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*** York Ebor Competition: Well done to 1st daveg, 2nd glavintobuy & 3rd Donnyflyer ***
** September Poker League Result : =1st muttley & juanmoment, 3rd McG **
** September Naps Competition Result: 1st Mick33, 2nd BBBC, 3rd Rainbow, 4th Tipsterix. KO Cup Winner: CS333, Most Winners: Alastair **

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  1. Many thanks and best wishes to you and your each way selections today
  2. No Trixies today 1.00 Don Find £1 win at 11/2 2.30 Chelt Buddy Rich £1 at 10/1 4.15 Chelt Art Approval £1 win at 13/2 & Mullaghmore Wave £1 win at 12/1 5.25 Chelt Top Bandit £1 win at 9/2 £5 Total stakes
  3. 1.00 Don Find; one point win at 6/1 with Williamhill
  4. RESULTS UPDATE No winners today though I felt a bit unlucky with Newyorkstateofmind getting beat, but well done to the favourite. A £12 loss today makes my balance £796.44 (Bank £1056.22) We are spoilt for choice with quality racing later, however the going at Newbury is Heavy and it's soft at Doncaster so not worth doing a lot of work until we see if all the racing goes ahead.
  5. One main Trixie and an off the wall one too 2.30 Carl Deluxe Range 15/8 3.23 N Abb Orrisdale 11/4 (£2 win at 3.9 = £5.68 p if win) 7.30 Wolv Newyorkstateofmind 4/1 One £1 win Trixie = £4 = poss return of £97.80 1.38 N Abb My Lady Grey 5/1 (£1 win at 5/1) 3.05 Carl Ashoka 16/1 (50p win at 14/1) 730 Wolv Caroline Dale 4/1 (£2 win at 4/1) One 50p win Trixie = £2 poss return £363.50 3.40 Carl Mance Ryder 50p win at 9/1 Total stakes = £12.00 Good luck to all today
  6. 7.30 Wolv Newyorkstateofmind one point win at 4/1 with Bet35
  7. RESULTS UPDATE 3 winners today but unfortunately not in the same Trixie. One double in my main Trixie and Bigbadmattie won in the second Trixie. The double returned £9.00 and my 50p win bet on Bigbadmattie returned £4.00 This yielded a a net profit of £3.50. My new balance is now £808.44 (Bank £1056.22). One good thing about all this was that I chose Bigbadmatttie at 7/1 for my Nap bet instead of Taste The Fear that I also backed for a £2 win at 4.8. At least by choosing the longest price of my two fancies for the nap it paid off this time 🙂 5 meetings tomorrow; 5 class 3 races all over and one class 2 at Wolverhampton. I do get confused about whether there is quality racing in Ireland as they don't have our grading system. The 2.55 & 4.05 at Thurles look to be the best races with both 16 runners in each. Looking at the race conditions they appear to be equivalent to our class 4 races; but screening out the 0 - 79 horses.
  8. Hi Michael, @MCLARKEI obtained a price of 7/1 about this horse around 2pm today when I posted it up on racing chat. I believe that Oddschecker will reflect this. Just wanted to point this out as its eventual price was 7/2. Sorry for any inconvenience. Mike
  9. One main Trixie and another outsider one with some singles bets. 2.30 Font Haddex Des Obeaux 2/1 3.50 Nm Bashkirova 5/2 4.25 Nm Perseus Way 9/4 One £1 win Trixie = £4 = poss return £65.73 3.50 Nm Widdaad 11/1 (50p win) 3.58 Worc Bigbadmattie 7/1 (50p win) 4.25 Nm Walk The Stars 9/1 (50p win) one 50p win Trixie = £2.00 poss return £628.00 3.58 Worc Taste The Fear £2 win at 4.8 = Poss profit £7.45 Total stakes = £9.50 today
  10. 3.58 Worc Bigbadmattie one point win at 7/ with bet365
  11. RESULTS UPDATE No winners today so a £5 loss. This makes my new balance £804.95 (Bank £1056.22) Looks like we have about 6 races tomorrow class 2 & class 3 with horses at backable prices. I think that if I don't find what looks to be solid bets in the class races I will take a peep at the class 4 races as well in regard to trainer course and current form
  12. 2.40 Ex Whats Occurring one point win at 5/1 with Bet365
  13. Stuck with the class races today but not the favourites Trixie bet and singles 2.05 Ex Story Of Friends 9/1 (£1 win) 2.40 Ex What's Occurring 5/1 (£1win) 2.50 Nc Equiano Springs 12/1 (£1 win) 1 x 50p win Trixie = £2.00 = poss return of £524.00 Total stakes £5.00
  14. RESULTS UPDATE Just one winner and a Rule on that to boot. Also, this is not the first time that I have napped the so called good thing, Il Bandito in this case and the longer price horse has romped home. The loss today was 74p so my new balance is £809.94 (Bank £1056.22) I can only find 3 class 3 races and 1 class 2 tomorrow where the odds of the favourites are above evens. Another poor day's racing I guess
  15. 3.20 Bath Il Bandito one point win at 7/2 with Bet365
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