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  1. 625 kemp new method Manton Grange Rampant lion Drawn wide which is negative but only 2 with positive scores so I'll try ew Manton Grange 2pts ew 10/1 pp Rampant lion 2pts ew 12/1 whill
  2. 345 york new method End column is sheets estimation of what the horse is potentially capable of above or below the class of this race ....doesnt mean the highest will win because there are other factors but from a betting perspective it seems to have narrowed to 4 horses ... Amomentofmadness Koditime Holmeswood Harome Also positives for el astronaute and copper knight although last 2 look exposed now so ive overlooked Will examine prices and confirm bets once decs confirmed Some amazing prices currently on offer .....harome and koditime at 25/1!!....ill have 5pt wins at that antepost .....wont get those prices later ......holmeswoid is well treated but is way out of form and id rather had showed something so i think.ill drop him and stick to other 3
  3. 525 nott ..New method Only left 1 horse .....lively Lydia Has to overcome 200 day layoff which is big negative but only horse left in ratings and available at 12/1 with bet365 .....gotta be value ...3pts ew
  4. 245 Carl ...New method Luis vas De Torres Proud archi Signor piccolo Very open race ...lots of maybes...ordinarily I'd probably leave alone but signor piccolo is much better at 5f so that makes the 12/1 and 14/1 on top 2 Luis and proud look fantastic ew value so I'll play 2x3pt ew 12/1 and 14/1 pp and b365
  5. Disappointing to say least....anyway you get the jist ....ill stick to my own ratings though lol ....barely enough time to do them let alone these too
  6. Always worth a go ...Copper knight wins ...about 160pts returned ....edit 170pts
  7. 335 York ...New method Left three Firmament 20/1 Waarif 14/1 Escobar 16/1 3x 4pt wins ...6x1pt rev forecasts
  8. 150 York ...New method Left 2 horses Just another bottle 20/1 will h Copper knight 12/1 will h I'll try 2x 10pt ew .....just have a shot at a big payout never know
  9. Tomorrow's Dante Almania 25 Japan 13 Line of duty 9 Nayef road 20 Surfman 23 Telecaster 20 Too darn hot 5 Turgenev 19 Landslide either too darn hot or line of duty ....Line of duty no mug either so dutch i think 7.91 at 5/4 Too darn 2.09 at 15/2 line of 7.80 profit either
  10. See i was always taught that you use the highest prizemoney races but this is where vdw gets complicated as there are so many so called variations the basic theory he only considers the top 5 non hcaps yet the die hards say he only ever backed when the top rated horse was in the top 2 in betting ...uurgh
  11. Thats worked quite well over the years with diff systems ....its just seems a quick and easy way to narrow down the racing ....I think once you get over 10000 everyone is there to win and that's mainly what your looking for .......personally I'd rate all races atvthe big meets and choose the best rated ones but if your short on time or patience the highest prize money quickly makes the choice for you so i suppose it takes away any ambiguity or doubt