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  1. Division 6 - Week 7 Selections

    Everton v Newcastle (2) 3.30 Man Utd v Tottenham (Over 2.5 goals) 2.0 10pt double please.
  2. Well done muttley , looks like the title is in the bag! Bart hangs on to 2nd place without playing and there is a clamour for 3rd, so still plenty to aim for in the final leg next week. Set up ready for you to register.
  3. Well done Bart back in the groove. Apologies for late update, league table now posted. Leg 3 this week, if you're not there yet it's time to make an assault on the top.
  4. Division 6 - Week 6 Selections

    Huddersfield v Watford (X) 3.10 West Ham v Stoke (1) 2.05 10pt double please,
  5. Apologies, believe Andy is away at moment and just realised we haven't got a thread for this month. Please post all your daily MTT & satellite winnings in here...big and small.....good luck everyone and please don't forget to post in $$$
  6. APAT Season 11 (2017/18)

    Satellites for High Roller are running
  7. APAT Season 11 (2017/18)

    WCOAP online schedule details. World Championship Of Amateur Poker Online Date Start Tournament Buyin Sunday 15th April 2018 6pm WCOAP SE - NLHE High Roller £110 Sunday 15th April 2018 7pm WCOAP SE - PLO Heads Up £5 Monday 16th April 2018 7pm WCOAP SE - Razz £5 Monday 16th April 2018 8pm WCOAP SE - NLHE Deepstack Turbo £5 Tuesday 17th April 2018 7pm WCOAP SE - 7 Card Stud £5 Tuesday 17th April 2018 8pm WCOAP SE - NLHE Turbo Rebuy £1.10 Wednesday 18th April 2018 7pm WCOAP SE - 5 Card Draw £5 Wednesday 18th April 2018 8pm WCOAP SE - NLHE Bounty £5 Thursday 19th April 2018 7pm WCOAP SE - Pot Limit Omaha £5 Thursday 19th April 2018 8pm WCOAP SE - NLHE 8 Max £5 Friday 20th April 2018 7pm WCOAP SE - PLO Survivor £5 Friday 20th April 2018 8pm WCOAP SE - NLHE 6 Max Survivor £5 Saturday 21st April 2018 7pm WCOAP SE - NLHE 6 Max £5 Saturday 21st April 2018 8pm WCOAP SE - NLHE Heads Up £5 Sunday 22nd April 2018 6pm WCOAP ME - Championship Main Event £30 Sunday 22nd April 2018 7pm WCOAP SE - PLO Hi/Lo £5 Notes Late Reg Online Championship Main Events: 90 mins Online Side Events (exc HU/Survivor): 60 mins
  8. Well done to muttley, on fire at the moment. Leg 2 is set up ready to register. Plenty of time left to get involved and make an impact on the top of the table this month.
  9. APAT Worlds March 31 - April 8 - Manchester

    Should have washed the 2018 one overnight! Seriously though, very well played to make day 3. I didn't get the table feed running long before you went out but some seemed very shove-happy despite the big stacks. I started off day 2 well and worked my stack up to around 100k. I should have been able to cash but lost a couple of hands, then shoved SB on the short BB and lost leaving me back where I started the day on 27k about 4BB and my all in 44 met with an 88 call. Went out 30th with 26 paid. But can't be too unhappy from 240 runners and coming back about 70th from 77 to day 2.
  10. Division 6 - Week 5 Selections

    West Brom v Swansea (2) 3.00 Everton v Liverpool BTTS (Y) 1.75 10pt double please.