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  1. I'd be happy with that, but maybe a slightly larger starting stack for PLO ?
  2. Can't make it this year, sorry, was desperate to attend one of these...
  3. Had house guests from abroad this week so I couldn't play. Normal service will be resumed on Wednesday.
  4. You may be right actually, but if my dodgy 'O' Level maths is right then I might have tied for 3rd with Orlov
  5. If you bust my QQ with your QT again Helen when AIPF, you're off my Christmas card list !
  6. Long time no see mate ! This makes it even more painful to have to say that I have now been informed by SWMBO that we are going to a wedding that weekend and cannot make the PL meet up
  7. Thanks guys ! I was half expecting to find a post on here this morning teasing me about my AQ v AK 4-bet shove and suck-out against THE HERD Norris and Ross McWhirter will have to wait another week
  8. The Guinness Book of Records phoned me up tonight. They say that when I busted out of the PL tourney in the first level last week, AIPF with my KK v Andy Bell's AA, after he had raised 12 hands in a row from the start of the tourney, I drew level with the World Record Holder for the highest number of sick beats combined with the highest number of comedy bust-outs in the history of poker. How I laughed when I busted with AK v AQ.... JJ v JT,....TT v 99, the list is endless. So do your worst Punter's Loungers... tomorrow night you have the opportunity to cement my place in the Guinness Book of Records poker history... it doesn't matter that you are only 5% to win the pot... you will win... just ship it !
  9. Just spent two hours trawling through hotel web sites. Alan's IBIS is now £71, the next nearest IBIS wants £36 on top for parking. Many horror stories on Trip Advisor for local B&Bs. Remaining options seem to be sleep in the car (maybe 30 years ago), or drive 110 miles home. #feelingpricedout