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  1. Great game all Exciting and good banter as usual Next week going be close for podiums!!
  2. Good game all, sorry lack of chat, had a few tables on the go and was also heads up and short handed on a couple of tables. Hope you all had good nights
  3. Sorry guys especially bedrock earlier, different laptop didn't give me option to show!
  4. Yea goes to paypal Wait till Helen updates the table and we send an email with finishing spots and we get paid! If my Maths is correct! 1st is you by a mile! 2nd me! 3rd Pamela!
  5. Well done to all cashers, especially Barry for storming the league!
  6. Shame, it is a good game, just very different from holdem.Just takes time to get use to. But everyone likes different formats and variants! I don't like cash games as I find them boring, I like to try and be last person standing!
  7. Good game all, gutted I couldn't finish the job, tough HU and enjoyable game.
  8. in as usual TY as always for fun and added. Stars- leo888
  9. Cent roll's! Value town Party Poker

    Thought be nice to share and its been good value $400 won need to hit $1000 and be the 1st 100 to buyin with PL $ and get 4 nights free stay at the Gleneagles hotel! for MTT in Ireland Sept but only issue is I have used my last lot of holiday to try and qualify for MPN and BOM Malta!! So something may have to give but then I might not qualify for any Brought my seat direct for Sunny beach,gulp but had a good few results and done a deal with a friend for the accomodation and flights were good price, shame train was costly!
  10. Cent roll's! Value town Party Poker

    They are but PL rules states no passwords allowed unless that has changed? Easy enough to find the password,click on info or type in the room who promos it is and join the group
  11. Cent roll's! Value town Party Poker

    Even more centrolls up now, some don't even run as require minimum players, you can just reg and sit out and you very likely win a min cash $5.50 ticket! Quite a few sit outs!
  12. Cent roll's! Value town Party Poker

    Low runners in these, loads on today! Just click more info on tournament lobby to find password. See attached! Get regged for 1c! even if you sit out you could make the money! 141 is the most runners I have played in. Played 3 so far.