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  1. GG for your 1st game, major comeback to snatch 2nd! btw I am leo888
  2. Bournemouth 1.95 & Leicester 2.30 Double Win 20 points Thanks
  3. I checked the Facebook post for Leg 3. The regs that normally play had said they couldn't play leg 3 due to other things which was Yourself bud, Andy and Helen , I would of played if it wan't for lil one distracting me! and me forgeting to reg in time! It would of made it 10 players for leg 3 if us 4 had been able to play. This months been the highest turnout which is good for PL
  4. I missed leg 3 late reg as go distracted by lil one! but you know I personally almost always play all 4 legs
  5. Anyone else going? I am playing the Turbo flight on the Friday 19th & hopefully Sat & Sun 😉
  6. Happened 2 years ago but not last year I am going on Friday, hopefully Sat & Sun 😉 Anyone else going Friday? Could meet up at Breaks
  7. Sadly can't make the last leg, playing a Live Satty for the Bournemouth deepstack