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  1. These virtual National's have been fairly accurate over the years and you would have to think that Tiger Roll would go very close in this years event. The computer technology takes into account course form, jumping ability, current form as well as the weights etc... This makes the two-time winner a certainty to make the frame at least. There has been talk of some bookies especially the sponsors Betfred actually taking bets on it, i'm guessing they will make Tiger Roll a 3/1 - 7/2 favourite to put people off backing him each way. In the race of champions Red Rum will be the hot favourite and has been priced up in a match with Tiger Roll Red Rum 1/2 , Tiger Roll 6/4 Any thoughts?? Timeform
  2. Will Rogers Downs and Fonner Park again!! We actually made a profit yesterday!! Native River makes his comebackšŸ¤£ Nap: 945 WRD: Who's Fooling Who 5/4 betvic Should be running tomorrow! NB: 845 WRD: Native River 5/4 betvic Will find this easier than Cheltenham!! EW Bet: 1115WRD: Broadway County 9/1 betfred Only each way bet all day!
  3. No because you were behind and the SP may have ended up bigger so you couldn't have been sure you were gaining an advantage. Its only when its a check-mate type of position, if you see what i mean. Its just unfortunate how its turned out, I see the horse is half the price now, its bound to win
  4. Good luck on the last day guys and gals! Depending on what people pick i'll get the final table up as soon as i can Here are some meetings that are going ahead. Please dont select any races after midnight as it will obviously count for the following day (last 4 races at Fonner Park)
  5. Cheers mate, We had one instance where the leader waited til the last minute and posted the same horse as the guy in second to prevent him from winning the comp on the last day. The rule was put in after that
  6. Thats a bit awkward, the rules state you cant pick horses tactically in the last 2 days of the comp and you have chosen a horse that 2 of your closest rivals have already selected, hence preventing them from over taking you. It was ok for Le Male to pick it after Xtc as he is behind and that his prerogative, he's actually doing a disadvantage to himself. Mr Jol is out of contention so it didnt matter that he also chose it. I'm not saying you have done this on purpose, its just one of those things but it cant be allowed as per the rules. Lucky i saw it now so at least you can pick something else. Sorry mate @BBBC
  7. **Just be aware the first 5 races at Fonner Park will count for today and the last four will count for tomorrow**
  8. 3 meetings in America on Monday I'm sticking with Will Rogers Downs - sounds like a movie star!! Apparently its in Oklahoma, the Cherokee Casino NAP: 845 WRD: Gambler 11/8 bet365 NB: 945 WRD: Little Avenger 5/2 bet365
  9. Some meetings for Monday, bit thin on the ground Just watch the off times, some are very early in Oz Land