the wings so Madison play wing and Perreira(who isn´t a right wing).Now I can see they are all fit,Gray at the wing will cause problem to Manga at other side,at other side defensive problem of Cardiff are there still and I think with some buy at January they can fix.I dont understand why Warnock pushing Camarassa at right wing.Anyone who is watching at little football he can conclude that he is best at position as CM.With good transition at front Leicester will be real threat to their defense,Leicester now will have very good defense.
  5. Premier League Predictions > Oct 27th - 29th

    Tottenham-Manchester City 2(1.66)or for brave handicap result (-2) 2 (4.75) Today I think the match will be as like Barcelona-Real Madrid yestrday,you think why I am so sure ? Well first of all the defense of Tottenham is disaster,I watched them against West ham and they had pretty good luck to have Lloris on on the line of their goal.Defense look so insecure,Kane is not the Kane which I used to see,Pochetino is obviously change his role and he now play as false nine or in FIFA 19(CF).He is now the player who pick the ball and send to fast wings but on other side defense of City with full back which are Mendy and Walker I think today Tottenham will be without of ideas and fast transition will be costly to for their wing who I cant comapre Man City pace(Sterling,Sane).I think lack of transfer it tottenham is reason why they play so poorly
  6. Premier League Predictions > Oct 20th - 22nd

    I can´t fucking belive it
  7. Premier League Predictions > Oct 20th - 22nd

    Chelsea-Man.United 2(4.75) I think United will shock all of people who decided to play against them?So why I am thinking like thah?Well I can say that United in line up have very good attack,also what I said yestrday I think that realtionship between manager and player is superior and today we will see real Man United power.On other side Chelsea,very good team,but in this kind of derby you need to put experience player who played a lot of this derby so my opininon is that today Kovacic and Jorginho will struggle,United have line up who will help Young and shaw to help Shaw and young on wings.
  8. Premier League Predictions > Oct 20th - 22nd

    Remeber what I say,if Mourinho decide to go with 4-3-3 or with 3-4-3 against Sarri I would say that at least 70% of people who bets to Chelsea will lose their money.I am talking with that high dose of self-confidence because,I watch United since the season has started and I can only say United show their real power against Newcastle(I mean in second half),They loooked very clinical,and with Paul Pogba as their main playermaker they are pure class.Mourinho is type of manager who is better playe with manager like type of Sarri.He have player in middle who can show thay can stop Jorginho and Kovacic in transition the ball to the Willian and Hazard.Ofc Hazard is on fire,he is in the form of life,but what I say Mourinho is very good analyzise their opponent,he will stop Chelsea attack.Second reason is transition of United from defense to attack.I mean on their wing(Martial.Rashford are much faster than Cesar and Alonso.)Also I can say thah I watch Chelsea against Southampton I and can say the result didnt reflect of the result(0:3).Redmond was joking with Cesar,but if Redmond was joking with Cesar how Martial will play against Cesar? I think you know answer.I repeat Chelsea defense dont look so good,and what I can say Mourinho is not in the war with dressing room(Pogba,Sanchez)
  9. Premier League Predictions > Oct 5th - 7th

    Leicester City-Everton 2 (3.60) So where can I start?My favorite club(Everton) against very good organized Leicester City.When I saw line-up I said:The is it,with Richarlison upfront,we found solution with “scoring the goal”,on other side we can see Leicester which line up(in defense) very porly.I dont think they will carry up with pace of Everton 3 man upfront.Everton defensive player are getting better so thats the main reason why we will get 3 point at Leicester.
  10. Premier League Predictions > Sep 22nd & 23rd

    Fulham-Watford 1(2.90) I will go for win over Fulham because Fulham playing possession football where their defensive line is high stand up,and Watford will go for counter attack.But Watford doesn´t have player which pace can be threaten.Next reason is placing Sessegnon as LB,I think Jokanovic want to have false LB ( like fabian Delph at Man City) but difference between those two players is that Sessegnon is more attacking better player than Delph and with Sessegnon going forward,they will have a surplus player in the opposing space.Next reason is partnership between Mawson and Chambers(it would be like as Van Dijk and Lovren at Liverpool last season when Van Dijk arrived).Ofc the form of Mitrovic is excellent at set piece. Good luck to all of us
  11. Premier League Predictions > Sep 15th - 17th

    Wolverhampton Wanders-Burnley 2(5.75) Bet365 or safe bet x2(2.10) Hello my friends I belive in victory of Burnley for two reason.First one is desperate defense of Wolwes and second one is desperate win for Burnley.I am watching line up and I can say Burnley go for a win because Burnley manager play with two strikers who is best weapon goal from a cross with header and honestly Wolwes defense(expecte Bolly) play very poor and he plays with Gudmunson who is very good to cross ball in final third.Burnley defense is very good with partnership of Ben Mee and James Tarowski who plays very organized,so I belive in victory of Burnley but the safest bet is double chance. So good luck to all of us
  12. Premier League Predictions > Sep 15th - 17th

    Hello Nice to hear you with you again my friends, unfortunately I was not so much online because I have had summer job to do,but now lets make some money!! Tottenham-Liverpool 2(win Liverpool) 2.37 Bet365 I saw lineup of Tottenham and I can say that today the will just defend,Pochettino is separated defense and attack,in other case Liverpool will be high stand up and with ball in their half will control the game,when Liverpool score first goal Tottenham will attack them and game will be over. So Good luck to everyone today.
  13. Premier League Predictions > Aug 25th - 27th

    Hello I am glad that we are active and I like to read good information,because I am working(I have summer job) so I dont have to much time to analyise all of matches.But first weekend I get money on Crystal Palace against Fulham and Tottenham vs Newcastle.Second weekend I felt down on Newcastle against Cardiff. So my tip for this weekend is Fulham-Burnley(Win for Fulham) 1 I watched them against Watford and yestrday against Olympiciaos and I can see they dont have so energy.Next reason they travel a lot,from Greece to above Manchester and for the player thats a lot.Next reason is pressure under Slavisa Jokanovic and Fulham.They spend 100 milion £ and on Sunday they need 3 point.The return of Maiwson in defence they can be solid back there
  14. Premier League Predictions > Apr 28th - 30th

    Yeah man I agree with you but,take in consideration that if Bournemouth score a first goal, it will be a hell of an atmosphere and Southampton defense looks very awful
  15. Premier League Predictions > Apr 14th - 19th

    Yeah I agree with your proposal,because Chelsea this year play desperately,one of reasons is transfer troubles where board of Chelsea Football Club didnt get players who Conte wants.Next reason why I agree with you is defense,I mean on Gary Cahill who plays the most worst season in Chelsea,his positioning and his reaction in some moments are on level U23 Premier League.Next reason why I agree with you is they attacking options.Morata after game against Arsenal in cup match(I dont know which stage of cup but after that match,I get impresion that he doesnt know who to score goal.In other side Burnley looks this season so discipline,I mean on his defense.They dont have some good names but they play together and that is reason why are they so good.Last season no one knows who is James Tarowski,because Ben Mee and Michael Keane play solid,but this season he explode and with reason he got call for World Cup.I watch also Kevin Long last match against Leicester City and from man who is substitution play where well.Lets talk know about their attacking options,especially Cris Wood. I have not seen the player in PL since Berbatov who have sense of space(I hope you will understand me) for this main reason I think that Burnley take all 3 point tonight this night so good luck to all of us.