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  1. Later races where there are possibly fewer nags to look at. Market movers and drifters 5.00 Bev No 6 11/8 from 2/1 last night. No. 7 drifted from 11/10 out to 7/2!! 5.25 Exe No.1 10/11 from 5/4 last night. No. 3 Out from 10/11 to 6/4 & No. 4 7/1 from 9/2 last night 5.55 Exe No.2 7/4 from 15/8 last night. No. 4 out to 6/4 from evens & No.3 3/1 from 5/2 7.25 Exe No.2 7/4 from 7/2. No 1 7/2 from 5/2, No 3 9/2 from 10/3 & No 4 11/2 from 7/2 7.55 Exe No. 1 solid 5/4, No.2 11/4 from 9/4, No 4 8/1 from 9/2 & some money for No.3 9/2 from 6/1 6.15 Che
  2. 8.15 Chelm Triple Distilled one point win at 18/1 with Bet365
  3. 3.15 Blu Boy £16 win at 2.28; Dillidingdong £5 at 4.4 RESULTS UPDATE The favourite won for me and I needn't have bothered with the insurance bet. It ran a shocker and was backed into something like 3.85 before the off. Anyway £15.17 profit on the day. My new balance is £1,021.85 (Bank £1056.22) A number of market drifters won today including @Barnes1882nap 2/1 to 7/1. I must admit if I'd backed it I would have tried to cash out. Betting markets are different to Marmite because I seem to love them sometimes and hate them at other times. One day I might understand them 😖
  4. RESULTS UPDATE My first bet was saved by an insurance bet. I feel that I was unlucky with my second bet. Beaten a neck by an unexpected 10/1 shot. Anyway net loss on the day = £11.43. This means that my new balance is £1,006.68 (Bank £1000.00). Lost about £50 since the start of my new campaign, however, I am convinced that I will be soon heading in the right direction. Four UK meetings tomorrow. I will only be looking at races where there are 4 or less runners with forecast odds of 9/1 an under in any race. I think that this will help narrow down the main players in the selected
  5. 4.30 Catt Bumble Beee One point win at 22/1 with Betfair
  6. Well, @Barnes1882 was spot on again. Probably encouraged me to do the insurance bet so I win 98p and don't lose on the race. I do hope that he gets the double up with his other Paul Nichols selection later on 🙂
  7. Stoners Choice is matched at 3.05. Trying to get £5 on Threeunderthrufive as an insurance cover bet. Just missed the price and struggling now. May leave it at I/r just for the start of the race. Now matched so I am hoping that Hughsie doesn't upset my little apple cart
  8. 2.30 Perth Stoners Choice £10.00 at 3.05 Um at 2.74 atm (was 2.86) . Dodgy jumper but the one to beat. No bet if price not matched 4.20 Lud Court Jester £12.40 at 2.66 (Matched) = £20.17 net profit if it wins Hopefully back later
  9. RESULTS UPDATE No winners today. Relkadam ran a shocker and Tico TImes apparently lost a shoe. = A £9.71 loss. My new balance is £1,018.11. Should have backed Burrows Diamond but, as they say hindsight is no sight 🙂
  10. 2.15 Epson Pythagoras One point win at 11/1 with Bet365 (Top rated both Timeform and RPR)
  11. I have no idea where all the times goes. I have only managed o look at 4 races at Sedgefield so far. 1.30 Sedg Relkadam £6.01 at 4.36 = £19.79 profit if it wins. Costly Diamond is all the rage with a best price of 11/10 atm. This horse is up in grade and up 5Lbs so worth taking on with the Brian Hughes horse 2.05 Sedg I like both Burrows Diamond and Ambassador, can't really dutch for a profit so I'll leave the race alone. 2.40 sedg Tico times £3.70 win at 6.6 = £20.31 profit if it wins. The horse is in great form of late and is a C&D winner. All the money for Skelton/Hug
  12. Many thanks for sharing your feelings. Don't worry about getting a bit of flak now and again; I have received much worse from other forums such as the Betfair forum. Also, whilst, I feel that it is critical to quote an accurate price at the time of posting for the Naps comp as there is prize money at stake, I don't think that it is nowhere near critical for you to quote current available prices when you obtained better prices overnight or early morning when making postings under "racing chat". If you got 6/1 and a horse is now trading at 4/1 good on you and just disregard the comments of di
  13. Well presented. I was just deciding between Ambassador & Burrows Diamond; looks like you have made my mind up for me. The only problem I have is whether to take 7/4 about a horse in a handicap. I can always just leave the race alone. A punter's most powerful weapon 🙂
  14. RESULTS UPDATE Not for the first time that my enthusiasm has got the better of me. Three losers and even the one I cashed out on almost won. This has caused a net loss of £28.40 and made a big dent in my small accumulated profit. My new balnce is £1,027.82 (Bank £1,000.00) Should do better from tomorrow onwards
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