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  1. i may not be able to play this week or next week, but will be along to support after that. Thanks again PL!
  2. Live Poker Events - 2017 Calendar

    Welcome back, Haichan! Why not join us on Wednesdays for our PL League on Pokerstars?
  3. Once again, thank you to Punters Lounge #AlwaystheBridesmaid
  4. Definitely can make it this time.
  5. We could still apply to play in the finals. There's only a limited number of places, but we might be accepted on the grounds that we played last year. I'm sure we'd get 8 members for a team.
  6. In the name of fairness, I suggest we go ahead with the present pay structure for the September comp. Once everyone has had a chance to see my suggested amendment we can perhaps have a vote on it for future comps.
  7. Can I suggest that we make the payout 50%, 30%, 20%? This is the payout structure for a 10 handed Sit N Go and is slightly less top heavy. As such it would be £75 for 1st, £45 for 2nd and £30 for 3rd. What does everyone think?
  8. Me too. Seeing as we won this league last year it would be good to defend our title. Like2Fish? Teaulc? Can we reunite "The Invincibles"?
  9. What am I doing wrong?

    If you're winning at 50p/£1 than well done, but you're going to need a big sample to be sure you can be sure you're not just hitting a rich seam of form. I would suggest that you need 100,000 hands minimum to get an idea of your hourly rate. At £5/£10 you will be facing some very, very good players. Even some of the world's best will be happy to play these tables, so you will need to be confident of your game. Even then, I wouldn't suggest you play at this level unless your bankroll is £50K+ (That means you could lose £50K, shrug your shoulders, and go back to playing 50p/£1).
  10. This is being held over the weekend of Feb 3rd-4th 2018. We would need a team of 8. Anyone else up for it?
  11. What am I doing wrong?

    Not enough information. What stakes are you winning at? How many hands have you played at this level? What stakes are you losing at? How many hands have you played? Whats your bankroll for both levels?
  12. Hand Analysis please guys :) Folding AKs in SB v BU

    No. You're putting too much in to fold, and your fold equity is negligible on almost any flop. At 15bb deep your AK is premium. If he has AA then so what? You were calling an open jam anyway.