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  1. You never need to apologize. There's always ups and downs in betting. We've won lots from your predictions and appreciate it too. Thank you ever so much instead.x
  2. Heehee don't worry. I always say I definitely curse people on here as when I bet slightly more than usual on their tips, they end up losing🤣🤣 but when I bet tiny bets, they win 😂😂
  3. Non-runner now☹️☹️ The rain is horrendous here up north.
  4. Well done for yesterday!! Today, William Hill offers 4 places.😊😊
  5. Hard one but hopefully, Anderson or Humphries get through.💪💪
  6. Definitely.. I'm surprised skybet didn't go 7 places this time as they usually do.
  7. I likes these two just by past races and gut feeling but was waiting for someone to tip them as well and then go for it haha🤣🤣
  8. at odds 9.5/1, 9.5/1 and 8.5/1 on bet365
  9. Wish you a delightful new year full of magical happiness, great health and more winnings to come!
  10. Wish you all a delightful new year full of magical happiness, blessings and great health! Lots of love x
  11. dunno why I've lost the message function but Wish you and your family a Joyful Christmas filled with Love, Warmth and Laughter.??
  12. Win or lose, thank you very much as always. We always appreciate your opinions and predictions. Thank you for your time. Wish you all a Joyful Christmas filled with love, warmth and laughters.x
  13. I was in tears with Netherlands last night (second favourite team) knocked out plus going into penalties is heartbreaking I think for any team to lose in that way.?? prepared to be in tears with England tonight too as much as I hope I'm wrong. I think Morocco has a chance to draw at least. They've done so well and Portugal isn't stable at all even though they won by a huge margin last match. I think it will be a tight match especially in the first half. Went for 0-0 half time. Good luck with the draws and penalties!
  14. at least we get back money from bet365 when it's 0-0. hoping Spain wins in extra time or penalties now as put a point on each.?? I'm prepared to be in tears with France vs England.??
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