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**June Poker League Result : 1st Autogree £75, 2nd Rivrd £45, 3rd Ian309 £30**


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  1. I've commented in the new thread and set the July game up as regular. As ever, happy to take views but maybe we try for a few weeks and see how it feels. PokerStars may change it again by then.
  2. Comparing Regular and Slow structures. Blind levels and antes are the same, just 10 or 15 minutes. Also late reg 1hr or 1hr30mins. To be honest, I think the late reg is the decider (although I have put a condition in the opening post). I suggest we stick with the regular blinds throughout with 3000 chips but maybe have a 5000 chips for final leg. Happy to take views on whether to increase to 5000 for the PLO leg. We would appreciate it if players did not abuse the extended late registration period (which we cannot adjust) and please register within 15 minutes.
  3. We'll have a variant poker fun week on 29th July to fill the gap before the next league.
  4. Punters Lounge is pleased to continue for July with our £150 added Poker League. We run on Wednesday nights starting at 8.10pm, with a late registration period on top of this. All games are played in the PokerStars Home Games PL Poker Club. The first two legs are NLHE, then for a bit of variety we have a PLO leg in week 3, reverting back to NLHE for the final leg. Due to PokerStars tinkering with the blind and chip options we are currently looking at the available structures and will confirm which apply for each leg in the thread as we go along. > Leg 1 : Wednesday 1st July at 20.10 BST in the PL Poker Club Home Game. > Leg 2 : 8th July > Leg 3 : 15th July - PLO Leg > Leg 4 : 22nd July - double entrants in formula * Buy in is $5.50 per leg. Late registration is fixed by PokerStars but we would appreciate it if players would register within 15 minutes. Persistent offenders may be excluded from the Home Games Club. Your top 3 scores of the 4 legs will count towards your league total. We will be using the usual PL poker league format, which will be updated in this thread. (The PokerStars own league scores will not be used.) Formula is -Log(position/Entrants)x100 To help boost numbers overall and in particular in the final leg we are continuing the system of doubling the number of entries used in the calculation in leg 4 (so if 15 entries the formula will use 30 entrants). This will increase the number of points available in the final leg to make it more competitive. All members are welcome, however you must post in this thread if asked to let us know your forum username, otherwise your placings and scores cannot be included in the league. New players are always welcome to join in, so please spread the word and invite your friends so we can keep the weekly numbers up. £150 Added Value The £150 added will be split between the top 3 players of the league end, with £75 to the league champion, £45 to 2nd and £30 to 3rd. This will be payable via PayPal at the end of the league. Big thank you to SirPuntalot and Punters Lounge for the added funds. The league winner will also get Punters Lounge merchandise. Punters Lounge Merchandise You can now win unlimited Punters Lounge merchandise, even if you have won them before. It consists of our mug with a wraparound 3D logo and also a pack of 10 pens. Unfortunately due to supplier shipping restrictions we may be unable to provide these to members who live outside of the UK. To join the PokerStars PL Home Games Club: club id = 744199 password = PLPokerClub We also have a PL Poker Club Facebook group where regular reminders are also posted. Please request to join. Good luck! League Table
  5. Thanks very much Ian. I'll set up a couple of dummy games tonight so I can see the blind structure. It may be that the 'slow' structure is closer to what we had, but in conjunction with 3000 chips may make the game too long. Perhaps we could run with regular in legs 1 and 2 and move to slow for the last one. Not sure about the PLO, could try 5000 chips but that may be too much.
  6. The late reg is not an option I can choose unfortunately. It's just there, we can't choose to not have it nor change the length.
  7. Derby v Reading (1) 2.15 Stoke v Middlebrough (2) 3.80 10pt double please.
  8. Out of interest, have you got a Blind History from leg 1 or 2 to compare? (or tell me how to find it )
  9. I'll check the options again. I think chips are 3000, 5000, 10000. Structure options used to be time based but now say Regular, Fast, Turbo, think there might be a Slow one. I may need to set a couple of test games up and then look to see exactly what structure it's used. I didn't actually notice but did the blind amounts increase more steeply as well as having antes ? (in my defence Wednesday has also become internet quiz night so I am only 90% concentrating on our game. Fortunately I am not in control of the Zoom camera!)
  10. Instructions for League Winners: 1st @autogree £75 + PL Mug and Pens 2nd @Rivrd £45 3rd @ian309 £30 To claim please email with the following: Subject: Poker League Message Content. PL Username: * PayPal Email: * Prize Amount/Position: £75 (1st) / £45 (2nd) / £30 (3rd) Winner (autogree) - please also provide address for PL Mug & Pens to be sent Payments are normally processed together for all our monthly competitions and may be up to 14 days after the end of the month. Well done everyone @BillyHills
  11. Well done to autogree on the second win of the month and with it takes the top spot in the league and well done Xcout on getting organised and taking 2nd place in the leg League podium this month goes to all the weekly winners with Rivrd taking 2nd place and Ian in 3rd. In the end it was tight for 4th place, which doesn't matter. Thank you to everyone who stuck with us this month and continued to support the forum, still a good turnout, it's much appreciated See you next month, I'll let you know if Pokerstars change the goalposts any more, but the 3000 chips with antes seemed to play ok last night and the game was no longer than usual.
  12. I can only really take the result as it's listed in the lobby. Players who go out early are not scoring many points so hopefully it's unlikely to affect the podium placings, if anything late reg'ers will increase the points scored. I would think most of our players will still only reg within the first 10-15 mins, and whilst we can't stop it, I won't be encouraging later. I would think most Home Games Clubs are fairly small scale and can't imagine 1 hour is something many would think is an improvement, so hopefully it's an experiment which gets changed back.
  13. to the league Pempi. If I remember correctly Magata used to play in the Ladies league we ran many years ago, hope she's taught you well
  14. Well done to Ian beating the in form Rivrd and coming into contention in the league. Rivrd has a hold on the top spot with a great run of results, but equally consistent are the others vying for the podium spots. We are set up for a close finish this month Unfortunately PokerStars have changed the options on the Home Games set up. The minimum starting chips is now 3000 so we will need to play the final NLHE leg with this. Structure has also changed. If I use 'regular' this will keep the 10 minute blinds, but antes are now in play from the start. The late registration period (on which we have no option to adjust or override) is now 1 hour. I hope this won't affect our points awarding too much.