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** January Poker League Result : 1st Like2Fish, 2nd avongirl, 3rd Rav **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st mickyftm32, 2nd Tiffy, 3rd Cauncie, 4th Alley Cat Glover, 5th Larkin22 **
** January Naps Competition Result: 1st Craig bluenose, 2nd Gary66, 3rd 1945harry. KO Cup Winner Wanderlust. Most Winners CS 333 **
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  1. Syndicates Most of you will have seen the winning interviews on either Sky Sport Racing or Racing TV where the 'little man' can mix with the big boys, well at a modest level anyway, by being part of a ownership syndicate. These syndicates can still be out of range of the 'normal' man in the street but as we know these days there are many schemes whereby for just a few quid you can be part of the action. Some years ago here on PL some guys got together and bought a 2% share in a horse called Dhaular Dhar trained by Jim Goldie as part of a Middleham Park syndicate. I cant remember the actual figures involved but there were mixed feelings about the experience. They managed to get badges when it ran most of the time but the feedback from the company was pretty poor. Maybe things have moved on since and we all know Middleham Park is a very successful syndicate. I have just been on their site and for example a 2yo trained by Mark Johnston is on offer for £1,250 for a 2.5% share plus £92 per month. To me that is still a pretty expensive hobby. I have decided to get involved as part of a project just to see if these really cheap syndicates can be worth getting involved with. I thought i could report my findings and experiences in here and hopefully others may chip in with their experiences too. So if anyone is part of a syndicate and would like to share their thoughts then please feel free to add anything you like.
  2. Used to do something similar ages ago and I see the ITV guys have a go each week in a slightly different way. The idea is that you have a theoretical £20 to take to the bookies, you can do whatever you want with it. Back just one horse, back 20 horses or do a yankee and a placepot, the choice is yours. Hopefully some of you will chip in now and again, it's just for fun, just stick all of the bets in one post so we can work out if you made a profit or not. Good luck, spend it wisely
  3. Tipsters Challenge Football Competition Welcome to the brand new Punters Lounge Football Tipsters Challenge The competition will kick off on August 11th and our season will be split into four separate sessions. This allows us to keep things fresh and also for new players to join at various times of the season. 2019/20 Format as follows: 4 ten-week mini-seasons TC1 – Aug 10th – Oct 12th TC2 – Oct 19th – Dec 21st TC3 – Dec 28th– Feb 29th TC4 – Mar 7th – May 9th Entrants split into 8/9 divisions, which will include a maximum of 15 players in each. Players will be distributed into divisions in order of their final total from the previous mini-season. (Top 15 players in Division 1, next highest scorers in Div. 2 etc.…..) Each mini-season will last 10 weeks and players must play in at least 7 of those weeks in order to keep their place in the competition. (So you get 3 weeks off basically) Cash prizes will be awarded at the end of week 10 in that particular mini-season. Punters Lounge Prizes Div 1: £70, £45, £25 Div 2: £60, £40, £20 Div 3: £50, £30, £20 Div 4: £40, £25, £15 Div 5: £30, £20, £10 Div 6: £25, £15, £10 Div 7: £20, £10 (2 Places) Div 8: £20, £10 (2 Places) Div 9: £20, £10 (2 Places) Total: £640 The top 5 OVERALL totals in each mini-season will also receive Punters Lounge Merchandise - see below. Punters Lounge MerchandiseUpdated 3rd April 2019:You can now win unlimited Punters Lounge merchandise, even if you have won them before. It consists of the mug with a wraparound logo, updated to our new 3D logo recently. You'll also win a pack of 10 pens, which have also been upgraded to a much better quality. See below  Rules: Players start with a virtual bank of £100. Players can stake up to 50% of their current bank in any one week until their bank drops to £10. Minimum bet is £5 or half bank if that is lower. Once the bank drops to £10 or lower, the players stake must be either half bank or 'All in'. The player will be eliminated if an 'All in' bet loses. Players can bet on the following markets: Outright Result, Both Teams To Score and Over/Under 2.5 goals. Players are required to select ONE bet per week only and can be a combination of the above. Players can either bet on a single, a double or a treble only on any of the accepted markets. No Editing of bets to change selections, just repost if you change your mind. Players must play in 7 weeks during the 10 week season or will be eliminated. Only exception to the above rule is when a player misses 3 weeks on the trot, this will also result in elimination. Any bets posted outside these limits will be reduced in order written. (i.e.; 4 fold down to a treble) No bets will be accepted that are related in any way, in other words you can only use a team once in your bet whether that be BTTS, Over/Unders or 1,X,2. Any bets posted in error will be settled on the first part of the bet and the others treated as NR's. All bets must be posted by 3pm on Saturday (earlier if it’s a Friday or Sat Midday game. If a game is abandoned or postponed the bet will be reduced, ie; Treble to a double etc.. No rearranged matches will be taken into account. Prices to be taken from the supplied Odds thread only. (If it’s not on there, you can’t do it) Any bets with instructions missing will be governed by the price taken, after that bets will be settled in the positive outcome. (Overs/ BTTS) If no stake has been attached to the bet a default £10 win will apply or half of your bank if its less than £10. If any bet is posted after the kick off, that match will become void and the rest of the bet reduced. Treble to a Double, Double to a Single. If it was a single the whole bet will be void and a no-show will be awarded. In week 10 of the mini season duplicate bets in the same division is not allowed, first come first served, any copied bets will deemed as a loser under the fair play rule. The TC Odds thread will be posted up each Tuesday for the following weekend matches and selections threads will be set up at the same time. League tables will be posted once all matches have been completed for that week, typically this will be after the Monday night match. The Sat 3pm deadline for all bets is put in place so no one can gain an advantage by knowing if an opponent has won or lost before placing his bet. So strictly no posts allowed after the deadline will be accepted. Leagues Covered English Premier Championship League One League Two Scottish Premiership Spanish La Liga Italian Serie A German Bundesliga French Ligue 1
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