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  1. 73, which was the lowest sell price with either firm. Currently running at 142. Purple Patch continues for another night at least. I actually backed Paulinho at 11/4 but forgot to post it. I'm hoping he doesn't score again as I meant to back 2 or more at 20/1 but forgot by the time I'd finished trawling for the best Messi prices.
  2. A lot of study for no selections earlier but, as is often the case, some apparent value on a very fancied player. Barcelona v Eibar: Messi to score 2 or more at 6/4 (2.41) and a hat trick at 5/1 (5.84) with 888 and to score in both halves at 16/5 (3.78) with Hills. Let's hope he's up for it!
  3. Cheers. It's probably best to assume this has been a bit of a purple patch and to enjoy it while it lasts! I'll keep on looking for selections and see how it goes. It takes a bit of getting used to that the majority of my bets are now selected on entirely objective criteria with no exercising of my judgement but I'm happy with that given the results and the fact that I've plenty of interest in a variety of games across 3 sports.
  4. A decent day thanks to goals from Politano, Kalinic and Bale and tries by Walker and Nadolo, 63 winners from 162 bets (38.89%), +43.38 points with an ROI of 26.78%
  5. Kevin Pullein Saturday Picks 2017/18

    Newcastle did the honours today. 2 winners from 5 selections, +1.2 points to advised stakes with an ROI of 17.14%. -0.9 points to level stakes with an ROI of -18%.
  6. Nice work if you can get it

    2 hotshots tries for a make up of 50 and a 26 point profit. 1 winner from 3 spreadbets, Buys at 28, 38 and 24 have yielded make-ups of 25, 0 and 50 which means I'm now 15 points down with an ROI of -16.67%.
  7. Girona v Sevilla: Stuani to score at 5/2 with 365 or Marathonbet (3.31)
  8. A rare early footy bet but can't see him not starting and the price may not last. This is likely to be it for a while. Real Sociedad v Real Madrid: Bale to score at 5/4 (2.12) and to score 2 or more at 13/2 (7.39)
  9. Amiens v Marseille: Manzala to score at 13/2 with Marathonbet (6.76)
  10. AC Milan v Udinese: Kalinic to score at 23/20 (2.12) and Kessie to score at 3/1 (3.86) both with 888
  11. Politano obliges. Montpellier/Toulon: Nadolo to score at 11/8 with Paddy Fair (2.2)
  12. Wasps v Harlequins: Walker to score at 3.23/1 with Hills (3.83) Via price boost but still a bet at the "unboosted" 3/1.
  13. Nice work if you can get it

    This week's spreadbet is a buy of Harlequins hotshots at Wasps for 1 point at 24 with SPIN, 25 points per Walker, Marchant, Brown or Yarde try. I make this lot worth a touch over 26 and they're 28 to buy elsewhere. A solid enough proposition where even one try would reduce my current arrears by a point! Hopefully that's the worst outcome and they can muster 2 or more tries between them.
  14. Just the one bet in the various games between now and 11:30. Saauolo v Juventus: Politano to score at 7/1 with 888 (7.68)
  15. A quick update before we see what today has to offer. In a nice bit of symmetry, the evening bets also went 5 out of 10. James scored a try and only Yato not scoring prevented a clean sweep in the French game. 58 winners from 153 bets (37.91%), +33.37 points with an ROI of 21.81% For now at least, all 3 sports are in profit. Only fair to point out though, just over 95% of the profit is from Rugby Union.