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  1. Division 7 - Week 2 Selections

    West Ham (1) 1.53 Bury (1) 1.61 Celtic (2) 1.20 £10 treble please
  2. Division 7 - Week 1 Selections

    Man City (1) 1.14 Liverpool (1) 1.14 West Brom (1) 1.33 £10 treble please. Likewise this is my first effort, hope I've done it right
  3. Football Tipster Competition starting 10th March

    Thanks Helen. Can you tell that the only time I tried sports betting was when I used to stick my pools coupon in the post in the 70s ?
  4. Football Tipster Competition starting 10th March

    I see that there are quite a few poker players doing the FTC so hopefully someone can help here. I understand what BTTS means, but what do the (1), (2) and (X) mean ? And how does a team score more or less than 2.5 goals ? West Brom (1) @ 3.1 Leicester (2) @ 3.1 Tottenham (x) @ 3.8
  5. Button Ante v BB Ante (Live)

    I've played several Button Ante tourneys and I love them, so much more efficient than individual antes. I've not played a BB Ante tourney yet but I don't like the theory behind it... I reckon the BB would feel inclined to defend too light OOP, especially in the latter stages of the tourney.
  6. Football Tipster Competition starting 10th March

    I haven't the first idea about sports betting, the FTC rules might as well be written in Japanese, but what's the worst that can happen...? I'm in !
  7. I'll have a bash at this too thanks !
  8. We've got house guests this week so unfortunately I can't play. Bearing in mind my miserable performance so far this month, I should probably view this as a blessing and $5.50 saved Best of luck folks !
  9. Either the raven got shot down on it's way to Winterfell, or it was never the intention that it should leave it's cage at King's Landing. Or maybe that was the essence of the OP and I just failed to read between the lines
  10. Usual suspects at the top of the league... I thought you two were going to play HU all night