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  1. Only 2nd today ...bummer .... 60.10 pts profit...94.34 inc stakes returned overall ....
  2. Yeah I know ...I was stuck in the hospital with phone dead ..gutted or else I'd have backed it ...truly gutted
  3. 150 chelt Warthog 235 +2 Spiritofthegames 231 +2 I'll play these 2 in open race as they both have that class factor on recent run Warthog 3pts win 11/2 lads Spiritofthegames 3pts win 6/1 sky 4x 2pt win doubles with above race
  4. Skybet chase Azzerti 234 +2 Good man pat 232 +2 Ravenhill road 229 +3 Weights and runners changed so ratings altered accordingly 2 look the ones I want to be on now although ravenhill could improve past them but that's speculative so I'll stick with top 2 Azzerti 3.5pts win 9/1 willh Good man pat 2.5pts win 12/1 bet365
  5. Monbeg non runner ....leaves the race wide open and roaring is easy to back at 12 with some firms ..seems no confidence ....I'll try the saver on Lord schnitzel...he is a complete novice with 5 runs but others seem badly treated and he is 7yo and will carry 10-1 which is a big plus in these conditions ....if he can make it round who knows ....5pts ew 20/1 b365
  6. Prices didn't appear ....falling fast on roaring....mostly 9 now Roaring bull 15pts ew 10/1 betvic Monbeg notorious 5pts ew 50/1 lads
  7. Just finished .... 150 chelt Warthog 235 +2 Western miller 233+2 Spiritofthegames 230 +1 With warthog and spirit at around 7/1 ...Western miller is looking vastly overpriced at 50/1!!!.....not much between the other 2 on last run but warthog has the scope for improvement so gets the vote ...I'll post bets on carribean thread later in week once confirmed but at the m9ment it's warthog and western miller for me in this Skybet chase Just 2 horses left on ratings Chidswell My old gold Both trained by the in form Nicky Richards.....they look very interesting now at around 10 and 14 . ....Will see if both run first ...currently looks promising as trainer has said both will possibly take their chance
  8. Yeah I was just discussing with my friend and we agree we've gotta cover the forecast too ....if a 1000/1 forecast goes in and I missed it I'm throwing myself off a cliff lol
  9. Just for the fun of it I thought I'd pass tomorrow's big race through the computer ....wasn't expecting much as the conditions are heavy and race looked like a 20 horse pinsticker but the computer threw 2 horses miles clear back at me Roaring bull 229 +2 Monbeg notorious 225 +3 Both trained by Gordon Elliot and both gigginstown horses .... I mean how interesting does that make them look now ??.....And if I tell you they are both currently available at 14/1 And 66/1!!!.......I mean that's just crazy .....I don't care if they finish plum last gotta steam in on these 2 I think ......think I'll grab the best ew prices later I can nearest to that and smash 10pts ew and fingers crossed for a nice payday .....especially on the outsider who has it all to do but has patchy form giving him chances so it's possible ......cmon Mr Elliot....!!!
  10. Non runner probably did us a favour today especially as the ground was so bad I wasn't expecting much but overall finished with a 13.10 pt profit that's as good as I could have wished for .... Vintage clouds loves it at haydock and was looking really well weighted so he did himself justice . Total profit 80.10pts including returned stakes to date ..94.34 pts
  11. Well...the weather is atrocious but let's have a go ..... 240 hay Prime venture 4.54 pts win 6/1 b365 Vintage clouds 3.34pts win 17/2 Willh 3.00 asc Espoire de guye 6.35pts win 4/1 bet365 Happy diva 5.77pts win 9/2 b365 Plus 4 x 2.5 pts win doubles Any 1 winner will return a 1.75pt profit overall...2 winners a 100+ profit
  12. Hard one....usually they circle or initial the price to confirm they put it on ...if it was written by you and not circled or anything then they can claim a mistake by their teller that they accepted it without confirming first ......always let them search for the price and put it on then it's much harder for them to worm out of it ......but they shouldn't be rude so I'd have said well fuk you give me my money and I won't be back
  13. I'm at home so spotted a couple of bets ... 355 Newc Zack mayo has been running some good races and looks fairly well treated in context of this race ..6/1 looks good value Zack mayo 5pts win 6/1 corals 430 Newc Amood like above has been running some good times and also looks fairly well treated looks good ew price at 6/1 Amood 5pts win 6/1 bet365 5pt ew double
  14. Well he has seemed exposed for a while but he's dropped to a nice mark now and he loves haydock so I think he's fab ew material for this race ....he's got to run well surely ....I hope lol