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  1. 1.55 Y: Western Duke2.25 Y: Falcon Eight3.00 Y: Repartee3.35 Y: Soldier’s Call4.15 Y: Celtic Art4.50 Y: Boston George
  2. 1.55 Y: Wejdan2.25 Y: Mums Tipple3.00 Y: Petrus3.35 Y: Lah Ti Dar4.15 Y: Bella Vita4.50 Y: Mubtasimah
  3. 1.55 Y: Orvar 2.25 Y: Kingbrook 3.00 Y: Logician 3.35 Y: Circus Maximus 4.15 Y: Eddystone Rock 4.50 Y: Hard Nut
  4. 150 Gd: Pretty Baby225 Gd: Art Du Val300 Gd: What's The Story335 Gd: Big Brothers Pride410 Gd: Dylan De Vega440 Gd: Baghdad515 Gd: Asian Angel
  5. 150 Gd: The Trader225 Gd: Symbolize300 Gd: Jalmoud335 Gd: Channel410 Gd: Fred445 Gd: Craylands520 Gd: Top Breeze
  6. 150 Gd: The Cashel Man225 Gd: Future Investment300 Gd: Maven335 Gd: Zabeel Prince410 Gd: Flippa The Strippa445 Gd: Thimbleweed555 Gd: Apex King
  7. Not sure if it's too late - but Pretty Baby is a NR in the 15:00. Can I replace with Donjuan Trumphant. Thanks.
  8. 150 Gd: Fayez225 Gd: Mystery Power300 Gd: Pretty Baby335 Gd: Cross Counter410 Gd: Cobra Eye445 Gd: Lord Riddiford515 Gd: Chaleur
  9. 230 As: Rose Of Kildare305 As: Masaru340 As: Nagano Gold420 As: Projection500 As: Marnie James535 As: Black Corton
  10. 230 As: Exclusively305 As: Jack Yeats340 As: Khaadem420 As: Castle Lady500 As: Lady Madison535 As: Spark Plug
  11. 230 As: Dubai Station305 As: Getchagetchagetcha340 As: Sparkle Roll420 As: Magic Circle500 As: Biometric535 As: Summer Moon