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  1. 245 ham Fame and acclaim 8.2 5/1 Empirestateofmind 8.0 9/1 Risky bets this one ....ghaly is fav here but is coming off a massive 662 days layoff ...I can't back a horse doing that so he's worth taking on surely ....I'll back them ew to try and claw some money back if the fav does something special 5pts ew both
  2. 240 curr Lord dudley 8.6 7/1 ...4pt win Rough diamond 8.3 12/1 ....2pt ew Blairmayne 8.2 12/1 ....2pt ew
  3. Of course .....the first 6 races I rated were coming up like the first example .....then there was x amount of races with 5 runners ...6 runners etc ...so overall from my perspective it looks crap .....I could just rate the races and have a guess and just have a bet anyway but I don't like risking money unless I think I've got a decent chance of a return .....they sometimes run like donkeys despite having fab ratings but that's racing lol 😆....it frustrates the hell out of me when the the top rated in the 2nd example finishes 12th 🤔🤔🤔....all you can do is move on ...it happens ....... I really believe the reason I've done so well in past and that they perform well is because I only generally pick the strong races ....I discard probably 70 % of races and sometimes that's the reason I don't post .....if I've been working long shifts then rated 3 races which were crap and I've run out of time I'll just leave it for another day ...I'm not tempted to just stick the crap bets on because I want that holiday ..and those bets just get me bognor Regis (no offence Intended 😄😄)....I'm sure it's nice lol
  4. It's because when I get the ratings I don't just get 1 like above ....there's class ....recent form etc all next to each other so although when I post it looks like top 2 are clear....if all the other info isn't backing that up then I'll scrub the race ...I.e it looks like this .... Horse 1 8.4 class 65 recent 70 Horse 2 8.2 class 64 recent 68 Horse 3 8.0 class 68 recent 66 Horse 4 7.8 class 70 recent 66 Horse 5 7.7 class 69 recent 69 And there's a bit more too so I look at tge screen and scratch my head thinking what the hell so you can see above its at least a 5 Horse race if not more so although the first column looks OK....the whole picture looks crap from a value perspective ...whereas Horse 1 9.0 class 75 recent 90 Horse 2 8.7 class 73 recent 88 Horse 3 8.6class 65 recent 65 Horse 4 8.4 class 61 recent 77 Now that looks more like it !!!... if I can get 7/2 on top rated and say 10/1 ew on 2nd rated then I'd say that seems like a good bet considering ....so its not just 1 thing it's a compete package
  5. 330 newc Rajinsky 8.9 6/1 Graphite 8.7 33/1 Island brave 8.3 20/1 OK Ted you've tempted me ....I'll try 3pt ew all 3 just for some action lol 😆
  6. I will stick that race through in the morning ...I'm curious as to what it will throw up myself .....🤔
  7. I've rated about 6 or 7 diff races and they are all bunched up ..I.e on my master ratings I can have a top rated on 450 then the 2nd on 438 ...3rd on 425 etc ....on 4 races I rated the top 4 or 5 or 6 horses were.all within 10pts ...meaning there's no real value to warrant risking the money ....I didn't rate the plate as I don't tend to have much luck in those types of race ...they become like a,war of attrition after the 12f pole and its who lasts home better on the day so I can't be confident in the ratings ...its like 20 % guesswork and I don't like doing that ......I'm not even mega confident in the race I picked but it was better than all the others based on there's a chance hiya maite could improve considerably tomorrow so it was worth chancing it Normally I can find something but not today .....I mean there's £20000 races with 6 runners ??....just don't know what's going on ....entire meetings with 3 runners ....5 runners ...7 runners ....etc its not good I rated the 150 newc and strike red rated high but there's about 4 horses within close proximity who have a chance on old form but uncertain whether they run to form so with 7/2 on strike with 4 potential dangers it just doesn't appeal to me Factor in ground issues ..I.e form from from wolv and southwell translates well but not so much ling and kemp then the races just look messy and so open....I look for races where the top 2 or 3 are very strong and a bit ahead of rest of field with lots going in their favour then their prices are Inherently value but not tomorrow .....I've got to trust the ratings and they are saying its a crappy open day so just 1,race I guess 😒😔
  8. Struggling to find any value,at all ...racing really needs to sort itself out or punters will migrate away .....bunched ratings...short prices ....I'll just try 1 race 7.00 donc Hiya maite 8.5 7/2 Pockley 8.2 10/1 Tricky race so I'll just try 4pt wins both and hope for a bit of luck
  9. It looks like wynn Interactive are absorbing betbull into its brand ....so it looks like moneys still there but brand will disappear in favour of wynn products I guess
  10. Last year they only made a 6 figure profit ....which is peanuts really yearly....I just don't think its working ....when you consider they've had an 80 mlion injection ...I'd wanna know where my money went 🤔
  11. Anyone with funds are being urged to empty accounts before company winds up .....my thoughts ??...they had a cash investment of 80 million and they went bust ????....check the cayman isles hmmpth .....
  12. Bell shot wins .....opt it was in photo for 2nd ..jeez....has been given 3rd Approx +14.00 ...+20.00 on day actually that's wrong ....another 5 on top for the ew so around +25.00 on day ...
  13. 740 newb Bell shot 8.0 8/1 Op it 7.8 9/1 Stockpyle 7.4 Tricky race but I'll try 2pt ew top 2 on a,quiet day
  14. Myrstika won cosily...small profit around 6.00
  15. 315 bev Qaasid 8.7 15.5 Myrstika 8.6 3.1 These 2 are a bit clear of rest so I'll try 2pt qaasid ...5pt myr and 1pt reverse forecast
  16. I just enjoy rating and having a go ....but there's a lot of strength on this forum....lots of knowledgeable people coming at races from different angles ......I'm still kicking myself about Ted's rohaan....after he pointed it out you could see the potential and I shoukd have put a saver on it .....but you know coming on the forum you can see big races from diff angles and make an informed choice yourself and that's where the strength of the forum lies .....I think its great and I really enjoy reading everyone's thoughts
  17. I've always done ok backing them my way ....I can understand the critics as you can argue only 1 can win but I see it as if the winner is in my top 6 rated then I increase my chances of finding it to 50 % if I back 3 and it gives you a bit of insurance that if one of your horses gets stuck in stalls or runs like a donkey ...at least you've still got a chance and it just seems to make the big races especially more fun 😀 But there are more than 1 person who backed my selections at ascot ew and had multiple returns ....I wasn't keeping track but I'm told in some races top 4 horses all finished top 6 so they got multiple returns so sometimes that might be a better way to bet .....for me I'm realising forecasts are very rare so I'm not a fan tbh ....its more likely looking atvmy results that I'll get the winner of 2 separate races so I think ew doubles is a far more likely winning bet as opposed to a forecast so I think I'll go with that as a shot at a better prize in future ..........tricasts are cheap and ill still try them in big races as a shot at huge prize ...only need to fluke it once or twice a season and your profits go through the roof But I've got to say I've thoroughly enjoyed ascot this year .. .goid weather ...some very very classy races ...lots of drama ....races were very difficult to race tbh ...probably some of the hardest I've rated but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless.....back to normal now though so I'll have a few days rest then have at it when a good race comes along 😀
  18. I won't replace him as home affair is the highest rated runner on timeform and is the one to beat ....Highfield is improving type but will need to improve about 4 or 5lb to beat the fav I reckon but its possible
  19. He's quite low down but that's probably due to top weight and poor recent run .....but he's well hcapped and Ryan Moore on board and has been heavily backed this week so maybe they've had this quietly planned .....definately feasible
  20. 5.00 ascot wokingham Blackrod 8.9 9/1 Prince lancelot 8.7 28/1 Pop master 8.7 25/1 Tabdeed 8.4 18/1 Incredibly competitive 28 runner cavalry charge ....anything can happen....last race so I'll try 4x 5pt wins ...12x0.5 pt forecasts 24x 10p tricasts
  21. 420 ascot Highfield princess 9.0 14/1 Minzaal 8.7 16/1 Glen shiel 8.7 50/1 What an incredible race ....I can't recall the likes of this race ....I thought the computer was going to blow up rating this ...so many incredible sprinters and throw in home affair and how good is he and you have one Incredible race ....I'll try 5pt ew top 3
  22. 305 ascot Noble truth 8.8.9/2 Monaadah 8.6 15/2 Dubai Post 8.5 33/1 Aflaila 8.2 Tricky race ....any 1 of 5 or 6 could win this so I'll try 4pt wins on top 3 and hope a bigger priced wins
  23. I think point is you will have losing days ....sometimes I get my ass kicked its part of the game but if your making sensible selections you'll gain some further down the line and slowly it comes back .....most important thing is to have a betting bank so you can ride the waves ....I can't overstate that ..... If you like to bet say 4 or 5 pts each weekend then your bank shoukd be around 80 pts which gives you 4 monthes uninterrupted betting and takes the pressure off .....if you lose .....just come back next week but I say don't be tempted to chase losses that can be a bank buster you have to be strong and disciplined .... Then at the at the end of each month I'll put in my betting "pocket money " this strengthens the bank and if you have the odd winner here and there you'll soon see your bank growing ..before long you can withstand 6 monthes ..8 monthes .... and it makes the whole thing just much more enjoyable ....more like a savings account rather than a betting account ...... You shrug off the bad times ...oh well ....and come back and try next week .....then when the good times come you watch it grow again .....its really important to have that in place though Me personally .....I have a main bank and an emergency bank in case I ever got wiped out but I've never had to access that in all the time I've been betting ....so I put my 30 40 50 whatever you can afford each month .....then let's say you win 200 over 2 to 3 monthes....your 1000 pt bank can now stand at 1600 ...in that situation.....I'll strengthen both banks by 50pts so the 1000pt becomes 1050pt etc ....then take the extra 500 and go put a deposit on a holiday 🤣.... that way racing never seems upsetting ....I never get hassle from the missus because I just hand her money every so often and say let's go on a hol ....and the whole thing just goes round and round ....all it takes is a bit of discipline
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