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  1. Not really strayed away from home countries outwith a couple of SA. Outrights on Fitzpatrick and Hatton. Ew (7 places) on Macintyre, oosthuizen, Wallace and G.Coetzee. Rory is just not worth a bet at those odds although his form has been good and will be there or thereabouts I'm sure. All free bets. Good luck all.
  2. Went with a US trio of Burns and Henley outright, ew on Rodgers. Not too keen on the field, so just a few free bets used. Good luck all.
  3. Good call took a chance too, was hoping Marlay Park would have went 4/1 for b365 offer but wins a win. Also went with Ted's trio, thankfully Falcon Eight covered the other 2 with a small profit. Add that to Art Power which was a big fav and good day all round which included a golf win.
  4. Well that worked out perfect, couldn't watch unfortunately as out for dinner, but got a surprise when I saw cash out for Migliozzi and them looked at score. Thankfully Coetzee blew it as he looked dangerous. In the end was either one, thankfully Migliozzi came up as he was 80/1. Either way would have been a good profit, maybe I should have cashed out after the 2nd round, lol. Bit lucky with the whole Italian thing but he was my outside bet anyway regardless, funny as I chose Lawrence over Coetzee (my main SA was always Harding but he's at LIV so kinds gave up on him. Good day all round, golf, horses and waiting on a NFL bet builder.
  5. Last round, he semi composed himself after that start, but just think momentum has switched and he'll get caught, Coetzee and Pieters are main dangers, do have Perez and Migliozzi a few shots behind so think it might be too much for them, same goes for other possible dangers Amith and Donaldson.
  6. My lost double pips wife in last race on line, which is a pity. Last race wife went stormy victory ew and I've went poetic code.
  7. Ew up in last one, went live is life and wife cheerful Charlie.
  8. Never went each way, lol, what's annoying me I bet it at bloody 4/1, them went way out. Best probably to wait late in US, but is a chance. Went no decaf part of double with lights of Broadway in next. Wife each way on be naughty with me, she also fancied holiness to heaven, so put that on for both was 35/1, now 16/1
  9. Pity hadn't put double on wife's, two out of two. Dashing Demi wasn't dashing, really believe I could have outsprinted it, quite funny as I call my daughter the sloth, this horse is as great a match as is. Pity I used my william hill free bet qualifier on calibrator as was going tonuse it on noble dynasty, meh Next race wife on I believe in magic, I'm on miss you Ella, but had to bet on two of the best names in one race, nana fanny and grandma's pudding, had to bet on them, lol. Childish, but who gives a .....
  10. Got miss you Ella on a double with lamplighter Jack who just won, wife went with lamplighter Jack too. She's got a freebie tonight as celebrating her birthday weekend. Wife went legacy Isle in next (fav), I've went with coppermaster and silver and black.
  11. Betting on gulfstream tonight and a little bet on dashing demi at Los A (not a tip, just my daughters name). Mostly use freebies I have, hopefully better than today's effort, especially that donkey Count Dorsay who sank my treble ew.
  12. What a shocker of a start, maybe should have cashed in, oops.
  13. Fox and paratore not made cut, but some still in contention. Hopefully though Hojgaard can continue his start. Sorry forgot to mention what one it was in my initial post, lol. It was indeed Rasmus. He's actually 4/9 on now, and 2nd and 4th on the betting list are both my French players, could cash in for 1/2 my winnings at the half way stage but I'll take my chance. Also might need my head checked, I remember now why I elected for both Italians, thought it was the Italian Open which had stuck in my head obviously from last week, lol.
  14. Good call, actually passed up the b365 offer which cost me a couple of pound as elected to use william hill offer of a free £2 bet. I won a watch in the race as used moneyback offers on same race and they came in 2nd and 3rd so no loss at all, only profit. Only got just under 4s though.
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