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  1. I think today big value is WHU.Why? I think because obviously the lack of desire and maybe motivation they struggling with bad form.They have good quality in every position especially at attack.They have Yarmolenko,Anderson,Lanzini who can with individual quality they can make a difference but they need to feed Haller with good balls in opposition half.At other side Burnley at other side only have good team spirit and they play like whole team.Also there is not strange that they lost 4 match and in the row and after that they win and they dont have some player who can make difference by him self but with long balls and so much physicality they are survive every year in PL.
  2. I cant agree with you,why? Because first of all Chelsea this year are playing with much dose of youth than experience,and thats main reason why are so unpredictable.Also every team has a problem with breaking depth formation 5-4-1 who likes to play on long balls and counter attack.Chelsea on this international duty gave on possible lineup 8 player,at other side Newcastle gave 4 players.Today Frank Lampard cant count on NGolo Kante who is for me the best DMF at whole premier league big handicap for them.Also they are playing with Tomory and Zouma as main central defenders.Tomory is youth player but he have problem with reading the game,also have but positional feeling especially at defending set piece.Attentional I just watched him against Valencia in UCL and when Chelsea make a sub and started to play with 4 defenders as Andreas and Tomory as who CB they conceded a goal from set piece and Rodrigo get in behind from Tomorys back.Main reason why I think that Newcastle will score a goal or they can draw or win the game(3.50 bet365) is that Barkley and Jorginho as DMF and they dont have good defensive work.At other side I get impression that Newcastle playing better when they smell that they can beat the teams from "top six" .This season they bet Tottenham away from home and Man United at home.What I mentioned before thay are playing depth 5-4-1 formation as two very fast wings.I cant see who Marcos Alonso can get I fight with Almiron as we know that Alonso is better in attacking duties than defensive.Also I like the stlye of playing Joelinton who likes to play the back turned of the goal so good luck to all of us.
  3. I like your sugestion especially for Aubameyang to score anytime,why?Because Man United defenders doesnt have pace like Aubi likes
  4. I agree with you but some brave I will try (Half Time-Full Time)=Chelsea-Chelsea 2.75 because Chelsea is playing with high tempo and with high pressure and they are standing so high and try to make opponent error
  5. Berretini played very well but he have problem with some kind of mental issue or otherwise when he is serving for match he started to have unforced errors,at other hand I think Nadal will have problem with his forehand,we all know Nadal with Djokovic one of the best defense players but if Nadal let Berretini to lead the tempo of the game he will have huge problem,also Berretini likes a lot to slice the ball nearly baseline to break opponent rhythm and when opponent return ball little bit high then tennis net its like to watch Juan Martin Del Potro.Serve is also good trough whole US Open rounds so I dont see why he cant at least take a set from Nadal if they will play against each other
  6. Aston Villa-Bournemouth 2(3.10)bet365 Why I predicted away win?Beacuse man of the match will be Eddie Howie.Why? Beacuse he likes the teams who are playing attacking football against them,Billing and Lerma as DMF will destroy middle of Villa beacuse of they pyshicallity and some much energy.Also Bournemouth is so unpredictable team and my opinion they have problem with some kind of motivation.I remeber last season,they got lost against Fulham at home 0-2 and after that they went at guest against Brighton who played at that time for survial at league at Borunemouth played for nothing at they overplayed them 0-4.So incossestion will be key factor in this match.At other side we have Aston Villa new promoted team which they have just only 2 players who have enough exp to play in PL
  7. Guys what do you think about Medvedev and Ramos Vinolas? I think is win for Vinolas because he is typical player for clay and other side Medvedv is typical player for hard because he’s serve comes to expression,so any advice i would like to hear
  8. I totally agree with your prediciton of West Ham and Southampton.Something isnt going on at Newcastle,Rafa didnt get extraction of his contract,from his body language I can tell that he isnt impresed,he told that he will be profesional at he will get maximum of his player but really question is how are they motivate at the moment at how will he motivate them?
  9. Guys what do you think about medvedov?I watched last match of Djokovic and he isnt so good at monaco,he was so bad against Philipe but Philip wasnt good character to turn around situation to his side
  10. "Nothing to play" ?? Dude look at the table if they dont won FA Cup against Man City they can get through 7 place.I agree that they posses a lot of quality especially offensive but I ever watched Watford you will be agree with prediction of @StevieDay1983.Main problem for Watford are their defense and too much aggression and physical strength they are second in the league after ofc Burnley.Main problem at Watford is defense,too old and after 60 minutes or later their defense lose concentration,at big handicap will be Holebas who is injured for this match.At other side I belive in victory for Arsenal only if Emery would play in system 3-4-1-2.Why? Because I didn´t see best chemistry in whole PL or I didn´t see best partnership except Lacazet and Aubo.Lacazet told that they are friends off the pitch and we can see that on the pitch.Defense without Sokratis and when I see Mustafi he screams at my eyes.But we can see that missing main player at middle(Torreira) who is playing like fucking(I am sorry about that) pitbull he so fascinated me,with his move with feeling for position and ofc he´s standing tackle is awsome.So if arsenal will play 3-4-1-2 at my predicition line up(Leno-Koscienly,Mustafi,Monreal-Kolasinac,Torreira,Ramsey.Niles-Ozil-Auba,Lazacet.
  11. Arsenal-Newcastle United under 2.5 goal(2.50),or 3.0(1.950) Hello to everyone Its the last match of matchday 32 and we will see Arsenal who honestly plays for me the most sexiest football(I am talking at home),and on other side we have Newcastle which have good character(I think that is because of Benitez experience with winning trophies with big clubs).Against big six they didnt lost with margin bigger than one this season and they are defending so organized and putting Diamme and Hayden on role DMF they will close empty spaces in Arsenal final third.At other side Arsenal plays so attatcking and in my opinion that can be costly for them because Newcastle is capable to have some good counter attack.Their main weakness will be playing without Torreira and Xhaka because today they dont have player in the middle who can play defense so good.I want to say Guenduzi is typical CM player with no good atribute at defense and Ramsey is like Rambo but he also isnt good at defense.So I think Arsenal will attacking but with some doses of caution because they know Newcastle can be very dangerous
  12. I would like to mention that Wan Bisaka and Zaha are questionable for the match,because Zaha traveled with injury on international break and other side Wan Bisaka injured on U21 international break so I would suggest that Crystal Palace could get draw or maybe lost because they have problem with building an attack,they are typical team that play on counter attack or wait some mistake at guest defense
  13. Guys what do you think about Krajinovic-Federer tomorrow.At Indian Wells I saw and now at Miami that Federer after first set lost his energy,unforced errors at backhand and return for servis are so bad that I have some feeling that Krajinovic can suprise him?