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** November Poker League Result : 1st Danshot, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd Elliott Sutcliffe **
** November Naps Competition Result: 1st adamross, 2nd andellio, 3rd Craig bluenose, 4th Redphil57. KO Cup Winner vangovin. Most Winners MCLARKE: **


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  1. Jeez ..top 4 finished top 4 ....ew money ..Will get paid on 4th so couple points profit ....close
  2. What a crap race ....the less said the better 😒
  3. 225 chelt Captain cattistock 8.8 6/1 Spirit of games 8.6 15/2 Undersupervision 8.2 13/2 Eva's oskar 7.9 Tricky race ....lots in with chances....spiritofgames is course specialist although can never seem to win he always seems to get in money and off a mark of 134 he's relatively well treated so ew bet for certain ....of the others captain cattistock also looks an ew bet so I'll go 5pt ew top 2
  4. I do get quite a,few races like this but not quite so bad as this one lol 😆....and I just scrub them and look elsewhere .....just no point betting for the sake of it in a bad race imo ....even if sometimes I really fancy a bet unless there's a definate edge in the numbers in yiur favour then your blindly rolling the dice 🎲...fastest route to the poorhouse 🤣
  5. Sorry to disappoint but race is like ...wow .....9 horses within .2 of each other ....like the most open race I've ever rated ....an absolute...no no for me ...lol ....I can't even highlite an ew bet ....its just too close
  6. Yes ....I'll run it through ....just give me like half hour lol
  7. 530 kemp Perdika 8.4 2.46 Low price this one but next horse is 7.6 so top rated is waayy in front so I'll be interested to see how this pans out ....I'll try 10pt win on betfair
  8. Just looking towards the weekend ....First pass of gold cup through the computer has thrown up... IL RIDOTO as a good ew bet to begin with ....can get 6/1 .. I really was interested to see what woukd pop up especially if it ran well in paddy power and he finished 4th in said race...job done.....I have a feeling that might not last so I'll have an antepost 10pt ew to start
  9. Quiet day today ..... 720 South Alligator alley 8.8 11/8 Army of india 8.4 9/1 Silkies wilky 8.2 9/2 These 3 are clear of the rest but alligator is 11/8 so too short especially with other 2 in such close proximity.....I'll try 6 x rev forecasts all 3 ...if alligator and silkies forecast might just get back stakes ....but on psper it shoukd be army and alligator which woukd show a profit .....bit of fun bet on quiet day ..🙂
  10. Beaten by a first timer on the all weather ....fahey special
  11. 720 wolv Tothenines 8.4 3/1 Royal musketeer 8.2 18.0 Mobashr 7.9 Tricky race .....probably hinges on how well mobashr takes to wolv surface but I'd rather stick with proven top 2 6pt win tothenines ...4pt saver royal
  12. Well backed into 5/4 but finishes 2nd by a neck ... to the 3rd rated of all things urrgh ....+18.00 on the day ...I'll take that gladly on a tough day
  13. High velocity non runner ....I'll just let pocket take his chance ....guaranteed to finish day +18.00 at least even if he loses so shot to nothing really ....
  14. For such a hard race with 20 odd runners I'm actually pleased with that ....ew money gives about +24.00 profit ....I'll take that
  15. 620 wolv Pocket the profit 8.5 3.9 High velocity 8.3 8/1 These 2 are,a bit clear ..6pt win pocket...4pt saver high
  16. Everyone fancies gesskille ....he could turn up and murder these ....but for me this is a tough tough race and he's going 5f further than last time and at age 6 hw just feels like formula 3 going into formula 1 for the first time....just not battle hardened .... 7.2 is a decent price so shot to nothing and if he's running well you can just roll the dice .... Clear you ytd ??....who knows ...stranger things have happened...take that bet 10x and surely 1 has to land ...cmon the beauty's!!
  17. Just posting early because some big prices Becher chase Didero vallis 8.9 25/1 Cloth cap 8.7 28/1 Hill sixteen 8.5 12/1 Gesskille 8.2 Percussion 7.9 Gesskille is,all the rage but he's only 6 yo and that just seems a little young for a race of this stature ...I might be wrong but I think its worth taking him on ...top3 are good prices so I'll try 5pt ew all 3 and 1pt rev forecasts top 4
  18. 750 kemp Bellocio 8.5 9/2 Wild crusade 8.2 4.2 These 2 are a bit clear of next horse I'll try 6pt win top rated 4pt saver wild
  19. Drawn beat them ....I think ran on to finish 3rd and 4th to better drawn horses ...bummer
  20. 625 wolv Algheed 8.0 11/2 Thin blue line 7.8 5/1 Not the best of draws tbh for either but they are a little in front of next horse so let's see what they can do with it 4pt win both ...
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