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** September Nap's Competition Result: 1st Boulder5111, 2nd Craig Bluenose, 3rd Barnsley Chop, 4th Zilzalian KO Cup: Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners: Waggy**
**September Poker League Result : 1st Kevsul £75, 2nd Gemic £45, 3rd Barry John £30**


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  1. Last bet won, 3 more 4-6 cards selections for today. Osasuna v A Bilbao A Madrid v R Betis Lazio v Bologna 25 points at 21/20 in the Spanish games and 24 at 11/10 in Italy.
  2. Not attributable to the sheer weight of my money, which would only be vaguely heavy if in your pocket as coins!
  3. That’s exactly what I had in mind. Well done on yesterday’s results. No reason not to keep posting on here to maintain the continuity of the thread. Some of us are just punters enjoying following a profitable thread and don’t really care about the “ingredients” while some of us are systems and strategy geeks ourselves. We don’t expect the full recipe but it’s nice to know “it’s my own secret sauce with a blend of 14 herbs and spices”. Sorry, I’m watching Saturday kitchen. Extended metaphor over, back to business.
  4. Blank day today. Stormers hotshots made up at 75 for a 19 point loss, their try minutes at 16 for another 18 so -37 in total. Only one try for Georgia and not one of my trio so my stake is leaving on the midnight train, to paraphrase Gladys Knight and the Pips. One for the early hours - Hawkes Bay v Manawatu: sell Hawkes Bay Hotshots at 59 with SPIN (Caleb Makene, Lolagi Visinia, Stacey Ili, Neria Fomai). I'm valuing at 41.3 for an edge of a whopping 30%. 63 to sell elsewhere but with 2 players different and look worth much more. I've also sold their sub try minutes at 56.
  5. Winner within 2 minutes, wish they were all that obliging! Sassuollo v Torino: 24 points on 4-6 cards shown at 11/10 with Hills
  6. Last week’s bet was a winner, sorry I’ve not done the update yet, I’ll leave it till after this weekend now. This week we have: Under 5.5 Asian total cards in Sevilla v Eibar, 1pt at 1.8 with 365.
  7. Scotland v Georgia tonight and I've got a feeling the 26 point dogs may be a bit more yappy and bitey than the markets seem to expect. For fun and an interest I've backed three of their players for small stakes at big prices. Matiashvili, Tapladze and Lobzhanidze anytime tryscorer at 17/2, 7/1 and 14/1 (Last one Sky Bet, the others Lads). I've also bought their try minutes at an aggregate price of 12 with SPIN (5, 4 and 3 respectively).
  8. Bulls hotshots made up at zero for the maximum 35 point profit. Of the mentions, Cheetahs hotshots made up at 25 and their sub try mins at zero but the Bulls subs came in at 78, so a further 19 points added to the net profit for the game. Tonight's Pumas v Stormers game throws up a bet that is interesting for the usual sort of reasons (higher price than elsewhere despite a different player who is apparently worth less). Sell Stormers hotshots at 56 with SPIN (Warrick Gelant, Edwill VD Merwe, Rikus Petorius, Leolin Zas). I get a "true market value" of 44.8 based on their try minute pr
  9. Winner last night. Wigan v Salford: 15 points on Powell to score a try at 13/5 Lads (Fine at 5/2 without boost.)
  10. I'm wavering between being amused by that post or finding it a bit arsey. Obviously it's laughable to expect anyone to reveal the precise selection method for a winning system, especially to a first time poster, but I feel you could provide a little bit more than "I'm looking for value" (quelle surprise) without blowing the gaff. To quote from the "Rules for posting betting systems" thread "Obviously we want as much details as possible but it is not required. A statement like "it's private, under wraps, secret" however is not sufficient. You must give a description of the bet selection pr
  11. New York Giants @ Philadelphia: 1 point on Jackson at 11/4 with Lads Ok at 13/5 without a boost and you may get better on the exchanges.
  12. Castleford v Hull KR: 12.5 points on Parcell to score a try at 31/10 with Lads Easy to back at 3/1, 16/5 available with BF Sportsbook.
  13. Have a look at Statbunker. Shows total goals, first and last, first and second half and home and away. Sortable by all of the columns.
  14. @StevieDay1983 He’s after somewhere that shows the stats for players rather than the market itself, which is readily available as you say. Stats for player goals scored are easy to find and I’m sure I’ve seen first goalscorer stats somewhere but not sure about last. Personally I’d be more interested in a player’s scoring stats as I always think you can be mislead by specific first/last stats, e.g. small samples mean it might be random. I’d also look at how often the player gets subbed off. If a player’s scored 20 goals that represent 50% of his team’s total goals, that’s a reasonable stat
  15. I probably won't take you up on the offer but my interest is mildly piqued to the extent that I'll ask a few questions that might help other people who are considering it. Are we talking about all sports and markets or just specific things, e.g. horses only, football only. Are we talking about the whole of the fixed odds market, a limited number of firms or exchange only? Finally (to go into the nicheiest of niches)! Would this work with spread betting, e.g. identify sells in a particular market where the price is a minimum of "x"?
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