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  1. 245 leopard Sense of style 7.0 13/2 Acsnella 6.2 5/1 Any number of improvers but top 2 ew look the bets
  2. Just testing a few things out ....only got crap irish racing to test on but it'll do for testing purposes 445 leopard Macadams rock 8.1 Britzka 6.9 Sassafied 6.8 Top 2 ew ...6/1 ....16/1
  3. Eagleway placed at 80/1....Escobar placed at big price .....less than 1pt between top and 80/1 at bottom so anything within 1pt can win in reality...so really we are looking for races where the top is at least 1pt clear of 3rd preferably I'll keep that in mind going forward
  4. Yeah this race is biased to lower weights and 4 and 5 yr olds so top 2 have it all to do ....but they are high on both so I'd die if one won at 32.0 and I didnt back .....its a pinstickers tbh 27 runners ...crazy hard ...but at those prices only have to fluke it once 😃
  5. I have scribbled that down as plan b already .... I'll keep track of that idea on the side to see if that solves the problem because it may well be the solution .....but I'll stick with original until I've proven that idea solves the problem ........theres definately something wrong because it never goes that long without a winner .....it feels wrong ...like was said above it feels flawed if the horse improves thexratings will be inaccurate .....it may well be just taking the last race only solves the problem but I've got to prove that first .....I'll get it to work I've no doubt about that ..
  6. Rexrated the victoria cup but unusually rated as follows Motakhayyel 8.7 Green side 8.4 Jack's point 8.4 Keysir soze 8.1 Escobar 8.1 Fox champion 7.8 Eagleway 7.8 Top 3 here almost identical to top 4 on other ....I've backed Jack's point already so with motak at 22.0 ...and green side at 32.0 !!....I'll try 10pt wins those 2 betfair
  7. 450 ascot Pettochside 9.0 George Bowen 8.3 Highly sprung 7.8 Eye of water 7.2 Big prices on top 2 on betfair....10.5 ..and 11.5 so gotta be worth a play.. 2x10pt wins
  8. I really think that's what happened .....shame cos it was doing so well but if it doesnt work it doesnt work
  9. That's the point ...nothings changed ....I think its the average that's pulling the rating down when the horse is better than that if its last run is really good......it does work for some horses who run consistently to the same level but improvers are falling through ......no big deal ....I've learnt some more so theres more than 1 way to skin a cat lol 🤣
  10. It's possible that might be the answer but there definately feels like something is wrong .....started off fantastic but its possible that if the horse had a 52 lto ...and then suddenly does 90 ...the average is 72 so if the horse runs 89 next time the ratings are way out .... that's what I think has happened ....it kinda makes sense so I'll go back to basic ratings for now and see if I can get a few winners in .....then take it from there ........ Today's first race 405 nott Bint al anood 6/1 8.1 Serious intention 8/1 7.5 I'll go 10pt wins top 2 rated as they a
  11. Well .....it looks like the new ratings wheels have just fell off for whatever reason ......could be that 9nce theyve had a good run the average rating is not reflecting that (which makes sense)....so I'll try something new until I can stabilise them .....its a learning curve ....the answers there and this is part of the process but no point flogging a dead horse (no pun ...🤣🤣) I'll rate some races shortly
  12. ⁸IVictoria cup saturday Jack's point 9.0 22/1 7places 1/5 Karibina 8.9 16/1 7 places 1/5 Green side 8.6 Motakhayyel 8.6 Symbolise 8.6 Keyzor soze 8.5 Very very open race as youd expect but I'll play top 2 with 7 places 5ptsxew both
  13. Thanks ...you too ....I'm feeling pretty happy .....I like to think of it as a newly bought gold mine ......I've been chipping away down one corridor and found a few nuggets so it's all good .....now I'm trying a different corridor so anything could happen.....theres gold in here so its a lot of fun trying to find it .......that's how I see it I'm very light hearted about the whole thing ...if racing isnt fun you shouldn't do it lol 🤣🤣🤣
  14. 440 ascot Orgetorix 9.2 6/1 3places 1/4 The,attorney 8.3 11/2 4places 1/5 Onaraggstip. 7.8 Invincible swagger 7.5 5pt ew top 2
  15. Ascot 405 Crimson sand 9.0 Whittle le wood 8.2 Inver park 8.0 Ballyconnelly bay 7.8 Crimson sand is only 5/2 so may as well go straight win as ew is pointless 10 pt win Whittle is,15/2 4 places 1/5 ....5pt ew
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