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  1. Royal Ascot 2018 - Tips and Trends (Handicaps)

    Wokingham Well ....hopeless up to now ...ascot curse strikes again .....but top 2 rated in this are 10pts clear of rest to time to go For it and try and finish with a flourish Ice age. 413 Dreamfield 410 Dreamfield unbeaten for gosden. On the upgrade ....4/1 a bit short but bookies running scared so dangerous age is 25/1 !!!......For eve johnson.....already had 1 high profile winner ...could this be another ????.....rock n roll Dreamfield 20pts win 4/1 bet365 Ice age 10pts ew 25/1 betfred
  2. Royal Ascot 2018 - Tips and Trends (Handicaps)

    Brittania handicap Thurs Crack on Crack on. 412. 8/1 Corrosive. 411. 16/1 Curiosity. 408 14/1 Finniston farm 405. 40/1 Hugely open race .....Crack on won as he likes last time in very fast time so will be hard to peg back ....Corrosive won well in lesser grade but steps up in class but as a result gets yo run with stone less on to help ......Curiosity and finniston farm good ew chances too with latter huge huge odds and vastly overpriced at 40/1 10pt wins top 3 12 x .5pt forecasts 24 x .2pt tricasts
  3. Racing Chat - Tuesday June 19th

    Ascot stakes I have merie Devie and coeur de lion 1st and 3rd rated with look my way in between ....Coeur was best be by look a neck but looked like a further 2f woukd really suit as was staying on well ...merie and Coeur for me at 7 and 11/1 5pts ew on both
  4. Racing Chat - Tuesday June 19th

    St James palace Tiptowin run in guineas read well and gets similar ground today so a reproduction surely must see him top 3 ? 6/1 ew I' Tiptowin 10pts ew 6/1 corals
  5. Racing Chat - Tuesday June 19th

    230 ascot Recolotas 366 Rodedendrum. 358 Hard to rate this .....too rated not proven on fast and hard to know what to expect but very fast and quite a bit clear so at 6/1 worth an ew punt against o brien fav Recolotas 10pts ew 6/1 corals
  6. Royal Ascot 2018 - Tips and Trends (Handicaps)

    Weds royal hunt cup Escobar 396 16/1 Archetype 391. 33/1 Gabriel. 389. 33/1 Zhui feng 388. 20/1 May as try for a jackpot payout at these big meets ......gotta be in it they say .....Escobar improving type and time suggests recent win was very good ....archetype looks vastly overpriced at 33/1 .....Gabriel and zhui feng ultra consistent at top level ......time to rock n roll on these big races Top 3 10pt wins 12 x .5pt rev forecasts and 24 x .2 tricasts
  7. Royal Ascot 2018 - Tips and Trends (Handicaps)

    Kings stand Tuesday Lady aurelia. 397 Baatash. 396 These two are 12 pts ahead of next horse so good chance winner will be one of these .......only 9/4 but can squeeze but out backing both Lady aurelua 10pts win 9/4 sky Baatash 10pts win 9/4 skyb
  8. Royal Ascot 2018 - Tips and Trends (Handicaps)

    Tuesday Coventry stakes Cosmic law. 414 Sergie prokoviev 400 The Irish rover. 397 Tricky race.....all 3 are improving types ....1stxand 3rd are proven over distance and fast ground.....sergie stepping up from 5f ...moorexrode Irish last time but jumped to sergie now .....but 12/1 ....9/4 ...12/1 .....I've got to play 2 biggys back if 1 places...and nice bucks if win ....value Cosmic law 5pts ew 12/1 lads The Irish rover 5pts ew 12/1 lads
  9. Racing Chat - Sunday June 17th

    340 donc Pipers note. 277 Wentworth falls 275 These xtwo are a little clear ....pipers note is riskier but didn' really fire last time but better than that and if running to last but one will be hard to peg back .....value bets Pipers note 5pts ew 14/1 lads Wentworth falls 5pts ew 8/1 b365
  10. Racing Chat - Saturday June 16th

    515 York Presidential. 324 Daschas. 317 Fantasy keeper. 317 Ninjago. 315 Fantasy keeper hadn' run for 200 days so I'll take top2 at 7 and 11/1 ...good value Presidential. 5pts win 7/1 bet365 Daschas 5pts win 11/1 Will h
  11. Racing Chat - Thursday June 14th

    4.00.newb Lethal Angel is 10pts clear in this .....can be hugely confident as recent run was bad but I think 8f and softer ground responsible that day .....return to fast ground should be very much in favour with conditions perfect ...high rating and 9/1 to be worth an ew bet Lethal Angel 5pts ew 9/1 bet365
  12. Racing Chat - Wednesday June 13th

    640 Kemp Vegas boy 255 Sweet and dandy 253 These two 9 pts clear in open race so at 7 and 9/1 worth a shot Vegas boy 5pts win 9/1 pp Sweet and dandy 5pts win 7/1 b365
  13. Racing Chat - Wednesday June 13th

    420 chelm Udontdodou. 277 Jumeira bridge 276 These two are 10pts clear of rest I'll play ....forecast won't be huge so won't play on that Udontdodou 7pts win 3/1 b365 Jumeira bridge 3pts win 9/1 pp
  14. Racing Chat - Tuesday June 12th

    Epsom secret placed ....3 of top4 filled places .....actually all 4 filled first 4 home ...tricast paid 166 ...Bummer
  15. Racing Chat - Tuesday June 12th

    No its a new rule 3 rated must be 10pts minimum clear of 4th rated horse showing top.3 thec4th horse is 10pts behind the 3rd rated .....make a sense to only back forecasts etc when that rule kicks in ....