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  1. Sounds like you were just a whisker away from losing some chips, good job you had the purr-fect table mates
  2. Pokerstars Account

    I gave in. Sent my details and my account has now been thawed out. Ready to make further donations to Leo's and Marek's bankrolls on Wednesday
  3. Pokerstars Account

    When I try to log into my account it just says, "Your account has been frozen. Please contact support@starsaccount.uk for more info. Think I'm getting to the bottom of it now. I have two sons who both play on stars and who have both left home. At Xmas they both came home and the eldest used the youngest's macbook to log into stars. Now pokerstars have got it into their head that all three accounts are operated by myself so that I might fraudulently enter the same tourney as three different people. Seriously...?!
  4. Pokerstars Account

    Just out of interest, has anyone else had their stars account frozen in the past ? I've since had emails demanding that I send them copies of photo ID and proof of address. I am aware that this kind of thing does occur from time to time, but they refuse to tell me what it is that has happened to result in my account being frozen and the request for ID. I'm not actually 100% convinced that the emails originate from pokerstars. I've sent an online enquiry via the PS 'support' page but had nothing back so far. Annoying.
  5. Well I would have played tonight but for the fact that I just tried to log in to Stars and an error message says that my account has been frozen !! Email sent to support. Not happy !
  6. Just to let you know that I have been recruited to play for a team at Blackpool, so Team PL can now breathe a collective sigh of relief in the event that you should require a sub
  7. Eleven runners in the PLO this week, which is more than we sometimes get for NLHE.. if people are acquiring a taste for PLO it might be worth considering it as a permanent fixture in the monthly league ?
  8. I don't think the sides have been announced yet Dan, or if they have I can't find them anywhere.
  9. I can't play tomorrow either , I will have to make the other three games count
  10. To join the PokerStars PL Home Games Club: club id = 744199 password = PLPokerClub
  11. Click on the 'More' tab at the bottom right of the Pokerstars window and then 'Home Games'. The Punters Lounge tournament(s) will be in the list once you have applied to join and been authorised/accepted by one of the Admins
  12. I couldn't play on Wednesday as I was out of the country. I would have voted for PLO for this week, looking forward to it