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  1. No joy as the game finishes 1-1 and Gillingham lose the corner count 8-6. 6 winners and 2 pushes from 13 bets, 1.125 points up with an ROI of 9% to advised stakes, 0.625 points up with an ROI of 4.81% to level stakes.
  2. This week’s selection is Gillingham to take most corners v Sunderland, 0.5pt at 4-1 with Skybet. Already cut to 7/2! 365 might only allow me £2.50 on an even money shot but at least they hold the price for more than 5 minutes!
  3. Good point; I know someone who does well selling multi points in rugby though it's still a bit volatile for my taste. Obviously it's the volatility that attracts buyers and puts off sellers, hence the likely value in going low. I used to sell multi corners years ago so it would be interesting to see if there's still value to be had there. So many markets and so little time, one can't track everything! Obviously there's a wealth of results to be had on the spread firms' websites but they're not generous enough to give you the history of the prices, so no option there other than to capture them yourself. I suppose with multi points you can at least track how the average make up compares to the potential maximum (e.g. 40 points in the game could make up as high as 400 or low as zero but will generally be somewhere inbetween). I'm currently looking at selling NFL touchdown minutes (promising so far) and player performances (less so).
  4. The first non-corners bet of the season loses. Looking good with just 2 cards after 89 minutes and still in until a 4th card shown deep into stoppage time. 6 winners and 2 pushes from 12 bets, 1.625 points up with an ROI of 13.54% to advised and level stakes.
  5. This week we have under 3.5 Asian total cards Manchester City v Southampton 1pt at 1.85 with 365.
  6. Not really what you're looking for I don't think. If you sell a team's supremacy at 0.5 and they lose 5-0 then the make up is -5.5, i.e. it can be negative.
  7. Cheers @Torque I'm not exactly giving up on this just because I've strayed into the red, I nearly stopped at the end of the second 100 but made the decision to carry on until I had a losing 100. The truth is I'll still be placing the same bets whether I post them or not and I record my results for every bet I place anyway. In the time it's taken to reach the 300 bet mark on here I've placed over 1700 bets in "real life". It just seems very time consuming to post a subset of my overall bets on here, with some potential bets not posted either because I decide they're not quite strong enough or I just don't have time. I'll have a break and a think between now and month end and decide whether I'm inclined to press on to the 500 mark. Last time I did something similar to this (elsewhere) it ran for over 8,000 bets though it was pretty much every bet I placed including spreads.
  8. No joy this week, Rochdale thrashed 12-2 on corners. A 40th minute red card obviously didn't help our cause. 6 winners and 2 pushes from 11 bets, 2.625 points up with an ROI of 23.86% to advised and level stakes.
  9. Time to bring the curtain down on this particular endeavour, with 5 losing bets making for a rather underwhelming finale. 21 winners from the last 100 bets (21%) 1408 points staked, 1040.25 points returned -367.75 points ROI -26.12% Overall total for all 300 bets looks like this. 79 winners from 300 bets (26.33%) 4205.5 points staked, 4025.25 points returned -180.25 points ROI -4.29%
  10. Leicester v Saracens: 17 points on Holmes to score a try at 2/1 with Hills
  11. The bad news is you’ve missed the deadline, the good news is you’re on Liverpool anyway!
  12. Done singles and the double; 11/4 tomorrow and 7/2 Sunday.