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** September Poker League Result : =1st muttley & juanmoment, 3rd McG **
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  1. Santin wins 9/2 to return 22pts (18pt profit). 15pt profit from the two selections tonight.
  2. Soldier Rising given an incredibly puzzling ride. I don't mind a horse losing, but give it a chance 🤦🏼‍♂️. All on Santin 🍀
  3. Two US tonight.... 2152 Belmont Park Soldier Rising 5/2 3pt win 2248 Keeneland Santin 7/2 4pt win
  4. Curramore wins 5/2 to return 8.75pts for a 6.25pt profit.
  5. Ching Shih very impressive winner returning 10pts for a 6pt profit.
  6. Panthere very very poor, got that one very wrong. Additional selection.... 1545 Newbury Ching Shih 6/4 4pt win
  7. Four I really fancy today.... 12:23 Saint-Cloud Panthere 2/1 3pt win 15:19 Kelso Dingo Dollar 3/1 3pt win 15:54 Kelso Curramore 5/2 2.5pt win 16:29 Kelso Coolkill 4/1 3pt win 11.5pts staked 🍀
  8. Clitheroe very disappointing! Late bet.... 4pt win on Dubai Immo 10/11. Can't see it being beaten, I was very taken with it's debut.
  9. I've won on Pocket The Profit the last 3 runs but haven't backed today as I feel his run might finally come to an end. He still has a great chance, but I am going to dip out on him. Hope he wins for you 🤞🏼
  10. First day of my own picks, will probably only be one selection each day. Will refresh P/L back to scratch and start again. 2.5pt win double 1355 Yarmouth Clitheroe & 1415 Newcastle Dubai Immo @ 10/3 🍀
  11. 1323 Yarmouth Ready To Shine 12/1 win @ William Hill
  12. Haven't disclosed it as it's a closed group and people wouldn't be able to get into it currently. Once this set period of 7 months is up, it will open back up when spots become available. If that's the case, I'll stick it up on here. Not sure what I'll do with my P/L tbh, haven't really thought about it too much. I guess I would probably start fresh when I put anything up on here.
  13. Tough decision but I have been thinking about this the past couple of days and feel it's the right decision. Hopefully people have followed the selections and made a nice profit, even though the prices quoted were unattainable at times. Although my profit shows as +113.2pts, I'm sure people will still be in a good amount of profit at their prices. So, I obviously pay for tips and put them up on here for other people to benefit from. I am happy that these have made people money, but feel moving forward that as I'm paying for them, it's not right putting them up on the site. I also feel that the group wouldn't be best pleased if they stumbled across them on here when they're all paying also. Another reason is everyone else puts up their own selections and they do a lot of studying etc on here and then I just swan along and put someone else's hard work up and get the praise. Moving forward, I will still pass on any info I get outside the group and anything I strongly fancy, but I won't be posting the groups bets from here on out. Hope people understand my reasoning behind this.
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