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  1. Yeah I then got a load of Gateshead fans disagreeing with me. Even the goal scorer said he got lots of help from the keeper. It should have been a routine save and was the sort of howler you would see on a gaffes clip show
  2. I’ve done it before so am used to it. We were always going to struggle tonight and the winning bet certainly softens the blow.
  3. Funny you mention Tamplin as our chairman/owner was in the dugout tonight!
  4. It was a crap goal though. The keeper should have saved it, but it led to a winning bet which takes the edge off us losing. The Gloucester v Boston game next week will be huge.
  5. Yeah Rowe has been poached by Chesterfield. Fully understand why he has gone and as long as he doesn't nick players (I don't think he will) then I am not that bothered by it. I'm confident we will get a good manager in to replace him and we obviously still have a great team. As for tonight McClure has been confirmed as missing and we have another couple of players injured as well. We will do well to get a point in my view and no surprise Gateshead are now favourites.
  6. Saturday was reasonable, but could have easily been a full house given Chorley hit the front late on and Sutton were 2 up and comfortable. Still a profit is a profit and we move on to Tuesday night where I have 4 bets. Barnet v Hartlepool Given how bad Barnet have been in the league on the whole I am still amazed they managed to knock out Burton in the FA Cup Since that they have lost 3-1 to Bromley and 2-0 to Kings Lynn at home and then on Saturday they lost 4-1 at Woking who only had 10 men for an hour of the game. Hartlepool were well beaten by a superb Torquay performance last mo
  7. Tuesday was a bit of a mess all round with the Havant and Dorking games being called off and switched and then finding draws rather than winners when it came to the bets. Saturday's fixtures look tough, but there are 4 matches which appeal from a betting point of view. Kings Lynn v Dover Dover look in desperate trouble this season. It is amazing they beat Notts County on the opening day of the season because they have lost 6 of their following 7 games. They have scored just 6 goals and conceded 22 and had another heavy defeat on Tuesday night against Woking. Kings Lynn have had a ver
  8. I like the claims of Duhallow Tornado in the 2.30 at Hexham. In his 2 hunter chase wins back in 2018 he looked every bit a stayer and he thrives on heavy ground. At the time of his wins at Catterick and Kelso I thought he had the talent to turn into a regional national horse and he still might. The Catterick win was especially impressive as he beat a good horse in Battle Dust and the 3rd went onto finish 3rd in the Aintree Foxhunter. He went to the Intermediate Final at Cheltenham after those two wins, but he found things happening too quickly for him on the quicker ground and was 4th. He then
  9. I'd be wary of backing Hemel they aren't very good and Hampton are certainly the better team out of the two. Welling are a poor side as well.
  10. Spennymoor's game is now off due to Covid. I would just cash out of the double now as its pointless at the odds.
  11. You have the original version of Dulwich v Dorking in that bet not the new one
  12. Looks like they were 1/2 and then briefly went 8/11 and are now 8/13
  13. So with the Dorking and Havant bets being voided it is slightly frustrating as I would have staked a bit differently. I was tempted to go bigger on Oxford in the 1st place, but the price has come in a fair bit now so I will leave that. I will add a point to the Bradford bet though as 2/1 is still available with BetVictor. I am going to add one bet as well. Given I thought Dorking were going to win at Dulwich I obviously still think Dorking will beat them at home. I think they are worth sticking in a double with Spennymoor who should have little problem beating Blyth Spartans. The double p
  14. Ignore them. They have Boston v Kettering priced up and that was called off days ago. This is the problem with games being called off because of Covid though as they get announced on social media and the clubs websites, but seem to struggle to find their way to official sources.
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