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  1. DTD festival 9-16th Dec 2018 -Anyone playing? I have brought in for all events bar the high roller and 200 Bounty, playing my $200k gtd day 1 online tomorrow so fingers up to spin a decent stack up!
  2. Staking chance for Millions 3/12/18 flight

    Sadly busted just after midnight on Monday KK v AAwould of been for a 3.2 million chip pot to make me CL on the table.
  3. Won a $5300 seat to a $20 Million Gtd prize pool online tournament starting tomorrow 1st prize is estimated $2.5 million Drop me a PM if you would like to buy a stake
  4. Daily MTT & Satellite Winnings - November 2018

    Sunday 25th November, $22 entry, option of 2 re entries, just the 1 bullet
  5. Daily MTT & Satellite Winnings - November 2018

    Awesome result, top stuff Dan :-)
  6. Has anyone played the league games on a iPad before? Thanks
  7. I don't know what I am doing :)) Got my 1st Live PLO MTT coming up soon. Need to re read my strategy guides :))
  8. Money received, thanks, hopefully take down Novembers so I can get a PL mug and pen too
  9. Well played all, good games as usual, especially Dan who bossed it!
  10. ** Poker Diary week 3rd - 9th November **

    The Coral Nightly Bounty starts at 7pm GMT. Can anyone confirm the Boyle 1000 added on Friday still runs? I uninstalled Boyle because it stopped running unless it started again? Thanks