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  1. no joy will Brecel. What's everybody going with today then? Once again I think Yuelong has a good chance but his record against Ronnie is awful just like Milkins was and these records play on the players' minds. Yuelong has lost all four head to heads and won just 2 frames so that puts me off any kind of bet there. In the evening matches, I think Judd and Ding. However, Williams has already beaten Ding twice in 2023.
  2. Looking at tonight, I reckon Vafaei probably beats Selt but is priced accordingly. I'll take Brecel to beat Anda though. He's beaten Anda in the last four in-a-row and for me a tournament as big as the UK Championship, I think the nerves would be there for Anda. Brecel wins it for me 6-3/6-4. 5.5pts Brecel to beat Anda 8/11 Paddypower 2pts double - Brecel (-1.5 handicap) & Vafaei (-1.5 handicap) 3/1 Bet365
  3. both players make the century for the 4/1. Be nice to finish on a Ronnie century for both winners
  4. based on the first two frames would be surprised if anybody makes a 50. Terrible standard * A pretty poor first session. Milkins was shocking and it still ended 2-2. Ronnie wins the first after the break with a century so 3-2 Ronnie. 1 out of the 2 centuries needed from him *
  5. Yeah, hard to know if Milkins can hit one, too. It depends on how attacking Ronnie will play, I guess.
  6. I'm not sure about Yuelong/Higgins. Part of me thinks that Higgins wins it and probably covers the handicap and then the other part of me thinks Yuelong has a chance. Yuelong played really well against Neil. Let's not forget that. Not a bet for me. In the Ronnie match, I've found a bet with WillHill for Ronnie to win the match and hit at least 2 centuries. We know how aggressive Milkins is and that gives chances for centuries. He played another aggressive player in Un-Nooh and we saw 3 centuries. Ronnie has won 10 out of the 11 matches that these two have played. The other one was the Snooker Shootout. In the last 5 matches, Ronnie has hit 8 centuries against him and 3 out of the 5 he hit two. They were "first to 4 matches 2.5pts Ronnie to beat Milkins and hit over one century 8/5 WillHill 2pts Both players to make a century (Ronnie v Milkins) 4/1 Paddypower
  7. Hawkins looked rubbish last round. I reckon Selby in that one
  8. 3pts Ding (-1.5 frames) to beat T.Ford evens Coral for reasons above in my last post. Dominates the head-to-head. The better player with a better history in this event. Having made the final last year.
  9. Ding for me. I get that Ford played decent in the last round but ultimately, Ding is a much better player and is more used to a big event like this. He also has won 8 of the 10 head-to-head which included a 6-3 win in this event. Last year.
  10. We go again with our second 'Last Man Standing' tournament of the season. Good luck all
  11. Wouldn’t think that even he went 4-0 up tbh lol
  12. I'm going to take Yuelong to beat Robertson tonight. Kinda goes without saying that I'm laying Robertson until he shows some life and he was awful recently. I think Un Nooh beats Milkins based on Milkins recent form and McGill is worth a punt against Ronnie. 2pts Yuelong to beat N.Robertson 6/4 bet365 1pt treble Yuelong, Un-Nooh, McGill 11/1 Paddypower
  13. Expect a Heta win. Dolan has been very poor and like ya say Maik bottled it. Can’t see it getting to a decider either
  14. I've also gone for this 4-fold : Heta/Bunting/Chizzy all to win and most 180s + Searle just to get most 180s 14/1 Paddypower
  15. 2pts Searle (most 180s) vs Humphries 15/8 2pts Searle to win and hit most 180s 17/2 Paddypower as mentioned, reckon that Searle is well up for this tournament and has the crowd very much on side. Smashed in 7 180s and Humphries only got 1 in his thrashing. I think Searle hits the most 180s unless a complete drop-off and so the 17/2 win with most 180s looks a bit of a freebie punt
  16. much like Chizzy with Dobey, I expect the performance this round from MVG and Chizzy will be about 10% tonight. So annoying cause both Smith and Dobey are 'due one'
  17. Bunting well priced out at 10/1 with MVG and Chizzy still in the half. Shocking price. I'll take a point eachway on Searle as if Humphries can't be bothered tonight then it's open for him. 1pt e/w Searle to win 20/1 Bet365
  18. searle looked good earlier too. local lad to here too.
  19. looks like Bunting was the one to be on. Can see him making the final. Him or Chizzy, who only performs when i don't back him.
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