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  1. Wolves vs Cardiff BTTS @ 1.90 Leicester vs Brighton Over 2.5 goals @ 1.91 Bournemouth vs Watford DRAW @ 3.60 10 point treble
  2. It's this very site. @Sir Puntalot designed the ELO ratings himself. You can find them all here.
  3. I would definitely back us and Wolves to be BTTS at those odds. Both teams are looking very good on the attack and even though they have decent defensive units when fully fit and gelled it's a bedding in period for them both. If I had to call it I'd say it will be 1-1 or we will lose 2-1, unfortunately.
  4. Right guys, using the Oddschecker coupons to get these fixtures and their odds up earlier. A number of interesting ties to be played in the EFL Cup this round. What are your initial thoughts on these matches? @DW_United, @sajtion, @Mindfulness, @Sir Puntalot, @betcatalog, @AndreBR, @mrclubbie, @neilovan, @Judeksi, @KikoCy, @Bett, @zemo91, @sm0kez, @Bronxie, @Duuc, @Dylan Lynch, @Tiffy, @WinningAdvice, @Kenton Schweppes, @canaries91, @CloughandTaylor, @rangers234, @skyblues88, @allyhibs, @salmonman, @allthethings, @Icongene, @Tanktop, @waynecoyne, @kulikTS, @KingSoccertips, @Pipoca, @Neubs, @silver fox, @luizcknc, @WiggoBets, @The Sexless Innkeeper, @myleftfoot, @willie82, @Bobby Vegas, @JJG, @Xtc12, and @MuineBheag.
  5. Cheers @only1woz! Would be great to have your views every week on controversial ref decisions. Could give some clarity to those punters that suffer or benefit from those decisions.
  6. Here are the latest odds for the J-League. Ratings are also up. @Tiffy, fancy applying your corner wisdom here? @vasilli07, @jamiedavies02, @Marc Kearney, @clubgowi, @winnerwinner, @WinningAdvice, @Mobster, @JuMeSyn, @alexis1016, @Wittek, and @adamskijc?
  7. @Tiffy, @vasilli07, @Marc Kearney, @Xtc12, and @liongjoycewang, here are the latest China Super League odds and ratings. How are you finding your success rates lately? What tips do you have this week?
  8. The second legs of the Champions League Play-Off round are coming up and here are the odds for those games. It was an intriguing set of first legs so let's hear what you are all tipping for these return matches. @vasilli07, @Icongene, @KikoCy, @DrBetter, @Duuc, @DrO, @immortal--, @Notorious, @betcatalog, @KingSoccertips, @discipline, @Pep004, @andrewcalo, @HastGill1, @ElPrincipito007, @salmonman, @DW_United, @allthethings, @MightyWell, @liamcorrigan86, @mijOsim, @LePapo, @seifer365, @MPLouis, @Jack A, and @WinningAdvice.
  9. @Division, @silver fox, and @Marc Kearney, the next round of League of Ireland fixtures are here with their odds and ratings. What are you tipping for this weekend's action?
  10. A full list of odds for this weekend's non-league fixtures. Keen to hear what you guys all think. On a personal note, Merthyr Town drew again in midweek after throwing away a two goal lead. Disappointing. Suffering a lot of injuries and lacking a bit of confidence at the moment. I think 1.80 is perhaps just a little low for their game away against Dunstable. They should win but right now I'm not sure they are in the form they want to be and are vulnerable, particularly away from home. What about the rest of you? Any thoughts on these games? @GazBlades, @Gidds, @tictok, @allthethings, @Tanktop, @amtopm, @sammydubs, @the bastardian, @bromsgrovegreen, @Woodgate, @Carl Iles, @dawwe92, @Kenton Schweppes, @TastesLikeTuna, @atish29, @MuineBheag, @Bronxie, @misky, @Cheltenhamwhite, @canaries91, @HastGill1, @Foinavon, @Neubs, @Duty281, @Jack A, @sap, @addpea, and @Marc Kearney.
  11. The next round of UK matches are fast upon us after an exciting schedule of midweek action. A full line-up of fixtures here to browse through with the odds and ratings now available for all of the leagues covered. @DW_United, @sajtion, @Mindfulness, @Sir Puntalot, @betcatalog, @AndreBR, @mrclubbie, @neilovan, @Judeksi, @KikoCy, @Bett, @zemo91, @sm0kez, @Bronxie, @Duuc, @Dylan Lynch, @Tiffy, @WinningAdvice, @Kenton Schweppes, @canaries91, @CloughandTaylor, @rangers234, @skyblues88, @allyhibs, @salmonman, @allthethings, @Icongene, @Tanktop, @waynecoyne, @kulikTS, @KingSoccertips, @Pipoca, @Neubs, @silver fox, @luizcknc, @WiggoBets, @The Sexless Innkeeper, @myleftfoot, @willie82, @Bobby Vegas, @JJG, @Xtc12, and @MuineBheag. A lot of you to get involved this weekend! Let's be having your tips!!!