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  1. Yarmouth abandoned after 3rd race following fatal fall of Lord Chapelfield Hence 4.00 Terri Rules is a non- runner 8.15 Win Sir I'll chance It one point win at 14/1 with Bet365
  2. Yarmouth off after 3rd race following a fatal fall of Lord Chapelfiled
  3. Just one lay bet atm: 4.15 Hd Bolly Bullet £2.11 @ 2.88 = £3.97 Liab (um 3.05) Kept for In running Didn't get matched so no bet even though it lost
  4. 4.00 Yar Terri Rules one point win at 11/1 with Bet365
  5. Well sir, If you like watching football how many times does a missed goal turn on something that may or may not have been supposedly right to happen. As I have said before, penalise the jockey, penalise the owners and take away their prize money but DON'T change the result from a punters perspective. It won the race and I should be paid out. Simple as that. A horse taking a wrong course or a jockey not carrying the right weight is totally different in my eyes. Also, as I said, it should not make a hoot of difference if I was able to opt in to "first the post" and forgo a return on an amended result One man's meat and all that. I am glad that you are happy to accept all this; I never will. In any case how do you know for certain that the promoted horse would have won had it not been bumped. Nobody knows.
  6. One Trixie today for £1 = £4 (using Bet365 credits Poss return of £59.81 3.15 Hd Makana 2/1 (11/4 last night and backed into 2/1, can't lose can it?) 5.40 Win Magical Ride 3/1 (Lets hope that Megan Nichols gets the horse out of the gate a bit quicker this time) 6.15 Win Dashcaz 5/2 (I'm just a sucker for media hype) Win bets 3.15 Hd Makana £2 win at 2/1 4.45 Hd Amber Storm £2 win at 9/4 4.30 Yar Breath Of Joy £2 win at 7/2 4.30 Yar Invisaging £2 win at 9.6 = £16.34 (Exch bonus, hehe) 5.40 win Magical ride £3 win at 4.00 = £8.55 (" " " ) 5.40 Win Second Collection £1 win at 5/1 6.15 Win Wonderwork £2 win at 5/2 (should Dashcaz faulter) 6.15 win Top Breeze £1 win at 9/2 ( " " " ) Multiples = £4 Singles = £15 Total stakes £19 Mainly using bet credits on Bet365 and A £5 bonus on Betfair Exchange. Will account for winners/losers in the usual way though Have to come back later for lay bets
  7. All I meant was that if the bookies can set up instant bonuses etc for individuals why can't they set up an option for customers to accept either "first past the post" or "final result if amended" In that way punters like me will be happy to forgo a payout on an amended result in my favour if I can get paid out if the horse passes the post first (because of some kind of interference). In the event of a horse taking the wrong course or weighing in at the wrong weight it just gets disqualified so I wouldn't expect to be paid. I don't just want 2% commission on my Betfair Exchange transactions I will get it. I know that Betfair just follows the rules of racing and that they will never pay me out first past the post. I will be using Betfair mainly for my "Lay" bets. Sometimes I use them for win bets when the odds are much better than the largest odds on offer from the bookies. Hope this explains things a bit better.
  8. Haha, I'm new to the site and couldn't see it. So I just have to keep adding selections to the bet slip and then get the doubles and trebles options. It is just that I will need this when I desert Sportsbook and hopefully can still get BOG on Bet365 multiples as I won't be able to do so on Sportsbook as I am opting for 2% commission with my bets on Betfair Exchange. I knew it was a stupid question but, as you can see, I needed an answer. Very many thanks from one who is not so technically minded 😀
  9. I appreciate that this is the rules, however, I can't see why we can't have an option on the betting sites to settle for first past the post if we want to. As you say my stars must have come into focus for the Bet365 offer. And, as you have hinted they could change policy any time that they want to
  10. ROBBED on a stewards enquiry in the 3.20 at Sandown I had a win bet on Andaleep that won the race by a nose. The result has been changed by the stewards I don't care if it bumped the second horse. The fact is that it won and I should have got paid out. By all means penalise the jockey and/or take the prize money away from the owners BUT don't penalise us punters when we have a winner DISGUSTING I have just been told by way of a double result notification from Bet365 that they have paid me out. At least there is some justice in the world. Don't know who pays "First Past The Post"?
  11. Just one lay bet today. 3.55 San Thai Power £2.11 @ 2.10 = £2.32 liability This horse finished 2nd by an uncomfortable 3/4 length. Anyway I did collect £2 The balance c/fwd is now +£0.96
  12. Does anyone know if I can do multiple bets with Bet365; cant seem to see the option?
  13. I'm using a claimed £5 Accumulator bonus on Sportsbook for my 6 Double and 4 trebles today so a £6 bet is costing me £1 2.25 Nc Glen Shield 2/1 (£2 win at 3.3 = £4.37) 2.55 Nc Galatia 4/9 3.40 Leic Purdys Gift 7/4 (£2 win at 7/4) 4.10 Leic Musicality 6/5 6 doubles at 80p = £4.80 = poss return £14.50 4 trebles at 30p = £1.20 = poss return of £25.91 A Trixie for £1 = £4 poss return £157.00 3.25 Nc Derk Jedi £1 win at 6/1 3.10 Leic Anjah 15/4 (£2 win at 5.2 = £7.98) 3.40 Leic Purdy's Gift (£2 win at 7/4 = £3.50) Other win bets 2.25 Nc Volatile Ananlyst 50p ew at 22/1 3.25 Nc Cockalorium £1 win at 9/1 3.10 Leic Phucket Power 50p win at 14/1 3.40 Leic The Dancing Poet £2 win at 10/3 = £6.66 Multiple bets = £10 (using SB £5 bonus) Singles = £13.50 = Total stake today £23.50 I haven't been able to research Lay bet yet and this will have to wait until later after lunch and liquid refreshment Funny thing about using bet credits when one doesn't get the stake money back. If you back something each way you need a 10/1 winner to get your money back instead of a 5/1 winner!!!!! Not a great day. Musicality came 2nd so I only got back £4.28 for my multiple bet (lucky I used the £5 bonus on sportsbook). The Trixie completely bombed. Hence a loss on multiples of £5.72. The balance C/fwd is £623.84 (£800 Bank). The singles took a hit too. £13.50 laid out and only £4.37 return (BOG would have been better). Hence a loss on the day of £9.13. The balance C/Fwd is £327.49 (Bank £400) There is a class 2 race at Haydock tomorrow and a couple of class 3's at Windsor tomorrow night. Other than that I will have to make the numbers up with a few class 4 evnts
  14. 12.35 San Top Brass one point win at 10/1 with Bet365
  15. NB SWORD BEACH WAS A NON RUNNER IN THE 5.10 AT GOODWOOD 8.00 Chep Man Of The Sea one point win at 15/2 with Bet365