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  1. There are some very sensitive people on this site.
  2. First 2yo patern race in england, not much to go on but value can always be found in these races so here are the numbers for speed. 150 york 1 primrose ridge 120 16/1 6th 2 beautiful eyes 119 12/1 4th 3 lost angel 116 16/1 9th thoughts on other tv races 205 newb mitrosonfire good value at 10/1 if tuned up on seasonal debut. took a walk in market 225 york rishes baar will give this one more chance, something seemed amiss lto but 20/1 is value no show 300 york miramachi good form over this trip last season and Dascombe needs a tv winner for cred now he is independant 4th bumped but no excuse 335 york thunderous ran well behind Hamish lto and 11/1 seems good value to me against an aging stradavarious which is far too short fto this season. ran a good race and was arguably a tad unlucky having nothing to race against
  3. Expect O'Brien to stop Desert Crown with one or two of his 5 or 6 entries in the Derby so that price is ridiculous, if you doubt this go look at every Derby that O'Brien has had multiple runners.
  4. Bit of fun ew tickle on a tele watching lucky15 20pew=sick squid. 150 york Graphite 25/1 225 York Devilwala 40/1 330 york hurricane ivor 25/1 (just took 40/1 price boost bet365) 410 york Ha long bay 20/1 Well that one went down like a dead squid.
  5. 835thirsk forecast £965.00 exacta £2,038.00 tricast £76,340.00 nice work if you can get it @richard-westwood
  6. yes hard to criticize jockeys at chester unless they ride 3 or 4 wide, i don't blame moore just sods law all those winners and he loses on my max bet but thats how it goes sometimes and you just have take it on chin.
  7. i think that is good evidence (todays race) that restorer wasnt ridden out yesterday costing punters a place.
  8. I don't think red mirage will be beating boosala again, i personally think Boosala is a group horse was very unlucky here. max bet going down for me. i should know better at chester.
  9. I backed restorer and it was dropped back when he realised it had no chance, should have been placed (no enquiry) interesting to see what it does today if it isn't a non runner.
  10. The 830 at Kempton last night is a prime example of why you should never seriously bet on low level Handicaps.
  11. it was someone on here that told me and i checked when i had got some up and what he said was true. The forecast is derived at from a "secret" formula that the bookies cooked up years ago and have updated several times since, that last "cut" being if horses are drawn side by side (track bias). forecasts are returned to a one pound unit stake so are settled to that unit ie if you have 50p on you get half the forecast returned. 47p and you get 47% back unlest you have taken an earlier price on bet365. forecasts were traditionally worked out by adding 1 point onto the sp of the 2nd placed horse and then multiplied together with the sp of the winner but we are a million miles away from that now.
  12. Bet365 give best odds guarantee on forecasts, so someone on here told me last year, i was sceptical and so i checked and found that he was correct. when you put your forecast on you can click "see odds" on your slip and it will tell you what they are at that time, note it down and check against the returns in the Racing post results if you collect. Same with tricasts.
  13. Speed 130 ches ocean cloud 7/2 2nd 205 ches 1 navello 131 13/2 1 shamlaan 131 11/2 3rd 3 resilience 130 16/1 240 ches 1 Improvise 113 22/1 2 morning poem 111 11/1 340 ches 1 auditor 124 8/1 2 ever given 123 11/4 1st 3 lucky man 120 12/1 3rd Update all this rain will affect these numbers....
  14. Another day of absolutely shocking race planning think they need to go back to a proper break for the jumps, ITS THE FLAT SEASON but you wouldn't know it from this garbage.
  15. Someone did some research on Spencer and it found that he was fine on big open courses like Newbury and Newmarket but that his style (for want of a better word probably "stuborness" is a better one) is just not suited to tight tracks or even semi tight tracks. People have forgotten that as a younger man he got the top job at Ballydoyle, they got rid of him quickly for a reason.
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