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  1. I would say odds for 1X2 market in said game have been set correctly and offer no added value at the moment. I agree with you that odds would have to alter for there to be a value bet in this game.
  2. They were clearly a good selection to win NLN at 5/1, just ashame they've imploded mid-season. We can't always be landing these mid/long odd selections and sooner or later there was going to be a harsh run in the ante-post and it looks like it maybe this season, but like you said we're still only in January and there's a lot of points left to play for. Even if this campaign ends up being a drought season, we know the selections are sound and we will run better in future.
  3. Ok thanks mate. I guess we gotta stick with those value selections till the bitter end, otherwise we might damage our ROI over the long term by bottling it when the going gets rough.
  4. @Darran, after yesterday's results, what are your thoughts on cashing out York and/or Havant selections with very slight loss or stake returned?
  5. Ah ok cool, you basically create the forecast coupon on Bet365. Cheers mate.
  6. Sorry @Darran, I am new to this horse racing lark and cannot seem to find forecast market on odds checker. Does forecast essentially mean you are predicting 1st and 2nd place? If so I'm guessing Betfair has best odds?
  8. Great call @Darran, Sweeney with both the goals tonight.
  9. Serie A teams that play in the Coppa Italia this week: Tuesday: Napoli, Lazio, Internazionale, Cagliari Wednesday: Fiorentina, Atalanta, Milan, SPAL, Juventus, Udinese Thursday: Parma, Roma
  10. Also forgot that Man Utd play Wolves in the FA Cup on Wednesday 15th. Will be important to see how they come through that one (injuries and fatigue etc.) before taking a view on the Liverpool game. Liverpool will have more rest and more time to prepare for Sunday's game than Utd at any rate.
  11. Now that Storm ‘Arssehole’ is out the way and we’re currently experiencing Storm ‘Bet Bummer’, I’ve compiled a list (for non-league punters) of the next 24 storms in alphabetical order: Storm Coupon Crusher Storm Drizzle no bet Storm Every time it rains (Pitch inspectors go insane) Storm Fixture Failure Storm Goodness gracious my spreadsheet is spacious Storm Honey I shrunk the shortlist Storm I don’t think we’ll make it to full-time Storm Just the one game remaining Storm Krone Killer (For non-league punters in the Danish sovereign wealth fund) Storm Lost Lolly Storm Money to the B 365 Storm No bet Storm Off Storm Push Storm Questions need to be asked in parliament Storm Refund Storm Stakes returned Storm Tarpaulin too much to ask for Storm U gotta be kidding?!?! Storm Void Storm Why even bother if they’re not playing in the Tamplin Dome? Storm X-pect the 1X messed with Storm You only give (your stake to the same bet) twice Storm Zealous over-use of the term ‘match abandoned’
  12. Got to wait and see if Rashford is fit to play, apparently he got a knock in the Norwich game.
  13. Sheffield Utd V West Ham The price has come in slightly but I do think odds are still a bit generous for West Ham here. The spirit level will have gone up since Moyes arrived and they have lots of players with good defensive contribution which is important when facing a high octane team like Sheffield Utd. There isn't really anything in the ELO ratings or key goal metrics to suggest the away team should be this long either. West Ham to cover the draw and away win at close to EVS looks to be the value play in this situation. West Ham +0.50 AH @ 1.90 Matchbook