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  1. Fulham 1.85 Brentford 1,70 Swansea 1.85 £20 treble
  2. That was a shame, Ballynagour looked to be enjoying himself until he fell as well. Some of the track looked like a ploughed field on the tv coverage, cut up a lot!
  3. I had no idea Ballynagour was still going! Unhappy memories when I thought he was a certainty after winning his 1st race in the country, only to stop quickly, then he won easily at a big price in a better race...without any of my money on!
  4. Yes 1st and 2nd in the right order. The bookies do it to, for example bet 365 have the forecast below the main list of runners. You click on the one you're selecting to win then click the runner up. They currently have Alcala to bt Ballynagour at 3.37/1.
  5. Should have pooled your money and got a Punter's Lounge yearling 😀
  6. Bummer the Rushden game is off, thought the double had a good chance.
  7. Havant made hard work of it by the sounds of it, listened to Hawks Radio online (made me appreciate radio Nottingham!). But nap landed, cheers Darran,
  8. I backed Namib Dancer last time and have been waiting to get my money back! Runs tomorrow in the 1:00 at Huntingdon, looks a potentially hot race though, with a short priced Henderson horse that could be anything. So I'm not as confident but I will take the plunge if it hits 4/1`-9.2 (currently 10/3) as I do think there is a lot more to come as he gets more experience.
  9. Unfortunately you've piqued my interest! Had a look though and actually think Ramblo ran fairly well over CD (in the context of this race anyway!) in November, where she didn't look that keen to go down to the start and fell out of the stalls but finished well. £1 e/w at 66/1 🤑
  10. Great start Darran, was a bit worried when he started jumping alarmingly to the left but the jockey didn't look too panicked!
  11. Fulham 1.85 Sheffield Wednesday 1.66 WBA 1.4 £10 win treble
  12. Hull 1.9 Swansea 2.1 Hartlepool 1.9 £19.50 win treble
  13. Well beaten, drifted like a barge, short as 7/2 when I went to bed and started 12/1. Several fences omitted turned it into a bit of a flat race but I don't think it made much difference.