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  1. Just waiting on final decs and prices but rated current 28 runners Tote scurry Ice cold in alex 255 +3 Manshood 252 +2 True moon blue 251 +2 These 3 are clear of rest ....i like the look of top 2 but cant rule out true moon as jp o brien so will hinge on prices as may havecto back all 3 cold in alex has met trouble in both previous runs yet still managed to post decent times ....with a clear run he coukd be too fast for these ....interesting and classy race ....will update tommorrow
  2. 345 fairy Silk cravat +4 Hey pretty +3 Forza libranno +1 Only these three with positive figures but ill take top 2 Silk cravat 10ptsxwin 5/1 willh Hey pretty 5pts win 10/1 888
  3. 1st and 3rd .....ordinarily id split bank 55 and carry 55 over to next week but with bad run of horses recently ive recouped all recent losses so ill start afresh next week
  4. Bunbury cup Alemaratayoum +4 Admiralty +4 Vale of kent +2 Only 3 with positive figures so ill try 10pt wins at 10/1 ...14/1 and 22/1
  5. Bet365 hcap Magical wish +4 255 Woven +3 252 Good odds available in classy race so worth taking early prices Magical wish 10pts win 12/1 lads Woven 10pts win 16/1 corals
  6. Hope for a better run today ....last few just havent turned up even though well fancied .... 2.00 wolv Peachy carnhan 211 Spennys lass 209 Decent odds available so worth a play 10pts wins 8/1 b365 ...and 14/1 willh
  7. 230 ayr Hello girl 233 Vallarta 230 These 2 are a few points ahead of the rest....interesting race .....hello girl won a conditions race in what looks a very fast time for this grade so could be a class above but james sullivan has wonnthis race for ruth carr the past 3 years and they team up again with vallarta to play in interesting race Hello girl 10pt win 9/2 bet365 Vallarta 10pt win 7/1 b365
  8. Old newton Al muffrih +4 5/1 lads First eleven +2 9/2 b365 Coral charge Caspian prince +3 7/1 pp Muthmir +1 7/1 b365 4x10pt wins ......
  9. 400.muss Ishebayorgrey 226 Forever a lady 223 These 2 are 8pts clear of next horse so ill rry and squeeze a bit out on quiet day Ishebay 8pts win 5/2 wh Forever 4pts win 5/1 betv
  10. 545 ham Dancing mountain 225 Ill be good 223 These 2 are 6 pts clear of next horse so gotta be worth a punt ...might have a rev forecast too Dancing mountain 6pts win 3/1 b365 Ill be good 3pts win 9/1 bet365 2x1 pt rev forecast at 29 and 35 ...bet365
  11. 245 york. Lake volta 260 Great prospector 258 Savalas 253 Classy open race but top 2 are 10 and 14/1 so look excellent value ...worth a play Lake volta 10pts win 14/1 b365 Great prospector 10pts win 10/1 b365
  12. 450 curr Crochet 255 Bungee jump 252 Thesex2 are a little clear in an open race so ill chance it Crochet 5pts win 4/1 b365 Bungee jump 2pts ew 12/1 corals
  13. Gonna start doubling up on big races from now on ...10pts wins and if win ill bank half and carry half over to next big race ....coukd pay big bonuses once in a while and gives a bit of action each week North plate ive narrowed to 2 Time to study +4 16/1 wh Kings advice +3 11/1 wh 2x 10pt wins
  14. Rockingham Incredibly open race with the likes of el astrnaut competing I have dark shot and duke of firenze my top 2 rated so with both 9/1 they look value bets ew Dark shot 5pts ew 9/1 willh Duke of firenze 5pts ew 9/1 willh