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** May Poker League Result : 1st Elliott Sutcliffe, 2nd juanmoment, 3rd Rhino_Power **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st andellio, 2nd Heisenberg68, 3rd Alastair, 4th mickyftm32, 5th PercyP **
** May Naps Competition Result: 1st justanotherpunter, 2nd sirspread, 3rd adamross, 4th kenisbusy. KO Cup Winner Alastair. Most Winners Alastair: **


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  1. Well done to muttley, 2nd win of the month puts Paul right back up at the top of the league Tonight's final leg is already registering, it's the usual 5000 chip NLHE finale. Can anyone catch the leader with the points multiplier?
  2. no idea where that will have gone but thanks Personally I paste screen print into Paint, save it in my files and then upload, or you can use Snipping Tool to save then upload.
  3. Hi all, payments were sent last night, they will show as coming from TAG Media who are the managment team. Any problems let me know. I see the Prem League fixtures were released this week for beginning of August so we should be back for then. I'll probably break it up a bit differently due to the World Cup, my thinking at the moment is to do 3 x 10-week seasons rather than squeezing in more shorter ones, which allows a bit of leeway to take a slight break between. Enjoy the Summer break!
  4. Steve McG takes down the second leg to go into the lead at the top of the league We have our PLO leg tonight with 5000 chips to play with. PokerStars seems to have been having an update and wouldn't let me on earlier, but have now managed to set the game up. We start at 8.10pm with 20 mins late registration, but don't leave it til the last second in case the site takes a while to open.
  5. Hi guys, usual delay at my end getting the list sent off but I'm on it this weekend
  6. Well done to Paul 🐶 getting off to a great start as our first leg winner. Leg 2 is tonight and it's another round of NLHE with 3000 chips. Game is already set up and registering, ready for 8.10 pm start with the usual 20 mins added late reg for the late comers.
  7. First game is tonight, it's set up and registering ready for you now. There is a spare week at the end of the month so we'll be able to have a 'fun' week variant game on the 29th.
  8. Here we go for June, straight in on the 1st of the month! Punters Lounge is pleased to continue our £150 added Poker League, running for 4 weeks on Wednesday nights in June. The £150 added by PL is shared between the top 3 in the league at the end of the month. Games start at 8.10pm, with a 20min late registration period on top of this. All games are played in the PokerStars Home Games PL Poker Club. The format is a NLHE 3000 chip tourney in Legs 1 & 2 and a 5000 chip NLHE for final leg. Leg 3 is our PLO Leg with 5000 chips. > Leg 1 : Wednesday 1st June at 20.10 BST in the PL Poker Club Home Game - NLHE 3000 chips > Leg 2 : Wednesday 8th June - NLHE 3000 chips > Leg 3 : Wednesday 15th June - PLO 5000 chips > Leg 4 : Wednesday 22nd June - NLHE 5000 chips - (double entrants in points formula)** Buy in is $5.50 per leg. Your top 3 scores of the 4 legs will count towards your league total. We will be using the usual PL poker league format, which will be updated in this thread. (The PokerStars own league scores will not be used.) Formula is -Log(position/Entrants)x100 To help boost numbers overall and in particular in the final leg we are continuing the system of doubling the number of entries used in the calculation in leg 4 (**so if 10 entries the formula will use 20 entrants). This will increase the number of points available in the final leg to make it more competitive. All members are welcome, however you must post in this thread if asked to let us know your forum username, otherwise your placings and scores cannot be included in the league. New players are always welcome to join in, so please spread the word and invite your friends to the forum so we can keep the weekly numbers up. £150 Added Value The £150 added will be split between the top 3 players of the league end, with £75 to the league champion, £45 to 2nd and £30 to 3rd. This will be payable via PayPal at the end of the league. Big thank you to Punters Lounge for the added funds. The league winner will also get Punters Lounge merchandise. Punters Lounge MerchandiseYou can now win unlimited Punters Lounge merchandise, even if you have won them before. It consists of our logo mug and pack of 10 pens. Unfortunately due to supplier shipping restrictions we may be unable to provide these to members who live outside of the UK. To join the PokerStars PL Home Games Club: club id = 744199 password = PLPokerClub We also have a PL Poker Club Facebook group where regular reminders are also posted. Please request to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/524375907722928/ Good luck! League Table
  9. Well done to Simon who took down the final leg of the league and with it has climbed the table into a podium position in 3rd overall. A close run competition this month, but it ended up with our 4 weekly winners taking the top 4 spots this time. Well done to Elliott, deserved champion with a 1st, 2nd and 4th over the month and Barry making the final week count to end as runner up. 1st @Elliott Sutcliffe £75 + PL Mug and Pens 2nd @juanmoment £45 3rd @Rhino_Power £30 Looks like I've already got everyone's Paypal details so I'll arrange the payments. Elliott, I've messaged you to check about the merch Thanks to everyone who played this month. Some of us need to pull our socks up and put in a good run over the month to get on the winners list. We continue straight on with June's league, game is set up and sorting the new thread now.
  10. Prize winners, please can you Message me on here with your PayPal email address and I will collate and pass on to management who will arrange the payments. Also top 5 please send me your address so we can post out the PL merchandise (mug and pens) if you'd like it. To Message, either hover over my name and click the Message envelope which comes up bottom left, or click the envelope at the top of the forum page. If you're a previous winner feel free to tag it onto our last messages and just confirm if details are still the same. For once, I will endeavour to reply to everyone! If I don't hear from you in a couple of days I'll message you in case you're struggling with the technology! Well done everyone Please allow a couple of weeks for payments as I'll wait a few days to hopefully send the whole list off together. Merchandise is shipped from our suppliers so may take longer. If you aren't in the UK we'll do our best to get them to you, but there are shipping restrictions from our supplier and unfortunately in some cases it might not be possible. Thank you and well done! DIV 1 @andellio £75. @Alley Cat Glover £45. @Larkin22 £25. DIV 2 @akarsioti £60. @u1905068 £40. @MinellaWorksop £20. DIV 3 @BARNSLEYCHOP £50. @przemek £30. @avongirl £20. DIV 4 @LEE-GRAYS £40. @Sterphyle £25. @Xtc12 £15. DIV 5 @stuboy43 £30. @bobsyerunkle £20. @draganmanager £10. DIV 6 @Spajermuffin101 £25. @MrForce £15. @Astleavista £10. DIV 7 @Heisenberg68 £20. @mickyftm32 £10. DIV 8 @Alastair £20. @PercyP £10. Top 5 Overall @andellio @Heisenberg68 @Alastair @mickyftm32 @PercyP PL Mug & Pens.
  11. Very well done to @andellio from Division 1 on holding off the mighty surge from the top of Divisions 7 and 8 in the last couple of weeks. 10 players end over treble their bank this time
  12. Well here we are at the end of the whole football year after a very enjoyable 10 months of competitons. Thank you to everyone who has taken part over the 4 seasons, your participation and contributions are much appreciated. ⚽ Our final week of the season produced a healthy weekly profit although only 18 winning bets, and there are some movers at the top of most of the Divisions. Overall we are in deficit, but 34 players ended up with an individual profit, well done to you all. Bet of the week and also biggest profit goes to @Budgie 65 with an 11.5/1 treble followed by @MacPhisto's 8.5/1 treble and then @BARNSLEYCHOP and @PercyP both around 8/1. Congratulations to all our Division winners and to our worthy overall leader @andellio who extended his lead with another winning bet making it 7 out of 8 winning weeks Not sure if we have anything in the pipeline for the Summer but I will see you for the new season in August Tables coming up in the next post
  13. Division 8, what can I say, you have outperformed all expectations! 3 fantastic winning bets this week have really made an exciting end and there is less than £20 between winners and losers at the top A massive profit this week brings you into profit overall with in fact the biggest margin of all Divisions Special mention to @Alastair with 6 winning bets over the 8 weeks.
  14. 1 winning bet this week for Division 7 and a change around in the top positions. An overall loss but commendable from a lower Division which are historically a bit erratic Also thank you to you all for lasting the course (I'm ignoring the guy who applied and then never bothered to log in since!)
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