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  1. Long term it shouldn't affect profit, but the variance can be a killer. make sure that you are playing properly bankrolled for the bigger events. On a plus side, the big tourneys usually have a bigger proportion of bad players.
  2. muttley

    VPIP and AF

    I think a HUD is really useful if you're playing cash, especially if you're multitabling. If you're only playing tournaments then you're not missing out on much.
  3. Thanks to Punters Lounge for supporting this, and to everyone who took part this month. The turnout was a little disappointing tonight, probably because 1st and 2nd were pretty much sown up. Andy made the suggestion that the last leg should be double points, and I would support that, or similar, if it made it more competitive. Unfortunately, I won't be able to play for the next two legs, as I'm in Vegas. (Obv brag). Good luck all!
  4. Like I said, the difference is subtle. A few years ago I was in a GUKPT event and had to post the BB 3 times in 4 hands. I had a decent stack, so it didn't matter much. Had I been short and the tourney had been a BB ante tourney, it would have been terrible for me.
  5. Psychologically, yes, but in theory it shouldn't make any difference to your BB defending strategy. There may be a need to change strategy when short stacked though. I've played a few BTN Ante Tourney's, and have concluded that the short stack theory (push/fold) is no different to a normal ante tourney, or if it is different, it's a small difference. BB Ante strategy may have to be tinkered a little, and not in a good way. Say your in a tourney and short stacked (11bb), and looking for 2 cards to shove. The blinds are approaching and you're being dealt junk. Once your UTG I reckon you need to widen your open shoving range due to the fact you will be posting 2bb on the next hand. I would shove some junky hands here, J7o, T8o etc, which would be folds in a BTN Tourney. Of course, in a BTN Tourney that means I have to hope for a better hand before the BTN hits It's very subtle, but there is a difference, I'm sure.
  6. Yeah. And that's a fair point. I prefer the button ante though. My reason is that it's possible to have to post your "double big blind" on consecutive hands ( assuming your table breaks and you're moved straight into the BB). If you're short stacked that could be very costly. In fact it could screw up your tournament. Having a dead button, and subsequently one hand with no ante, is slightly annoying if you win the hand, but not likely to affect anyone much.
  7. I played my first BB Ante Tourney at the weekend, having already played a couple of Button Ante Tourneys. First off, I'd like to say that I prefer both formats to the individual ante tourneys, but I wondered what everyone's preference was? I'll post my thoughts later. For anyone who doesn't play live much, the tourneys are for when one person posts the antes for the entire table. So if blinds were 100/200, typically one player would post an extra 200 as the ante. In a BTN Ante Tourney, that would be the BTN and in the BB Ante Tourney the BB would post 400 (200+200).
  8. Thanks for the heads up Leo, but it only works for selected players. I'll just have to rely on the bonus I get every Wednesday night at the moment.
  9. Great game. Heads up could have gone either way, and I had to river a 3 outer to win!
  10. Can't play the first leg. It's the GUKPT in Blackpool and I'm planning to knock out David Haye.
  11. That was fun, but I wish I hadn't played and just bought a lottery ticket instead!
  12. We would have won anyway. A better idea would be top 4 players score.