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  1. Often happens with these old horses when the race is perceived as weak as this one was with a dodgy fav. i quite like these races because they often produce a decent forecast if you leave the first 3 in the betting out of it. as it was i missed out by a nose in this one, needed the 3rd (28/1) 1st or second it would have paid over 150/1
  2. Bit of a turnup there Calva but on the plus side the Fabre horse Sober won returned me 10/1 on bet365
  3. Off topic a litttle here but does anyone else think that 16/1 on the 4-0 liverpool v Man utd was stingy?
  4. You seem to like French racing. First thing i check out in racing is the French races, there are some cracking bets to be had like the Menusier double last week, Shiergan is worth a good look when he sends one, Fabre tends to be all too short prices but often gets 2/2 or 3/3. I dont know about you but i seem to be able to do better percentage wise on the french than the English stuff. wouldn't argue against your choices today. so will add in that i think the 2 fabre horses are at the right price. the race you mentioned 3:27 joesjosephine (50/1 had good time figures early last season) is going to cost me money again today, that bugger wont win until i stop backing it. My speed figures have it. Cattura 221, Attagirl 199, Guilded 179
  5. Why not bet on the flat? Jumps is worse this time of year most of them are cream crackered. just think if you had had trixies on Buick or Appleby you would have got a few up by now. plenty of trainers are having multiple winners why not pick a trainer/s that has 3 or 4 runners (not massive stables like gosden, Johnson Fahey) ie Menusier, Fanshawe, Charlton, Morrison. to follow? try anything as long as it isn't what your doing now and i do respect what you have said in past etc but it just isn't working is it? Personally i think you need to get away from these short price horses because once you start losing your bank it is so hard to get back in front at least with a trixie at 4/1+ you have a good chance of wiping out your loses in one bet.
  6. 510 Yarmouth Value bet Fabiosa highly tried last year and got peices of form at levels the others don't have, at 20/1 is a bet.
  7. My ocd doesn't like the word "tuesday" missing from this thread, 🤣😂
  8. POTAPOVA a typical Micheal Stout horse to improve and can win good races this season.
  9. I notice a lot have gone for My Astra the Haggis horse and i can understand why. This is the most intriguing race today for me. Last year i had just 2 horses to follow One was the Fabre trained Midtown the other was Potapova neither delivered. Potapova won FTO at 1/5 so was no bet for me. it then had various excuses in good races therafter but looks to me like a typical M Stout improver he will have ironed out last seasons problems and i expect this horse to reach the top level conditional on whether it can do on turf what we know it can do on the AW. My Astra is no value at that silly price today but Potapova at around 5/2 is fine. so im am adding it to my "NOTEBOOK Horses thread" Well i was correct in my assumption of the price of the fav, Potapova i think will come on for that and ran fine, Looked like jockey tried to beat the wrong horse and took his eye off the race in my opinion. but we shall see.
  10. Baratti wins 2/1 advised (ep)
  11. Some pretty decent races in france (longchamp) today, Fabre has a strong hand in many the only problem is they are usually very bad value so its wise to look for the "false" prices and punt against them, one that stuck out last night was Acer Alley who looked very smart on occasions last year and 12/1 represents good value in my opinion.
  12. As highlighted in Notebook Horses Barati runs at Longchamp 435 it is 2/1, i wont mind betting it ends up evens Baratti another one from the notebook wins after being headed in the straight (looked beat), unusual performance 2/1 advised.
  13. Speed figures for today 132 muss value theory 7/1 225 newb symphony perfect 16/1 300 newb perfect power 7/4 520 newb Valsad 11/1 last month i highlighted a horse that ran at maydan in a race in which was won by Manobo in an incredible time, the horse in question was 6l back in forth at 66/1 stepped up in trip, after the race i highlighted it on here and recomended it be backed if not at meydan but when it returns to these shores. the horse runs today 314 Musselburgh at a nice price of 10/1 ENEMY wins easily, nothing is better than watching and noting races
  14. TV races only......to be clear if your horse wins at 4/1 or higher and you bet £5 on it you then put £5 on the very next race if it loses they will give you your £5 back (not in credits) if you back the winner of the last tv race then your free £5 will carry over until the next TV race (it might even be a week later)
  15. funny thing is that there is a big gap around manchester and to the north of manchester, you would think that is a big area with no course and a big population.
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