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** April Poker League Result : 1st Rhino_Power, 2nd muttley, =3rd Elliott Sutcliffe & Rav **
** April Naps Competition Result: 1st PercyP, 2nd daisychain, 3rd Costello, 4th silver fox. KO Cup Winner Kingdom for. Most Winners bymatrix: **

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  1. RESULTS UPDATE Pity that Beverly was abandoned it mucked up my bets today. Also, a pity that Copper Mountain ran a stinker. At least Saisons Dor won and with 2 non-runners my doubles bet returned £8.40. This created a £5.50 net profit on the day. My MTD is now 86.72 pts & YTD -142.55
  2. (A) 3.10 Bev Saisons Dor 9/2 (1 pt win at 6.2) (B) 4.15 Bev Crown Princess 3/1 (3 pts win at 4.53) (C) 4.48 Bev Bit Of A Quirk 4/1 (2 pts win at 6.4, my PL Nap) (D) 5.55 Rip Copper Mountain 11/2 (1 pt win at 6.8) A - D 6 x 0.5 ew doubles = 6 pts poss return of 92.10 and B + C 1 x 2 pt win double poss return 40 pts Other bets 4.15 Bev Tangled 1 pt win at 8.2 (not backing Bavardges at 3/1 I'll let it win at that price) 5.55 Rip Enkindle 0.5 pt at 12/1 and Mr Freedom 0.5 pt win at 8/1) An extravagant 17 pts placed today
  3. 4.48 Bev Bit Of A Quirk 1 pt win at 5/1 with Bet365
  4. RESULTS UPDATE I seem to be having a good run with my Naps lately. Thaki wins. This has produced a net profit of 4.86 pts. MTD = +81.22 & YTD -148.05
  5. 8.05 Nc Thaki 2 pts win at 4.5 (my PL Nap); Truth In Jest 0.5 pts at 7/1 and Water Of Leith 0.5 pts win at 9/1 Total stakes today = 4 points
  6. Sawbuck Modest sort with no realistic chance. Per the RP write up. It won by four lengths 🤣
  7. 2..20 Bath Vape 1 pt win at 7.6 (has been running well over 6f but can't see why it won't have the pace over 5f) Not my Nap bet but am strapped for time today
  8. RESULTS UPDATE Had a busy day with visitors so unable to look at the Windsor card. My Nap won today which meant I showed a 7.04 pts profit on the day. Oddly enough I noted that Mark Johnston's runner in the 1.10 was 2nd top-rated by Timeform and RPR. The horse Eternal Glory had also run well at Wolves in a class 5 event. Pity I didn't have a small wager on it. My MTD figures are now 76.36 points and YTD -152.91
  9. Prices are a bit short on many races today. 2.50 Leic Roman Dynasty 1 pt win at 6.6 (money piling in on Hello Zabeel who seems to be expected to fly after a wind op) 4.15 Wolv Golden Sands 2 pts win at 5.10 (my PL Nap) The horse looks to be well placed to have a crack at winning this race) Not much else for me. I looked at the 1.10 Wolves but could not be confident about any of these running on Tapeta If I get time I will look at Windsor tonight as there are quite a few open races there Good luck to everyone punting today
  10. 4.15 Wolv Golden Sands 1 pt win at 7/2 with Williamhill
  11. RESULTS UPDATE 3 winners but Tuesday let me down on Sunday. Fantastic performance by Homeless Songs. Had Tuesday won I would have been quids in with my double. My profit of 5.5 was brought about by @richard-westwood's selection Additional winning so thanks to him once more. I feel that I am beginning to get the hang of tackling these wide open races. I used to think it was better to play safe with 3/4 possible selections under 9/1 and favourites at odds between evens and 2/1. After two years of wasting time on these beasts I now feel I'm better off playing the seemingly wider open races. In this regard @Zilzalianwas right. I needed to change tack. My thanks to him for that. In all honesty I don't feel that one necessarily gets a better run from an even-money shot as opposed to a 5/1 fancied runner in an open race. +5.5 points = MTD +69.32 and YTD -159.95
  12. Very little time today, don't know where it goes. Anyway, thought I would focus on @richard-westwood's races at the Curragh 2.10 Pirate Jenny 9/4 3.30 Tuesday 10/3 1 x 2 pt win double. Poss return of 30.87 points 2.10 Curr Elanora 1 pt at 15/2, Sister Lola (trainer/jockey out of form)11/1, She's In The Game 12/1 and Zaajirar 11/1, last = 0.5 pts win 3.245 Curr Homeless Song 1 pt win 11/2, Miss En Scene 12/1, Argatha 12/1 and Concert Hall 14/1, last 3 = 0.5 pts win 4.20 curr Rough diamond 1 pt at 15/2, Additional 1 pt at 8/1, Verhoyen 0.5 pts 7/1 and Big Goosey 0.5 pts at 20/1 Total stakes = 10 points Not brave enough for forecasts and Tricasts but best of luck to Richard 🤞
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