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  1. I seem to recall reading somewhere that, contrary to popular belief, horses do not perform better on their 1st run after being gelded. Does anybody have any data to prove / disprove this? I don't think I'd be very co-operative if someone had done this to me !
  2. BH, I'm surprised that you have thrown the towel in on this. I think you have had bad runs before but they then recovered. My own each way system had a losing run of 223 points over 2 months. I was beginning to lose faith but stuck with it because I believed in the logic of the system and in the following 3 weeks I made a profit of 275 points.
  3. Thanks for the explanation. I must admit I am always dubious about staking plans. I don't think that long term a staking plan can turn a losing system at level stakes into a profitable system. I suspect that at some stage you will have a losing run that will wipe out all your profits but I am open to be proved wrong.
  4. Thanks, very interesting. Out of interest what is the logic behind the staking plan and does it make a profit at level stakes?
  5. Also many thanks, you made me a nice £100 today.
  6. Jedi, What return are you making on your selections ?
  7. Excellent win with Shimla Dawn, again turned a losing day in to a winning one !
  8. Yep, thanks also, turned a losing day in to a winning one.
  9. 1. Take advantage of "money back specials" but only when the odds are in your favour. 2. When using free bets do not back favourites. 3. Level stakes only. 4. Very low stakes until you are showing a profit and then gradually increase stakes. 5. Limit stakes to a maximum each day.
  10. Thanks Pirate, had my 1st bet today and had a winner with San Carlos. I must admit I can't be bothered to evaluate the odds close to the off so I put the bet on earlier. Turned out not to fit in with 2 of your rules so perhaps I was fortunate, I'll see how it goes.
  11. Another good day for you today, pity about the last 2 being favourites. It is good to see a system proofed to BSP as it is difficult to bet with normal bookmakers if you are making a profit. Do you think you would still make a profit if you picked the selections earlier, applying the rules to the best odds shown on odds-checker when you post the selections?
  12. The post was on Sunday, the day after the results ?
  13. I think most people use the tips as a base rather than following them blindly. I have given some pointers but the data is available for you to download and decide what works best. After many years in this game I do not believe there is any get rich quick scheme, you need to put some effort in yourself.
  14. I did point out to you that there was a losing run of £6,000 during April / May 2018 so the chances of losing runs of £800+ are quite likely. Those horses at less than 4/1 have not made a profit. Personally I back each way selections where extra places are available from the bookmakers and I've made good profits.