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** November Poker League Result : 1st ian309, 2nd juanmoment, 3rd McG **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Soi Bongkot, 2nd fischer21, 3rd chillymonster, 4th Pempi, 5th patriciamarc **
** October Naps Competition Result: 1st sirspread, 2nd kenisbusy, 3rd Artie77, 4th Mick33. KO Cup Winner: The Equaliser, Most Winners: CS333 **


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  1. 320 ayr Zip 6.0 6/1 1pt win Cold stare 8.0 4/1 1pt win Black friday 5.8 20/1 1pt win Wobwobwob 5.7 1pt win 7/1
  2. Current -14.60 135 ayr Lord oberon 5.9 25/1 0.75 win John Kirkup 5.8 8/1 1pt win Blind beggar 6.1 5/2 1.50 win Quick look 5.7 18/1 0.75 win Total 4pts
  3. So tomorrow we have the cambridgeshire (see above ,) ......and the 450 newm Piffle 7.0 1pt win 13/2 Eidkos 6.8 1pt win 16/1 Outside world 6.8 1pt win 11/2 Mistrix 5.8 1pt win 5/1
  4. Sorry ...kawida was non runner so overall -6.60
  5. 2 losing races ....but it was very competitive today ....overall 1.90 profit ...so -7.10 overall ....but yiu can see how,sooner or later a big price will go in shooting you forward .....it will come 😁
  6. 1st and 2nd again.... I think a non runner too
  7. 240york Lion tower 8.2 1pt win 8/1 Firmament 7.9 1pt win 11/1 Poets magic 7.0 1pt win 8/1 La Trinidad 6.9 1pt win 7/2
  8. 3.00 newm Girl on film 9.4 1pt win 11/2 Oscula 8.5 1pt win 11/2 Majestic glory 1.5pt win 5/2 Kawida 0.5pt win 33/1
  9. 225 newm Forbearance 9.2 0.8pt win 7/1 Sayyida 8.5 0.9pt win 6/1 Golden pass 8.0 0.8pt win 7/1 Albaflora 7.7 1.5 pt win 9/4 Total 4pt
  10. 150 newm friday Soft whisper 9.4 1pt win 9/1 Maamora 9.2 1pt win 9/1 Foorat 8.6 1pt win 7/2 Dubai love 7.4 1pt win 8/1
  11. Cambridgeshire saturday Magical morning 9.4 1pt win 8/1 Uncle Bryn 8.9 1pt win 13/2 Irish admiral 8.1 1pt win 16/1 Ropey guest 7.7 1pt win 66/1 (5th rated is the well fancied chichester 7.5 ...so he can be reserve )
  12. Gamble of the year ....9/1 with bet365 and they are the sponsors!!...carnage at the bookies ??....every man and his dog are on
  13. No selections tomorrow .....but I'll rate the Cambridgeshire tomorrow night as that's the perfect race for big prices and look at fridays racing
  14. Go back as far as you want ....I go back forever for ground ......distance just use your judgement .....I'd say 2 years is far enough ....if tge horse hasnt run a good race over dist in that time then it's probably not its dist
  15. Sometimes if the low horse is say 5/2 or 3/1 .7/2 ...a straight 1pt win would only break even or worse so I sometimes adjust the stake to 1.5 on the lower horse to give a 1.5 ..2pt profit .....if the bets are too tight and the prices are too cramped after I've rated I'll skip the race and move on .. But most of the time it's a straight 1pt win each ....
  16. 2nd 3rd 4th and 3rd today ....close but no cigar ....but it's the long run that counts .....-9.00
  17. Mistake with stakes ....but 5pts is ok ...no big deal
  18. Good 3.27 Roseabud 8.4 10/1 bet 1pt Percy's pride 6.2 11/2 bet 1pt Single 6.2 16/1 bet 1pt Golden bugle 8.9 4/1 bet 1pt
  19. I didnt like the idea of backing so many ....but during testing I noticed how often the winner was blindly in the top 4 or they went really close so I set the rule early on and it just kept winning ......doesnt win every race but as time goes on you'll see it wins a lot .....and any horse can win in top 4 at any price ....and that's the beauty ....you can have 3 losing races and be down -12 ...and then a,25/1 can win the next race .....price with this doesnt matter so even a,50/1 has a really good chance if it qualifys......anyway ...let's get the ball rolling ....I think 2 races tomorrow 145 good Turn on charm 7.9 bet 1.35 13/2 Hortzadar 7.8 bet 1.15 11/1 Kettle hill 8.4 bet 1.50 3/1 Enigmatic 7.0 ....13.0 betfair.. bet 1pt ,( or 10/1 with bookies ) Total 4pts Normal stake is 1pt on each which gives you a high profit if a big priced wins but if a horse is short priced I sometimes adjust stake to get a bit back then break even as it's more likely to win then adjust other stakes but not for every race
  20. Sorry ...I'm ok thankyou for asking ......had to step away for a while ....combination of no staff at work and the results went crazy bad ....I dont know if was some post covid thing but all racing results were really really bad even the obrien odds on were getting trounced so was time to just take a breather and let it settle down Was good for me though .....got together with my bestie and we tried numerous diff formulas over the monthes all loosely based on what we discussed here until 1 started to shine above all the others .....we just kept testing and it just kept giving ....overall its ended up +192.00 to 1pt level stakes (4pts per race ) during test phase ......I cant post the formula as we are both convinced it's something really special and if it gets out it kinda negates the advantage it gives us but I can post the selections on here as it needs a public outing and further testing .... I havent tested on jumps it's all been on flat so I have no idea if it will even work .....works on hcaps ...non hcaps and all weather on flat so if I can get it to work over jumps and it continues to work as it's worked so far then I really think it's that holy grail formula you find just once a lifetime.....I really think it's that good ....... Little unusual in working.....you back the top 4 rated 1 point each blind ......no need for further messing .....object is to make a small profit so you might have A 7/2 B 4/1 C 10/1 D 16/1 If a wins you'll make 0.5 pt profit overall ..though I sometimes tweak the bets to get slightly more return from the shorter horses but if you do that you lower the return when the inevitable bigger one comes so I'm trying to refrain ..so sometimes not making huge profit but I'd say 1 in 10 one of the bigger priced will romp up shooting you forward .(see below) ...and you only lose 4 on a losing race so not battered .......we have debated backing ew but that is very tenuous .....the beauty of this system is the small profit..high strike rate .....yiu will regularly get 2 or even 3 place sometimes so the ew can sometimes be gold ....but if the 7/2 wins for a 0.5 pt profit overall....if youd backed ew and he was the only place then you've lost overall so currently I'm at the win only camp.....but I can be proven wrong in the long run so that's why it needs further testing ......had a go at gold and silver ayr cups at weekend finishing 2nd 5/1 ...and 5th 25/1 ...in other one ...so a loss but given there were 24 runners in each they did pretty well ....... This,was last race I managed to rate on the fly (below) .....i had doubled the stake to 2pt so a total of 8pts ...4 selections and elladora duly won giving a 22pt profit....that's generally how it works ...you'll have a few losing races then shoot forward .....like I said its loosely based on the point system and criteria discussed here so still fits with the thread
  21. 250 Leicester Ahdab 9.1 11/4 Declared interest 8.9 7/4 Magnetized 8.9 6.4 betfair Tricky race ....declared interest is a question back on turf ...could be well treated hence fav....but equally many horses are less effective on turf so I'll oppose and stick with proven horses ahdab and magnetized 2x 5pt wins
  22. A few races to rate monday 440 red Zetand cup Faylaq 9.3 9/1 Barishnakov 8.9 11.5 betfair Eagle court 8.2 Top 2 ....5pt wins
  23. Bank is at 20.00..😭.....but that doesnt do it justice as the last 3 have finished 2nd !!.....2nd in this ....they are running really well ....just getting pipped
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