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** February Poker League Result : 1st juanmoment, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd the_dak **
** Last Man Standing Results - drew005 wins £250 / Wishy wins £50 **
** February Naps Competition Result: 1st RAYSINGH_GURU, 2nd CASH OUT KEV, 3rd HARRY_FAINT99, 4th DONNYFLYER. KO Cup Winner MRJOL, Most Winners: BYMATRIX **


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  1. Kane seems to be back in shape too with assisting and scoring. On another note, though Manchester United can't win the title, I am super happy that they won today and ended Manchester City's 21 games winning streak! Whoohoooo🥳🥳🥳🥳
  2. sorry! wasn't thinking properly! I'll have Portsmouth in replace please Portsmouth (1) 2.00 Thank you!
  3. Watford (1) 1.91 Cardiff (1) 2.00 £20double, please. Thank you. Good luck all.
  4. Obviously, waggy can afford it as stated above. He also obviously enjoys betting so it is a positive thing for him in other aspects like time, energy and mental health. Some people find betting like a hobby, an interest and a way of releasing stress sometimes when looking into what to bet, reading previews etc. Again, you can have your own opinions but this thread has nothing to do with you. You've stated your opinion once, that's enough. There's no need to go on. Waggy can do what he likes and as long as he can afford the lost, it's fine. It's his way of betting for many years of his li
  5. I decided to jump on the wagon too. If we die, then we die together.😂😂 I don't usually join but didn't bet on anything today so threw a fiver for fun. Hooray! We all win together now! 🤣🤣🙏🙏 hard not to chase like Gooner said but at least if you did lose, you're just losing the profit you gained, not your own money.
  6. Everton (1) 1.8 Watford (1) 1.61 £30 Double, please. thank you. Good luck all
  7. it is crazy, heavy snow in Newcastle right now!
  8. You do very well with small bets so it is possible to reach up to 5k. That's like 350 a month which you are capable of doing. Go for it, waggy, slow and steady. No need for chasing. Support 💪💪
  9. they're losing so far 🥺🥺 hope they chase up and win for you 🙏🙏
  10. Millwall (1) 2.00 Preston (1) 2.37 £15 double, please. Thank you. Good luck all
  11. sure am, buddy! Either way, well done to you and King for making it into the finals!
  12. me too .. "took the risk" and put 1 quid ew only as well haha 🤣🤣 great ratings to all of you!
  13. dangerous one there and low odds. what a ride. glad it turned out okay. onwards and upwards to weekends!
  14. Norwich (1) 1.95 Birmingham (1) 2.62 £10 double, please. Thank you. Good luck all.
  15. Oxford United (1) 1.75 Sunderland (1) 1.70 £10 double, please. Thank you. Good luck all.
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