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  1. @gogetta and @sandrostocco, any thoughts on these matches over the next couple of days?
  2. Yeah, I've never been the biggest fan of the Confederations Cup. Always just felt like a friendly tournament. This one feels different. A lot of the teams haven't played in it regularly. The likes of Russia, Portugal, Chile, and Cameroon are not frequently there. Even Germany have not played in it too often. The absence of some big nations such as Argentina, Brazil, France, Spain, and USA has added some freshness to it. So I think they all really want to win it. A trophy is a trophy at the end of the day. They are hard to come by at international level. I still think Germany will win it. Doing their usual squeak through the group phase of an international tournament but watch them boss the knockout stages now!
  3. Good win for England tonight to cruise through to the semi-finals. Can they go all the way? Here is a look at the upcoming fixtures over the next two nights. Four firm favourites in all four games. @vasilli07 and @stevieG, will you two be betting on any of these games?
  4. Anybody having a flutter on the League of Ireland games this week? Cork City look decent value at 1.65. They have only dropped 2 points all season and look to win their 18th match in 19 league games away to mid-table Derry City this weekend. Bohemians at 2.10 at home to Sligo Rovers is also a tempting price. @DW_United, @sajtion, @andrewcalo, @Mindfulness, @Sir Puntalot, @betcatalog, @AndreBR, @mrclubbie, @neilovan, @Judeksi, @KikoCy, @Bett, @zemo91, @sm0kez, @Bronxie, @Duuc, @Dylan Lynch, @Tiffy, @WinningAdvice, @Kenton Schweppes, @canaries91, @CloughandTaylor, @rangers234, @skyblues88, @allyhibs, @salmonman, @allthethings, @Icongene, @Tanktop, @waynecoyne, @kulikTS, @KingSoccertips, @Pipoca, @Neubs, and @MuineBheag.
  5. De Boer is a massive gamble. I think Palace do have to gamble though. Anybody they appoint would be a risk. I think if I was an Eagles fan I would probably prefer to go with a younger manager than an older one. @Mindfulness, what are your thoughts, pal?
  6. Can you believe that the 2017/18 Champions League competition starts next Tuesday?! Unbelievable! Anyway, only five 1st leg fixtures over the course of the week. Speaking as a semi-expert on Welsh football, I can say that TNS should come through this game with relative ease against Gibraltar side Europa FC. One thing to be wary of with TNS is that they are starting this season without influential manager Craig Harrison. He has moved on to Hartlepool. So it will be interesting to see how they do. Interested to hear some views on the early stages of the competition. Particularly from punters who live in the nations of those teams competing.
  7. A big weekend of action here, @harry_rag! Hit us with your best tips!
  8. Possibly. Opening day always throws up some surprising results. I forget who I was talking to about it but I said I rarely bet in the first month of the season or the last month of the season. Results get all over the place for those periods. Would not be surprised to see one of the newly promoted sides at home cause a shock. Can often happen. Brighton versus Manchester City and Newcastle versus Tottenham will both be interesting games.
  9. Not huge news for non-Championship fans but Cardiff's obsession with signing just Scottish players or ex-Rotherham players continued today with the confirmation of Danny Ward for £1.6 million. Warnock had him purring at Rotherham so hopeful he can do the same for us.
  10. I have moved this into the Brazil Serie A thread. No need to create a whole new topic for a couple of tips relating to a couple of games. Great to see you getting involved though and look forward to seeing more posts from you in here!
  11. It almost goes without saying that PSG and Monaco will take two of the Champions League qualification spots next season barring some miracle. Which teams will be competing for the remaining spot and which club is likely to take it?
  12. Yes, I think AC Milan will play it hard ball with Donnarumma. If they play their cards right then I think someone could be willing to pay £50 million upwards for him. You can build a cracking spine of a squad with that money if you move shrewdly. I think AC Milan will definitely be stronger overall without Donnarumma. Bonus if they can keep him but it's not the end of the world if he leaves.
  13. Here are the latest odds and ratings for the China Super League. Surprised more interest hasn't been taken in this league to be honest. @liongjoycewang, @jamiedavies02, @vasilli07, @gogetta, and @clubgowi, any of you guys fancy a flutter on these matches?