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  1. 888 were offering 5/1 etienne 1st td, had to be done. Also on quarterback offer via boyle had ridley 1st scorer in a bb, do that's beat. Also on QB offer have mixon and etienne td, 26+ pts game, -2.5 jags and bothe teams 1 ep, so still a chance with that, but decent profit for tonight, we'll this morning.
  2. 1 touchdown from AJ Brown would have been perfect would have won 2 bets, but not to be. Chiefs game was a washout. Cant believe I never made the acca, lol, should have stuck with my own bets, used the whole Arizona are rubbish for Harris and probably was risky Ekeler. 49ers absolutely blew away Eagles, wouldn't mind that final for a financial bonus, although would prefer my Dolphins, lol, but think they'll come a cropper in coming weeks as some very tough games.
  3. Got 2 out of 3 so far but Eagles look really poor and don't think the points total is going to be achieved.
  4. Unless Dolphins capitulate, job looks done for that game, even better when it's your team doing it. TD got off to good start, but Ekeler and Harris could spell trouble, shoulda opted for Henry.
  5. Going for 4 games over the NFL night, 2 bets each game. May watch it all if I can last as I've got the virus, lol, so no work. Dolphins (go phins) Hill 1st td, dolphins win, Sanders 3 x EP Mostert 1st td, dolphins win, dolphins 24+ pts total Steelers Harris 1st td, Pitt win and pitt 17+ pts Still to do (ladbrokes isn't showing any td scorers and doesn't seem to have a bet builder option even though I have a free bet, if I can't use I'll use as an outright), however intend to do Warren 1st td and see what is available should it be ladbrokes or boylesports (have free bets and also they offer quarterback). Eagles aijuk, mccaffrey and aj brown any td, 46+ pts total Hurts and mccaffrey any tds , both teams 25pts+ Chiefs Pacheco 1st td, chiefs win, chiefs 20+ pts Kelce 1st td, chiefs win, still to decide what boyle offers. Any tds acca Montgomery (lions) Ekeler (la c) Harris (pitt) Hill (phins) White (tampa)
  6. Kinda blew it with that triple bogey, would have been in playoff. Niemann prevails. Not a player I have ever really backed but my Dad did give him a few go's although not this time unfortunately.
  7. 2 winners, small profit although used some free bets too. Complete unknown came 10th, lol
  8. Had to be snowy evening considering the weather. 1340 jet powered main bet Sebastopol ew Also irish hill had used with a couple of doubles (manimole and inch house). - actually works out best return. 1450 mahler mission Monbeg genius Ew on datsalrightgino and our power Complete unknown is evens for a top 10 finish on betfair. Also got a couple of free in play bets so will use these on both 1340 and 1450 (if I remember, out for work Xmas party). Good luck all.
  9. Went with cowboys, unfortunately opted for lamb first td on bet builder, if I had opted for 1st team would have come up. Was originally going lamb and pollard any td, but was only just around 3/1, ahh well.
  10. Sa open Stuck with thriston the piston and beuzi. Dad on beuzi and lombard. Went on hero, opted for morikawa, was going to got for fitzpatrick but never did.
  11. Went adam scott and leishman again Sad has went meronk and macintyre.
  12. Meh, another let down after decent start. Bills running away with it at Eagles, no way are they turning it around and winning by 4 pts. Can only hope Kelce scores and gives me a freebie. Still can't believe Titans couldn't must up a score in last 2 quarters, lol.
  13. Kc game have bet builders kn Kelce 1st team td, chiefs -6.5, chiefs 20 pts , chiefs 2 td Pacheco 1st td, 23 pts kc -5.5, butter 2 ep Eagles Hurts 1st tm td, eagles -3.5, eagles 20 pts, eagles 2td Same about without 2 tds, a j brown 1st td Had etienne on td but missed from 3 inches out or something, lol. Moneyback if paycheck, kelce and hurts score td (Henry was other).
  14. Had Henry first td, 2 tds for titans and -3.5, but also need 20 pts for them, lol, felt it was a cert early doors. But that's it over. Can only hope panthers get a td and take it to OT.
  15. Your indeed correct, thanks for the heads up, so a treble came up, lol, nice. Also bizarrely, not complaining I was given a free bet for Flooring Porter but only meant to be for 2nd, lol. Thanks
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