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** July Naps Competition Result: 1st Gary66, 2nd BBBC, 3rd kenisbusy, 4th Johnrobertson. KO Cup Winner tonythepaint. Most Winners Budgie65: **


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  1. Normally nt off, but few day 2's! Cashed in all my day 2's , just posted 1 on the day 2 cashes others were not significant for me.
  2. Usually have Tuesday off! Start the Month off with a W and 2nd.
  3. Some Sunday results with 1 Saturday cash in there. Hopefully get some 4 figure ones soon again!
  4. I download Greenshot to screenshot as find it easy to use. Not fan of windows snip tool!
  5. Double Dust Bowl Wins 🙂
  6. lol, I usually reg early but un reg to late reg as depends how many tables I got by then, if i late reg means things usual means going well elsewhere :)) I remember I got so 1 week forgot to bloody reg till too late so reg early, better than not reg at all for me :-)) Alarms set now :-)) GLA
  7. Game Tonight game not in lobby yet? Or just my end as 1st time I logged in today Home game tab would not load the clubs, re logged in and shows clubs but no game yet showing to reg? I know Helen usually very well organised and usually up by now. Thanks.
  8. Fri 6th to Tues 10th May ones. Party one The Master ICM chop, I was in 2nd place and every1 had between 45-47bbs.
  9. Ian beat me by millisecond posting! Gd work Ian, you always on it posting
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