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  1. Tennis Tips - March 18 - March 24

    Guys what do you think about Krajinovic-Federer tomorrow.At Indian Wells I saw and now at Miami that Federer after first set lost his energy,unforced errors at backhand and return for servis are so bad that I have some feeling that Krajinovic can suprise him?
  2. Tennis Tips - March 18 - March 24

    Seriously,are you watched yestrday Ymer against Noah Rubin ?
  3. Tennis Tips - March 18 - March 24

    Darko are you from some of balkan country ?
  4. Tennis Tips - March 18 - March 24

    Guys what do you think about the match Copil against Ramos Vinolas.I know that Copil is good on serve and he like that kind of court,honestly I never watched Ramos Vinolas playing tennis so I will be greatful of a little bit of help
  5. Premier League Predictions > Mar 2nd & 3rd

    Yeah but take into consideration that Arsenal plays so different at home and away
  6. Premier League Predictions > Feb 22nd - 24th

    I think that Liverpool will win this one,because this is second clash of OGS with some experience manager,second one is overlaping the full backs of Robertson and Arnold,especially Robertson who have pace and stamina and Young will be in trouble.Van Dijk is back and I think that will be huge motivation for players upfront,be realistic who you feel when you know that you have some in defense who is reliable.Also I think that Klopp will man mark Pogba who is in fantastic form.Man United full back will not be able to stand against pace of Liverpool full backs and wings especially Salah and Mane who likes to cut inside and we all know that style of Liverpool football is vertical and I repeat,the weaknesses of United full backs will get out to the surface.
  7. Premier League Predictions > Feb 22nd - 24th

    Did you take into consideration that Brooks and Wilson are off from that match and be honest,they look a different team without them
  8. Champions League Predictions > Feb 12th - 20th

    Moura and Son upfront,they will kill them in transition.
  9. Champions League Predictions > Feb 12th - 20th

    I watched PSG last weekend against Bordo and they good performed in creating chances but finishing was so poor,but dont forget that today Draxler and Di Maria will get chance to play in first eleven squad so dont forget about motivation at this two player
  10. Premier League Predictions > Feb 9th - 11th

    I agree with you but you forget to say that Newcastle have problem with finishing but when they have match like this when they need to win Rondon start to score the goal,defense at Newcastle is so organized,at crosses they are especially dangerous at left flank when Ritchie take the ball.Honestly I havent watched Wolves this season to many times but my opinion that they havent qualitiy to maintain their form.I cant remeber when Nuno Espirito Santo rotate their 3 center back and I think fatigue will be seen so double chance on Newcastle is valiuable for tonight
  11. Premier League Predictions > Feb 2nd - 6th

    Crystal Palace - Fulham 2(4.20)bet365 I some sure about Fulham because history says that no Zaha no party!Last time day beat someone 2 years ago against Leicester,it was december 1-0.Next one is weakness in Crystal Palace aerial duels where is Mitrovic one of the best striker in PL in Aerial Duels.I watched Crystal Palace against Southampton after they score a goal they went to their half and waited for a counter attack.That reason why Ranieri want 3 at the back,be honest Ream is a player who isnt PL player,he is for Championship or lower league player but for this counter attack of Crystal Palace is some safety at the back.Next reason why I am sure about win of fulham is amazing comeback against Brighton & Hove Albion,they mentality in second half was superb and how I analyzed Claudio Raineri he can to convey confidence at this match.For Crystal Palace I can say good team in defense,but lack of creation and realization of that little kind of opportunitys got them in that position that they have the fewest victory at home in PL this season.They middle is who is full of destructor who arent player of caliber to create opportunity.I saw that Benteke is back at first 11 but am not sure he is right option for this match,we all know that Fulham defense is not good but cofidence at this moment for Fulham is high at this will be a key
  12. Premier League Predictions > Jan 29th & 30th

    Saints-Crystal Palace 1(2.45) For surely I can say this is Saints day.Why? Because obvious Raplh(manager of Saint) reborn the talent of his players.I watched them against Everton and I said woww,I never seen Saints to play like this never when they are managed with managers like Mark Huges and Maruicio Pelegrini.They play with high dose of confidence and who they get with high pressure of oppontenst is amazing,defense looks better know,also I have never saw Redmond to play free role as attacking middle so good,I was very suprised.On other side Crystal Palace plays like as Palace plays(they are so inconsistent).Attack is so bad they have problem with finishing especially this season,good side of Palace is their defense and middle who is holding middle not middle who can create chances.So good luck to all of us
  13. FA Cup Predictions > Jan 25th - 28th

    I think now the lack of rotation will be costly for Pochetino at this match or for match against Watford
  14. Premier League Predictions > Jan 19th & 20th

    I want something to add.Well it will be very bad if Niasse or Sala play infront in first eleven.Why? Because Fulham have had the same problem at first match against Crystal Palace,you dont have chemestry,players doesn’t know your movment on the pitch and the some other reasons so..
  15. Premier League Predictions > Dec 26th & 27th

    Why not.Just look at the injury list at the West Ham,in defense they didnt rotate for at least 6 match,snodgrass and andreson played last 6,7 match,who will know who will play here,but last time I looked match them against Fulham and I can say,Fulham didnt win because the lack of quality.I will give you an example.Try to run every day for 10 km in one week and I will ask you about your sharpness and energy.I can say Saints will win because the lack of rotation at West Ham.