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  1. Thanks Dan,nice1, not a bad run time for such field! Nice ROI for buyin!
  2. Couldn't bag any wins last night but 4 lots of 2nds is better that a kick in the teeth :)) $392
  3. Sorry all, I wanted to play Razz as well as not played for ages! But I gotta keep wife happy so going to have to bail tonight as been playing quite a bit recently... Happy wife = Happy life!
  4. $735 USD profit as won a $22 ticket from a freeroll, spun it up for $109 ticket
  5. Hi all Thank you in advance for taking time to read this I am going to do a GIVEAWAY! for some of my poker action for the upcoming Goliath tournament in Coventry in August. 1st place estimated £100,000! My daughter is raising money for Charity that is close to my & my wife's heart. Anyone that donates a min of £5 goes into the draw to win 2% of my poker action.That means you could win £2,000! for donating to the charity If we reach our target I will giveaway 3 lots of 2%!
  6. USD profit $27. Played a fair few....Listed 3 of the highest cashes, had some other small ones but didn't save them! Bloody internet DC 3 times On the bubble a few times when DC puke ;(
  7. I not played Razz for years! Depends how many games I have on, if I don't have too many then I be up for Razz & PLO! As I have to think a bit more playing Razz compared to NLHE :))
  8. What you say bud about the below could be great idea "The winner of the final leg is guaranteed to match the best points score of one of the previous legs; So leg 4 winner gets 95pts this month, even if only 6 register."
  9. Great to see the biggest turnout for a while, agree that 2x for final leg was too much as Barry had built up a nice lead playing all the games and scoring well for the 1st 3 legs. Suggestion to try maybe like said 1.5x for final leg, have best 3 scores out of 4 still as people can't always make all legs.
  10. $210 USD profit for both. Puke on 2 others as money in good both times for a 110E & 220E tickets!!