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  1. Maybe but he bloody nailed that Burnley win against the odds!
  2. Keep the thoughts coming @liongjoycewang! Great to see regular musings coming from the East!
  3. Political betting is growing with every passing election so thought we'd get the odds up for the upcoming UK General Election. Let's try to keep political views to a minimum and look at it from a punter's view point. Personally, I can see Conservatives at least winning comfortably. I'm still not sure if they will win by a landslide or if they will see their majority weaken. However, the basic stances are still in place from the last election. Scotland is still very supportive of the SNP over Labour. Until that changes, Labour will face an uphill battle to win a majority. Conservatives are still strongly backed across England after Brexit. In Wales, it's a bit more mystifying because, firstly, the majority of the country voted for Brexit despite large areas benefiting greatly from European Union funding. Secondly, even though it is likely that the Conservatives will increase taxes and have already stated a number of policies that are not necessarily favourable towards the working class, the working class areas seem to be adamant that a vote for Conservative is a protest vote against the Labour-led Welsh Assembly. This sums up the problem with Welsh politics. Nobody really has a clue how it works or which party would benefit them the most. So, basically, even though the media is reporting the Conservatives have suffered a huge points drop in the opinion polls I still think Theresa May will easily secure her party's majority. That's exactly why she's called the General Election now. She knows the Brexit negotiations will open up a hornet's nest so she wants to secure her party's position in power before it all hits the fan. The best value odds might potentially be Conservative minority if people decide to back parties such as SNP, Plaid Cymru, and UKIP to protest against Conservative policies but I can't see it. The bookies have this nailed down. Anyone thinking differently?
  4. Burnley to win on the road? Their record so far this season away from home is played 17, won 0, drawn 4, and lost 13. You're either a brave man or know something nobody else does!
  5. So what do we think with these two semi finals? Two of my favourite current players in Ding Junhui and Mark Selby all square at 5-5. Then John Higgins leading Barry Hawkins 5-3 in the other semi final. Personally, I think the winner of Ding and Selby will win the tournament. I was at a Welsh Open game in one of Ding's first matches and I was really impressed by him back then. That's going on over 10 years now I think.
  6. Apologies for these going up so late. They were not available on bet365 until last minute. @harry_rag, have you had time to have a think about any bets here?
  7. It's bloody non-stop in La Liga this week with a game every week. So here are the odds and ratings for the games this weekend. The La Liga title race is still wide open with Barcelona and Real Madrid level on points but Real possessing that game in hand. Still, it's a game they need to win with Barcelona currently ahead on goal difference. Atletico Madrid and Sevilla are effectively out of the running now 10 points behind with just 4 games left to play. Their 8 point advantage over the chasing pack means it appears the Champions League spots for next season are all but sown up. The race for the Europa League places is a bit more open with just 2 points separating Villarreal, Athletic Bilbao, and Real Sociedad (amazing what a decent manager can do!). It's a shame Eibar have seen their form drop off recently because it would have been immense to see them in European competition. Relegation worries are still on the mind for a lot of sides. Osasuna and Granada are all but gone. Unlucky Tony Adams! Sporting Gijon also have a job on their hands to catch the likes of Leganes and Deportivo. What do you guys think of the action this weekend? @WinningAdvice, @Joachim, @Simeon Borisof, @betcatalog, @zemo91, @Pep004, @rangers234, @Tiffy, @Icongene, @KikoCy, @sajtion, @Notorious, @discipline, @gabymnk, and @Kunal888?
  8. Jason Byrne is still playing football?! I remember he had a short stint with Cardiff about 7-8 years ago and he was absolute garbage!
  9. The last weekend of league games for National League, National League North, and National League South plus the play-off finals for Northern Premier League and Southern Premier League. A lot to think about here. Personally, I'm still gutted it's not Merthyr Town playing Leamington in the final. Based on how well the Hitchin keeper played in midweek it feels like Hitchin are destined to go up. Even at 3.00, if the keeper repeats his performance from Wednesday night then they will progress. That said, it was the keeper that kept them in it so if he doesn't put in another MOTM performance then Hitchin could be in trouble. @addpea, @GazBlades, @Gidds, @tictok, @allthethings, @Tanktop, @amtopm, @sammydubs, @the bastardian, @bromsgrovegreen, @Woodgate, @Carl Iles, @dawwe92, @Kenton Schweppes, @TastesLikeTuna, @atish29, @sammummery, @MuineBheag, @Bronxie and @misky.
  10. Here they are guys! No rest for the wicked! A full Premier League schedule this weekend starting on Saturday! Get your thoughts in quickly! I'll post mine up on Friday at some point. @sajtion, @andrewcalo, @Mindfulness, @Sir Puntalot, @AndreBR, @mrclubbie, @neilovan, @allyhibs, @Judeksi, @Tiffy, @KikoCy, @Bett, @zemo91, @sm0kez, @Bronxie, @Duuc, @Dylan Lynch, @betcatalog, and @WinningAdvice.
  11. @harry_rag, we are on the recruitment charge for new contributors to this thread so hopefully will have some more voices thrown into the mix. A full set of fixtures this week. What do you fancy betting on in these games? @Labrador, fancy getting involved too?
  12. Only a matters of weeks left now before this Premier League season finishes. MVG can confirm his spot as the regular season winner if he wins and both Peter Wright and Phil Taylor fail to win. What do you think with just three weeks before the play-offs start, @Fader?
  13. Was the Ligue 1 title technically won in midweek by PSG? What a statement that was by the reigning champions to destroy their title rivals in such a convincing manner. Monaco still have a game in hand and superior goal difference but with 4-5 games left there is still time for plenty to change. How will that result in midweek impact the title race? A lot of the form has been inconsistent lately so it's a tough period to take on. Ligue 1 has provided some superb interaction this season though so I'm keen to see what you're all thinking. What do you guys all reckon? @DrO, @Icongene, @Pep004, @FCNA, @betcatalog, @KingSoccertips, @michaelwinsall, @rangers234, @DrBetter, @sajtion, @KikoCy, @Tanktop, @zemo91, @hairline, @mrclubbie, @clubgowi, @neilovan, @WinningAdvice, and @Lisandri!