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  1. Gutted ....silkie had no run and loses by a nostril .....I've no doubt he'd have won with a clean run ew money ...clarendon 3rd ew too
  2. Epsom dash Clarendon house 9.0 9/1 Silkie wilkie 8.9 12/1 Mountain peak 8.3 Came from dark 8.3 Vintage clarets 8.2 Very competitive race ....top 2 are a little clear ....no surprise to see any of these 5 in mix up but I'll try 10pt ew top 2 😃 Tricasts all 5
  3. Epsom 235 All the Kings men 8.9 11/2 Rhoscolyn 8.7 6/1 Gona have a bit of fun and back these 2 in ew doubles with Derby top 2 rated... arrest and the Foxes....10pt ew doubles ...would be nice payout if comes off ....
  4. I'm at home so thought I'd have a couple of bets 310 bev Sir maxi 8.0 6.0 Star zinc 7.8 10/1 Cliffcake 7.4 A lot of these are out of form but interesting booking of oisin for sir maxi ...5pt wins top 2 ....forecasts top 3
  5. Started last ....but ran on 4th ...Will get paid at that 20/1 ew.. lord p !!...with a better start that woukd have been close
  6. Quiet day .....just 1 race of any interest today 130 winds A sure welcome 8.0 28/1 Lord p 16/1 Very open race but computer has these rated as value bets today .....they are out of form so will have to come good on the day but undoubtedly value to play today so as I'll probably be waiting for the weekend racing I'll try 10pt ew both for a bit of excitement and I'll be happy with a place 🤣
  7. Oh yeah ...hadn't noticed running 🤣
  8. 240 york Korker 8.6 7/2 Zarzyni 8.3 20/1 Chipstead 8.1 10/1 Tricky race ....korker looks a strong bet to run well here .....zarzyni looks way overpriced and Chipstead isn't far off either ....decent prices about .... 10pt win korker ...5pt ew zarzyni ....forcasts top 3
  9. Oaks Savethelastdance 9.2 11/8 Running lion 8.7 7/1 Jackie o 8.3 Can't see past the top 2 here ....I think 9/10 of last oaks have been won by o brien or gosden and they are top 2 rated again ......Jackie o could run well at big price ew
  10. See ..my thinking with arrest is from the opposite side of coin.....he destroyed 104 and 105 rated horses by 6 1/2 lengths on the bit ...!!....on paper that puts him 115+ ......the hcaapper has pencilled him in 113 .....so he could be as high as 120 so a monster waiting to be unleashed ....because none of these are anywhere near that level ......its a very interesting puzzle I must say 🤔🤔 And another puzzle .....I did my own speed ratings on Dante......the 2 class 2s were also run over 1 second faster than standard so that suggests it was exceptionally fast ground tempering enthusiasm especially if ground were to come up anything soft in title 🤔 I'm sorta thinking a class 2 good race would average. 5 outside standard.....so that's a 1.5 diff over 8f is approx. 2 secs adjustment ....over 10f that's a full 2 secs ???....it was definately exceptionally fast ground for the time of year
  11. Yeah .....I think I need to watch a few reruns before making a final choice but at least I have a shortlist of 5 from 20 ...that's a start !!🤣
  12. The foxes looks a nice progressive horse for the baldings....I can see him running well 😀 ....tbh I get the white Birch....started last and came like a train and may have beaten foxes had it been further ...so I think it might be stupid not to include him based on that and prices 🤔
  13. Dunno if it's just me but this years Derby looks a little sub standard at first glance .......I've completed the first scan of the race and it's put 2 horses well clear over the 3rd ....a full .7 so although that might adjust a little on ground I can't see anything surpassing them on rating now Arrest 9.2 13/2 The foxes 9.0 9/1 Both are improving fast ....both are from good trainers who do well in race ....if I had to separate them ...on paper arrest stands out as a progeny of Frankel....so that rings bells as being top rated and that pedigree ....overall I think both these will carry my money this year in the derby...there's a bit of value in prices too .......anyone else got thoughts on race ??
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