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  1. With this squad, first half on Fulham 5.50 on bet365. Good luck
  2. I agree with you 100 %, because last season ALWAYS when they played at home against team at below table of PL, they always win HT and FT. I feel sorry for Joe Bryan today because he need to mark Adam Traore.
  3. Don’t forget about fact,that Guardiola have poor result at away games in this kind of the competition
  4. ShefUtd-Bournemotuh 2 DNB (3.50) or for the braver 2 (5.00) At 3pm the English Premier League Sunday program will open the pair above. I chose Bournemotuh because the ShefUtd trajectory started to go down, their form started to fall. Probably it came to 4 points up to 40 points which in some theory ensure survival is the primary objective of the ShefUtd administration. On the other hand we have an unpredictable Bournemouth who in my opinion have a problem with the club's doctors or it is up to the coach and his staff as this is the second consecutive season that half of their players have been injured.Bournemouth have now tied 2 wins in a row at home but both without CS (clean scheme). The away form is not promising, the last 3 away games have lost both the first and second halves. So why am I crazy then playing at Borunemotuh? The reason is that when they are under pressure and when their games become a must win match, they get well organized. The second thing is that ShefUtd is more of a guest form and their home form is reduced to 5-2-5 (W, D, L ), while the bournemotuh is at 3-1-8 (W, L, D). The other thing I can boil down to is that according to statistics taken from whoscored.com it is Shef and Bournemouth that have a problem with realization, Borunemotuh with keeping the ball in possession .Shef Utd has a problem with giving dangerous breaks in the danger zone, while Bournemotuh is strong in interrupting either a corner or a free kick by Harry Wilson and he is a player who is more fond of playing away than at home, even confirming the statistics that he scored 6 away from home and at home he scored 2 goals. Sheffs still score worse at home than away, but that's why midfielders make a difference and probably Howie (manager of popular cherries decided to form (4-5-1). And finally why I decided on Borunemotuh. The reason is The Bournemotuh formation is in 4-5-1 formation, which is quite contrarily oriented, but through it it is possible to build possession because you have 3 central midfielders that provide an option in attack and defense. in my opinion it makes them vulnerable because they are a constant formation and they become predictable.
  5. I totally agree with you,this is match not for 3 points,who wins get 6 points,I mean that because,this is game a with huge psychological boost,the side who won will get up in mind and will probably go down,and teams around them lost so draw will be good for both of them,both of them will get a point and no one will be hurt
  6. West Ham -Leicester City 1(2.55) bet365 So West Ham's starting odds were 4.50 but because of the big rotations, Brendan Rodgers sent in a mixed lineup for Boxing Day and to avoid possible injuries. they have pulled themselves and one draw, and in games like these, shades like these, especially for teams that are out of shape, can give a turn in form. on the goalkeeper while at West Ham, Haller highs and midfielders who have the most aerial duels in PL.West Ham came out with the strongest lineup and are obviously ready to go on the offensive. I especially like the two offensive backs he put in line-up, they are not so good defenders but they are offensively very good and could break through the sides at speed. As I emphasized, Lester came out with a mixed the only downside to this is the lack of analysis because it can't analyze something you never watched but the encouraging thing is that the course is at 17:20 in our time from 3.60, now at 18:12 to 2.55, so either the overpayments or bookmakers did not believe To Rodgers when he said on a news release that he was in high rotation. This is my analysis from croatian forum called svijetkladenja.com but this was translated from google translate,because i didnt have time to write analysis here..
  7. Crystal Palace-West Ham 2(3.40) Sorr about this,I just copied my text from Croatian forum (betting sites) and text below was google translet so dont jugde me please. West Ham is one such move of a team that with its attacking arsenal is sure to disrupt the plans of everyone in the league, even the top 6, but why not? Because he should have played the season in the wrong formation and Anderson in the first line. with and without Anderson. He solves things but the biggest problem is getting back on the defensive, so my opinion is that for the second game in a row, Anderson is not in the starting lineup. 4-3 in the attack and it is difficult for every team to defend the width, especially when abandoned, there is Haler where the biggest trump jump game is played. The main tactic of the game is a thumbs-up game, a deep zone, letting opponents own possession and first winning the midfield at Zach, which is unstoppable one-on-one. in tandem with Tomkins there are 3 clean shits in a row as far as I'm not mistaken, but now he's not there and plays Sakho and do something that you shouldn't mind, until then phenomenal.Msln it will be hard to deal with Antonia's attack space which is really fast and Haller in aerial duels.
  8. Nigel Pearson is big motivatior,I will post a link from youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bA5jHmNJvQ),but look from minute of 2:44 to 4:11 where he is making a incredible speech,so inspirational where his footballer will die for him and for the club.But his main weakness is his ego.Because hi is so explosive,like as old school Manager where are trying with that kind of speech try to motivate the squad.Watford are team with potential especially in offensive where have to wings like Delofeu and Sarr who can make a difference in any kind of situation.Perrerya also with his smart movement,Capoue and Doucoure with their excellent positioning,good defensive work rate and dirty play in middle of the field(I mean on duels,air duels and something like that.)Main weaknesses for Watford are thay Full backs and Centar Backs,losing concetration after minute of 60 and finishing the score chances.Thats where Nigel Pearson needs to take a main focus.Anybody who watched match Watford again Liverpool can say that they can defende smartly and can get from the pressure smartly without long balls on Denney.
  9. Burnley-Newcastle United 1(1.95)bet365 Hello everyone. It has been long time ago while I wrote analysis about some game,a was a little bit busy. I like to say thanks to main admin @StevieDay1983 for a great analysis and for keeping here people who likes to bet. Today I chose Burnley becasue,Dyche team are reacting after 3 loss streak with a win,also with a win in margin of -1.They are playing football who doesn¨t suits a Newcastle players.I can tell you that because Newcastle are team who are letting the most passes in their own half.Steve Bruce train them to defend well passing but obiviosuly they have problem with aerial duels.And here we are were I think will be key weakness for Newcastle.Well from stats whoscored.com they are not good at aerial duels.For exc. Joelitnon and Carrol are the player with most aerial won and after that are comign Lascelse and Clark who arent playing today.At other side Mee,Tarkowski,Wood and Barnes are players with most aerial duels won so big trouble for today..Also that means attacking set-piece and corners which team of Sean Dyche likes.And also I like to add missing of key players,Saint-Maximan and Almiron who are main threats at counter-attacks when Newcastle defending very deep.Today on their position are Carrol and Atsu,Atsu is good or how i like to call him super-sub but andy carrol is only good for aerial dules.
  10. You were so close at first half,but poor finishing at Watford side,denied you at the moment..
  11. I think Brighton & Hove Albion have big chance here,some Arsenal players doesnt look so motivated,for example Torreira which body-language is my like when you are playing this weekend on draw on Everton ??.At other side Arsenal have problem with creating chances from on play,their defence especially when they are defending counter-attacks are so poor.I mean on positioning and team comunication of Mustafi and Chambers yestrday.Also I wanna to say something about Xhaka.So bad anticipation.I dont think Ljunberg will fix something,especially I mean on defence.If they want to do something they need to play with 3 CB in system 3-4-1-2 with Bellerini and Kolasinac who can play very good on wide position.
  12. It think at match WHU and Tottenham will be heavily draw,first of all,Mourinho got team who obiovusly in very good shape in PL and they have quality,at other side WHU will try to shut down they rythem of the game so maybe to try corect score 0:0 which is odd 19 but ofc with small bet
  13. I agree with you about Thiem,because Zverev in last two match only had good serve,nothing else,but at other side Thiem play aggressive tennis but he can be very inconsistent..
  14. I think today big value is WHU.Why? I think because obviously the lack of desire and maybe motivation they struggling with bad form.They have good quality in every position especially at attack.They have Yarmolenko,Anderson,Lanzini who can with individual quality they can make a difference but they need to feed Haller with good balls in opposition half.At other side Burnley at other side only have good team spirit and they play like whole team.Also there is not strange that they lost 4 match and in the row and after that they win and they dont have some player who can make difference by him self but with long balls and so much physicality they are survive every year in PL.
  15. I cant agree with you,why? Because first of all Chelsea this year are playing with much dose of youth than experience,and thats main reason why are so unpredictable.Also every team has a problem with breaking depth formation 5-4-1 who likes to play on long balls and counter attack.Chelsea on this international duty gave on possible lineup 8 player,at other side Newcastle gave 4 players.Today Frank Lampard cant count on NGolo Kante who is for me the best DMF at whole premier league big handicap for them.Also they are playing with Tomory and Zouma as main central defenders.Tomory is youth player but he have problem with reading the game,also have but positional feeling especially at defending set piece.Attentional I just watched him against Valencia in UCL and when Chelsea make a sub and started to play with 4 defenders as Andreas and Tomory as who CB they conceded a goal from set piece and Rodrigo get in behind from Tomorys back.Main reason why I think that Newcastle will score a goal or they can draw or win the game(3.50 bet365) is that Barkley and Jorginho as DMF and they dont have good defensive work.At other side I get impression that Newcastle playing better when they smell that they can beat the teams from "top six" .This season they bet Tottenham away from home and Man United at home.What I mentioned before thay are playing depth 5-4-1 formation as two very fast wings.I cant see who Marcos Alonso can get I fight with Almiron as we know that Alonso is better in attacking duties than defensive.Also I like the stlye of playing Joelinton who likes to play the back turned of the goal so good luck to all of us.
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