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  1. Well done. Just a quick question. How do you whittle down the qualifiers to a selection(s). Is it just based upon the top 1/2 out of all the races or is it something else? For example when you did the RPR/RTF trial you put up selections for all the races for the night and then took stock of an overall profit/loss. Whereas now you seem to have whittled them down. Just curious that's all
  2. Yes, a point is £1. If you disapprove of this strat, just wait until you see the one based upon trainer and/or jockey bookings. As you know I'm a masochist by heart 🙂
  3. Trixie based on horses weighted to win who are improving 3.50 Fak Bolsover Bill 7/4 4.35 Sou Sweet Idea 5/1 (1pt win at 7.0) 6.30 Chelt Furnicoe 9/4 1 x 0.50 Trixie = 2 pts poss ret 49.27 Single: 4.45 Win Tique 0.50 ew at 18/1 4tbp Total stakes today = 8 so far Not sure if I will make enough time for a trainer/jockey Trixie today. Getting late 4.10 Win Shantou Flyer 1 pt win at 5.4 Total stakes = 9 pts so far 6.30 Chelm Furnicoe 3 pts win at 3.45 12 pts stakes today in total ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Got carried away withy Mick Appleby's earlier successes and wasted 3 points on Furnico; finished 2nd Again. Just 1 winner today which luckily was my nap so an 8.80 loss on the day. MTD = -17.60 & YTD -41.30
  4. Trixie based on @The Brigadier's selections 2.40 Fak Desert Fortune 11/4 3.35 Fin Annie Magic 5/2 4.25 Fak Pachacute 2/1 (1 pt win at 3.25) 1 x 0.50 win trixie = 2 pts poss ret 37.113 Total stakes 3 pts Back later with poss 2 more Trixies. One based on horses weighted to win plus improvement on the last run and another based on trainer/jockey placements 3.00 Win Butterwick Brook 0.50 ew at 16/1 4tbp
  5. 4.25 Fak Pachacuti 1 pt win at 9/4 with Williamhill
  6. Best of luck with this. Just wondering what your computer ratings would flag up in these races? Am I right to assume that you are retaining these just for the big wide open races and do the computer ratings work best with handicap sprints?
  7. Trixie 2.45 Ex Judex Lefou 5/2 3.10 Leic Jacamar 15/8 7.00 Km Noisy Night 4/1 1 x 0.50 Win Trixie = 2 pts poss return 46.11 ------------------------------------------------------ 3.45 Leic Fay Ce Que Voudras 1.60 win at 3.15 & Mrs Grimley 1.40 win at 3.65 to make 2 pts profit. Fascinating race 4.30 Ex Astigar 0.50 win at 10/1 4.20 Leic Click And Collect 0.50 EW at 20/1 Total stakes = 6.50 so far 7.30 Km Bascinet 1.3 pts win at 6.2 8.00 Km Sword Beach 1 pt win at 10.5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Noisy Night let me down for a double. Both Sword Beach and Bascinet ran well but didn't win. -8.80 on the day and YTD -32.50
  8. Good point. Horse beaten 3.5 lengths. Had Venetia put on a 7lbs claimer she may have won? Let's hope she takes note of your advice Calva, I will 🙂
  9. Double today 2.35 Nc French Paradox 5/2 3.35 Lin Kenny George 10/3 (1 pt win at 5.2) 2 pts win double = poss return of 30.33 Total stakes so far = 3 points ----------------------------------------------------------- Done in by a springer in the market 4.10 Lin William Philo 1 pt win at 4.1 (It looks to be a worthy favourite to take this race) Total = 4 pts so far ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Very strange running by William Philo; he seemed to only wake up at the end of the race to finish 3rd by a head and a neck One last go for the end of the month. 5.30 Sou Regal Empire with Tom Marquand aboard 2 pts win at 6.2 for 10.19 profit Total stakes = 6 points today ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I feel a little unlucky not to have been in profit this month with my "back bets". MTD & YTD = -23.70. I am more than hopeful that I will improve my position next month. The Lay bets finished with an MTD of -6.40 = YTD. I did make a few mistakes at first and can only see improvements in the coming months.
  10. RACING POST UPDATING WEBSITE FROM 10 pm Should be down for an hour but outages will persist through the early hours of the morning
  11. Trixie 3.00 Her Bill Baxter 5/2 7.00 Wolv Gifted Gold 7/2 (1 pt win at 7/2 my PL Nap) 8.00 Wolv Haaland 11/2 1 x 050 win Trixie = 2 pts with poss return of 85.04 Total stakes = 3 points --------------------------------------------------------------------- Trust me to choose the wrong selections fro @The Brigadier' he has got 3 winners today. I will have to have a 1 pt win on Haaland at 6.4 in the 8.00 at Wolves. I would be mad if it won and I didn't back it. No harm done if it loses. Well done to the Brigadier again ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Came 3rd. - 4 pts on the day = MTD -17.70
  12. 7.00 Wolv Gifted Gold 1 pt win at 7/2 with Bet365
  13. Trixie at Sedgefield 3.10 Socks Off 5/2 3.45 Onestepatatime 10/3 4.20 Russina Virtue 10/3 (My PL Nap 2 pts win at 4.6) 1 x 0.50 win Trixie = 2 points poss return 57.40 Total stakes = 4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Two winners so a double plus a single = +14.45 profit This makes my MTD -13.70. Many thanks to @TheBrigadierin helping me select Russian Virtue, he got the last three on his list. Whooopee
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