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  1. Exactly like I said before, it's up to you and as long as you can afford the loss, it's fine. Life is short, just do what you like and you're not in a life threatening or financial crisis after betting for numerous years. Go for it. Support 💪💪
  2. another account......endless...... dangerous and not worth the risk at those odds in my opinion but that's waggy's way of betting and his own choice. Glad it turned out well.
  3. hooray!!!!!! Well done and thank you as always!! Congrats, @Fader!!
  4. Well done on Unforgiving Minute! Good luck with the other two and Trixie!
  5. Preston (1) 2.25 Exeter (1) 1.73 £10 double, please. Good luck all.
  6. Good luck. 🤞 very dangerous to bet such big amounts but as long as you can afford the risk, it's up to you. Hope you'll stay in the black and continue to do so. 🙏🙏
  7. welcome and good luck
  8. Welcome to the forum and good luck. 👍👍
  9. exactly! I thought it was going to be a definitely win too! 😆😆
  10. Everton vs Man Utd (X) 3.50 Man City vs Liverpool (X) 3.90 £14 double, please. Thank you for taking over and continuing the competition with your effort and time, @avongirl.
  11. thank God! what a heart attack! 😖😖
  12. donated. Wish your son great health and happiness.
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