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  1. Lengthy heads up.........I played terribly! Didnt help with low number cards and hitting nothing but there were some hands I just sucked and played really poorly!
  2. Smashing!! Hopefully no more smashing of my mugs! For one the PL mug is mine and for my use alone. To be fair she was being helpful bringing some new plants for the front garden but she left the mug in a precarious position and it didn't have a chance falling the 3 foot onto concrete.
  3. Anxious wait to see if that was enough to win the April league. Confession time. The mother in law broke my (newish) Punters Lounge mug 3 weeks ago. ?
  4. Apologies to Emery / Keano. As you may have guessed I hit problems at home and basically had to try and engineer a fast finish. At least it was me that went out!
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