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  1. Hide your broomsticks @StevieDay1983, they're back:
  2. Good news folks, the powers that be in Italy have softened those crazy quarantine rules. Now it's only the person who tests positive that gets quarantined, not the whole squad: The season has a chance of being completed properly now.
  3. Oh where to begin with the supposed restart of Serie A. First of all, I am skeptical that the Serie A 2019-2020 campaign will be completed in a normal fashion (as in they play all the remaining games). This is largely due to their ridiculous quarantine protocol which states that an entire squad must go into quarantine for 14 days if just one member of that squad (including staff I believe) tests positive for Covid-19. The Italian government has also recently reaffirmed their stance on said protocol: How on Earth they expect to complete the season with this kind of regulation is beyond me and really the whole thing is farcical imo. Plans have now been put in place if the season has to be curtailed. Note: No mention of automatically awarding Juventus the Scudetto by a 100pt margin if anyone tests positive for plague (including Juventus players of staff) yet, but surely this would be considered common practice in some circles The Bundesliga, EPL and La Liga have all given themselves a chance of completing the campaign in the proper way but that is not really the case in Italy by the looks of things. It's a great shame because Serie A is one of the worlds great footballing leagues and it would have been nice if they could have been practical and sensible with arrangements for the restart. Should also be noted that the Italian transfer window will take place between September 1st and October 5th. Other European leagues will be keen to get their transfer windows in sync:
  4. I would just make the point that the citizenry of the western world has a responsibility to make sure an Orwellian state does not come to pass in their own countries. This requires vigilance, foresight and civil courage. It's true to say that governments have a tough job at the best of times, nevermind now, but that does not mean people should just hand them a blank cheque and let them do whatever they like with no scrutiny.
  5. Problem is this means football might not return at all since what will have materially changed come August or September? Not a lot I expect. Either they find a way to play the games in the current environment or many clubs will become extinct in the next 6 months or so. Same thing applies to businesses, you can't just freeze everything for 2-3 years and then expect entire sectors of the economy to be there when you eventually unfreeze. You could make the case that football is a bellwether for the economy at large, if it gets smashed up real bad then I expect most things will.
  6. Very sad news, I understood he'd been unwell for a while but it's a bit of a shock now that he's actually gone. My thoughts are with his friends and family at this time. His fellow punters will have to continue the search for value without him. RIP Paul.
  7. When copying and pasting a web site address on the forum it does not post as a link (that you can click and it takes you to said address) See my last post in this thread as an example (bbc link):
  8. Credit to Germany, they are showing leadership and pragmatism here:
  9. Yeh @BillyHills!!! and when are you going to have that vaccine ready by??? We don't care how you get rid of the virus, just get rid of it! I can probably guess the reason you haven't done it by now is because you couldn't be bothered, hanging out at Chequers with @Sir Puntalot and @StevieDay1983 eating Hobnobs and making a killing off the Belarussian league while the rest of us starve!!! We've had enough of you guys, you better bring back the free money soon or we're off to run our own competitions. AND DON'T THINK WE WON'T!!! We've got Skype, we know how to play poo sticks, we know how to keep accounts and train pigeons to deliver coinage. They say history doesn't repeat but it does rhyme, and things are looking very mid-17th century for you guys, I know the people will back me on this one - SO BEWARE!!! PS - I've gone too far this time, I was bored, I'm sorry.
  10. Essential constitutional functions of conducting scrutiny due to return on April 21st: