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  1. Will follow Turnbull for Celtic (didn’t score in the first leg). Buy his goal rush plus for 2.5 points at 4 with SPIN. Equates to 6.25 anytime plus pays extra for more than one goal.
  2. So, assuming KP hasn't retired, is there any interest in a thread for next season? I know one or two people follow the thread, some out of interest only perhaps, others backing the selections. There are three broad options: Carry on pretty much as previously Not bother I could just post a monthly update, e.g. how many bets/wins there had been, stake, return and ROI The last option wouldn't help those who back the selections but they are available here from late Friday afternoon or early evening: https://www.racingpost.com/sport/ I suppose the latter option appeal
  3. Must be the multiple identities you post under to perpetuate your bizarre obsession with another poster! Re the other thread, it's not really been my intention to go in hard but I've ended up frustrated after trying to be constructive across so many threads that have all gone the same way. If he started a typical "I've got 1000 points and I'm going to try and turn it into 5000, no rules" thread I'd probably have ignored it and let it run it's course (we see plenty of those peter out quickly enough). It's the trail of abandoned threads in quick succession that has frustrated me but I su
  4. Bou scored last night, was 11/10 best v odds on generally. Didn't spot the game till just before kick off so had no time to get on. May be a player to keep an eye on for a while.
  5. 25 points lost on 2 RU bets. 2082.93 points up overall.
  6. No. If it didn't happen on here then, for the purpose of any threads, it didn't happen and is best not mentioned. But it doesn't look good to keep sweeping past losses on here under the carpet. No, but I feel my comments are fair in the context of your threads. You have asked us to help keep you in check and, I believe, did suggest in one thread that you should be banned if you failed to stick to your own rules. If you decide to go again then I (not for the first time) set you a simple challenge; go a whole month running the thread in accordance with your own rules. Fair enough
  7. Agreed, asked ad nauseum and answered fully. The thread's been running for 2 and a half years so 10 completed quarters. From a quick scan yesterday I make it that the thread has been in profit at the end of all 10 quarters and that 7 of them were profitable and only 3 returned a loss. Obviously there have been some big swings along the way due to some "unwise" staking (a subjective term but one that there would probably be a consensus for). I'd love to know the level stakes return for the thread but I'm fairly sure it would show a profit. Some of us would never have allowed £4k of pr
  8. In much the same way that I seek to date a supermodel! Have you found a magic money tree? You can't keep resetting the clock every time a thread starts badly (as they all have so far). It makes you look like someone trying to misrepresent the performance of their bets (though I suspect it's more about fooling yourself than the rest of us). If you're going to start again with another new bank then please state how much you've lost, in total, across the various threads so far. Being brutally frank I don't believe you; that is to say I don't believe you won £400 every month for th
  9. No joy with the last 2 bets. South Africa v Lions: 20 points on a yellow card for both teams at 3/1 Hills and 5 points on Smith to score a try at 7/1 PP I'd have preferred a price for >1.5 total yellow cards that felt like value but couldn't find one. 3/1 both teams will do for an interest. You can get 4/7 for >0.5 cards and 12/5 for none. I suspect the 4/7 may be the value but I've got it in my head we're guaranteed at least one card today. 7/1 feels a bit big for Smith, with all the more likely scorers looking too short to me.
  10. Very unlucky in terms of the result, I looked at the game a few times and basically ticked it off as a winner for you, Lancs looked dead and buried. Improbable rather than impossible though, unfortunately.
  11. 15 points lost on an MLS anytime since the last update. 2107.93 points up overall.
  12. I was already counting the winnings when I saw they'd won 5-0 (good old Phil Neville doing a great job in Miami) but Bou came on as a sub and just contributed an assist for the last goal. One of the perils of betting pre-lineups (though no choice sometimes for overnight games).
  13. Sticking with him tonight v Inter Miami, 15 points at 21/10 with PP.
  14. No goal for Turnbull so 12 points lost. Kirby a non-runner for GB Women. 2122.93 points up overall.
  15. No doubt bigger than the 5/6 I took! Didn't feature so bet void.
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