** August Nap's Competition Result : 1st Thebestthere, 2nd Glavintoby, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, KO Cup Steve75, Most Winners Alastair, York Comp: Thebestthere**
**August Poker League Result : 1st Kevsul £75, 2nd Yossa6133 £45, 3rd Like2Fish £30**


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  1. nope haha my bad luck. good luck with your bets today and for the k.o. comp! 🤞
  2. There are always ups and downs in betting and it's your choice whether to follow or not. Darran has always given a lot of time and effort for predictions on football and horses for many years on this forum. (Also, making profits mostly too.) Much appreciation to @Darran!
  3. Everton (1) 1.55 Newcastle (1) 2.62 £20 double, please. Thank you.
  4. Good luck. I've gone for V K Star in race 9 randomly because it's my initials plus I love moon and stars. 🤣🤣 Have a great weekend!
  5. quite a few nr tonight! great start though!
  6. 1.50 Doncaster: Broxi 0.5pts e/w @ 41.00 2.20 Doncaster: Arecibo 0.5pts e/w @ 8.50 2.50 Fontwell: Isle of Wolves 0.5pts e/w @ 13.00 reserve: 2.00 Leopardstown: New Emerald Bay 0.5pts e/w @ 7.00 all with bet365. Thank you. Good luck all.
  7. don't forget the K.O. comp too. You vs me.. I'm doomed haha.. I'm prepared for a loss already. 😂😂
  8. Chelsea (2) 1.65 Tottenham (1) 1.83 £20 double, please. Thank you.
  9. joined in Max player too. hope I didn't curse the bet.😅😅 good luck all. 🤞
  10. they used to have the last few races like racing post, not anymore. I look on racing post app now. thank you. 😊😊
  11. 1.45 Haydock: Top Rank 0.5pts e/w @ 7.00 3.25 Haydock: Summerghand 0.5pts e/w @ 34.00 2.30 Ascot: Pretty in Grey 0.5pts e/w 7.00 Reserve : 4.35 Haydock: Star of Valour 0.5pts e/w @ 10.00 all with bet365. Thank you. Good luck all