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  1. Czech punter has already answered your question above, Owenclass
  2. Have to say watched a few matches today in the girls, as I find these are the matches that are not cut and dried as the mens. Some players Ive never seen before playing good stuff, Kanepi played really well, had Halep running all over the shop. Kalinskaya another young player, played really well but just came up against Goerges in a better mindset than the previous Goerges, but the standard in the tennis very good when you actually watch these players that you never consider as having a chance against the bigger names.
  3. Did you watch semi with Goerges v Sabalenka? very high standard of tennis from both.
  4. Which female tennis players do you think would give you a good run for your money in US open? like having a little flutter on a few for an interest throughout tournament, backed Aryna Sabalenka recently for US, another player I had never watched before, but watched a few matches recently, looks a very promising young player.
  5. Ha Ha wasn't meaning it like that, I could see from start of second set she was the better player, just baffles me how she can lose 6-1 in first, I was genuinely thinking of backing her at start of second set when I watched a little, but with me not really knowing most of the players just let my original bet carry on.
  6. Enjoy reading the tips from you lads even though I seldom bet on tennis, normally just wait till the big events and do a few outright. Tonight didn't see anything that I liked regarding football, so decided to have a bash at Czech double above. Was looking at the scores on 365 and seen Abanda was getting lashed in first set, so decided to watch match from start of second set just to see how bad Abanda must be, soon as I started watching knew something must have happened first set losing 6-1, then from watching you could see Abanda was the better player, could improve her serve a bit, but always looked the better player, strange how she can loss first set 6-1. Nice tip Czech, but had me panicking after watching scoreboard on 365 first set
  7. Final set yesterday finished 26-24 which can't be any good for whoever managed to reach final, Isner looked shattered nearer the finish more so than Anderson. I know wimbledon have it you must win by 2 clear games, both players agreed after match that something has to be changed, as this match could have went on for an eternity. Just watching the match yesterday I felt that there was more pressure on Anderson throughout that last set as he had to hold his serve or he was out, whereas Isner could have lost his serve but had the chance to break back next game. Both exceptional servers so why should one seem to have less pressure on serve rather than equally throughout last set. Why can't say Isner serve first to make it 7-6 then Anderson is allowed 2 service games, where this makes it 8-7 to Anderson, so Isner then has to serve to stay in match, and just carry on like that, to me that would seem a bit fairer in last set, rather than one person always needing to hold serve or out, with more pressure on his serve every time than Isner. Don't know much about the ins and outs of tennis, as I just watch occasionally, but that match yesterday needs rules sorted for benefit of the players.
  8. Thanks to all contributors to this thread, nice finish Darran. Don't really back many non-league teams, but do enjoy having a browse through the thread. Well done all.
  9. Nice tip Darren, you know your stuff around these leagues.
  10. Darren when you pointed out the 7/1 were you referring to the scoreline
  11. Maybe even better to wait till 4 up, then go have a cigar
  12. Why lay off when 2 up, better just waiting till they go 3 up Missed your post Darren till too late, but excellent stuff.
  13. Watched the early match this morning Kvitova v Miguruza, excellent match, best so far with both playing well till Petra started ratcheting up the pressure 2nd set, making her make more errors. Alway's thought Muguruza was to short in the outright marker before this game @ 3, very low considering the matches she still had to play. Starting to get a little hooked on this tennis now.
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