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  1. Just to make you all aware, I always post a reminder on our Facebook group on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. This is normally seen by around 40 members. Last week's was only seen by 11. I'm not sure if this is why numbers were down in the game last week. I've heard that the Facebook algorithm will limit views in people's newsfeed if predominantly one person posts in a group, therefore if some other members would post occasionally it would be appreciated. Let us know about any good value games or just what you're playing, and it should show FB that we are an active group.
  2. Well done Marek and nottingham21, good start for you. Table updated in post 1 PLO game set up for leg 3, 5000 chips so should give you all plenty of time to work out how to play.
  3. Division 6 - Week 2 Selections

    Maybe it's not a new strategy after all, that was last year's too
  4. Division 6 - Week 2 Selections

    Tottenham v Fulham (X) 6.0 10pt single please (I have a new strategy this year!)
  5. Well done to Barry on the win Good turnout for week 1, let's keep it up. Leg 2 set up and ready
  6. Division 6 - Week 1 Selections

    Huddersfield v Chelsea (1) 5.50 10pt single please.
  7. The Punters Lounge £150 added Poker League continues throughout the summer and starts for August this week. All games are played in the PokerStars Home Games PL Poker Club. This month we are again running a PLO leg, so Legs 1,2 and 4 will be NLHE and Leg 3 PLO. Leg 1 : Wednesday 8th August at 20.00 GMT in the PL Poker Club Home Game. Leg 2 : 15th August Leg 3 : 22nd August (PLO leg) Leg 4 : 29th August Buy in is $5.50 per leg. The £150 added will be split between the top 3 players of the league end, with £75 to the league champion, £45 to 2nd and £30 to 3rd. This will be payable via PayPal at the end of the league. Big thank you to SirPuntalot and Punters Lounge for the added funds. Winners will also get an exclusive PuntersLounge Mug and Pen Your top 3 scores of the 4 legs will count towards your league total. We will be using the usual PL league format, which will be updated in this post. (The PokerStars own league scores will not be used.) Formula is -Log(position/Entrants)x100 All members are welcome, however you must post in this thread if asked to let us know your forum username, otherwise your placings and scores cannot be included in the league. Please spread the word and invite your friends so we can get the weekly numbers to keep this league viable. New players always welcome to join in. To join the PokerStars PL Home Games Club: club id = 744199 password = PLPokerClub We also have a PL Poker Club Facebook group where regular reminders are also posted. Please request to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/524375907722928/ Good luck! League Table
  8. Well done to Jonesythc, ends the month with another win to be pretty much all conquering this month Marek storms up the field from behind to grab 2nd place and thebestthere holds on to a podium place for 3rd. Instructions for League Winners: 1st Jonesythc £75 + PL Mug and Pen 2nd Marek £45 3rd thebestthere £30 To claim please email team@punterslounge.com with the following:Subject: Poker League Message Content.PL Username: * PayPal Email: * Prize Amount/Position: £75 (1st) / £45 (2nd) / £30 (3rd) Winner (Jonesythc) - please also provide address for PL Mug & Pen to be sent Payments are normally processed together for all our monthly competitions around 14 days after the end of the month. Thank you everyone for playing. Hope you enjoyed the PLO leg? We'll continue with it next month.