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  1. Preston North End V Peterborough Utd Peterborough Utd (DNB) @ 2.56 Betfair (Exchange) This is a tough game to predict but I feel the odds for the away side are too generous. Preston are under real pressure now. They sit bottom of the division having lost to Huddersfield midweek and cannot really afford to settle for a point this weekend at Deepdale V Peterborough. The problem for Preston here is that pushing high and going all out for the win will play into Peterborough's hands. We can see from the early rounds that Darren Ferguson's side are dangerous with their counters and frankly they are sharper infront of goal than Preston at this moment in time. The spirit level is also better at Peterborough and they are under less psychological pressure heading into this match. Yes it's true that Peterborough are a bit of a mad dog side and we still don't quite know what to expect from them. Ian Holloway recently stated that if he could buy a season ticket anywhere this season it would be London Road which tells you a lot about the 'dynamic' nature of Peterborough matches. Anyway the bottom line is that I think the two teams should be priced a lot closer than what we're currently getting. Peterborough look to be the value play so I will back them in the draw no bet market (asian 0 line is also fine) which is well into odds against territory at the time of writing this.
  2. Yeh I think Derby targeted him using Ebosele wide right but he's only 19 and doesn't quite have the decision making or end product yet. You get the impression that teams with effective wingers would cause Peterborough all kinds of issues.
  3. Sounds like Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now. Maybe the club have tried to contact him but the radio's been destroyed.
  4. No worries mate, Cardiff have shown some spirit tonight to comeback in the last minute. There could be a lot of mad dog games at the London Road Stadium this season. Siriki Dembele and Jonson Clarke-Harris look like they can menace defences in the second tier. Stats from the game show Cardiff were effective at creating chances from the flanks tonight. As people have already pointed out, this is an area where Peterborough seem vulnerable.
  5. Be interested to get your thoughts on Cardiff at Peterborough @StevieDay1983, odds for away side correct? Are Cardiff good at attacking down the wings? How do Peterborough cope with physical sides? I don't know much about the championship these days but I'm gonna try and pay closer attention this season. Also, does anyone else think the Luton price is slightly generous away to Barnsley?
  6. Haha possibly, I do think that most assists for De Bruyne at 7.00 and Fernandes at 11.00 was a good dutch at those prices. Not sure about KDB at 4s though as the added value may have gone now. Sometimes you have to stay disciplined and not become overzealous in a market. We could end up backing all kinds of players in the assists market if we're not careful with a whiff of transfer rumour here or a snifter of set-piece training drone footage there but really I think your original selections were sound. PS Don't kill me if Grealish gets most EPL assists this season
  7. Maybe not panic stations yet @harry_rag, let's not forget that Grealish draws a huge amount of fouls (I think he was most fouled person in EPL for 2020/2021). De Bruyne should still remain first choice set-piece taker for City so if anything Grealish may help to supply KDB with more assists by winning loads of free-kicks.
  8. Yeh thanks for this @StevieDay1983, good preview of the coming championship season. Interesting to get an overview of where the clubs are currently at.
  9. Bizarre situation @Wiltshire Shot but well done for keeping emails and screenshots. Let us know if there are further developments or anything else weird happens with this case.
  10. This sounds really weird @Wiltshire Shot and I have not heard of this before. My only advice would be to contact the UK Gambling Commission as I believe Coral operate under a UKGC licence: https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/contact-us It might also be wise that if and when you get back into your Coral account that you change your password as a security precaution.
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