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  1. Weekend > Mar 31st - Apr 2nd

    The international break is over now so let's get back to the domestic action across Europe. Here are the ELO ratings for this round of Bundesliga games. Thanks for your early tip @Neubs. @WinningAdvice, you were right not to back Borussia Monchengladbach but I think we can all agree we didn't think Bayern Munich would only win by a single goal. What do you think this weekend? @Duuc, did you avoid the under 2.5 goals bet? Borussia Dortmund sealed a 3-0 win. What are you lured to this round? @mrclubbie, Hoffenheim bucked the jinx with their win last round. Did you back Bayer to avoid defeat? What do you like this weekend? Keen to hear from regular contributors to this section including @betcatalog, @Icongene, @DrBetter, @vasilli07, @sajtion, @bet man, @louis12, and @thornvineembers. What about some old school posters who have become dormant? Fancy giving us your tips again and getting involved? I'm thinking of the likes of @Simeon Borisof, @stanleybright, @MPLouis, @kojic2003, @UnitedForever, @tareks, @daniel3400, and @daragh32.
  2. 2018 World Cup Qualification European Section

    It was certainly a game both teams will have felt they could have won. Griffiths and Anya should have scored for Scotland but Slovenia will be gutted to concede so late. The group is still wide open for that play-off spot now. If Scotland beat England at Hampden Park in the summer, and that's a big if, then everything is thrown open. I think this Scottish win just covered up a continuing problem. I think England and Slovakia should have 1st and 2nd sewn up.
  3. Weekend > Mar 31st - Apr 3rd

    Here are the La Liga ratings for next weekend's action guys! Now that the international break is over we can crack on with the discussion about these games. @WinningAdvice, great to have you involved in the chat here. You rightly predicted a big win for Barcelona last round. What do you think here? @betcatalog, an unusual AH bet from you which Villarreal messed up for you. However, you were bang on with your BTTS tip as usual. What are you looking at this weekend? @Pep004, you anticipated the Villarreal defeat. Not as many words from you last round. Do you have any thoughts here? @rangers234, good to have you chipping in last round. Even though your Deportivo pick was just off we welcomed your input and would love to hear your opinion again. A few regulars whose tips we missed last round. @Tiffy, @Icongene, @KikoCy, @sajtion, @discipline, @gabymnk, @Kunal888, and @Notorious Also, keen to hear from a few old faces that were active here previously such as @sandrasuzuki, @mrclubbie, @Simeon Borisof, @samson_kid, @Snake Plisken, @CristRo7, and @clubgowi.  
  4. Weekend > Apr 1st & 2nd

    Right, the inconvenience of the international break is now out of the way. What do we think about these games? @WinningAdvice, I'm steering clear of the Arsenal versus Manchester City game. This is the exact sort of game where Arsenal buck the trend and go all out and surprise us. However, that's previous seasons. I don't trust them to beat their own winkies off right now! I would tend to agree with you that it could be a narrow win for City but I just don't trust Arsenal at all.
  5. Midweek > Mar 27th - 29th

    A fair chunk of games from across the non-league during the week. National League South is the only division without midweek fixtures. Here are the odds available. What do we think? @addpea, @GazBlades, @Gidds, @tictok, @allthethings, @Tanktop, @amtopm, @sammydubs, @the bastardian, @bromsgrovegreen, @Woodgate, @Carl Iles, @dawwe92, @Kenton Schweppes, @TastesLikeTuna, @atish29, @sammummery, @MuineBheag, @Bronxie and @misky
  6. UK Week > Mar 28th - Apr 2nd

    Due to there only being a small number of fixtures across the leagues for this section this week I have combined them with next weekend's fixtures to create a bumper edition of the UK Football betting chat this week. @skyblues88, we will start with you mate. Bet you're looking forward to a day out at Wembley! Another win and a clean sheet on the weekend. Surely, you have to be going into this EFL Trophy Final optimistic of victory! @Kenton Schweppes, you boys need a win at home against Burton to keep up the pressure on Brighton and Newcastle. Can you put last game's defeat behind you? @CloughandTaylor, no win in three league games for your side and hovering just one point above the relegation zone. Can you get something at Preston? A tricky game at the very least. @Tiffy, things are looking good for your lot once again. You have an improving Blackburn at home. Surely you're expecting three points? @canaries91, unbeaten in three league games for Norwich now. Life after Neil looking decent. Can you take something from Villa Park? @rangers234, five wins from your last seven league games. Things are looking up for next season. Quietly optimistic about taking something from Derby? Bet you wished they'd not sacked McClaren! @allyhibs, two matches for your lads here. Can you take 6 points and move to within touching distance of securing the title? Also keen to hear from other regular contributors such as @salmonman, @allthethings, @Tanktop, @sajtion, @Icongene, @Punki85, @DW_United, @discipline, @dogmeister, @MuineBheag, and @betcatalog.
  7. 2018 World Cup Qualification European Section

    Yeah, I think Strachan is on a hiding to nothing. The talent pool of Scotland is very poor right now. So I also think a draw is most likely. Backing England -2 tonight. Despite the stick he gets I think Southgate is actually quite tuned in with how to deal with international football management.
  8. Australian Grand Prix

    I agree. I can see a Mercedes one-two in the drivers championship. Vettel can never be ruled out but I still think he is a driver that needs a perfect-running car to deliver results. If Mercedes continue to avoid having issues with their car then it's going to be very difficult to beat them.
  9. Weekend > Mar 25th

    It was just over a decade when New England Revolution frequently qualified for the MLS Finals. I think that form still sticks with me so I'm always drawn to back them even when the odds are against them. I think this week we are right to back them though.
  10. Weekend > Mar 24th - 26th

    You are going even a step further than the win and backing them even at -0.5. There I was suggesting the draw no bet like a big coward! Thanks for making me feel much worse better about myself! 
  11. Argentina Primera Division 2016/2017

    It's bizarre that they have a full round of fixtures during the international period. I suppose not many Argentine clubs are affected by international call-ups though are they?
  12. Weekend > Mar 31st - Apr 2nd

    Please find the odds for the next batch of Ligue 1 fixtures attached. I have also included the odds for the France League Cup Final which is sure to attract the attention of some of you. What are your thoughts? ELO ratings to be posted over the weekend. 
  13. Weekend > Apr 2nd

    Please find the next batch of fixtures for Serie A games listed along with their odds. I imagine some of these might be re-scheduled so we will update it as and when that happens. ELO ratings will be posted over the weekend.
  14. Weekend > Mar 31st - Apr 2nd

    Please find the odds for Bundesliga I and II attached for the next round of fixtures. ELO ratings will be posted over the weekend. Feel free to discuss your bets before.