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  1. I agree @StevieDay1983, the situation is getting ridiculous now. Certain sections of the gambling community are starting to call you 'The Butcher of Bergamo'. It is funny how there are some teams that consistently confound. I think you'll find your Atalanta record still pales in comparison to what the non-league bettors have been going through with Dagenham & Redbridge these last few seasons
  2. This is a situation that all football fans should fear.
  3. Really good work tonight @Darran well done mate I'm sorry about the Gloucester manager situation but I've had a good think about it, phoned around my non-league contacts, scrolled the Romford Twittersphere and have perhaps found a great candidate from left field to replace Rowe: Yes, that's right, Archie Tamplin, Player / Manager. Job done, problem solved, no need to thank me.
  4. Great news @StevieDay1983 A warm welcome from me to the new PL staff, LONG LIVE THE LOUNGE!!! You will find your fellow punters lounge members to be kind, compassionate and lovely but just remember: That is all. For now.
  5. It appears he is running as he is priced across many vendors now (currently 7/1 with Bet365) Do you think I should avoid said race now or back all 3 horses you've mentioned e/w?
  6. I'm running out of superlatives @Darran but this was vintage cup betting today, shrewd selections and many big wins. Thanks once again.
  7. And well played @dawwe92 with a lot of winning selections today, that acca came close to landing aswell.
  8. Yes thanks once again @Darran, a particularly good day for you with that huge Gloucester win.
  9. You left out the bit about what @Tiffy does with his Cuban cigars before, during and after this process. Needless to say he assured me it was all standard practice in the Brighton nightclubs. I actually wouldn't read too much into Brighton's 3 league defeats thus far, for me performances have been good and I expect this to be a real tough game for Palace. Palace have more firepower this season with the additions of Eze and Batshuayi but the defence has been a concern early doors with a lot of absent players. Apparently Tomkins and Cahill are nearing returns but unsure if they will ma
  10. Double: Juventus & Fiorentina @ 2.30 Betway Folks might point out that it's dangerous to back Juventus (and other big teams) straight back from an international break; and yes, the bianconeri will be missing Cristiano Ronaldo due to plague. Despite this, Crotone cannot be viewed as much of a threat in the early stages of this campaign and Juventus still have the likes of Chiesa, Cuadrado, Morata, Kulusevski and Dybala to get the job done here. I also favour Fiorentina to pick up an away win this weekend as Spezia are dealing with a bit of an injury crisis at the moment. Sometimes
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