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  1. 888 3roll for 5x $300 seats!

    Sadly too early for me, but this seems decent! Plus quite a few rakeless MTTs in their today!
  2. Well played all, especially Muttley 2 on the bounce!
  3. Daily MTT & Satellite Winnings - February 2019

    1st $425.75
  4. Daily MTT & Satellite Winnings - February 2019

    Great stuff Andy, finishing higher than 2 G pros on the online 10k
  5. Good games as usual Was tough HU! VWP ThysYool
  6. Ian would love the PL Mug as hasn't got one yet, I have one so I am very happy for Ian to have the PL mug and Pen @ian309 Please send your address details to @Sir Puntalot Thanks again all for great games and added, as always my fave fixture in my poker diary Cheers all for Congrats
  7. lol, I am have such a bad memory at times and a non functioning brain sometimes :)) I even had the league table open when we was playing :))
  8. Great game as always all, the most nerve racking game I have ever played when it went to 5 handed! Thanks Ian. I just have the 1 PL mug :)) Only won 1 monthly league since the launch of added Mug and Pen But I am very happy for you to receive the PL mug and Pen as it means a lot to you
  9. Thanks Helen, adapting my strategy Always learning every time I play :-)
  10. Well played Bart, you destroyed me! happy Xmas and New year all
  11. Daily MTT & Satellite Winnings - December 2018

    $172.54 total.
  12. DTD festival 9-16th Dec 2018 -Anyone playing?

    Got to the last 2 tables twice when 13 & 11 paid, but sadly busted Set of Kings on the flop vs Rivered Flush for a 900k+ pot, the guy who took me out Byron Sugars went on to ship that nights event other one was other Bust out QQ in AA Bust out KK v AA 3 tables left for a almost 900k pot.1st time for live PLO, Decent pot 3 way pot with AAh5hQ v others with A as well, but the one with a dangler 6 wins the pot with trips! Bounty went terrible. 2 bullets.Last MTT on Saturday went bad 3 bullets, QJ in AA for a 3 way pot, only had 10BBs.Great festival, hope it runs again.