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  1. Nice to have some interesting racing 430 naas Even so 235 Blissful 232 Tricky race but even so has trip ...and going ticks so cant see why he won't win this with so many advantages Even so 10pts win 11/8 sportbet
  2. 330 NAas Hong kong 221 Elusive king 219 Another tricky race with hong kong not having performed well lately but given another chance as he has a Guinea entry...Interesting race Hong kong 10pts win 7/2 bet365 Elusive king 10pt win 14.5 betfair
  3. 3.00.naas Mokhalad 216 Mary salome 215 Nice to have some flat ....very tricky race and will be interesting to see how they run but these 2 look overpriced so I'll play Mokhalad 10pts win 7/1 bet365 Mary salome 10pts win 19.5 betfair
  4. 240 down Severus Alexander 223 Silk worm 221 These 2 are a little clear in very tricky race but I'll play Severus 10pts ew 5/1 willh Silk 10pts ew 11/1 willh
  5. Ulster national Cheb de kerinov 228 General principle 227 These 2 are a little clear of next horse so I'll play ew Cheb ...10pts ew 11/2 bet365 General 10pts ew 12/1 willh
  6. 3rd..well Joey won ...craztheart 3rd ...
  7. 340 thurles Crazy heart 227 Cavanagh corner 225 Well Joey 222 Not much to bet on so I'll play on top 2 here least something to watch Crazy heart 10pt ew 9/1 wh Kavanagh corner 10pt ew 7/1 betv
  8. Thought he might have had too much weight but sire drifted to 10 and still wins
  9. 130 Ch:itchy feet 210 Ch:rapper 250 Ch:a plus tard 330 Ch:apples jade 410 Ch:charmant 450 Ch:concertista 530 Ch:plan of attack
  10. Grand annual Typed all form in and highlited must have experience ofvchelt which seems to be a big factor in previous years .....left 1 horse clear Ballywood .. Who bh has picked above too so that's good enough for me Ballywood 10pts ew 25/1 corals
  11. County hurdle Buildmeupbuttercup 235 Oakley 233 Sir Valentine 233 Last day of the festival so lets go for a biggy Build me 10pts ew 14/1 willew10 Oakley 10pts ew 40/1 lads Sir Valentine 10pts ew 25/1 bet365
  12. Triumph Goshen 255 Aspire tower 249 Sir psycho 248 Goshen looks to have all the cards here and should make a bold bid Goshen 10pts win 7/2 bet365
  13. 410 chelt Wide open race but These 4 are overpriced and just look good value Oldgrangewood 5pts winn19.5 betfair Charmont 5pts win 40.0 betfair Spring town lake 5pts win 25.0 betfair Highway one o one 5pts win 46.0 betfair
  14. Pertemps final Sire du berlaus 237 Welsh saint 233 These 2 are a little clear of rest so look fair ew bets Sire 5pts ew 7/1 corals Welsh saint 5pts ew 10/1 corals