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  1. https://www.atptour.com/en/atp-challenger-tour/challenger-tv/challenger-tv-search-results/2022-7808-ms011-bengaluru-gian-marco-moroni-vs-gabriel-decamps/2022/7808/all If you haven't seen Decamps watch the third set of his match v Moroni.
  2. For some reason Sock has been drafted to US DC team lately and this explains why.
  3. Gabriel Decamps was a really good hardcourt junior player. Had 81% win rate on hard and lost only 8 matches and won over 80. Rankad no.17 january 2017. Come on guys watch out for this guy. Don't go against him if he's on hardcourt.
  4. Ok well I've seen him play and it seems like Decamps is a late bloomer.
  5. @Torque what do you think about Decamps? I see high potential.
  6. Check out Decamps in Bengaluru from today last 10min of his match.
  7. Here's some for all you Paire lovers outthere https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/may/28/benoit-paire-trapped-inside-tennis-sports-lockdown-king-of-pain
  8. If not for Seles getting stabbed in the back Serena had been the greatest apart from Margaret Court.
  9. Mmhmm well I always say "Oh is Paire clowning around again" as is the case always in these lower ATPs and not any different when he met Ruusuvuori last season in the US. up a set and a break serving for it. BROKEN 0-40 lost tb, waterbreak = Paire throwing his bottles across the court and laying down on the bench pretending to sleep. Match goes on 3rd set, Paire down a break and retires.
  10. He served for the match twice today. But he's a clown and is always up to his usual antics.
  11. If anyone needs someone to belive in look up future star Ksenia Efremova
  12. There have been many high belivers outthere in the womens game saying they want to be better than Serena and one of them is Coco Gauff but also she is doubtful of even becoming close to Serena.
  13. Linda Fruvirthova is 16 years and Brenda 14 both turning 1 year older this season
  14. Alright the nature of tennis is that you're always wrong when you've given up on a player like I have on Verdasco.
  15. Gabriel Decamps is a really good hardcourt player. I've seen him play. He's 22 years old and rising fast. He plays in Bengaluru this week.
  16. His career is quickly winding down. He even loses to Kamke these days. Clay never was his best surface. Can't see where a win over Dellien would come from.
  17. Could be another chilean coming up if Tabilo proves he can deal with Diego. Nic Jarry isn't coming back though, rather unlikely.
  18. Hey guys Nicola Kuhn switched nationality and plays for Germany now.
  19. Regarding Verdasco again: I mean simple rallies! This probably isn't the last thing I've said about him as I watch him a lot.
  20. Regarding Verdasco again: He's spraying errors everywhere and can't hang on in rallies. So for his future chances to win matches in ATP maindraw 250-Masters there is no chances because I honestly can't see where it would come from. Perhaps some luck in a GS draw.
  21. A few years ago I shared my opinion on Garin and Jarry. First Jarry started to make his mark and then Garin won a load of challengers and climbed into top 100 in a season so when Garin were ranked around 90 when that season started I shared my opinion here and thought Jarry probably would win minimum one title and I wrote that I saw Garin as a potential top 30 player by the least. I still haven't changed my mind and the current opinion is that Garin will win more titles on clay. Garin did well to get to AO round 32 where La Monf got the better of him which I predicted by posting La Monf -8.5 games and just like you say @Torque Baez made it much more complicated than he should have and isn't playing good enough for a win over Garin. Verdasco last week is: say what? He almost lost v Ficovich and later got trashed by Cachin. Verdasco for me = Good night!
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