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** October Nap's Competition Result: 1st Zilzalian, 2nd Mickyftm32, 3rd Joales, 4th internetmails KO Cup: redno2009, Most Winners: Xtc12**
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st MrJol, 2nd buga00, 3rd glavintoby, 4th Boulder5111, 5th bobsyerunkle **


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  1. Good luck with the tickets finish the month off with a bang!
  2. I'll check up on that, wasn't aware it had been changed.
  3. A massive win for Like A Roughie and a few other trebles landed get us off to a good start. Just 3 bets carrying over til Monday, then I'll update and put overall table up. Edited: one more winner
  4. Taken as revised to double but Maximum bet is half your bank, so 50 max this week.
  5. Cambridge game off so this will be settled as a double (Granada play Sun)
  6. Too late for this week. As there is space, I will add you to Division 8 for next week with 1 No Show for this week.
  7. Too late I'm afraid, No Bet. You've been added to Division 8.
  8. Hi, you can only do one bet, either single, double or treble, and max half bank. I'll take this as one single 50 on Aston Villa if you don't revise before 3pm Sat.
  9. Just to clarify how the Divisions are determined, from BillyHills original rules, so this means you may move up or down by several divisions. (Division 7 and 8 are basically the same just to split the numbers rather than have too many in one) Players will be distributed into divisions in order of their final total from the previous mini-season. (Top 15 players in Division 1, next highest scorers in Div. 2 etc.…..)
  10. Oops, meant to do a treble Add Aston Villa v Brighton (1) 2.20 10pt treble.
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