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  1. I'm ambivalent about the PLO. I might change my mind if it affects numbers though.
  2. Can't play tonight or next week, but hopefully will be back for Leg 4
  3. APAT UK Team Championship 2019

    Rumour has it that this will be returning to Blackpool in 2019, but earlier than this year, possibly January. Anyone else heard anything? i assume we're invited and will be defending it.
  4. Leg 2 clashes with the World Cup Semi-Final between the winners of Russia v Croatia, and Sweden v England. Just saying.
  5. Daily MTT & Satellite Winnings - June 2018

    Well done Dan. Love the guy who finished 3rd and only got $3.13 in bounties!
  6. Great to meet up with everyone. A big thanks to Punters Lounge for putting this on. Well played Staffy and Al for the wins. Roll on next year!
  7. Party Poker DTD promotion - Don't miss out!

    Thanks for the heads up, Tommyt003. I had a $22 ticket in my account! Sadly, didn't progress to the $220 event
  8. I was planning on coming up on the rails to steal 3rd place, but I've just realized it's my daughter's birthday this Wednesday. She will probably want to do something non-poker related, so good luck to all involved, and thank you, as usual, to Punter's Lounge for putting this on again.
  9. Daily MTT & Satellite Winnings - May 2018

  10. Confused about winnings from poker

    I have a few friends who have had $100K+ wins at poker. As far as I am aware none of them have ever paid tax on their winnings. I think that spread betting on shares and commodities can be taxable if it becomes your main source of income.
  11. Confused about winnings from poker

    It's tax free, if that's what you mean.
  12. Daily MTT & Satellite Winnings - April 2018

    'm still getting the occasional free voucher from PartyPoker. Converted one into a $215 ticket yesterday.I