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  1. Yes it will be interesting to hear what is said in the presser this afternoon, will try and post my thoughts on it later today all being well.
  2. Apparently some woman (who was clearly going through the menopause) turned up wanting to be interviewed for the job. It's been alleged she was in possession of a train ticket from Cardiff Central:
  3. Got to wait for De Boer to be confirmed first , it is widely reported that he will take over but no official quotes or anything yet. Will post my thoughts on EPL ante-post thread if we get him over the line.
  4. Donnarumma's done a runner To be honest I don't think it will affect Milan's aspirations too much in the short term, it's just a blow to loose such a talented player for the long term as he will keep improving with age. All being well he will go on to be one of the worlds best keepers if not the best eventually. Another thing I forgot to mention with regards to Roma is their keeper situation. Szczesny had a great season for them but his performances have gone under the radar compared to the likes of Donnarumma. Roma would have conceeded way more goals if it wasn't for his good work last year. Juventus and Inter are reportedly in for him so the Giallorossi will find it hard to retain his services. Szczesny is definately one of the unsung heros in Serie A right now.
  5. @StevieDay1983 It's early doors but I do not fancy Roma to win the scudetto this year, although a lot will depend on the transfer window. Coach Luciano Spalletti has left for Inter while Roma have replaced him with Eusebio Di Francesco. Di Francesco worked wonders at Sassuolo and he will fit Roma perfectly in terms of their style of play. The problem in Italy is always the level of expectation from the fans, especially at the big clubs. If Di Francesco doesn't hit the ground running then the pressure will soon build. For me he is a really good coach but at Sassuolo there wasn't much pressure or expectation as he turned a small time Serie B club into an established Serie A force. At Roma he will be expected to challenge for scudetto but that will be very difficult if they can't hold on to Rudiger, Nainggolan, Salah and co. Di Francesco is the right appointment for Roma but if things don't go well in the short term he will probably get the blame and then they will shoot themselves in the foot by sacking him. Expect the Milan clubs to do better this year; Inter have a good coach in Spalletti and squad is already fairly strong whilst Milan are strengthening with some early aquisitions. Again, the biggest challenge they face is the pressure of expectation and self inflicted wounds. For me Napoli is the biggest challenger to Juventus. Maurizio Sarri's team plays the best football in the division if not the world right now but can they be pragmatic enough and translate that into a league winning campaign? As good as they are to watch they do not have the strength in depth of Juventus squad wise. If Napoli don't sustain too many injuries they can be serious challengers for scudetto but competition overstretch could derail them. Will post more in the comming weeks all being well. In the meantime congrats to Benevento who will be playing in Serie A for the first time in their history.
  6. I've decided to cover this league once again in 2017-2018 after a year long hiatus. Following 2 soccer leagues in depth is probably the optimum for me personally, anything beyond that is too much as you need to try and watch games in full to get best info. I watch games live when possible but it would be great if anyone's got any links to sites where you can watch back previous Serie A games or at worst highlights. It's a real pain when you wanna watch 2 or 3 games and they're all on at the same time.
  7. I think the Mandanda situation pre-dates Allardyce so a change of manager might not resolve the issue. Yes, Mandanda was France's second keeper but I'm guessing that's not the case now since he's been out the game for months and months.
  8. The Mandanda situation is weird. He did well for us initially then dropped a couple of clangers and 'got injured'. He didn't play for us again after that and it wasn't all to do with an injury. Hennessey's consistency and performances were not good enough until Allardyce took over and then he became much more assured, probably due to new coaching staff. The standard for first choice keepers in EPL is very high these days so I would expect Palace to be looking at this area. In defence of Hennessey he has improved, but can he stay improved?
  9. Yeh fair enough mate, there's not much we can say in detail till August but try and follow the ante-post markets over the comming weeks if you can as they do produce some good opportunities here and there. Initial price errors don't last as the markets mature. I haven't heard anything about Stockdale but I would not be suprised if we try and buy a keeper this window. In Stevie P we trust.
  10. If Bet Stars work experience kid had made it 3.0 - 4.0 unlikely we'd be saying good job mate, nothing to see here. He didn't.
  11. Top 10 Finish – Crystal Palace @ 7.0 (Bet Stars) I have to get on this one early as I don’t think the price will hold if Palace make a sound appointment and surely it will deteriorate as this market matures in any case?!?! Bet Stars seem to be one of the first operators offering top 10 market for EPL and it looks like they’ve handed the task of setting the prices to a kid on work experience. The price disparity between some of the clubs is frankly hilarious when you compare it to the reality on the ground. In my view there is very little daylight between the EPL’s mid-table sides (8th – 16th approx) and so you have 8 or 9 reasonably matched teams going for the remaining 3 positions in the top half. In my view the mid-table group should all be around 3.0 – 4.0 but instead we have a bizarre range with Leicester @ 2.25 and Watford @ 9.0. I feel Southampton are probably 8th best team in the league as things stand but question marks over manager, key players and club ownership means 1.47 for top half finish is too short at the time of writing this. Ultimately Palace are 7.0 because they were involved in the relegation dog fight right up to the penultimate week of 2016-2017 and they currently have no manager. I agree with @StevieDay1983 that Palace have reached an inflection point but when you look at the quality of the playing squad and the fact that they do not need to rush new managerial appointment then I take the view they will compete for top 10 finish this campaign rather than another relegation dog fight. Don’t forget Palace finished 4pts off 10th in 2016-2017, I don’t think 7.0 will hold unless they appoint a total clown. This to me is the first clear value bet of the new season. There’s no guarantee of success but make this selection 1000 times in these exact same circumstances and you should be in profit at the end of it. Bet Stars top 10 market seems immature here.
  12. @Pep004 You could be right about Bertrand to City being 'fake news'. Looks like he creates a lot more chances than Man City's FB average from last season but his defensive contribution would have to improve a lot if Pep was going to play him imo. Walker on the other hand is a beast!