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  1. Sheff Wed (1) 1.72 Swansea (1) 1.85 Notts Forest (1) 1.66 £10 treble please
  2. Brentford (1) 1.57 West Brom (2) 1.50 Coventry (1) 1.61 £10 treble please
  3. Brentford (1) 1.75 Reading (1) 1.65 Cardiff (1) 1.30 £10 treble please
  4. Bristol City (1) 1.70 Gillingham (1) 1.83 Plymouth (1) 1.83 £10 treble please
  5. Man Utd (2) 1.80 Millwall (1) 1.83 Exeter (1) 1.85 £50 treble please
  6. Sorry that I couldn't make it tonight folks, I absolutely hate to miss the PLO leg, but SWMBO insisted on taking me out for my 59th birthday ☹️ congrats to therivr on the win
  7. These were my thoughts precisely when I read Tom's message. There's every chance that there may be a restriction on the number of teams, and with it being rushed, registration and buying-in could end up being a bun fight. I have the cancellation clause for the Travelodge anyway but if there are enough willing souls I'd much rather stick to Plan A and do the PL tourney
  8. I suspect quite a few of you will have received the same FB Message from Tom Brady as I did last night, full message here : UK Team event agreed for 1st/2nd Feb (Superbowl weekend) subject to final confirmation of finer details with venue (Midlands ish) which I hope will be Wed evening - will be a v quick turnaround of team entries on a first come basis from Thurs, subject to final confirmation when all individual team members have bought in online (online holding tank will close early Jan)