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  1. Can't play tonight. Got tickets for the B52s farewell tour in Manchester. Have fun folks 😎
  2. ian309

    PL Poker League

    If the collective minds of the PL haven't come up with a workable solution by now, maybe that means there isn't one. If everyone is content in the knowledge that it's entirely possible for a player to turn up on Week 4 and scoop 1st or 2nd place having only played the last leg, then so be it 🙂 It is what it is.
  3. ian309

    PL Poker League

    After a very poorly attended 3rd leg the podium positions were occupied by : 1 - Vince 2 - SciTopus 3 - Emeryt309 After the last leg with double points : 1 - Leo 2 - Zozzy 3 - Demioz After the last leg with normal scoring : 1 - Vince 2 - Zozzy 3 - Emeryt309 In last month's competition, if someone had only played the last leg and won it they would have finished 2nd in the league. In this month's competition, if someone had only played the last leg and won it they would have finished at least 2nd in the league. IMHO this clearly shows that awarding double points for the last leg perversely alters the dynamics of the league. This not only places far too much emphasis on the last leg but it could also create a continual atmosphere of injustice. Under the current rules, players could be forgiven for waiting until the end of Late Reg for leg 3 to see how many runners it gets before deciding whether to play or not.
  4. Well played folks ! Pretty sure I bubbled the podium by a couple of points 😕
  5. Thanks to all who turned out to play tonight... special kudos to Vince who was playing HU in the Razz and the PLO simultaneously, constantly searching for the best hand and the worst hand at the same time - well played sir !
  6. ian309

    PL Poker League

    How about a sliding scale points multiplier for the last leg ? This would hopefully : i) level the playing field, ii) still attract extra players for the last leg, iii) protect the interests of someone who has built a lead. 0 - 6 players = double points 6 - 11 players = 1.5x points 12+ players = normal points
  7. I'd go for that For anyone who hasn't tried Razz yet, it's a great game, have a look here :
  8. ian309

    PL Poker League

    I'm glad you brought this up Paul, I was having similar thoughts myself. I couldn't play the first leg for well documented reasons and then I finished 6th out of 7 runners in the second leg, so I should have been effectively out of the running for top spot this month. I have benefited hugely from the new scoring system but it's definitely to the detriment of the likes of Barry who had built up a healthy lead after three legs and looked set for a comfortable top three finish. I agree that it probably needs tweaking but I'm not sure how. Scoring points for all four legs could work, as it rewards those who put the most money into the pot(s), but it also penalises those who can't play one or more legs for whatever reason. 1.5X points for the last leg is a possibility, but ultimately people will look at the league table after three legs and attempt to calculate the odds and work out if it's worth them playing. At the end of the day, the effectiveness of the points multiplier for the last leg is wholly dependent on the number of runners it gets... and that number is not known until the end of Late Reg. This is definitely worth a debate and it would be interesting to hear the thoughts of the wider player pool
  9. Thanks Helen... I am the living proof that even a blind squirrel will eventually find a nut As for the 'fun' game next week, my preference would be for Razz or Badugi, or even 2-7 Triple Draw, all great games, but I'm guessing they probably wouldn't get many takers. So unless there's a tidal wave of requests from members for one of these, how about PLO ?