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  1. Takana i had as my nap at 50/1 (4th) second day on the trot my nap has been hammered from 50's yesterday to 9's and today 14's
  2. Well ive had that many txt msgs this morn i just thought i would have a little brag while i had the chance. its a long way down 🤣
  3. Its always worth a 50p rfc. Max use of your ratings.
  4. Off topic i am 6th in the world on the sky super6 not bad out of 1.5 million players. 😁
  5. Well Richard my ratings have made a liar out of me because Continuous comes out 3rd although i wont be backing it, missed out on the negatives that St Leger winners don't win Arcs, like i said that's a lot of negatives. Its a good and interesting debate though. I will post my full ratings later on. 🤣 I suppose @MCLARKE will be able to chuck some stats at us.
  6. Lots of negatives for me continuous, 1 O'brien's record in the arc. 2 hard race at donny 3 price is shocking 4 wrong trip doesn't seem to have the speed to keep up with this lot. 5 15L to find with ace impact. 6 hasn't beaten anything of note. 7 supplementary entries are an after thought (O'Brien knows his horses he never thought it was good enough 3/6 months ago so why the change of mind?)
  7. look at the stats for the prix neil and the other arc trials i have said previously in the recent past the arc winner usually started fav or won mostly the prix neil or one of the other trials. fully agree with your points about the fav they are 100% valid. Continuous for me would be running as an after thought which is not good by most measure.
  8. Got lots of thoughts on the arc and i am still formulating. I will give you a starter for ten tho O'Briens got a shocking record in the arc so you have done well to suggest the top two but from what i already know Ace Impact is as good a fav than i have ever seen in the arc other than Alpenista, and i dislike favs so will try to get it beat.
  9. Over the years the all weather produces the most consistent and accurate results. (beware of wet weather) you can even put multiple tick boxes in for many pluses even jockeys because some are brilliant on the AW and can win from any draw others are not so good. The only problem i have with aw is Newcastle for reasons unknown but i will work it out eventually. @MCLARKE is correct to highlight "there is less variability with going, type of course etc" the one negative is that most races have bottom tier horses so its basically for the average/mug punter bookie fodder to keep them betting. One mans fodder is another mans opportunity....
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