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  1. Winter AW System

    Thanks Pirate, had my 1st bet today and had a winner with San Carlos. I must admit I can't be bothered to evaluate the odds close to the off so I put the bet on earlier. Turned out not to fit in with 2 of your rules so perhaps I was fortunate, I'll see how it goes.
  2. Winter AW System

    Another good day for you today, pity about the last 2 being favourites. It is good to see a system proofed to BSP as it is difficult to bet with normal bookmakers if you are making a profit. Do you think you would still make a profit if you picked the selections earlier, applying the rules to the best odds shown on odds-checker when you post the selections?
  3. AW Rating System

    The post was on Sunday, the day after the results ?
  4. Do PL tips really make a profit?

    I think most people use the tips as a base rather than following them blindly. I have given some pointers but the data is available for you to download and decide what works best. After many years in this game I do not believe there is any get rich quick scheme, you need to put some effort in yourself.
  5. Do PL tips really make a profit?

    I did point out to you that there was a losing run of £6,000 during April / May 2018 so the chances of losing runs of £800+ are quite likely. Those horses at less than 4/1 have not made a profit. Personally I back each way selections where extra places are available from the bookmakers and I've made good profits.

    I haven't updated this thread since October but I have continued to bet on the selections and they have been very successful. I have made amendments to the maximum odds, these odds are now 12/1. There have been 97 selections, 51 of which have won or been placed. The profit to £25 ew stakes has been £1,992 with a ROI of 40%. Unfortunately most of these bets have been with Sky and today I was notified that my stakes have been limited and BOG will no longer apply. Instead of £50 BOG I was allowed £2.50 at the price taken. So back to the drawing board, it looks like BSP is going to be the only option. As I reach my last few years I'm not sure I've got the energy to start developing and testing new systems based on BSP. It's a shame but perhaps I need a new hobby !

    I opened an account in my own name with them a couple of years ago and got shut down pretty quickly. At least I managed to escape with £400 on that occasion. My daughter now has her own house and I set up the account at her house with her IP address etc. so I assume they would not be able to connect her to me. But who knows in this day and age !

    Opened an account for my daughter yesterday with RACEBETS, basically to take advantage of the £50 free bet offer. I deposited £50 and placed my 1st bet of £27 which lost. I placed my 2nd bet (the remaining £23) today but the bet was not accepted. After trying to contact them I was finally informed that I was not allowed to take a price, I am only allowed to bet at SP. Must be the quickest restriction ever, after 1 losing bet !
  9. How much needed in account

    As with any system, there is always the chance of a long losing run. Even with these excellent tips there was a losing run of close on £6,000 during April / May 2018 based on £20 stakes.
  10. Ten Top Tracks To Follow - Flat Edition

    Ignoring those below 6/4 added to the profits.
  11. Ten Top Tracks To Follow - Flat Edition

    Once again, fantastic performance. I had my doubts after the dodgy start, I should have known better !

    2nd yesterday. I today in the 5.15 at Nottingham, Lyrica's Lion at 15/2, 4 places.

    A 2nd, a loser and a non runner yesterday. 1 today in the 3.15 at Ayr, SHORTBACKANDSIDES at 7/2, 4 places.

    4th and 3rd yesterday. 3 today, all 4 places. BATH 3.50 LOPITO 4/1. KEMP 8.15 PARTING CLOUD 7/2. ROSS 4.45 MILL QUEST 9/2.

    4th yesterday. 2 today, both 4 places. EPSO 4.10 DOURADO 5/1. NAAS 4.35 ONLY SPOOFING 4/1.