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  1. This is great news, already sorted it with SWMBO 😀 I spent an hour or so trawling hotel websites last night. If anyone finds somewhere decent, in close proximity to RW and at a reasonable price could you post it up on here please ?
  2. ian309

    PL Poker League

    After last season's well-documented Team Event disaster, it would appear that APAT may be struggling to find a non-Grosvenor venue large enough to host it. Tom has stated that he hopes the Team Event will be UK based which pretty much reduces the choice to DTD or Aspers. I'd really love a return to DTD and I'm really hoping they don't announce it for the end of February when I will be setting sail from Barbados on the Azura. Please don't arrange the PL meet up between 18 Feb and 8 March 😀🛳️☀️
  3. ian309

    PL Poker League

    The prospect of playing the APAT Counties Championships at Resorts World in a couple of weeks prompted me to re-read the thread for the last PL Poker meet up. Was it really 18 months ago ?! Are there any irons in the fire for another meet up in 2020 ?
  4. Croatia (1) 1.44 Blackpool (1) 1.72 £10 double please
  5. Rangers to win 1.25 Athletico Madrid to win1.45 £10 double please
  6. Arsenal (1) 1.65 Chelsea (2) 1.65 Swindon (1) 1.85 £10 treble please
  7. Arsenal (1) 1.44 West Brom (1) 1.44 £10 double please
  8. Bournemouth (1) 1.72 Tottenham (1) 1.40 £10 double please