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  1. Jupiler Pro League Predictions > Dec 15th - 17th

    Here are the odds and ratings for the upcoming weekend's Belgian top flight action. Take a look at the stats above and give us your top tips for the games scheduled! @betcatalog, @ElPrincipito007, @Marc Kearney, @Mindfulness, @Tiffy, @gogetta, @Magic0024, @Valkovets, and @clubgowi.
  2. Eredivisie Predictions > Dec 12th - 14th

    It's a midweek dose of Dutch Eredivisie games coming up this week! Here are the odds and ratings. Take a look and give us your tips for this extra bit of action coming up over the next few days in the top flight of Dutch football. @Magic0024, @Niceguy, @bettingtime, @winnerwinner. @Mindfulness, @tit@n, @Pep004, @jamiedavies02, @betcatalog, @Marc Kearney, @Valkovets, and @MuineBheag.
  3. Ligue 1 & 2 Predictions > Dec 15th - 18th

    Here are the odds and ratings for Ligue 1 and the ratings for Ligue 2. I'll look to add the Ligue 2 odds when they become available later tomorrow. This is a last opportunity to bet on Ligue 2 before the Christmas break sets in. So take a look at the stats above and give us your tips. Hopefully, we can get us all a bit of extra spending money ahead of Christmas! @DrO, @allthethings, @Icongene, @Pep004, @jamiedavies02, @Pipoca, @FCNA, @betcatalog, @KingSoccertips, @michaelwinsall, @rangers234, @DrBetter, @sajtion, @KikoCy, @Tanktop, @zemo91, @hairline, @mrclubbie, @clubgowi, @neilovan, @sodabrab, @WinningAdvice, @arvee, @Magic0024, @TOTTI3, @Valkovets, and @Lisandri.
  4. Bundesliga I & II Predictions > Dec 15th - 18th

    It's the last Bundesliga I and II fixtures before the winter break coming up. So one last opportunity in 2017 to clean out the bookies before our 2018 assault begins! Take a look at the odds and ratings above. Then give us your tips for these matches! @Icongene, @vasilli07, @sajtion, @Don Bratwurst, @jamiedavies02, @LEE-GRAYS, @Dylan Lynch, @WinningAdvice, @DW_United, @Mindfulness, @betcatalog, @zemo91, @Vcg2007, @mrclubbie, @Duuc, @bet man, @clubgowi, @louis12, @DrBetter, @gogetta, @Neubs, @Redno2009, @Magic0024, and @thornvineembers.
  5. La Liga Predictions > Dec 15th - 18th

    This weekend signals the start of a festive period in La Liga where there is a game every day from Friday until the day before Christmas Eve. What a time to be alive! Check out the odds and ratings above for the games this weekend and let's aim to bash the bookies for a yuletide treat! WinningAdvice, @Joachim, @Simeon Borisof, @betcatalog, @zemo91, @Pep004, @rangers234, @Tiffy, @Icongene, @KikoCy, @sajtion, @discipline, @michaelwinsall, @JKos, @gabymnk, @Pipoca, @TyperExpert_PL, @mikel45, @penal07, @Magic0024, @Arkadi Manucharov, and @Kunal888.
  6. Serie A Predictions > Dec 12th - 17th

    It's a bumper week of Serie A action with the games starting tomorrow with a solitary Tuesday night match. There is also a full complement of weekend fixtures for us to look at. Check out the statistics and give us your thoughts on the upcoming games! @TastesLikeTuna, @discipline, @Icongene, @betcatalog, @jamiedavies02, @Pipoca, @sajtion, @Vcg2007, @chris666, @WinningAdvice, @yoju82, @DrBetter, @KingSoccertips, @CloughandTaylor, @Punki85, @DW_United, @KikoCy, @vasilli07. @Simeon Borisof, @Simeone, @fat, @HastGill1, @clubgowi, @MPLouis, @Kumanovac, @AF13, @Jase82, @TOTTI3, @azzurini1976, @Mindfulness, @amygdalate, @thegeneral55, @scommetix, @Kripp222, and @TotoSchillaci.
  7. Championship Predictions > Dec 8th - 11th

    Nervous about our game with Reading tomorrow. We haven't done very well at the Madejski Stadium over recent years. In fact, we've not tasted victory there since 19th November, 2011. That's one victory in our last six visits there. We have a few players coming back from injury now though so we stand a better chance than ever before to win. I'd prefer to back us on a double chance because I'm not entirely confident we'll win but I feel we could take a draw.
  8. Championship Predictions > Dec 15th & 16th

    Here are the odds and ratings for the weekend's Championship fixtures. It's going to be a very hectic festive period for these teams so we need all the knowledge and tipping expertise you guys can muster. Let's take these bookies down this coming weekend! @DW_United, @sajtion, @MrToffee, @waynecoyne, @mrpudding, @Mindfulness, @Sir Puntalot, @betcatalog, @AndreBR, @mrclubbie, @neilovan, @Judeksi, @KikoCy, @Bett, @zemo91, @sm0kez, @Bronxie, @Duuc, @Dylan Lynch, @Tiffy, @WinningAdvice, @Kenton Schweppes, @canaries91, @CloughandTaylor, @rangers234, @skyblues88, @allyhibs, @salmonman, @allthethings, @Icongene, @Tanktop, @waynecoyne, @kulikTS, @KingSoccertips, @Pipoca, @Neubs, @JKos, @silver fox, @luizcknc, @WiggoBets, @The Sexless Innkeeper, @myleftfoot, @willie82, @Bobby Vegas, @JJG, @Xtc12, @PokerWolf1, @kimboslajjs, @Bedlam, @Puntermk, and @MuineBheag.