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** March Poker League Result : 1st rosco, 2nd muttley, 3rd Like2Fish **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Marek76, 2nd 1945harry, 3rd Budgie 65, 4th dj.orange, 5th Procalc **
** February Naps Competition Result: 1st adamross, 2nd paulat, 3rd rolandcooper. KO Cup Winner Fist2k8. Most Winners Zidane123 **


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  1. No regrets with that observation is there Calva? pity his other runner today was a NR coz i doubled them up but 6/1 was a bit of a gift even if to my eyes it wasn't as strong a bet as Huston Texas Its still filled my bank up a good bit more.
  2. We all have different views on how we bet and what on but like @MCLARKE says a 1/20 odds on winner is always better than a 20/1 loser, add to that if you think a horse should be 1/4 and you see 1/2 offered you must back it to good money that's what getting value is all about.
  3. 3:00 Donc- The Cammidge Trophy is sparking my interest simply because of the ground, Personally i think super fit is the most important criteria this time of year in ground like this and 40/1 looks far too big a price to pass on Spirit of Light who has been running at G3 level in Dubai this winter is not going to lack fitness, okay we don't know how it will handle the ground but we do know it stays further so it might just get away with it over this 6F. The key here is the 40/1 (1/5th 4 places bet365) on offer as i write. I have had a couple of tenners on this animal and will reevaluate on the day as to whether a few more is worth a play.
  4. Ermmm was it only you that took my BAN ALL ODDS ON SHOTS followed by Yayyyyyy and a load of laughing emojis seriously? I think most who read that saw/realised that i was sarcastically having a laugh, well i hope they did.
  5. Didnt do as well this cheltenham as the last one. my £200 @7/1 Siskin went down so that hurt, Honeysuckle winning covered most of that one, that boost on constitutional hill to 1/1 was a bit of a gift. My saviour was Venetia Williams who had a moderate cheltenham I managed to get 50/1 greenbook ew coupled it with pink legend 50/1 and added Heros at 10/1 (doncaster) and Royale Pagaille (up 2nd yr running) so 3 from 4 placed returning over 500/1 meant i finished the week well in profit.
  6. Your talking to a bloke that loves reminiscing, I learnt so much from a very quiet old man (Lenny rest his soul) who always was sat in a corner of a small bookies, I just listening to him reminiscing and giving me indirect advice. So i think maybe now that i'm the old man and should share some memories and or advice.
  7. I can't argue with this at all and would go as far to say why not 5? But my view is more simplistic, at the end of the day it is a fun comp so i would hope that all members of PL should think they could win it and it does pretty much give everyone a chance to win even if its just through chucking a few darts at the RP. I genuinely like nothing more than to see a fresh name win it now and again. I am not sure what the average points total is but i have around about +40 (median) in my head @MCLARKE would be able to give that figure more accurately than me.
  8. I have said in the past that my loss percentage goes up after i have had a decent win because for some reason i feel inclined to get a bit giddy and put more on and then after a while of losing i return to sensibility even to the point that when i am on a losing streak i control myself even more. It is only in retrospect that i look back and analyse my loses that it becomes blindingly obvious that i seem to like putting bets on more than i like winning 🤣 I read somewhere that a gambler was asked what the most important aspect of gambling and he replied "winning", he was then asked what his second most important aspect was and he replied "having a bet". 😆 I don't know if you keep a diary of your bets but if you do you will see how accurate what i just said is. And Okay with lucky 15's we only mess about with £3-£6 but as you know it does add up pretty quickly especially when putting a few on per day. I don't think you needed me to have said all this but it may be helpful to anyone reading these posts who may be new to betting on L15....
  9. 245 Chantilly Beryl the Peril 40/1 bet365
  10. Might be worth compressing it down to 1x L15 a day midweek Lee, works for me.
  11. It always amazes me how so much weight is put on a fav and the surrounding "noise", Like i said above and add on what you just quite rightly added and the fact it was N Richards only runner of the day and it just shows how people can become distracted from the blatantly obvious. That is not to say Houston Texas was unbeatable or couldn't have fell etc but my argument is that if people thought that it was a good bet for the Eider and many did then why or how could it be ignored in this class 4 run of the mill chase on a Thursday. Don't get me wrong i am not complaining about getting 11/2 for what i considered a 5/2 shot I am just amazed that i got it.
  12. Sometimes you see something in racing that beggars belief, Today in a class 4 chase at Hexham, Houston Texas won at 11/2 why does this beggar belief you may ask, well go back to the class 2 Eider chase where it went off at the price of 17/2, The Eider as we would all probably agree is a very competitive 4m 1 1/2f handicap and i am sure is on many a trainers targets for the season, More to the point many punters who i have respect for on this site tipped/mentioned it in various comments. Anyway thanks to "punters in general" short memories and lack of notebooks I would like to thank them all for letting this one slip under the radar and make me a months worth of profits where really it should have been a couple of days worth. If one retrospectively looks back at this race and previous form one might wonder why Twoshotoftequila went of fav and Houston Texas went off at 11/2, Anyway that's my musing for the day.
  13. I seem to remember once you betting favs ew to win the KO cup am i right?
  14. Occams Razor might say- BOG has become a problem in the competition so just do away with BOG in the competition.
  15. BAN ALL ODDS ON SHOTS in all comps Yayyyyyyyy 😂😆🤣🤣😆😂
  16. It wasn't a suggestion it was more a musing "a casual opinion" i also said or agreed with @MCLARKE that if it aint broken dont fix it is a goo philosophy because we can all have ideas but we would just be being picky.
  17. Agreed, why fix something that isn't broken is a good philosophy, we can all come up with different "ideas" but at the end of the day we would just be being picky.
  18. Its good to see a few more people having a bash, if this carries on we might have to have a L15 comp/table. 😂
  19. Personally i think the most winners comp is what it is but i have no interest in trying to win 10 points a month i have better things to do with my time however i do like looking at the different strategies that often have to be played at the end of the month to try to win, Its almost the opposite of the naps table where every bugger chucks in 100/1 shots on the last few days. i do think raising the 10 point threshold to say 15 points might make it more interesting. As would raising the Naps comp from 15 selections to 20 selections per month. Either way that's just my casual opinion not a request, I try to post a nap every day just because personally i think its in the spirit of the competition "nap of the day competition"
  20. My big intrigue is the Andre Fabre trained Baratti last seen finishing 2nd btn 1 1/4L to Alpinista over 12f at Saint-Cloud in the fastest 12f time i have for the last 3 years. the intrigue is why have we not seen it since last July? As soon as i get any indication that it is still racing i will be backing it for the Arc.
  21. I would go with @Wanderlust on this. sack bog altogether for the comp.
  22. Tricky one. I hate to say this and trust me i do hate to say it but the only totally fair way i see is to use SP only like they do on the SL naps table. The reason i say this is because the way things are going, we might be back here next month if/when they do away with BOG altogether. I am open to other suggestions.
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