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  1. A very late Mahrez goal saves the day and turns a potential 49 point loss into a 1 point profit. 12 winners from 42 bets (28.57%) 581 points staked, 615.25 points returned +34.25 points ROI 5.9%
  2. No joy with the early bets, gone for one in the later African Cup of Nations game. Algeria v Nigeria: 10 points on Mahrez to score at 4/1 with Fred (under Sunday Football Specials) Plenty of 16/5 knocking about which seems fair at worst; at 4/1 he's a bet for me. Might be the last time I go early on football if I manage to find another non-starter!
  3. 2 player performances make some appeal but I've not decided whether to pull the trigger yet (not checked to see if better lines or prices are available). >50.5 for either of Root or Williamson at 17/20 with 888 are the bets in question. One bet I have taken is a buy of Spreadex's "Lightning Boult" special at 30. 10 points for his first wicket, +20 for his second, +30 for the third and so on and so on (max 550 for a 10 wicket haul). His average for the WC is 35.5 and he's only been nilled once. His last 5 games saw two 4 wicket hauls, 2 twice and a 1. Can think of worse ways for an interest in England's innings.
  4. 2 bets in tomorrow's early NFL games. Dragons v Raiders: 22 points on Ravalawa to score a try at 13/10 with 365 Tigers v Eels: 17 points on Hoffman to score a try at 2/1 with Hills
  5. 4 from 7 (Clare, Lomax, Wardle and Tomkins); 118 points risked and 206.75 returned for an 88.75 point profit. 11 winners from 39 bets (28.21%) 532 points staked, 565.25 points returned +33.25 points ROI 6.25%
  6. Warrington v Salford: 16 points on Evalds to score a try at 9/4 with Lads 14 points on Bibby to score a try at 11/4 with 888
  7. Wakefield v Castleford: 15 points on Arundel to score a try at 5/2 with Lads 20 points on Clare to score a try at 6/4 with Skybet
  8. St Helens v Wigan: 20 points on Lomax to score a try at 13/8 with Lads
  9. Huddersfield v Catalans: 15 points on Wardle to score a try at 5/2 with Fred or Lads 18 points on Tomkins to score a try at 15/8 with Lads
  10. 3 from 4 with Naden the only loser; 64 points risked and 154.5 returned for an 90.5 point profit. 7 winners from 32 bets (21.88%) 414 points staked, 358.5 points returned -55.5 points ROI -13.41%
  11. I'll take that; a 16 point profit on the Carey buy and 2 out of 3 on the fixed odds performance bets. (Also right to swerve Buttler who was the only other player who made the shortlist.) Woakes and Archer also obliged in getting the 30+ tournament wickets bet over the line. Thanks @Fader and @waynecoyne as without your prompting I wouldn't have looked at this match. I'll have a look to see if anything appeals ahead of the final on Sunday.
  12. Knights v Bulldogs: 20 points on Reimis Smith to score a try at 6/4 with Hills
  13. Panthers v Titans: 18 points on Naden to score a try at 19/10 with 365
  14. Hull v London: 12 points on Westerman to score a try at 10/3 14 points on Naulago to score a first half try at 11/4 Both with Lads
  15. I've been persuaded to join the Carey plunge! Had a bit on the top Aus bat at 14/1 and have bought his player performance at 40 with Spreadex (1 point per run, 10 per catch, 20 per wicket and 25 per stumping). I make his average 61 and that he's covered tomorrow's spread 8 times in 9 matches. I've also had an interest in 3 player performances with 888, all at 17/20. Root >45.5 (averages 78.4 and gone over in 5 out of 9) Roy >41.5 (58.5 4 out of 6) Warner >45.5 (75.3 and 6 out of 9). Those lines all look low if you use the spreads as a guide, lowest sell prices being 57, 49 and 53 respectively.