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  1. Serie A Predictions > Oct 21st & 22nd

    Note: Cagliari have sacked coach Massimo Rastelli.
  2. Managerial Merry-Go-Round

    Cheers mate, appreciated.
  3. Theory: No Man Knows a Team Better Than His Own

    It's an interesting idea, would there be an upper limit to the amount of selections in the acca? Minimum odds for selection etc? I'm always happy to give my thoughts on Palace if people need them. Some weeks I might not have much of a read on our game but perhaps the 'team specialist acca' could have legs if all markets are up for consideration like anytime goalscorer etc, that way peeps could at least contribute something if 1X2 / AH aren't offering much.
  4. Premier League Predictions > Oct 20th - 22nd

    Yeh it was a great win mate, I'm not gonna get carried away with it but hopefully Palace can put together a string of positive results now. Newcastle Utd V Crystal Palace Crystal Palace +0.75 AH @ 1.69 Betvictor I had my eye on this fixture before Palace V Chelsea as Palace +0.75 line was at a massive 1.81 for Newcastle match. I managed to get on it at 1.71 immediately after Palace V Chelsea and generally Palace have come in further since then but there is still value to be had imo. This is a game where we will look to confound the stats as Palace may have turned a corner with Chelsea performance and victory. I mentioned in the previous thread about spirit, desire and belief being key and thankfully it would seem Palace still have those things + Hodgson is starting to make his mark on the structure of the team. Newcastle have suprised me somewhat since being back in the EPL, they have done better than I'd expected and generally performances have been good. I do still have some reservations about their level of goal threat and an organised Palace defence may be able to keep them out here. Despite this I'm not going to underestimate Newcastle, they play as a team and don't look short on confidence so I prefer to take the more cautious +0.75 line for Palace but that's just personal preference. Some of you may take Palace +0.50 line here. Speaking of which, I give Palace a 60% chance of avoiding defeat in this game which means Palace +0.50 line should be around 1.67 but instead we're getting a juicy 1.93 at the time of writing this. To me it's a clear value bet so I have to get involved.
  5. Theory: No Man Knows a Team Better Than His Own

    I've probably made more money from betting on Palace games than any other team over the years and I see it happen with a lot of other punters on their own teams aswell. If you know how a team is 'feeling' then you can make plays that confound stats and form and this is useful because markets are often priced in line with stats and form. Obviously there are weeks where I just have no idea how Palace are going to perform but the 'own team acca' may have legs if we can pick from any market such as anytime goalscorer etc.
  6. Non-League Predictions > Oct 14th

    LOL, the FA are a joke, they love to meddle in stuff like that. Not sure why Foinavon hasn't been on here recently but hopefully he'll post again soon.
  7. Premier League Predictions > Oct 14th - 16th

    No Sanchez for Arsenal but their team looks very balanced tonight, I like the fact they have Bellerin and Kolasinac on either flank where Watford will be particularly vulnerable. Watford price has deteriorated anyway so I am going to swerve this game.
  8. Non-League Predictions > Oct 14th

    Made a small play on Shaw Lane Aquaforce +1 AH @ 1.61 Betvictor after recommendation by @Foinavon and reassuring to see @Darran thinking along similar lines. Let's hope they can cause a cup upset and get a lucrative tie at Penny Lane Octonauts in the next round.
  9. Premier League Predictions > Oct 14th - 16th

    Waiting for lineups and possible in-play is about all we can do on this nightmare of a card. This week should really be reconnaissance mission imo.
  10. Premier League Predictions > Oct 14th - 16th

    First card after international week can be a bit sketchy as the break can be a real disruptor for various reasons. I take a similar line to @neilovan and @JKos with regards to Watford on +AH, it's on my shortlist for now and will wait for lineups to make final decision. A lot depends on the Arsenal lineup and whether Sanchez plays or not. Fading bigger clubs with more call ups on first week back from internationals can be fruitful. A lot of the other games are fiendishly difficult to call, note the total lack of consensus with Swansea V Huddersfield. Palace V Chelsea? Palace's results have imploded but what about desire, belief and spirit? This is key question to ask if we are to realise a change in Palace's form. I have no read on Palace for this game other than Fabregas tends to show up like a bad penny in these encounters. I agree with @sajtion that this is not a game to get heavily involved with. Markets project narrow Chelsea win and it's hard to disagree, in my opinion - no value to be had = no action required.
  11. Managerial Merry-Go-Round

    @Tiffy & @StevieDay1983 This will make you laugh:
  12. Premier League Predictions > Oct 14th - 16th

    @jamiedavies02 I am a dunce when it comes to stats, is it possible to explain what the various categories are in your table?
  13. Serie A Predictions > Oct 14th - 16th

    A bad run of form is a fact of life in betting, just the same as a good run. My selections in this division so far have been sound but the luck fairy has been elsewhere in Q1. You won't hear any complaining from me because it's part of the business we're in. I would also suggest that it has nothing to do with this division specifically, we are getting opportunities on a lot of cards - just need to run better.
  14. Premier League Predictions > Oct 14th - 16th

    Crystal Palace F.C. 2017/2018: