*** Recent Winners in June: (Football) 22/1, 8/1, (Golf) 16/1, (Racing) 16/1, 12/1, 11/1, 8/1 (Derby Winner) + 9/1 Treble***
*** May Competition Winners: Well done to Bosou (NAPS), Steve75 (KO Cup), & Ian309 (Poker) ***


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  1. 230 As: Dubai Station305 As: Getchagetchagetcha340 As: Sparkle Roll420 As: Magic Circle500 As: Biometric535 As: Summer Moon
  2. 230 As: Final Song305 As: Jalmoud340 As: Zabeel Prince420 As: Pretty Baby500 As: Zhui Feng535 As: Iffraaz
  3. 230 As: Laurens305 As: Monoski340 As: Impiris420 As: King Of Comedy500 As: Kerosin535 As: Star Of Bengal
  4. 235 P: Ballinasilla310 P: Kilkishen350 P: With Discretion425 P: Coko Beach500 P: Young Paddymc535 P: Woodland Opera610 P: Extreme Cacao
  5. Picked out a couple of non-runners 605 P: Royal Rendezvous 710 P: Dunvegan Thanks
  6. 340 P: Alpha Male420 P: Quamino455 P: Barra530 P: Buveur D'Air605 P: Battleoverdoyen635 P: Stand Up And Fight710 P: Annamix745 P: Bentham
  7. 340 P: Roachdale House420 P: Eamon An Cnoic450 P: Ballyboker Bridge530 P: Bacardys605 P: Mon Lino640 P: Chacun Pour Soi715 P: Deadringerforlove745 P: Cayd Boy
  8. 340 P: Fine Theatre420 P: The Big Dog455 P: Crack Tiepy530 P: Commander Of Fleet605 P: Monalee640 P: Embittered710 P: War Sound745 P: Gypsy Island
  9. 340 P: Enniskillen 420 P: Champagne Platinum 455 P: La Sorelita 530 P: Great Field 605 P: Scalor 640 P: Getabird 715 P: Front View
  10. 145 A: Knock House225 A: One For Rosie300 A: Destrier340 A: The Worlds End420 A: Some Buckle515 A: Noble Endeavour620 A: Prairie Town
  11. 145 A: Mont Des Avaloirs220 A: Precious Cargo250 A: Mr Whipped325 A: Waiting Patiently405 A: Ballyhill440 A: Trevelyn’s Corn515 A: Onthefrontfoot
  12. 145 A: Glen Forsa220 A: Fakir D'Oudairies250 A: Road To Respect325 A: Faugheen405 A: Road To Rome440 A: Theinval515 A: Who What When
  13. 130 CH: Runrized210 CH: Thistle Do Nicely250 CH: Alsa Mix330 CH: Invitation Only410 CH: Cousin Pete450 CH: Theo530 CH: Casa Tall
  14. 130 CH: Kildisart210 CH: Aaron Lad250 CH: The Storyteller330 CH: Top Notch410 CH: Bouvreil450 CH: Posh Trish530 CH: The Young Master
  15. 130 CH: Jarveys Plate210 CH: On The Blind Side250 CH: Bleu Berry330 CH: Saint Calvados410 CH: Fact Of The Matter450 CH: Fine Brunello530 CH: Master Debonair