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  1. Milton Keynes Dons v Bolton £50 Dons to win 1.66
  2. Feel free too welcome 🙂
  3. Little profit as fired 2 $15 bullets! Dirty river had me! :))
  4. Had some PPLS $ I had to use I won back in 2018! $550, entry was $215 so a little profit to get me back in black this year after a non profitable Jan!
  5. BTTS £20 1.66 Fulham FC vs Middlesbrough Thanks
  6. No worries SNGs not very popular like they were many moons ago, spins and go's are popular now! MTTS is what I play most. Not sure about the bookies bit. Worth a try, nothing to lose!
  7. Probs only pokerstars, I play SNGS on Unibet when they have a challenge promo. I don't play much SNGs now tbh.
  8. £10 Chelsea vs Burnley Draw please @ 5.75 Thanks
  9. Swindon v Bradford draw 3.50 £20 please. Thanks