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  1. (A) 2.15 Sed Hajey 11/4 (money) (B) 3.50 Nott Opera Ghost 5/2 @The Brigadier (C) 4.20 Nott Shaladar 7/2 (D) 5.05 Sed Creative Control 10/3 @Bang on (E) 5.30 Nott Ascending 5/2 @kensland+ money AE- BC-BD-CD 4 x 1.50 win doubles + BCD 1 x 1 pt win treble = 7 points poss return 164.96 Singles and Savers 3.50 Nott Manifested 0.60 win at 8/1 @trainmad091 4.20 Nott Bowland Park 1.10 win at 4.90 (money horse) 5.30 Nott A E Houseman 0.60 win at 7/1, Deferred 1 pt win at 9 and Tartan Chief 0.60 win at 17/2 @Donnyflyer 2.15 Sed Caliope 1 pt win at 4.2 and I am a Spiderman 0.60 win at 15/2 @mickyftm32 4.30 Sed Spantik 0.60 win at 8/1 5.05 Sed Hidden Commander 1 pt win at 3.55 Total stakes = 14.10 The 7.00 at Kempton looks interesting but very tricky. The 7.30 less tricky but no easy task. Don't know if @richard-westwoodwill have an interest in the 7.00 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not going well with only one winner I am trying a 0.5 win Trixie = 2 pts on Shaladar, Creative control and Ascending with a poss return of 59.25 points Opera Ghost very disappointing I'll try a 1 pt win double on Creative Control and Ascending Also will have 1 pt win on each of Mitrosofire at 9/1 and Diocles Of Rome @richard-westwood Total stakes now 19 points Two non-runners in the 5.30 so I'll have a last gasp attempt with 5 pts to win on Ascending at 3.10 24 points staked That's all folks for today ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Very frustrating day with 5 seconds. It seems amazing to me that Jayne Chapple-Hyam seemed to know better than Roger Varian which trip suited First Office in the 5.30 at Nottingham. Just 1 winner today and a couple of non-runners. This caused a loss of 17.40 which makes my MTD -27.96 and YTD - 201.94 Loads of short priced favourites in the class 4 and upwards races tomorrow. Looks like another tough day ahead
  2. 3.50 Nott Opera Ghost 1 pt win at 5/2 with Bet365
  3. Looks like you posted on the wrong day which seems very unfortunate. Perhaps you should check with @MCLARKE to see if it will be allowed as a winner on Tuesday
  4. 6.00 Sou Lincoln Rockstar 1 pt win at 6/1 with Bet365
  5. 7.30 Wolv Secret Moment 1 pt win at 9/4 with Bet365
  6. (A) 3.12 WIn Hamish 7/2 @The Brigadier (B) 2.30 Pon Improvise 4/1 (C) 3.40 Pon Gainsborg 7/2 @richard-westwood (D) 7.30 Wolv Secret Moment 9/4 @The Brigadier @Quartu SE @justanotherpunter (e) 5.32 Win Foden 6/1 @The Brigadier AE, BC, BD, CD 4 x 1.50 dbles & BCD 1 x 1 pt Treble = 7 pts poss 200.42 Singles and savers 2.30 Pont The Cookstown Cafu 0.60 ew at 11/2 @richard-westwood Many thanks 3.12 Win Graphite 0.15 ew at 33/1 @black rabbit 3.40 Pont Tangled 0.30 ew at 14/1 @richard-westwood Cisco Disco 0.60 win at 11/2 @nawoo and Distinction 0.15 ew at 40/1 @kenisbusy 5.32 Win Star Zinc 0.60 win at 11/2 @calva decoy and Secret Army 0.60 win at 8/1 @Peter York Total stakes 11.20 Missed out on @Bang on's winner Shandy Star earlier, well done to him as I am still kicking myself for not backing it All my multiples have lost. Secret Moment is a short price so I'm not tempted to lump on it. I already have about 9 points to come back so I will just have 1.10 to win on Foden in the 5.32 at Windsor for a 7 pts profit Total stakes 12.30 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RESULTS UPDATE Just two saver bet winners which produced a return of 9.06. Not one of my main bets won so I should feel very lucky only to have lost 3.24 points today. this makes my MTD -10.56 and YTD -184.54 I can only find 5 races in the class 4 and above category where the forecast odds are just about palatable. May have to drop down to class 5 to see if there are any trainer/jockey angles. Disappointing
  7. 5.13 Uttx Galice Macalo 1 pt win at 9/4 with Bet365
  8. Not one of my races but it looks as though the value has gone now. Very best of luck
  9. (A) 2.00 Kel Pavlik 10/3 @mickyftm32 (B) 1.25 Kel Onward Route @The Brigadier (C) 2.35 Kel Haute Esteme11/10 @waggy@sporting sam (D) 5.13 Uttx Gakice Macalo9/4 @The Brigadier (E) 4.38 Uttx Diablo De Rouhet 6/1 @The Brigadier AE, BC BD CD 4 x 1.50 dbles + BCD 1 x 1 pt win treble@ poss return 111.41 Singles and savers 1.25 Kel The Navigator 1.50 win at 4.40 2.35 Kel The Vollen 1.00 win at 4.4 The Arc 3.05 Longchamp Onesto 0.30 ew at 11/1 and Mishriff 0.15 ew at 28/1 Total stakes 10.40 I can't enthuse about other singles as the prices are a bot short. I will come back later if I feel I need a rescue bet Good luck to all Awful start. Will have 2 pts win on Galice Macalo at 4.1 in the 5.13 Uttx poss return 8.08 Total now 12.40 stakes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.38 Uttx Diablo De Rouhet 1.10 win at 7.4 poss return of 8.00 13.50 staked in total 5.13 Uttx Galice Macalo another 3 pts win = 5 at 3.86 = 14.01 profit if it wins Total stakes = 16.50 today RESULTS UPDATE Awful day today with just one winner and that was saver bet. Things can only get better My loss was -12.17 which makes my MTD -7.32 and YTD -181.30 Several meetings tomorrow but mainly class 4 events on offer. Let's hope for a change of fortune
  10. Haha, I see that the ATR race card shows the draw advantage for the race to be "High". I might have a small bet on Onesto and possibly Mishriff as I like the horse and Buick is aboard
  11. Hopefully, I have done these right this time @Bang on (A) 1.31 Nmj I'll Be There 13/2 (B) 2.25 Asc Hamish 11/8 (C) 2.47 Red I'm A Gambler 5/2 (D) 4.27 Nm Mellow Yellow 5/4 (E) 3.00 Asc Rohaan 10/3 AE, BC, BD, CD 4 x 1.50 win doubles and BCD 1 x 1 win Treble = poss return of 98.13 Singles and savers 1.51 Asc Came From The Dark 0.30 ew at 10/1 2.25 Asc Candleford 0.15 ew at 22/1 3.00 Asc Flaming RIb 0.60 ew at 8/1 3.36 Asc Simbolised 0.60 ew at 13/2 and Escobar 0.30 ew at 18/1 2.06 Nm Safari Dream 0.30 ew at 10/1 4.22 Nm Winter Wyldes 060 ew at 8/1 2.47 Red Dubai Poet 2.10 win at 3.45 3.57 Red Spirit Catcher 0.60 ew at 13/2 No time to list PL contributors but will do so if any win Total stakes 16.00 Good luck you all ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pity that Mellow Yellow didn't fire, it would have got me off to a great start for the month. Instead I had to settle for a won double of 11.58. Funnily enough my bet in the 3.36 at Ascot helped me make a profit. It wasn't rocket science. David O'Meara had 4 runners in the race and Andrea Atzini was on Escobar. I felt that I had to have a bit on that despite all the work that other members had done to put up various selections. My net profit was 4.85 on the day, so at least a positive start for the new month. My YTD is -169.13 I may be tempted to have a small bet in the Arc tomorrow but will focus on the jumps at Uttoxeter and Kelso if I get the time. I don't like betting outside the UK. Good luck to all brave punters who do though
  12. Well done for your efforts, many thanks. Just one question. Why do you run this to 30th September? Is it because it coincides almost with the end of the Flat season or is there another reason?
  13. So should this be AE, BC, BD and CD. Got a bit confused
  14. I feel a bit lost without the PL Napsters posting today Here goes for the multiple (B) 2.35 Asc Aggagio ** 15/8 @The Brigadier (C) 3.45 Asc Giavellotto ** 11/4 @The Brigadier (D) 4.20 Asc Lethal Nymph ** 7/2 @The Brigadier (A) 3.35 Hex Captain Tom Cat 11/4@Tumbleweed King (E) 4.00 Font The Golden Rebel 15/8 @The Brigadier A - E 4 x 1.50 win doubles at 1.50 = poss return 77.04 & BCD 1 x 1 pt win treble poss return 48.51 = Total stakes 7 points Back soon with some singles and savers 2.00 Asc Pocket The Profit 1 pt win at 6.00 @The Brigadierand Stone Soldier 0.60 ew at 12/1 @Tedthewolf plus Able Kane 0.60 ew at 14/1 @black rabbit 4.55 Asc Persian Royal 0.60 ew at 6/1 and Bullace 0.60 ew at 9/1 both @richard-westwood+ 1.30 Yantarni at 2.98 @The BrigadierNap Total spend so far 14.10 No luck and only one double left with The Golden Rebel and Lethal Nymph. I will place a saver bet on Silent Speech in the 4.20 at Ascot; 2 pts at 5.1 um at 4.9 Total stakes 16.10 today A complete blank so far today as my last double fails. I have placed 5 points to win on Lethal Lymph at 4.5 for 20.19 return. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lethal Nympth saved the day for me. Together with a small place return my profit was 1.41 points. This made my MTD +122.59 which was a very good month for me. My YTD stands at -173.98 so still a lot to do to eliminate the deficit by the end of the year. Tons of class racing later , hopefully I can stick to class3 and higher races
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