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  1. Rune was bloody awful yesterday and also two days before that also and my betting yesterday wasn't mutch to brag about either. Not even Kudla could make it past Lestienne.
  2. La viola to win and over 2.5 goals scored at 5.00 with Unibet I've seen the odds been rising on them but I think they will beat the londoners in 90min and it should be at least 3 goals in 90min.
  3. I'm gonna try the same bet in Rune/Ruud.. Holger Rune/Casper Ruud over 10.5 games set 1 at 3.30 with Unibet This time 5-5 really should be obvious and even a tie-break. Not mutch separating these two at the moment and it really should be pretty good chances to see at least 5-5 in set 1.
  4. Sascha Zverev/Tomas Martin Etcheverry over 10.5 games set 1 at 3.40 with Unibet Etcheverry is going to start serving. I think he will hang on pretty far in the match so the 5-5 in set 1 should be obvious.
  5. Denis Kudla is one peculiar player who only has a positive record on grass so he loves the surface. He's won Surbiton before and beat Chris O'connel yesterday pretty convincingly. His rank has dropped down to 139 now so he's gotta work hard on the grass and it's basically the only surface where he excels on and gets most of his rankingpoints.
  6. I'm on Svitolina +1.5 sets at 2.25 today, feels like Saba will have a battle on her hands
  7. This was some really good betting from you @Smiles Tennis just that it seems like you've overestimated Sloane a bit as she really shouldn't be good enough for a set (now Saba serving for 2-0)
  8. @StevieDay1983 Blau Weis LInz again is the champions of Austrias second division. Will they gain promotion this time? I hope they will get promoted because they earned it.
  9. Agree, could be very risky going against Schwartzman going forward as it seems he's been going pretty well lately. Last month that is.
  10. Ye that's your problem then if you just go by results. You need another mindset about how you look at players.
  11. You are misreading that, Volynets is learning, she is not terrible. She's defenitely improving.
  12. @Smiles Tennis to some extension Volynets can play on clay anyhow Zanevska isn't the type of player to get anywhere far in WTA or GS. Zanevska just isn't good enough to beat any player in top 100 on clay.
  13. What about if we stick to writing here instead
  14. I could go along with Pera and maybe Burel but one I'm most defenitely look to is the really tempting price on Fabio Fogna on monday.. Can't keep my eyes off that price or my thoughtsd about how bad Felix has been this season and the apparent rejuvenation of Fabio. His text after the match in Rome when he beat Murray "It's not over" tells me he will take his chances if given to him. I was all over Seppi +2.5 sets when he faced Felix 2021. Seppi even won that time in RG over Felix in round 1 as big underdog at 8.00 times the stake in his last months on tour before he retired last season. Fogna isn't done yet, I simple can't think of any better chance for him to get his ranking up a bit again than next week. Felix is totally off track.
  15. Might have been one bet to many there on the week but move along, over to next week.. Don't over do it @Smiles Tennis
  16. If Fogna beats Felix it wouldn't be the first italian he's lost to in RG
  17. Fognini should beat Felix by some ease
  18. Nice one, had my eyes on Bronzetti and placed some good bets in-play..
  19. Everyone has played more aggressive or dared to do more since Iga won RG 22. Her magic is gone. She's been found out.
  20. That's kind of a bit to early to say you know even though it's Iga who reigns because Iga might be out of FO if she doesn't make it in time with her injury.
  21. Yes I meant a long time ago by the matches she's played this week before today. To bad you came on to late with Parry, she's had quite good prices on her this week.
  22. You're rather late in backing Parry sadly, she obviously should have been backed long time ago
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