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  1. I will also be boosting Teaulc's bankroll as usual.. 
  2. Well played Alan, you were an unstoppable force this month ! 
  3. APAT Team Championship - Blackpool 11/12 March 2017

    Have you checked Trip Advisor Alan ?
  4. Super 6 Name: Ian SzerlowskiForum Username: ian309
  5. Many thanks to Paul and HNY to all 
  6. Thanks Vince, I think I've sneaked into second place. Congrats on your runaway League victory 
  7. Nope, still nothing as of 7.30pm 8th November 
  8. Sorry I couldn't make it last night, work issues Have October's bonuses been sorted, nothing in my Skrill yet    
  9. Has the current league table been posted anywhere ? It's probably the only time I'll ever feature in the top three