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  1. Looks like British racing may continue behind closed doors till the end of this month: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/horse-racing/51898598
  2. Great call Darran, well done mate
  3. No worries mate, I try and help out where I can. Folks will understand you can't write war & peace when you're pressed for time and have a lot of bets to post.
  4. Boreham Wood & Halifax Town = National League Hereford Utd = National League North Welling Utd & Chippenham Town = National League South Buxton = Northern Premier League Hendon = Southern Premier South
  5. Change of plan @StevieDay1983, please don't hit me. Lega Serie A has finally got its act together and this weeks card will consist of the previously postponed fixtures. Subsequent Serie A gameweeks are shuffled along by one week (so the original coupon you posted will take place March 14th-15th). I think all Italian sporting events will now be played behind closed doors until at least April 3rd: https://www.football-italia.net/150856/official-juventus-inter-sunday In other news Cagliari have sacked coach Rolando Maran and replaced him with Walter Zenga. I am somewhat underwhelmed by this appointment but let's see how Cagliari perform between now and the end of the season at any rate.
  6. Yeh they're 8th in the form table (last 6 matches) so they're giving it a go, they can play some good stuff at times aswell. I just want Buzz Off Bertie to stop provoking our players.
  7. Thanks @Tiffy, I don't want to crow too much about the victory as I was in pain when you did the double over us last year. One thing Brighton have in their favour for the relegation battle is their goal difference which is better than the teams in and around them. Anyway don't get relegated otherwise Watford and that foolish Hornet creature will once again start trying to claim they are our rivals. They need to give it a rest and just wait till they are relegated to the same division as Luton Town.
  8. I'm confused, are these the odds of the match taking place???
  9. @DrO Actually some games have now been postponed: https://www.football-italia.net/150647/official-juventus-inter-and-others-moved This is probably the only gameweek they will be able to get away with it though and fixtures after this week will have to be played behind closed doors rather than postponed due to rescheduling issues.