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  1. Well done the 1st week winning punts. 😁 Divisions 2 and 9 could be won by account management only. 😴
  2. Luton (v West Brom) - BTTS = Yes; @ 1.61 Bristol City (v QPR) - BTTS = Yes; @ 1.80 Carlisle (v Mansfield) - BTTS = Yes; @ 1.72 £14 treble
  3. Kempton 20:40 Kaylens Mischief 10/1 EW BetVictor
  4. Wow! what a question and probably the most relevant one around for people who bet real money (e.g. me). WARNING! A lot of words. Read slowly, stop, think of comments, save the comments, read on. Critique the post in here so that I have a chance to to take my time digesting the comments and then confirm my agreement to the comments. 😁 Also to allow other PL members to see the input. History first: I have had at least one betting account since 2001. My accounts (plural now), IN TOTAL, are up. One is significantly up, 1 is up, 2 are down. By the end of this week I will have "only" 3 accounts, cashing out 100% on the 1 is up account because I am not happy with them. Important to reflect that the significantly up account gives out rewards for certain amount of money placed regularly and that has contributed to my profit as well as contributed to losses as I try to make the money deadline and place at times frivilous bets. My profits (and losses) are not not solely from horse racing. I will guess at 98%+ from horse racing. But have gained money with one-offs in other sports. Admin: I am stating this now. For me, it is as important as doing the research for betting and determining what stake plan. I will not remember correctly what my betting habits are if I do not record it. The record proves the facts; the accounts go up and they go down, there is no straight line graph, there will peaks and troughs, some troughs are dangerously low. I have to remember what money I placed on the accounts and when and what money I withdrew. The mind, my mind, will play tricks and I will remember the good times only when I am having a good day, and the bad times only on the reverse. Phew! At last staking plan. My first premise was what can I afford to spend so that I am having at least some fun, intensity, nervousness, excitement ("FINE") AND accept I might lose it all. My staking plan includes time off. What?! I will not bet if there is nothing "worthwhile" to bet on, or I am feeling distant about the outcome, or I am feeling euphoric or if I am not feeling good about myself (provided that I am comfortable about reaching the one account money bet target). My records indicate where I have had success and surprising failures. Second, I read dozens of articles on how much to bet. There are so many theories but the one that keeps striking me is to bet only what I can afford AND I will would not throw a tantrum (or become criminal) if I did. Bet only enough such that I can derive some of that "FINE"energy whatever the outcome. Sure I can get moments of frustration when "my" horse comes in second or whatever. C'est la vie! The stake. For me it was 1% to 2%, PER BET, depending on my confidence levels of at least some return. e.g. I might more if I did not foresee more than a couple of dangers in the race AND the odds were high AND I was given scope to net a nice return even if the horse placed if`I went EW. That was it and subject to one other criteria that is it. The other criteria is the number of bets I am doing in a day. The percentage bet, PER BET, will decrease if I have a lot of bets to place in a short period. You? - I can only suggest. Me? I revise the WHAT on which I base my percentage, up or down, as I go through levels. So as a beginner I bet 1% of my first deposit. Got successful, account went to depost plus 25%. That deposit plus 25% became the amount on which I based my 1%.
  5. Downpatrick 15:25 Sassy Yet Classy 20/1 EW Betfair Alas, 2 non-runners now so only paying to 2 places. I already know so I can stop the whinging. 😖
  6. Apologies to those punters who know how to punt who I have not given a like to. There is a limit you can give out each day, which is just as well when I am in that euphoric mood of giving congratulations. 🤒
  7. Kilbeggan 19:05 Lough Sewdy 33/1 EW Betfair (I just know the horse will come 3rd - after they have 2 NRs and only 7 horses in the race) (Looks for toys thrown out of pram, but does not find it)
  8. Aye. You got to be in it, to win it. Good effort though. I hope you continue, and continue with such great puntinhg. Well done all for competing. And a special well done to those who came out as winners (e.g. Bluemal) and those who clocked up multiple days of double figures.