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  1. Out to evens now with PP or BF (despite showing 10/11 on Oddschecker).
  2. The good news is I was on your bet at 3/1. The bad news is I was on my bet!
  3. I've bought cross corners at 24, will need at least 10 to show a profit but think both teams will have enough of a go to make that possible. Macedonia winning 10-9 would be a perfectly agreeable outcome!
  4. They racked up a few against Spain, despite going down 5-0. Will be having a look at the corner markets to see if any other ways of siding with them make any appeal. (I had an interest in 11/10 for them to get at least 1 corner in each half v Spain but ended up regretting my lack of ambition!)
  5. No joy form me, Thomas T9 the closest I came. -12 points for my endeavours (though did land second place in the Draftkings comp I entered)! Good luck with this week's pics, I might see you for the next major.
  6. No try for Kelly, fluffed what chances he did have near the line. 1 winner from 3 bets, -1.25 point with an ROI of -41.67%.
  7. Well done. I'm not having much good fortune with my own bets at the moment but I've been lucky in which bets I've missed out on and which I've managed to follow on in this thread. Keep up the good work.
  8. I wouldn't willingly back anything I put up based on this weekend's form but I've put Kelly anytime at 13/8 up with SJ as a value bet in todays Hull v Cas game and I also like the enhanced 9/2 for Eden and Gale both to score a try at 9/2 with Lads. Hopefully it will be an entertaining and profitable game!
  9. Week 3 and I make it past Saturday for the first time! Had visions of this being the first "no bet" week but I'm satisfied with this one, This week's bet is 1 point on Albert Kelly to score a try for Hull v Castleford at 13/8 with SJ The spread firms' assessment of him is that he's around an even money shot, certainly no more than 6/5. Given that he's scored in 12 of his 16 Superleague appearances this season that seems reasonable enough, even allowing for the quality of today's opponents. Decent odds about something that's much closer to a coin toss in my view.
  10. Good luck, up to you whether you feel the need to post a screen shot but not required as far as I'm concerned,
  11. For what it's worth, these are my entries in a Fantasy Golf competition this week. (I just do the Majors with a few friends, somehow I won the last one.) Imaginary 1 point e/w (8 places unless stated) on: Scott at 33/1 Thomas 33/1 Grace 50/1 (6 places) Pieters 50/1 (6 places) Kisner 55/1 Chappell 66/1
  12. It's 1 each on winners but I'm slightly in front on P&L as my winner was at a fractionally better price! I make it you're 0.27 points down with an ROI of -13.5%. Early days but I'll do my best to lead from start to finish!
  13. For what it's worth (not much based on the quality of my punting this weekend) I think PP may have overpriced Minkin for Cas in the 2 or more and hat trick Markets. 7/2 and 14/1 look generous to me. I'd have gone 5/2 and 10/1 at most. He has 3 braces and a hat trick in 15 appearances this season.
  14. Good luck. No real insight when it comes to F1 but he's obviously a consistent performer and in a decent car. Maybe you can level the series!
  15. No joy this week but still satisfied it was a value bet. 1 winner from 2 bets, -0.25 point with an ROI of -12.5%. Most bets will probably be at prices somewhere between last week's 1.75 and this week's 4/1.