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  1. I took a livebet on Rokranz in Ismaning late last season round 1 at 4-3 down 3rd set. I got him inplay at 2:40 when he took out Huesler. Regarding the swedish/romanian player Madaras he's got some game for clay. He's quietly working his way up. Won a load of ITF events.
  2. Problem with Rozen is that he lives off of all aces or quick points with his serving. The guy can rack up 20 aces but still lose to anyone.
  3. Anyhow hi all, I have two players to talk about. I dunno if you all noticed them lately? Nicolae Madaras and Mats Rozenkranz.
  4. I am very careful with predicting mens Grand Slam winners as in this years AO because when something looks so sure to happen in sports it often isn't. The road were paved for Meddy but his ambition and selfbelief wasn't there. You don't win a mens Grand Slam in singles over 2 sets of tennis.
  5. I did not place any bets or post anything on who to win for a reason. Having my doubts about Meddy were my main reason and I really don't like to speculate on whatever outcome it might be. Rafa is in no way inferior to Meddy on hardcourt as evidenced yesterday. To be throwing my money on one or the other outcome or specifically on the world no.2 because some people says the big 3 are done and their era has come to an end and Medvedevs has begun is just speculative betting leading to my uncertainty. I rather avoid loss in this case.
  6. But Nole and Rafa is way ahead of Roger though except matchwins.
  7. We always like when Nadal wins a slam. For me it's because he makes history everytime he steps out on court.
  8. I have never engaged in the discussion of who will win Down under 2022 but I am certainly not surprised that this is how it went. And Zverev still hasn't beaten a top 10 player in a slam.
  9. I would have. Sooner or later he would win Aussie O again before it's to late. This slam is what he needed to be the fourth player in history to have won every slam twice in a career. Might have been his last chance this time and with Nole out he was set for it. Kind of like when Federer came back again in 2017 and won his last slam.
  10. Nole may have some unique records but so does Björn Borg and Nadal.
  11. Rafa Nadal Greatest Of All Time, the G.O.A.T? Could he be the one? He is in no doubt a better sportsman than Novak Djokovic in my opinion. This will fire up the GOAT debate again.
  12. Having introduced tennis to his nephew at an early age, Toni warned Rafael never to break a racquet, since it would be a huge disrespect to the millions of kids who cannot afford one. “You throw one racket and I’m no longer your coach. There are millions of kids in the world who would love a racket and don’t have one,” said Toni, to his six-year-old nephew. According to Toni, it was this lesson that stayed on with his nephew, because of which he has never thrown a racquet despite spending three decades on the court. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.essentiallysports.com/would-be-showing-a-lack-of-respect-how-uncle-toni-stopped-rafael-nadal-from-smashing-racquet-atp-tennis-news/amp/
  13. It's not just that. He blitzed everyone in Adelaide except Khachanov in the final. I don't see Garin causing much trouble to Gael.
  14. La Monf to beat Cristian Garin (-8.5 games) at 2.25 with Betfair By the way Gael is playing now compared to Garin I think this is solid.
  15. La Monf looks very good to toy with Garin.
  16. Carlito had covid in november so he couldn't play dc and it might have an impact on his game here in AO and he's not the most experienced player down under.
  17. Only I think is fancying their chances to win a final surely should be only Sascha, Rafa and Meddy. Don't think anyone else has what it takes. Edit: 6 dark horses for mens draw would be Carlito, the two canucks, Berrettini, Hurkacz and Sinner.
  18. @CzechPunter I'll be taking all of your bets except Su Jeong on Unibet in a 5-fold.
  19. Draper could have some challenger break through this season. I'm at least rather more confident in Draper than in Ritschard.
  20. Seems like Nole is in the draw so he will play but I still think Meddy will be too strong. Cressy looks set for a round 1 win over Isner.
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