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  1. Yeh well played @StevieDay1983 with nice acca + Cardiff still maintain 100% record after tough trip to Wolves.
  2. Inter have drifted to 16.5 on Betfair Exchange so I've increased my original stake by 50% and got behind it. No material reason why they should be drifting, value is being added.
  3. Southampton V West Ham Utd West Ham Utd +1.0 AH @ 1.72 Betvictor West Ham may have got a clanking against a very good Man U side last week but I do not see why the Hammers are priced so big in this instance. Southampton were poor at home last season - 17th in the EPL home league with only 17 goals scored from 19 games played. Overall they are a good side and should finish in the top half this season but I do not really see how they've addressed their lack of goals in the summer window. Mauricio Pellegrino's side may have dominated the game last week V Swansea but they still seemed to lack that killer edge infront of goal. For me West Ham have made some good signings in the summer window and you would feel it's only a matter of time before the teams fortunes start to improve. The game at Old Trafford was not so good but they came up against one of the best sides in the league which was firing on all cylinders. I do not expect to see such a disparity between Southampton and West Ham, infact they are two teams on a very similar level imo and I do not see much daylight between them. West Ham seem to be a team that's capable of getting results on the road with the players they have, they won this fixture 1-3 back in February so hopefully that will stand them in good stead for Saturdays game. Kouyate and Lanzini are still out for the Hammers but I still don't think their absence justifies such a big asian line for the away side here. They still have a lot of players that can hurt Southampton and Michail Antonio returning will give them a further boost. Manager Slaven Bilic says his team has trained well this week, let's see if this will translate into a positive result for the Hammers here.
  4. Zaha is injured and wont play.
  5. Opening round and need to watch as many games as possible. I would advise folks not to get heavily involved with 1X2 or AH betting in gameweek 1. Will try and post again later in the week as lots can happen in the transfer window between now and Saturday + injury news etc.
  6. You swine. You would not believe the hysteria and hyperbole comming from Palace fans after this weekends result, just ridiculous. de Boer has to be given time to develop the team. We may have to go through the pain barrier to make the transition but you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Defensively Palace are going to be very sketchy in the opening rounds, folks are just gonna have to deal with it. Huddersfield are very well drilled, everyone knows their role and they have a good chance of staying in this division. I agree with you that they've been very good in the summer transfer market also. I tend not to bet much in the early rounds, prefer to watch as many games as I can and gather information. Most match betting is highly speculative early on as so many important factors are still unkown. I'm always on the lookout for opportunities but match betting is extremely sketchy early on.
  7. Serie A - Winner 2017/2018 Inter Milan @ 12.5 (Betfair Exchange) I'm going to back Inter here with a view to cashing out / laying off at some point during the season, hopefully early on, depends on the market. For me I think Inter are the only team that offer any clear value in Serie A winners market this year. Juve @ 1.73 looks accurate whilst Napoli have shortened and now look less appealing. AC Milan price also looks accurate @ 7.5 and I would say a fair valuation of Inter would be around this mark. AC have spent the big bucks but they should have UEL schedule to contend with this year and that will hamper their domestic efforts. Inter are not in European competition and can concentrate their efforts solely on the league this year. I like the fact that Inter have hired Spalletti as coach, for me he is one of top 3 managers in the division along with Allegri and Sarri. Spalletti doesn't care for pre-madonnas or big time charlies, he will take Inter by the scruff of the neck to improve their mentality and consistency. It's true that Inter have been quiet in the window so far but perhaps they will add LB Dalbert soon who I think would be a great addition to the team. The signings of Skriniar, Vecino and Valero may not be box office but they all point to a jigsaw being completed using the correct pieces. There's still a way to go in the transfer window and if Inter can keep Perisic I think they will be a strong side this year, a strong side which has the advantage of an easier schedule compared to its competitors. Juventus are still the team to beat imo, they've had a rough ride these last couple of months but they will not relinquish their crown easily. Serie A winners market has been priced well in my view, Napoli may still be a bit long but surely margin of value is thin now. Inter are quietly progressing away from the limelight and I feel their current price of 12.5 does not reflect their actual strength. 7.0 - 8.0 would probably be more accurate as things stand imo. Inter are currently available as big as 15.0 or even 17.0 in some places but make sure you have the option to cash out or lay off at some point as that's what I have in mind for this particular play. An away trip to Roma aside, the fixture machine has been fairly kind to Inter for the opening 7 rounds, it will be interesting to see how they get on.
  8. I think it's fair to say that Southampton are a bit short @ 1.7, no value at all from my perspective. On the other hand, saying that Swansea should be valued @ 1.54 for this game, I mean, seriously?
  9. A few of us tried to get 'limerick lounge' going a few years ago. A few of us received death threats and it was discontinued.
  10. https://www.oddschecker.com/football/italy/serie-a/top-6-finish https://www.oddschecker.com/football/italy/serie-a/top-10-finish I wont call you crazy but Udinese top 5 finish is certainly a radical play - I cannot really assess their price for top 6 finish, for me it's beyond the pale. I think their price (3.5) for top 10 finish is fair and doesn't really stand out, but this is just one person's opinion. Pay attention to what happens with Jakub Jankto this window, if he stays at Udinese it will be good for their ambitions.
  11. I haven't seen any of West Ham's pre-season results / reports but they've definitely had a good window so far. They've strengthened in the areas where they've needed to and I don't see this opening game as a walk in the park for Man Utd. Don't forget Chicharito returns to face his old club. Need to wait for team news etc. but Man Utd @ 1.36 looks to be accurate price or maybe even a tad short as things stand imo.
  12. Yeh I agree that defensively they will be fine but I am concerned about their attack at present. Top 12 market seems like there's a nice margin for error but championship is so competitive. You have to look at all the teams and judge with confidence how likely it is that Birmingham can finish above x,y,z. For some reason they do not fill me with confidence right now but that could change with additional players. Anyway as Robbie Savage would say "It's just my opinion, just my opinion". You have to do what you think is best, if you wanna back Birmingham now, back them now. Brighton V Man City could be a momment for great poetry, something along the lines of 'foul seaweed clung to the rocks as the great tide crashed down upon them'
  13. I get what you're saying, personally I'll just take anything that I believe is + expected value. I prefer to cast a wider net because picking an outright winner is difficult in competitive divisions such as English non-league. I guess an alternative would be to back a handful of teams as singles which could act as a customised hedge but my knowledge for non-league is not up to the task - my bets all have to be dunce mode down here. It's ashame there's only a winners market available for conference south - Bath @ 17.00 would tempt me if distilled over a top 6 or top 8 market.
  14. @addpea Is there any value in Aldershot top 7 finish @ 2.25?