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** April Poker League Result : 1st Rhino_Power, 2nd muttley, =3rd Elliott Sutcliffe & Rav **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Soi Bongkot, 2nd Power900, 3rd Gazza's United, 4th Trotter, 5th Rainbow **
** April Naps Competition Result: 1st PercyP, 2nd daisychain, 3rd Costello, 4th silver fox. KO Cup Winner Kingdom for. Most Winners bymatrix: **


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  1. 235 super citizen 310 agusta gold 350 burning victory 425 ten ten 500 fil dor 530 the very man 605 path d'oroux 635 amir kabir
  2. 340 jigginstown king 415 rightplacerighttime 450 rapid response 525 adagio 600 highland charge 635 poli roi 710 watch house cross 745 great name that
  3. Usually im always last being a ZED but a clever zed leaves a couple of races out just so he aint arse end 🤣
  4. SPEED 150 newm that Subastar was bloody quick last race 225 newm Eldrick Jones is massively over priced at 18/1 Big Boys Fun Lucky 15 The 2 above with 240 Good Atlantas boy (needs a really fast pace over this trip but the 11/1 price is right) 315 Good Save a Forest 9/2 is fair (sneaky boys got 2 in it though)
  5. well i would assume as long as no odds on, there would be no break even shots only wins because even, fav 2nd fav 3rd fav would produce a profit same for f/c. with respect, if your going to play that safe it/they are not the bets for you. trust me you will never win long term with short odds, with fc and tc's. On a separate note i am curious. how many losing days have you had compared to winning days? i would seriously consider scrapping everything i am doing and rethink everything if it is 75% or over which i suspect it is. you really need to break the cycle. Friendly advice. why not try combining 3 on here and try them in a trixie or because of the bigger price of richard a patent without the cover bets, they get plenty of winners and you know who they are if you include one of @richard-westwooddecent prices and say @MCLARKEselection and one of any other, i suspect you will pick up the odd good payout steering clear of odds on shots. its got to be worth a 6 month trial at less than 10 points per day. or even a patent plus the 3 win bets for a cost of 10 points.
  6. 340 only sky 415 exit poll 450 neverushacon 525 ashdale bob 600 silver sheen 635 coeur sublime 710 minito park aa 745 sir jimmy mac
  7. Your words are a bit harsh Roger we all have different circumstances and i applaud you for what you did. My wife, a bonny girl, had a tripple heart bypass and an infection thereafter, i have quite severe copd and although i managed with help from the kids and friends it was both mentally and physically exhausting.
  8. You are indeed correct in my opinion about if you haven't made a profit in 12 months then surely something is wrong so you must reduce your stakes and more. I also agree that it really is essential that you keep records. This is not contary to what i said but maybe i should have included a timeframe that can be as low as 3 or 6 months if you bet daily but definitely give up what you are doing and try something different if it stretches to a year. last year i made a slight loss so went over the years records and identified "wasted" bets which usually happenned after a decent win and i got a bit giddy for want of a better word.
  9. There are many with counter arguments (with the exception of the double your bank double your stake, half your bank half your stakes which is a sound system) I personally i think you are in the wrong game if you can't take a loss or losses for the very reasons you state. If you have an edge and if it is slieght edge then reducing your stake removes that edge and gives it to sod's law. Also again from a personal point of view, if you have to cover bets you make your on a hiding to nothing and will lose even short term. the simple way is to identify your bank and expect or be prepared to lose it, that may sound counter intuitive but as long as your not pin sticking apart from pulling your hair out now and again long term you will enjoy the successes that you have far more than cry about your loses. The main thing about betting and in particular in my case on horse racing i have a simple answer to my critics and that is this, It is my hobby, hobbies cost money but in my case i can occasionally make money which i can't do spending my money on nights out or fancy dinners or nights on the lash. the moral is as they always say, dont bet what you cant afford or are prepared to lose. Yes i agree that taking a break is far better than reducing yourstakes because once you reduce your stakes you are in effect admitting defeat as opposed to reassessing why you are losing which you can do far better by taking that break.
  10. If your fear of backing a loser is greater than your desire to back a winner you will never win long term.
  11. 340 brazos 415 camino rock 445 classic getaway 520 minella crooner 555 galvin 630- 705 discordantly 745 jetara
  12. Its a good policy for small stakes bets but in group races i tend to do big bets so have to take speed into account i dont do variables i just use pure figures never adjusted it seems to work better, not sure why to be honest but it does, if a horse runs and wins 5 times leading up to a group race but has never produced a decent speed figure then it is a big negative for me. One great example was Tenby in the derby a good few years ago 1990 i think trained by Cecil 4/5fav and was beaten 23 lengths that derby was won by cecils commander in chief his second string.
  13. Speed figure is nothing to write home about so tempers enthusiasm a little but yes it did look impressive in what only can be described as a moderate race. might be special but a tad of caution needs factoring in.
  14. SHOCKING....talking of forecasts the 415 punchestown just shows how much the bookies have murdered them over the years, back in the day it was normal to add one point to the 2nd's sp and times them. look at that result 20/1 1st 100/1 2nd and it paid 382/1 under the old system it would have been over 2000 quid people these days who get that up would be delighted with the 382 not knowing that they have had their pants pulled down big style. nowadays given all the excuses the bookies have come up with to cut fc and tc's the minimum should surely be a bag of sand for going against a well odds on fav. @richard-westwood
  15. heres what i do. lets assume 10p stakes for tricast, 24 (4 selections) bets = £2.40 then do either abc correct order for 60p. or alternatively correct order abc and bca for 30p total cost 3quid you might get double lucky. it wouldn't have worked yesterday for the straights but you would still have had over 330 quid and change for the 10p always tc. More commonly i play with 3 selections 6x 50p fc and 6x 50p tricasts total six quid. had some whoppers over the years. Check back on ur bets to see how many/much you would have/could have won to see if it is viable for your ratings. like you said you dont need many at good prices to make good money.
  16. 24 tricasts in 4 selections. 12 in fc in 4 selections ie ab,ba bc,cb cd,dc da,ad db,bd, ac,ca. the tricast would have returned £333.00 to a 10p unit stake=£2.40 which would have wiped out your losses this year and change left over for fish chips and peas and your bus fare home..........
  17. 340 Mighty Meggsie 415- 450 Still Standing 525 Envoi Allen 600- 635 Lifetime Ambition 710- 745 Summer Gayle
  18. I did tell you....................now you will be addicted 🤣
  19. big prices? Whack the fc and tricast on that will get you addicted. 😀 I do speed figures and have always said no point in rating a race if you only go the winner. if i am accurate and the prices are big why not use all that time and effort you put in to max effect.....you dont need many to fatten the wallet.
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