** August Nap's Competition Result : 1st Thebestthere, 2nd Glavintoby, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, KO Cup Steve75, Most Winners Alastair, York Comp: Thebestthere**
**August Poker League Result : 1st Kevsul £75, 2nd Yossa6133 £45, 3rd Like2Fish £30**


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  1. 1st and 3rd ....close on the trifecta...roundhay wins 60pts returned
  2. Gold cup Mr Lupton 228 +1 Arecibo 226 +1 Staxton 225 +2 Young fire 223 +2 Wide open race .....can mr Lupton do it again ....I cant see any reason why not ...but this is,a tough race ....arecibo could take this if in the mood and staxton has looked an improver of late and could be more to come Mr Lupton 10pt win 8/1 bet365 Arecibo 10pt win 14/1 bet365 Staxton 10pt win 12/1 bet365 24x20p trifecta all top 4 rated
  3. Silver cup Atalanta boy 226 +2 Bernard o Reilly 224 +1 Rathbone 223 +2 These 3 are a bit clear if next horse ...atalanta has some strong form recently....has gone up weights but still classy on his day ....bernard o Reilly has collateral form with call me ginger in bronze cup so if that one runs well it will boost his chances ....rathbone has conditions to suit and nice racing weight so could run a big race Atalanta boy 10pt win 10/1 betv Bernard o Reilly 10pt win 14/1 bet365 Rathbone 10pt win 12/1 bet365 6x1pt forecasts
  4. I'll try for 24x20p triefectas with above 3 and... never in paris .....xmas is coming on horizon so time to shoot for that big win to pay expenses
  5. Ayr bronze cup Call me ginger 227 +2 Roundhay park 225 +3 Music society 224 +1 Tricky cavalry charge as youd expect with currently 25 runners but these 3 are a few points clear of next horse so I'll take the tag team and try and get some profit Call me ginger 5pts win 8/1 willh Roundhay park 5pt win 11/1willh Music society 5pt win 11/1 willh 6x1pt forecasts
  6. 430 ayr Byron's choice 219 +1 So beloved 218 +1 Amaysmont 216 True moon blue 214 Top two I like here but cant rule out amaysmont who represents Fahey who does well here but I'll chance top2 and go forecast top 3 Byron's choice 5pt win 6/1 bet365 So beloved 5pt win 8/1 betv 6x1pt rev forecasts top3
  7. 4.00 ayr Presidential 223 +1 The great heir 223 +1 Joint top here ...collateral form lines suggest a good battle between the 2 so will be interesting to see what happen Presidential 10pts win 6/1 willh The great heir 10pts win 13/2 willh 1pt rev forecast 4x1pt win doubles with earlier race
  8. 3.00 ayr Dubai icon 223 +2 Glasses up 221 +1 Dubai icon shoukd take a lot of beating in this ....form looks strong if he can translate from meydan .....if not glasses up could be the one to benefit Dubai icon 10pts win 11/2 skyb Glasses up 10pt win 6/1 skyb 2x 1pt forecasts
  9. 750 wolv Trappy race but global warming 223 +2 has run well at wolv....hes drawn wide today (10) so that's a problem but if he can get away quick he could outrun his 17/2 price Global warming 5pts ew 17/2 skybet
  10. Beautiful Lupton does the business 130pts returned
  11. 340 curr Pretty gorgeous 230 +3 Shale 224 I dont like small prices but the 11/8 on pretty gorgeous looks very tempting ....should win easily on ratings Pretty gorgeous 20pt win 11/8 willh
  12. I expected him to be fav tbh before I looked at prices ...I was a bit shocked to see 12/1 so it's no surprise to see him around 7 ....that's where I had him tbh
  13. 310 curr..flying 5 Que amoro 231 +2 Equilateral 229 +2 Glass slippers 227 +1 I had liked glass slippers on paper for this race but computer figures say hes better on soft ground and collateral form with bhattash give the top two stronger chances today ....decent prices on betfair so I'll play Equilateral 10pts win 8.6 betfair Que amoro 10pts win 6.8 betfair
  14. 550 curr Numerian 228+2 14/1 betv Wilderness 226 +1 14/1 betvic Simsir 224 +1 Top2 are big prices ew so I'll play 5pt ew both 6x1pt win doubles with earlier race
  15. 2.00 curr Mr Lupton 227 +2 12/1 888 Gulliver 224 +2 11/1 bet365 Tide of time 224 +1 16/1 bet365 These 3 are clear of next horse and good prices so definately worth a play 3x 10pt wins ..6x1pt rev forecasts