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  1. @Torque Yep what you say is true, i have said on here in the past, basically they offer the non runner on the last leg, or two nr's if you have two winners to start and two to run. Interestingly there have been a couple of occasions where common sense dictated that i cashed out, a few years ago i had 2 winners going onto a 66/1 shot then the last leg was around 4/1, cut a long story short i had put the same bet (20p L15) on twice at the same time. the 66/1 shot was backed down to under 10/1 the more it got backed the bigger the cashout, it reached £290 from a starting point of £55 so i cashed one of the Lucky 15's out. other occasions where one might CO is where your last leg is a short price ie under 2/1 because the CO wont be too far off the end result of a winner. Having said all that, As a general rule never cash out unless you have a very very good reason to is my opinion based on 40+ years experience because as you have pointed out it is a real bookie scam and bears very little on the odds/chance involved. I am talking about Lucky 15, 31 63 and yankees et al, straight accas i will leave to other to debate as i don't do them eg football et al.
  2. Ah well one thing is for sure you can't buy that sort of excitement (or stress) its priceless and your £80 quid up @LEE-GRAYS
  3. lets hope it dont come 8th ffs 😂
  4. well you could just take a pic of bet and post it as an attachment if you cant work it out i assume you are using a phone?
  5. Lucky 15 won the 720 at chelmsford 😂
  6. @LEE-GRAYS chewin his finger nails and arguing with @Carole-dawney threatening the dogs and thinking he can plant 100,000 spuds, 6 cabbages, 240 carrots, and some pretty nice sweet peas with that money and still have change for a new greenhouse. 😂😂😂 We can see you wearing the carpet out Lee boy.
  7. No Fookin cashouts allowed unless its over £10,000 😂
  8. Too true Harry and if it loses he gets £80+ for a £3 bet. i would as should anyone take that all day long. @LEE-GRAYS How often would you get a chance to win £1,700 quid for three dabs mate? no brainer.
  9. Good luck Lee there is quite a bit in your favour to be honest, well drawn, good jockey, likes aw, and the fav is out in carpark and not that strong in my opinion and yours has been backed so hold your nerve. like you said you won about 80 quid if it loses, so alls good in the lee hood and i am waiting for Lee Dragon at longchamp thats gotta be a sign 😂
  10. Slap me daft it might be obvious but whats those brackets? due to the rarity of getting all 4 winners. Think the prices probably justify the acca as 25pew instead of 50p win in my opinion.
  11. How about a Royal Ascot L15 challenge. 1 A day 20p win or 10pew must post screen shot of an actual bet. Who's up for it?
  12. Did you back 3 losers in that race? wow!!!!
  13. Well how about this for where you go "significantly" wrong- what you do is you put the horse last instead of first. Lets say you fancy a horse, back it and if the other criteria supports it then back it to higher stakes. Back to what you said Who/what persuaded you? Nothing persuades or dissuades me apart from myself. Best strategy for you in my opinion is stick to 4 horses a day exclude faves and max £6 stakes= 20p L15 and divide the other £3 into your 2 biggest price horses to £1.50. Said before try it for a month to see if your losses reduce if you get a treble by my reckoning it will wipe out your total loses for this year. The real biggie is stop being scared of losing it is stopping you from winning. As for ace impact it will probably be no price for me to back i am hoping to mop up as much of the 8/1 or 9/1 before it runs, the same strategy i use for many of my anti post bets as shown for Corach Rambler in the Grand national Not a great betting proposition in such a huge lottery type race so i was conservative £30 on at 20/1 and £25 at 10/1. i mopped up 20/1 on 6 different occasions so every time i had a bit of a win i backed it, on the day it opened up 10/1 so i had a bit on that as well. i am also looking at Novel Legend in the Northumberland plate at around 14/1.
  14. How many Jockeys or trainers get 4 winners in a day jockeys can only ride 7 horses a day ok trainers can have a good few horses but you try picking which horse Fahey or Johnson will win with? Your whole approach is wrong, Told you before if you don't change your thinking you will carry on racking up those losses. it is easy to find the best horse in the race, in handicaps its number 1 on the card the hard bit is knowing if they will win or not, i know the fastest horse in any given race but i got to know when to leave them alone until everything or almost everything is in my favour. how many horses have you got in your notebook? now be honest.
  15. Nice Craig, pity about the loser, it always seems to be the shortest price that cocks it up but nice return for £2.25 makes it all the sweeter.
  16. Ace Impacts performance was like something i have never seen before, the speed figure was gob smacking even topspeed in the RP has it huge, I have done speed figures for 30 years and i have never seen anything like that before ever not even close to it. Its 9/1 for the arc if it runs (he said thats the target) it wins in my book. i have had £50 quid on and will be backing it every time i win a bit, my aim is to get at least £300 on. My only caution is only based on losing if its a NR. Unbelievably that donkey of O'briens is fav.
  17. Exceptions to the rule Micheal and also class racing as you know is a world of difference to the dross spewed out daily. I have trainers that i follow but i generally do them to small stakes lucky's. My serious bets 95% of the time are pattern races based on Going, Distance, and most importantly for me, Speed figures, and to a lesser degree courses. (Fabre's runners produced a profit Sunday as they have done the last 4 weeks) My point to Equaliser is- if he is even thinking that trainers and jockeys are the road to cutting his ever increasing loses as his method of betting he is i hope you would agree is on a hiding to nothing. His problem as far as i can see is he is one dimensional based around his fear of losing. I was stunned when he said you were spending your winnings on and costing people a lot of money with your lucky 15's. If he is making rash judgements without evidence/checking then he has a problem.
  18. I keep telling you that horses win races. Jockeys and trainers stop horses winning they have to do it to fool the handicapper and stay competitive and you will never be privvy to that information. You need to build a data base around horses concentrate on that simple fact and you may well see an improvement in your returns. little example. Lets see if you or anyone else can tell me what the best horse of the last 7 days is.
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