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** November Poker League Result : 1st Danshot, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd Elliott Sutcliffe **
** October Naps Competition Result: 1st internetmails, 2nd Donnyflyer, 3rd vangovin, 4th Peter York. KO Cup Winner mickyftm32. Most Winners waggy: **


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  1. muttley

    poker rulling

    It's a call....he has to put in the extra 100, and he can't change his action.
  2. I remembered to take a screen shot and have sent it to PL Admin (I don't know how to post it to the forum since tiny.url became defunct)
  3. You shouldn't worry about the run out. Only if you played the hand correctly. Would you do the same again?
  4. Can't quite remember the hand.... you flopped a set of 8s, right?
  5. We've been approved. Now we need to pick a team! This is only a suggestion, so feel free to shout me down, but I think selection should start with active forum members, and players who play in the Wed tourneys. Next priority should go to players who have turned out for PL before, and if we still haven't got 8 players then first to make themselves available.
  6. The deadline for entries is this Friday. Do we have to have all the names by then, or can we just apply as a team? I'm sure we would get a team together by Feb. I would be interested and available.
  7. Just to clarify, we would need 8 players, and the application needs to be in by 24th December (not much time).
  8. The APAT UK Team Championship is taking place at Dusk til Dawn in Nottingham over the weekend of 11th February 2022. Would Punters Lounge be able to field a team for this?
  9. Download Equilab from Pokerstrategy.com (it's free), and play around with it. You'll get proficient in no time at all.
  10. This is true, but the best way to develop the instinct is to study the maths. I would recommend playing around with the (free) program Equilab*, and replaying hands you have played. For the more adventurous there is a program called Flopzilla which is very useful, though that isn't free. * Don't run Equilab when you're playing on PokerStars, as they pick up on it and threaten you with a ban!
  11. Yeah. Like i said, I'm no mathematician. The truth is, even very good players wouldn't necessarily know the answer to the original question, though it is solvable. In play, you really only need to know the percentages for hitting your outs, like "What are the chances of hitting my flush with one card to come?" (20%), or "What are my chances of sucking out on Andy Bell if he calls my all in bluff when all I have is Ten high and a gut shot?" (98.5%)
  12. I'm not a mathematician, but I'll have a go. The chances of being dealt an Ace preflop is 6/1. Therefore the chances of four players being dealt one Ace is approx 6x6x6x6/1 or 1,296/1 This assumes that there were only four players dealt in. If it was 6 handed or more, the odds drop considerably (don't ask me) It also assumes no-one 3-bets with their hands forcing out the raggy Aces, and it also assumes no-one (correctly) folds their raggy Aces preflop.
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