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  1. Non-League Predictions > Oct 16th - 18th

    I've updated the odds to show tonight's full games now the odds have been made available by bet365. However, they've erased the odds for the game tomorrow! Annoying. Anyway, interesting tips so far. Big night for the FA Cup tonight.
  2. Jupiler Pro League Predictions > Oct 20th - 22nd

    The next round of Belgian top flight matches are scheduled for this weekend. We have the odds and ratings for those games right here. Hit us with some of your finest tips and predictions! @betcatalog, @ElPrincipito007, @Marc Kearney, @Mindfulness, @Tiffy, @gogetta, @Magic0024, @Valkovets, and @clubgowi.
  3. Eredivisie Predictions > Oct 20th - 22nd

    The Dutch Eredivisie continues to be a league that is generating excitement that deserves more betting interest. A few of you are starting to become tempted. Can we get some big tips out there this weekend? I'll have a scan and give my thoughts in the coming days. @Magic0024, @Niceguy, @bettingtime, @winnerwinner. @Mindfulness, @tit@n, @Pep004, @jamiedavies02, @betcatalog, @Marc Kearney, @Valkovets, and @MuineBheag.
  4. Ligue 1 & 2 Predictions > Oct 20th - 23rd

    The odds and ratings for Ligue 1 are available but we only have the ratings for Ligue 2 to look at until this week's fixtures are completed tonight. What do you guys think are the bets to slam down this coming weekend if the profit is to be made? @DrO, @Icongene, @Pep004, @jamiedavies02, @Pipoca, @FCNA, @betcatalog, @KingSoccertips, @michaelwinsall, @rangers234, @DrBetter, @sajtion, @KikoCy, @Tanktop, @zemo91, @hairline, @mrclubbie, @clubgowi, @neilovan, @sodabrab, @WinningAdvice, @arvee, @Magic0024, @TOTTI3, @Valkovets, and @Lisandri.
  5. Serie A Predictions > Oct 21st & 22nd

    Serie A continues to be a frustrating league for us to bet on but the good fight goes on! What do you guys reckon ahead of these games coming up this weekend? @TastesLikeTuna, @discipline, @Icongene, @betcatalog, @jamiedavies02, @Pipoca, @sajtion, @Vcg2007, @chris666, @WinningAdvice, @yoju82, @DrBetter, @KingSoccertips, @CloughandTaylor, @Punki85, @DW_United, @KikoCy, @vasilli07. @Simeon Borisof, @Simeone, @fat, @HastGill1, @clubgowi, @MPLouis, @Kumanovac, @AF13, @Jase82, @TOTTI3, @azzurini1976, @Mindfulness, @amygdalate, @thegeneral55, and @Kripp222, and @TotoSchillaci.
  6. Bundesliga I & II Predictions > Oct 20th - 23rd

    Here are the odds and ratings for the next round of Bundesliga I and II matches. The odds for Bundesliga II will be added after the match tonight when they become available. Give us your thoughts on what tips are out there for our members to bet on this coming weekend! @Icongene, @vasilli07, @sajtion, @Don Bratwurst, @jamiedavies02, @LEE-GRAYS, @Dylan Lynch, @WinningAdvice, @DW_United, @Mindfulness, @betcatalog, @zemo91, @Vcg2007, @mrclubbie, @Duuc, @bet man, @clubgowi, @louis12, @DrBetter, @gogetta, @Neubs, @Redno2009, @Magic0024, and @thornvineembers.
  7. La Liga Predictions > Oct 21st - 23rd

    This season is flying by! We have another round of La Liga odds and ratings for you to gaze over ahead of next weekend. Let us know the bets you think are the ones that will deliver some profit this round! WinningAdvice, @Joachim, @Simeon Borisof, @betcatalog, @zemo91, @Pep004, @rangers234, @Tiffy, @Icongene, @KikoCy, @sajtion, @discipline, @gabymnk, @Pipoca, @TyperExpert_PL, @mikel45, @penal07, @Magic0024, @Arkadi Manucharov, and @Kunal888.
  8. UK Football Predictions > Oct 21st

    Here are the odds and ratings for the upcoming weekend's games from League 1, League 2, SPL, and Scottish Championship. Give us your thoughts on what bets you think will deliver profit for these matches. @DW_United, @sajtion, @MrToffee, @waynecoyne, @mrpudding, @Mindfulness, @Sir Puntalot, @betcatalog, @AndreBR, @mrclubbie, @neilovan, @Judeksi, @KikoCy, @Bett, @zemo91, @sm0kez, @Bronxie, @Duuc, @Dylan Lynch, @Tiffy, @WinningAdvice, @Kenton Schweppes, @canaries91, @CloughandTaylor, @rangers234, @skyblues88, @allyhibs, @salmonman, @allthethings, @Icongene, @Tanktop, @waynecoyne, @kulikTS, @KingSoccertips, @Pipoca, @Neubs, @silver fox, @luizcknc, @WiggoBets, @The Sexless Innkeeper, @myleftfoot, @willie82, @Bobby Vegas, @JJG, @Xtc12, and @MuineBheag.