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** September Nap's Competition Result: 1st Boulder5111, 2nd Craig Bluenose, 3rd Barnsley Chop, 4th Zilzalian KO Cup: Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners: Waggy**
**October Poker League Result : 1st muttley £75, 2nd ian309 £45, 3rd thebestthere £30**
** Last Man Standing Result - Ivailobg/Cookro split 1st £125 / Larking22 1st Consolation Cup £50 **

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  1. 3.20 Weth Saint Xavier one point win at 150/1 with Bet365
  2. Well done on Awake My Soul, the outsider
  3. A non-runner 4.15 Nc No Civil Justice (JF 10%) one point win at 80/1 with Bet365
  4. 2.10 Weth Royal Village (BG5) One point win at 40/1 with Bet 365
  5. 8.00 Chelm Calvanist (SD) One point win at 11/1 with BetVictor
  6. Gone for some singles today 1.15 Nott Sword Beach (JF 10%) £1 win at 7/1 : fancied runners up in class 1.50 Nott Bedford Flyer (WB 21%) £2 win at 10/3 = £8.67 2.20 Nott Helvetian (WB 21%) £1 win at 13/2 = £7.50 2.50 Nott Multellie (EMc 7lbs recent winner) £1 win at 9/1 3.20 Nott Tinnahalla (WB 21%) £2 win at 7/2 3.20 Nott Little Tipsy (JM 17%) 30p win at 80/1 3.50 Nott Thorntoun Care (Ms A C 5lbs claimer) £1 win at 7/1 3.50 Nott Champaign Castle (SB) 30p win at 28/1 4.20Nott N Over J (SB) £1 win at 14/1 = £9.60 total singles stakes Hopefully
  7. Effectively 5lbs worse off because it had a very good claimer on board last time. What do I know; I'm going for Bedford Flyer with William Buick aboard. Good luck though
  8. 3.20 Nott Little Tipsy one (JM) point win at 80/1 with Bet365
  9. I love the way you keep going with long shots even though way ahead of everyone else this month. Possibly you could aim to get the most profit since 2016 tables began? Different tactics though apply to the KO Cup in my opinion. Good luck
  10. One Trixie today 1.40 Catt Rich Belief (KS) 13/8 3.15 Catt Redrosezorro (JH) £2 win at 7/2 4.25 Catt Carlovian (JH) £2 win at 4/1 One £1 win trixie = £4 v poss return of £106.49 Other bets: 12.40 Catt Miss Nay Never (JH) £2 win at 10/3 = £8.66 Has a 5lb pull with the favourite 1.10 Catt The Golden Cue (JH) £1 win at 12/1 1.40 Catt Seguauter (DT) £1 win at 6/1 2.10 Catt Ey Up Its Mick £2 win at 11/2 ( I think it will beat Hollie Doyle's horse) 3.15 catt Lucky Lucky Man (BMc) £1 win at 10/1 3.50 Catt Lara silver (DT) £1 win at 5/1 3.50 Catt B Fi
  11. Very well done in catching up Fader 👏. Will you be also be able to calculate the most number of winners table this month too?
  12. 6.00 Nc Glory Of Paris (KS) one point win at 22/1 with Bet365
  13. 1.15 Red Turn On The Charm (OM) £2 win at 3.10 = £4.12. Looks like Oisin Murphy's best ride of the day. Back later to look at James Doyle and William Buick's rides at Newcastle Not sure if I will get time to look at Brian Hughes' rides at Ayr as lunch will get in my way ================================================================================================== Well the market didn't like this one; around evens when I backed it and out to 85/40 favourite. To be honest I didn't like the winner that Oisin got called There's No Danger; however, it was backed into 11/8
  14. 3.27 Win Especially So one point win at 33/1 with Bet365
  15. I will post up what I feel to be a good bet with my top and in form jockeys and apprentices and restrict my selections to what I believe is an edge in respect of them. I missed out on Venturious yesterday with Ray Dawson 16/1 to 6/1 ( I didn't know that the prices of T D Barron horses with a good chance got slashed so much. If anyone knows how how I can get a list if gambling stables I will be grateful)? Anyway, one horse I noticed last night is running in the 3.42 at Aintree today. It is Clever As A Fox. This is ridden by Cillin Leonard a 7lbs claimer with a strike rate of 4/12 =
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