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  1. I think he tends to concentrate on the all weather which is mostly covered by Sky.
  2. As expected, 2020 was a poor year with an AE of 0.94. I will conclude with 2019 as before then Hugh's performance was a lot better so I am taking a worst case performance by starting with 2019. Overall the 4 years show an AE of 1.008. Some further stats which may prove useful. 1 point stakes have an AE of 1.03. Bets with advised odds of 15/8 to 11/2 have a record of 201 wins from 699 runs with a LSP of 117 points and an AE of 1.18. All weather bets have an AE of 1.06. All other race types have an AE less than 1.
  3. @1945harry moves to the top with 18/1 Ponte winner Granny B
  4. When I first started investing in shares I made a profit of 89% in my first year. If I had continued at that rate I would now be the world's richest man. Suffice to say I am not !
  5. 2021 was an exceptional year with an AE at BSP of 1.14 although it was his best year at early prices in 4 years. Still too volatile to draw any conclusions. I will move onto 2020, which was his worst ever year, although he still made a profit.
  6. Winners at 5/1, 5/2, 9/4 and 6/4. A profit on the day of £33.48 Out £ 1,172.50 In £ 2,199.59 Profit £ 1,027.09
  7. Most winners Very tight at the top with @Tidytips joining @CS 333 who may be playing a dangerous game
  8. I agree, the extra places on offer provide some excellent opportunities
  9. Apologies for the delay in updating the naps table. I am having issues with my data supply.
  10. As usual, these things are never straightforward. I have analysed 2022 and the AE was 0.90. I was hoping for something more consistent, one way or the other. I'll plug on, hopefully one of these years is an anomaly. It will be a better comparison when 2023 is complete, the AE was particularly low in the last 4 months.
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