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  1. This is true, but the best way to develop the instinct is to study the maths. I would recommend playing around with the (free) program Equilab*, and replaying hands you have played. For the more adventurous there is a program called Flopzilla which is very useful, though that isn't free. * Don't run Equilab when you're playing on PokerStars, as they pick up on it and threaten you with a ban!
  2. Yeah. Like i said, I'm no mathematician. The truth is, even very good players wouldn't necessarily know the answer to the original question, though it is solvable. In play, you really only need to know the percentages for hitting your outs, like "What are the chances of hitting my flush with one card to come?" (20%), or "What are my chances of sucking out on Andy Bell if he calls my all in bluff when all I have is Ten high and a gut shot?" (98.5%)
  3. I'm not a mathematician, but I'll have a go. The chances of being dealt an Ace preflop is 6/1. Therefore the chances of four players being dealt one Ace is approx 6x6x6x6/1 or 1,296/1 This assumes that there were only four players dealt in. If it was 6 handed or more, the odds drop considerably (don't ask me) It also assumes no-one 3-bets with their hands forcing out the raggy Aces, and it also assumes no-one (correctly) folds their raggy Aces preflop.
  4. AlbusFawkes is yer man to ask!
  5. He definitely is! Well played McG. Not sure who got 3rd place in the league....
  6. The first tourney has been set up as a $3 entry. Is this intentional?
  7. Ouch! I assume it all went in on the flop, in which case he's favourite anyway. Unlucky to lose with quad Aces. If you'd done this in the Venetian last March you would have won $100,000+!!
  8. You're welcome! I usually glaze over when somebody regales me with their bad beat story, but this one is a doozie. Note that on the flop JJ has no back door flush/straight draws, and no way of splitting the pot. He has to hit running Jacks. When I said you are 99.9% to win, I was quoting your actual equity. I wasn't just estimating it!
  9. Probably the worst bad beat I've ever witnesses. You're 99.9% favourite on the flop.
  10. I returned from Vegas in early March 2020, after a slightly unprofitable trip. Little did I know that, and wouldn't have believed you if you had told me, I wasn't going to play another live hand in 2020! I've never considered myself as a winning online player. All of my successes have come on the live circuit. Not that I'm some sort of soul reader at the table, more due to the fact that I get too easily distracted when I'm sat in front of my laptop, and an annoying inability to multi-table. As such, my poker career (not really a career) is very much on hold. I've stopped reading poker boo
  11. My (limited) experience of bounty tournaments is that players put way too much importance on winning a bounty, and so call off too wide, or are too willing to play for stacks. This is particularly true in the later stages of non-progressive bounty tourneys. There are a few adjustments you should make, so I wouldn't say that bounties add nothing to the skill level.
  12. In answer to Avongirl's question, I am enjoying the Bounty leg, and would like to see it continue. The numbers seem to be holding up, so i assume there's no great opposition to it. Obviously, if numbers begin to fall we could switch back. Re Progressive v Normal Bounty. I have no preference.
  13. I should have taken a screen shot from Wednesday, but didn't. I've included the result from the PokerStars Home Games Lobby,
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