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  1. Go on then... I'll chuck yet another $5.50 into the abyss
  2. Hi Helen, I'm not playing the Premier League qualifiers as I've somehow managed to sneak into the APAT Forum team.
  3. Yes there is Helen : http://www.apat.com/premierleague/
  4. I shall be donating to the weekly cashers as usual.
  5. Could someone please stop Barry (Keaneo6) from winning the league again this month ? He won all that money and still won't buy a round the reason that the new pound coin is this shape is so that you can use a spanner to prise one out of a Yorkshireman's hand...
  6. Funds received yesterday, many thanks to Paul and PL
  7. Seeing as my youngest offspring has joined the fray, it seems only fitting that I show him how it's done