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  1. 345 bath bells of peterboro 13/2 bet365
  2. oddly enough my "winnings" have not been paid either, maybe @MCLARKE can look into it or clarify.
  3. I tink thas takin thru tha pocket rich, winner came from a mile back continuous just wasnt quick enough to get in any position that might have helped and if it had of done the winner would have gone past it easily. The time was again unbelievable even for fast ground. Impact is in a league of its own. i have not got one horse on my 20+ years of speed figures that got near 150 and this bugger has done it twice now.
  4. Not often you get 14/1 for a guineas winner and a trainer in form. catch it
  5. Just goes to show you have to be aware of all things in racing even during these top notch days like Longchamp - great example Peter Schiergen had 4 out of 4 winners in Germany yesterday and today 3 winners from 3 runners.
  6. Great days racing in France today. Top notch racing all well supported with the best horses around. No six runner group1's here.
  7. They (365) always tend to be slower on the french racing.
  8. The draw at longchamp is not as bad as people think its position thats important don't be put off the one you fancy because of the draw. as for the arc itself a draw has never won but usually the best horse does.
  9. @LEE-GRAYS Noticed quian running in the last at haydock? its best form wins this. Nah time to give up on that one me thinks, might give 1 more chance if on jumps.
  10. You and everyone really need to know how the handicap works if you are ever going to bet seriously. Drop the derby winner into a top handicap and it will have to carry 14+ stone.
  11. Two out of three, i will settle for that. singles, doubles and a failed treble
  12. 2yo speed 150 ghost writer 225 porter fortuna 300 jasour
  13. Prix De L'Arc De Triomphe Sisfahan. German raider gets beat far too often to be considered an arc winner its only chance rests on a deluge and hock deep ground Haya Zark. Won Races but only on very soft to heavy ground 100/1 is about the right price. Onesto. Can run good races closely matched with Simca Mille place prospects maybe Simca Mille. Not to be underestimated as he won the Prix Neil last year but missed the Arc, has very good form by any measure and at 20/1 is well over priced. Bay Bridge. Can run a big race but 12/1 is poor value, another that gets beat far too often would be a poor Arc if this one won but has a chance. Westover. Quirky horse has got talent but often comes up short 6/1 is a shocking price. Hukum. Can't really fault this horse but I have the suspicion it's not good enough to win this Arc. 9/2 is probably a fair price. Place Du Carrousel. 20/1 about a Fabre horse is not to be ignored he knows how and what to do to win this race as he showed when he got Waldgeist to beat Enable among other genius plays. He has a line on some of these with Bravais. Through Seven Seas. Price reflects only one piece of form and that is being beaten ¼L by Equinox on GF ground so is bad value at 12/1. Free Wind. Got some good pieces of form and is no forlorn hope if running its best race. 16/1 is generous Mr Hollywood. Held by Fantastic Moon another who needs a downpour but even then will come up short. Feed the Flame. Fav for this years Prix Neil but comfortably beaten or given too much to do against Fantastic Moon my reverse those placing but I prefer to think Fantastic Moon won fair and square. The price difference seems a quirk of the noise to me. Ace Impact. On the surface of it this looks a very strong favourite with a big speed figure to back it up, it is unbeaten and has looked impressive in all its races the only negative being the trip but I wouldn't make too much of that 3/1 is not my idea of a bet but is understandable. The 8/1 I and a few others took looks a lot better. Fantastic Moon. German Prix Neil winner and won it comfortably to me and didn't look like it was stopping at the line. 12/1 is still good value even though it was chalked up at 33's earlier by Skybet. Obvious chance to my mind. Continuous. Can't have this one far too many negatives and a shocking price at 5/1 St Leger winners don't win arcs and that wasn't the best Leger we have seen. Might make me look a plonker but wouldn't touch it with the wifes money let alone my grannies. 1 Ace Impact 2 Simca Mille 3. Fantastic Moon. 4. Bay Bridge 5 Place Du Carrousel. F/casts and T/asts for me. Win bets placed -Ace impact 8/1,Fantastic Moon 20/1 Simca Mille 30/1. ZR SR ZSR GOING CRSE DIST ZR SR ZSR ACE IMPACT 152 119 271 GS,G,H ? 1 1 BAY BRIDGE 140 118 258 ST,GS,G OK 2 2 CONTINUOUS 136 121 257 S,GF,VS OK 3 3 3 SIMCA MILLE 128 111 239 G,S CD OK FREE WIND 124 119 243 H,S,G OK HUKUM 122 127 249 G,GS S OK 1 ONESTO 120 111 231 S,GS OK WESTOVER 117 126 243 G,GS OK 2 FEED THE FLAME 115 85 200 G,GS CD OK FANTASTIC MOON 110 85 195 G,GS CD OK PLACE DU CARROUSEL 100 104 204 H, VS, S CD OK MR HOLLYWOOD 98 0 98 H,S,G OK HAYA ZARK 82 79 161 H,S,G OK SISFAHAN 82 106 188 S,G OK THROUGH SEVEN SEAS ? ? ? GF,G ?
  14. Takana i had as my nap at 50/1 (4th) second day on the trot my nap has been hammered from 50's yesterday to 9's and today 14's
  15. Well ive had that many txt msgs this morn i just thought i would have a little brag while i had the chance. its a long way down 🤣
  16. Its always worth a 50p rfc. Max use of your ratings.
  17. Off topic i am 6th in the world on the sky super6 not bad out of 1.5 million players. 😁
  18. Well Richard my ratings have made a liar out of me because Continuous comes out 3rd although i wont be backing it, missed out on the negatives that St Leger winners don't win Arcs, like i said that's a lot of negatives. Its a good and interesting debate though. I will post my full ratings later on. 🤣 I suppose @MCLARKE will be able to chuck some stats at us.
  19. Lots of negatives for me continuous, 1 O'brien's record in the arc. 2 hard race at donny 3 price is shocking 4 wrong trip doesn't seem to have the speed to keep up with this lot. 5 15L to find with ace impact. 6 hasn't beaten anything of note. 7 supplementary entries are an after thought (O'Brien knows his horses he never thought it was good enough 3/6 months ago so why the change of mind?)
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