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  1. Racing Chat - Wednesday Oct 18th

    515 nott Wotadoll 98.85 Ambitious icarus 98.83 Teepee time 98.81 Very close race at the top but teepee time has had a 69 day layoff so that's a disadvantage against these top 2 leaving them clear of the rest .....I'll have a play in this Watadoll 10pts win 5.4 betfair Ambitious icarus 10pts win 13.5 betfair
  2. Racing Chat - Wednesday Oct 18th

    440 nott African friend 98.89 Diamond lady 98.88 Signor piccolo 98,85 Signor piccolo could be a big danger today with p hanagan an eye catching booking but he hasn't shown his best form of late and needs to step up markedly on recent form so top two who have both clocked decent performances recently are the choices at 5/1 and 20/1 African friend 6pts win 5/1 bet365 Diamond lady 4pts win 20/1 sportb
  3. Racing chat-tues Oct 17th

    3.00 leic Sir dancelot 99.12 Rene Mathis 99.11 Custom cut 99.08 Interesting race and very classy ..,sir dancelot has the strongest form but off a mark if 109 looks hugely exposed leaves the door wide open for somethin to cause an upset ...for me the 14/1 on Rene mathis looks huge .....I have him tissued at 13/2 so his odds are a bit silly ..,easy ew bet for me Rene Mathis 5pts ew 14/1 willh
  4. Racing chat-tues Oct 17th

    330 leic Jumira bridge 99,12 Vibrant chords 99.08 Soie d leau 99,06 One of those races where you look at a horse and think ...he shoukd win this ..jumira bridge woukd have won last time and in a fast time but for trouble in running ...has only been raised 1lb so that could potentially be a bit lenient ...most bookies 9/2 but paddyp going 6/1 ... looks fab value so ill play on this one Jumira bridge 10pts e.w 6/1 pp
  5. Racing Chat - Monday Oct 16th

    Well another week begins so on the hunt for some weekend rollover stake money 430 winds Buxted dream 98.87 Bucanners vault 98,85 Paddy power 98.83 Paddy power is fav with some firms but top two have been posting some good times so worth taking on in such an open race Buxted dream 5pts win 5/1 pp Bucanneers vault 5pts win 8/1 willh
  6. Racing Chat - Saturday Oct 14th

  7. Cesarewitch 2017

    Byron flyer 7th so get paid ew !! ....72 pts returned ....can't complain at that
  8. Racing Chat - Saturday Oct 14th

    Coral sprint trophy 315 york Flying pursuit 99.11 Edward Lewis 99,10 Nameitwstulike 99.08 Al qahwa 99.08 Mr Lupton 99.08 Wow ....Incredibly close and difficult race with anyone of 6-7 horses capable of winning this but at the prices flying pursuit at 14/1 and Edward Lewis 22/1 look fabulous value in a very difficult race so I'll go ew for safety Flying pursuit 5pts ew 14/1 sports bet Edward Lewis 5pts ew 22/1 lads
  9. Racing chat - Friday Oct 13th

    Limato destroys his field ....big guns out today
  10. Racing chat - Friday Oct 13th

    Zabeel Prince destroys them horse in the making one to watch ...Home Cummins 3rd
  11. Racing chat - Friday Oct 13th

    535 york Shady McCoy 99.11 Twin appeal 99.10 Qeyaadah 99.10 Luis vas De torres 99.08 Short work 99.07 Very hard race ...tipsters fancy shady McCoy who Ryan moore booted home last ..,has penalty to carry and career best needed so opposable ...short work has been running well over 6f but 7f and penalty leaves him also opposable the odds qeyaadah 12/1 and twin appeal look the best value horses in the race no degree of confidence ....ill try ew and hope lucks here Qeyaadah 5pts ew 12/1 pp Twin appeal 5pts e.w 20/1 bet365 Luis vas De torres is dangerous back on better ground ...but looks just a touch exposed but still could run a big race too at big price
  12. Racing chat - Friday Oct 13th

    245 York Home Cummins 99.13 Zabeel Prince 99.11 One word more 99,10 Just hiss 99.08 Incredibly difficult race to weigh up ..,,, lots of likely sorts I think honestly this race hinges on the performance of zabeel Prince ...he's been winning as he likes but now takes onnthe big guns in a hot race and has a 10lb penalty to contend with so it's all about is he classy enough now or is it a step too far ? word more was my first ew choice but he hasn't won a race for 2.5 yrs so I can't back it with that stat on his back but could run a good race nonetheless .....for me I'm going to stick with then low drawn top 2 here ..,, around 50-60 % of 8f races are won from low draws here so that gives a slight edge to the top two ...if zabeel fails then the ultra consistent home Cummins go fly in a big price ...Interesting race Zabeel Prince 10pts win 7/2 bet365 Home Cummins 10pts win 12/1 paddyp
  13. Racing chat - Friday Oct 13th

    3.00 newm challenge stakes Limato 99.21 Dutch connection 99.19 Again a clear 2 horses and both of these are capable on their day ...not huge prices but can try squeeze somethin out Limato 8 pts win 9/4 bet365 Dutch connection 3pts win 7/1 corals
  14. Racing chat - Friday Oct 13th

    Cornwallis stakes 150 newm Sound and silence 99.03 Pursuing the dream 99.01 These two are a little clear ....fav sound and silence is on annupward curve and could improve again ....pursuing the dream isntnas strong as the fav but has perfect conditions so could run well ...worthy saver at 14/1 Sound and silence 10pts win 9/4 lads Pursuing the dream 3pts saver 14/1 lads
  15. Cesarewitch 2017

    It is a very very tough race to tackle so any way to narrow it down has to be a good thing.....I like to think of mine as a police line up ..and then you have to choose the most "likely" suspect ...that's really how I work race to race ...and its not always right but hopefully if I stick to the high priced ones they cancel out the stinkers and generally they do so it seems to work ......sometimes horses just don't turn up ..I look at results sometimes and finished 22 of 24 ?? And I'm like what ?? ....but I've realised that's just racing and not to take it personally anymore just put a line thru it and move on ....but its just a guide else can u tackle a 34 runner hcap??