Double Prize Money for NAPS Comp & Poker League in May! AGAIN!


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  1. Nice one! I've had 4 online and 1 live. The live one was AA v AQ. AA won with a royal
  3. Pokerstars have cancelled late reg for the home games. If you want to play on Wednesday then please register early.
  4. Thanks Dan. I didn't mean to push the bounty onto you! We should probably get some sort of consensus before changing things around. Maybe if the bounty was picked at random once the registration has closed? Some years ago a local casino used to have a Mystery Bounty, so no-one knew who the bounty was. It could only be won by someone who had registered at the start and would roll over. I won it one week for 500 quid!
  5. Just to point out, it is a disadvantage to be a bounty, especially when the bounty is so big relative to the buy-in. It seems unfair that the same player should have the burden of being the target every week.
  6. First of all. if you win the tourney then you should win the bounty! Secondly, would it be better if the bounty changed each week? My suggestion would be to put it on the previous weeks winner.
  7. Instead of PL mug and pens this month, can we have a PL loo roll and hand sanitiser?
  8. My two penneth. If anyone would be out of pocket due to hotel cancellations, we should stick with the original date and forego our place in the APAT comp.
  9. Well played Leo. Not sure why you think I outclassed you. Your HU records against me is probably EV+ 80%! Anyway, I don't think I'll be able to play the next two legs, so someone else will have to suck out on you guys.
  10. Bit of a bloodbath early on last night! There were two eliminations before I'd played a hand, both coolers, AA v KK and set over set. We were still on Level 1 when 3 players saw a flop set v set v NFD. The turn gave me quads and all three were all in. Great HU with demioz, who started with a big deficit and turned it into a close comp in the end.
  11. I think the new format is clearly better than the double points. Going into the last week 4 or 5 people could still get into the money in pretty much any order. Well played all, and thank you once again to Punters Lounge for their continued support.
  12. muttley

    PL Poker League

    It seems a fairer system, and I'm happy for it to continue. I would have been embarrassed to take 1st place after Leo's superb run this month. This month was slightly unusual, in that two of the money places were pretty much decided. I think it will be far more competitive in the last leg in most future months. Thanks again to Punters Lounge for their continued support of the poker league!