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  1. Champions League > Feb 14th - 22nd

    You're a vulture... I love it! Totally agree that it could get messy! Even if the players that have been ghosts this season that had blinders last year start performing, they still lack Kante who was the difference. I think Leicester will be optimistically hoping for damage limitation. I can see them losing 2-0 or 3-1.
  2. UK Weekend > Feb 18th - 20th

    My thoughts on accumulators are that in my life I have won two accumulator bets off a £1 bet each time winning approximately £250 each time. I have probably placed the equivalent of about 100 accumulator bets at £1 over the years. That's a rough profit of £400 off accumulators. That said, I wouldn't be able to earn an income off them. As @Sir Puntalot said, it's small stake fun. Is £1 better spent on a large bar of chocolate or an accumulator that could win you something big back? Provided you place an accumulator knowing what you're in for then that's fine.
  3. Welsh Open

    The final for this tournament is later today. Is anyone thinking of any bets for this? Personally, I think Trump has been in superb form and justifying his tag as one of the best of this current generation. I think he could win this final comfortably.
  4. Parlay- 1st post let's do this

    An interesting group of selections there mate. I think your Serie A games are very close to being absolute bankers. So that should be almost half of your bet sorted in one fell swoop. Osasuna at +1 is a big one and Athletic Bilbao are never a sure thing but overall I think those picks are worth the risk for the price.
  5. Weekend > Feb 17th - 19th

    I did suspect that playing in the Champions League and then playing on the Friday away could cause problems. A poor result but it could have been even worse. Will PSG struggle to get motivated for their game after the high of that 4-0 win against Barcelona in midweek? It's a bloody minefield this week!
  6. Weekend > Feb 17th - 19th

    Good analysis there, Vasilli07. Do you think his influence will be felt immediately or do you think it will take a few games for the players to get used to it?
  7. UK Weekend > Feb 18th - 20th

    I wish I could have had time to share with you my Forfar story where they screwed up my 10 team accumulator by conceding a penalty in the 3rd minute of added on time but nevermind! 
  8. UK Weekend > Feb 18th - 20th

    Now, now, lads. This is place of reasoned discussion. @sajtion, if your tips are right then you've proved @Petersson1984 wrong. If they're shite, then he's been proved right. Let the tips do the talking, not the cheap chat! Speaking of which, Sajtion makes a great point. Petersson1984, don't just be negative about other people's tips without posting your own to counter. You just look like a troll otherwise and trolls don't do well around these parts. Also, thanks for the heads up @canaries91. We could do with you posting every week. Very helpful advice. I still think you'll edge it today. Smash that hoodoo!
  9. Germany Lower Leagues 2016/2017

    Ok brilliant. I will do that from this week. Save you coming in here on your own every week. 
  10. Weekend > Feb 17th - 19th

    Have you decided to back this? The Dortmund and Hoffenheim double bet is popular this week. I'm just a bit cautious about Dortmund. They will either be firing out of the blocks or they will have a Champions League hangover. Did I read somewhere that the Yellow Wall is banned or am I incorrect? Not having that fierce atmosphere could be a problem.
  11. Germany Lower Leagues 2016/2017

    @Neubs, would you like me to throw in the Bundesliga II and Bundesliga III (when possible) odds when I post up the Bundesliga odds so we can try and garner more interest in that division?
  12. Week > Feb 17th - 22nd

    Great point about Ceballos, Pep. That was an awful result for them last night. In one fell swoop, a number of weekend bets for this weekend have been destroyed. I'm tempted to go gung ho this weekend now. A BTTS quadruple with... Sevilla vs Eibar Celta Vigo vs Osasuna Valencia vs Atletico Bilbao Malaga vs Las Palmas This delivers odds of 9.18. Very tempted!
  13. UK Weekend > Feb 18th - 20th

    That Forest versus Wednesday game is one that I am not touching with a barge pole. Forest seem to be picking up again at home lately but you just don't know what Wednesday will do against teams in form on their own patch. I think a draw would be my selection if pushed. Agree on Plymouth. How many times have we spoke of how under-valued they always are and how over-priced Portsmouth are! Plymouth have been good servants for this forum so understand that. Norwich were struggling but Neil has turned it around for them recently. Unbeaten in their last six matches including four wins. Burton will be on their arse after that 4-1 loss against Brighton. As close to a banker as you'll get this weekend I think.
  14. Weekend > Feb 18th

    That is the key difference for me, mate. I find you can look at a team's form as long as you want but you learn more by finding out the manner they lost rather than whether or not they lost. If a team is showing no desire then the problems are deeply rooted. However, if they are battling but still losing you feel a win could be just around the corner. I remember even when Merthyr Town suffered their problems they still battled for every point.
  15. UK Weekend > Feb 18th - 20th

    Always a welcome sight to see a lurker posting. Those are decent odds for a four fold like that mate. I'm going to be watching with interest to see how the games finish. That will be one hell of a bet if it comes in. Massive stake but the odds mean it works for a range of stakes as well.