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  1. If Palace had managed to win the two league games v Seaweeds rather than loose both then we'd be looking at Brighton having 30pts from 37 games and would effectively be finished in this division. The whole thing is such an outrage. Cardiff may have been relegated but Warnock has done a great job with them. You could argue their squad is not much better than bottom half championship level and yet he nearly kept them in the premier league with very little investment in the playing staff, various psychological traumas and questionable officiating in many Cardiff matches this season. I agree with Warnock's assessment that this season has been one of his biggest managerial achievements. I was going to give my sympathies to @StevieDay1983 but frankly bringing up that league cup semi-final has left me reaching for the smelling salts. 'Dougie's Diamonds' were one of my all-time favourite Palace teams but for you to dredge them up like that as if they're the road kill of history is completely unacceptable. I hope Man Utd sign Zaha in the summer just so they can loan him out to you and he thusly makes a series of drab, uninspired performances, culminating in a 30 yard scissor-kick own goal which relegates you to the third tier by which time Tan will have officially renamed your team 'Real Magenta Griffins' and converts the playing surface of the Cardiff City Stadium into Astro Noodles because it's deemed lucky in vast swathes of South East Asia.
  2. Infact, @Sir Puntalot Bring back the annual punters lounge awards and include a 'best coupon' category
  3. Incredible stuff @Darran, what a card to finish the campaign with!!! Thanks once again.
  4. Darran's really lost it huh? I flat-stake his selections and distill them into shorter odds asian handicap plays. Even after this terrible run in March I'm still getting over a 5% ROI from big sample size (261 bets so far this season). If you do variable staking (as Darran does) it means the variance will increase, winning and loosing runs will create bigger swings in your results. Darran can handle the variance swings because he's an experienced sports bettor with correct mentality. If you're going to follow his selections (or do any consistent form of betting yourself) then you should probably refine your understanding and expectations of sports betting. You need to take a long term view and not be overly-invested in short-term results. Admittedly, spewing out the first thing that comes into your head on the internet can be difficult to avoid but I would try and refrain from it in future, it's counterproductive. Darran consistently posts beneficial information and people should have the presence of mind to be grateful for this. On that note, got paid out on Braintree bottom 4 finish today, thanks @Darran
  5. Great job landing that 3pt double @Darran Thanks once again.
  6. Lazio V Parma Parma +1.5 AH @ 1.91 Bet365 The price on the away side is pretty astonishing in my view. Lazio are just short of a half goal advantage in terms of key goal metrics. ELO ratings have the two teams more or less even while key centre-forward Ciro Immobile is suspended for the home side here. As with previous Parma matches we have to say this is a fairly unpredictable encounter. Lazio rightly favourites but really markets should be pricing Parma +1.0 AH @ 1.91, to have +1.5 line at said price is very generous and clear valuation error in my view.
  7. Yes fair play mate, Brighton defended very well throughout and not much could be done about the 2 incredible finishes. Murray is still a class act, great goal and doesn't celebrate. Both M23 derbies have been a horror show for Palace this season, I just hope we don't meet in the cup now, I have had enough seaweed incursions for the time being.
  8. I hope so to but I think it may be difficult, there's a rumour going round that 11 clowns from the south coast are gonna invade the pitch at 12:30.
  9. To be honest @StevieDay1983 I feel this is a pretty terrible game from a betting perspective, if I had to pick something from 1X2 here it would be X @ 3.6 as home win seems to be priced correctly. I must stick to the discipline of not getting heavily involved with betting on derby games as teams can behave differently to what they might do normally. It tends to add another element of uncertainty. As for Palace in general; I like the signing of Batshuayi, he's hit the ground running and has the ability to score out of nowhere. Perhaps one of those strikers that isn't so good when he gets chances delivered on a plate but he's an upgrade on anything we had before and makes us more threatening in the final 3rd. Once again we see Palace performing a lot better in the 2nd half of the season rather than the 1st. I wouldn't bother asking @Tiffy what he thinks about Palace V Brighton. He's become a nomadic glory hunter who scours the south of England for teams to prey on after he's drained the vital essence of his previous muse. My latest projections suggest he will have a massive existential crisis in 2022 when Brighton play Torquay in league two where at which point he will go and support the Ilfracombe Indefatigable's (a newly-formed step 7 outfit who have links to the Cuban government).
  10. Don't worry about it mate. It's been a good season so far, just ended up being one of those coupons today.
  11. Interesting spot @sajtion I've been looking at the metrics and I think the price on Parma is slightly off here. I make Parma +0.50 AH line to be between 1.67 - 1.82 So have backed Parma +0.50 @ 1.934 Matchbook Empoli V Parma is a very unpredictable game in my view but markets have opened the door to a value bet on the away side.
  12. Midweek cards are usually tricky and awkward. There are a couple of games which should be closely contested with both teams on a similar level. Two singles: Newcastle Utd V Burnley = X @ 3.3 Bet365 Chelsea V Tottenham Hotspur = X @ 3.5 Bet365
  13. Can't really argue with Samp outright here, they're priced a bit bigger than what I can make them at any rate. Key goal metrics make Samp just over a goal better off than their opponents while ELO ratings give a 1.75 goal advantage. Sampdoria must see this game as an opportunity to get back to winning ways. Cagliari are very hard to beat in Sardinia but I do not like them on the road. Will be interesting to see who Samp play at centre-back V Cagliari. Lorenzo Tonelli started against Inter but has been in and out of the team recently. I would perhaps prefer to see Omar Colley V Cagliari as he is stronger in the air and should be better able to deal with the threat of Leonardo Pavoletti.