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  1. I'd go for that For anyone who hasn't tried Razz yet, it's a great game, have a look here :
  2. ian309

    PL Poker League

    I'm glad you brought this up Paul, I was having similar thoughts myself. I couldn't play the first leg for well documented reasons and then I finished 6th out of 7 runners in the second leg, so I should have been effectively out of the running for top spot this month. I have benefited hugely from the new scoring system but it's definitely to the detriment of the likes of Barry who had built up a healthy lead after three legs and looked set for a comfortable top three finish. I agree that it probably needs tweaking but I'm not sure how. Scoring points for all four legs could work, as it rewards those who put the most money into the pot(s), but it also penalises those who can't play one or more legs for whatever reason. 1.5X points for the last leg is a possibility, but ultimately people will look at the league table after three legs and attempt to calculate the odds and work out if it's worth them playing. At the end of the day, the effectiveness of the points multiplier for the last leg is wholly dependent on the number of runners it gets... and that number is not known until the end of Late Reg. This is definitely worth a debate and it would be interesting to hear the thoughts of the wider player pool
  3. Thanks Helen... I am the living proof that even a blind squirrel will eventually find a nut As for the 'fun' game next week, my preference would be for Razz or Badugi, or even 2-7 Triple Draw, all great games, but I'm guessing they probably wouldn't get many takers. So unless there's a tidal wave of requests from members for one of these, how about PLO ?
  4. Many thanks and much respect to @BillyHills for running this comp
  5. Man Utd (1) 1.20 Southampton (1) 1.36 £30 double please
  6. It would appear that I am back ! Just logged into Stars on the off chance... and it lets me play. There has been no email from Stars, no notification, no explanation, no apology, not a sausage. Their customer service really does redefine incompetence. See you back on the felt tomorrow
  7. In respect of my situation there has been no change. Pokerstars have managed to turn the phrase 'Customer Service' into something of an oxymoron and I don't see that changing any time soon. It was fun while it lasted.... best of luck folks !
  8. Middlesboro (1) 1.61 Barnsley (1) 1.40 Carlisle (1) 1.57 £20 treble please
  9. Newcastle (1) 2.40 Arsenal (1) 1.50 Coventry (1) 1.75 £10 treble please
  10. Yes, I can log into PS, I can still navigate all the tabs, I can select a cash game and choose how much to buy in for but as soon as I try to play I get the pop up as shown in the screen shot. I can still watch you play the PL League games but as soon as I try to register for the PL game itself, I get the pop up again. The only thing they have stopped me doing is actually playing. I have successfully withdrawn most of my roll for the time being in case they decide to freeze that too in a further act of malice.
  11. Mind you, it does help when you call a raise for 10% of your stack with 46o and flop a straight v KK when 5-handed and you hold to go CL Stars 'revoked my playing privileges' a couple of weeks ago and won't tell me why. I'm one of the most honest people on the planet, it doesn't make sense. They're not even answering my emails any more. It's a real shame as I've loved playing this league and making Leo/Paul/Andy so much richer in the process