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  1. Naps - Sat Jan 19th

    15:40 Lingfield Park, Real State @ 4.5 at Bet365
  2. 14:30 Lingfield Park, Gorgeous Noora @ 2.5 at Bet365
  3. Naps - Wednesday Jan 16th

    15:00 Lingfield Park, Beleaguerment @ 4.5 at Bet365
  4. Naps - Tuesday Jan 15th

    18:45 Kempton, Busby @ 3.25 at WH
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    17:45 Wolverhampton, Misty Birnam @ 6.5 at Bet365
  6. Santos vs Morelia January 14, 2019 01:00 hrs Liga MX Santos Laguna A winless Santos Laguna, open the season the same as they close it without a win. Last season the team was able to get to playoffs despite three matches without winning. In the Quarterfinals encounter Monterrey, and while in the season they have beat them 1-0 at Nuevo Corona, Santos Laguna lost both matches without scoring. And this season they open losing 2-0 against Lobos BUAP that barely provide them scoring chances, it took a lot of time for Julio Furch to have his first header. Coming back home, the team is looking to improve from six matches without a win. The team has only lost once at home in last five matches, and expect in his home opener to accomplish a good result, but it is hard to see how as the departures of Osvaldo Martinez, Jesus Isijara, Gerardo Alcoba and above all Jonathan "Cabecita" Rodriguez could be cover. There is a lot of work to be done by Brayan Garnica, Javier Correa and Diego Valdes. Morelia For Morelia things are not better, in Liga MX, two matches without victory, and missed last season playoffs. Open the season with a defeat against Toluca, which should have been more a draw. The team had a midweek match against Ascenso MX side Potros UAEM, where they claimed the win at Heroes Nacozari Stadium. The team has recover goal, but their defensive is suffering as for seven consecutive match allowed at least a goal. The return of Any Polo is most welcome in the offensive side. A pragmatic team that plays well for moments, and missed playoffs last season and is determined to qualify this time, just their squad is very limited. Miguel Sansores is the player to keep an eye on. Prediction A rather uncharacteristic match between two teams that are not in their best moment. A match where both teams could neutralized themselves. This matchup has seen its fair of goals from both teams, with 10 of last 12 games seeing a goal from each team. Considering last five matches in Nuevo Corona, only the last one did not see goals from both teams. Therefore two teams in not their best moment, with not many offensive weapons, looks like they might score at least a goal, from there one anything can happen. Both Teams To Score - Yes with 6 units @ 1.62 at 1xBet
  7. Tijuana vs Tigres UANL January 13, 2019 04:00 hrs Liga MX Tijuana 9 games without victory, four of those at home. The team is not near of what it was at home. Open the season with an away defeat against Chivas Guadalajara, a bad start to coach Oscar Pareja tenure in Tijuana. Now the coach will see his debut at home against against one of the current strongets teams in Mexico. Key to this will be the performance of GK Gibran Lajud, who is expected to give a better performance. The problem is the lack of goal, FW Martin Lucero failed to score for 15th straight match, to 911 minutes without goal, the options are Erick Torres, 1 goal in 665 minutes last season or untested Daniel Lopez. A lot of work for Oscar Pareja in that area. Tigres U.A.N.L. Only one defeat in last five matches, with two wins and two draws. The team was close to playing the final last tournament, achieve playoffs qualification and in a high scoring double header against Pumas was thrown out. A powerful attack leaded by Andre-Peirre Gignac, Javier Aquino aand Luis Quiñones, the team is sure to make the most of the scoring chances they get, being a huge test for Tijuana defense. The defense might be the most urgent struggle for Tigres, let two from Leon and against Pumas, their defense was no where to be seen. They urgently need to focus on this. At away is one of the aspect the team used to focus and then counterattack, I see them going back to this. Match Prediction Tijuana will try to revert their current form, still they faces a strong opposition, and being home the team is forced to look to dominate the match, something Tigres will take advantage of with a powerful counterattack. Tigres only lost two away matches last season, being the third best away team only behind Chivas Guadalajara and Pumas UNAM, therefore I expect them to get something from this match. Together with the powerful attack, Tijuana is still adapting to the new coach and is lacking offensive power, and in that was is hard to get points. Tigres -0.25 AH with 6 units @ 1.96 at Dafabet
  8. Potros UAEM vs Alebrijes Oaxaca 13 January 2019, 02:00 hrs Ascenso MX Potros UAEM Fairly irregular last season, the team did not enter playoffs by two points, which would have put him in the place of Leones Negros, however it was not so, irregular both at home an away, the team had fewer wins than draws or defeats. Opened this season with a victory at away against Cafetaleros Tapachula with a goal, at midweek the team fought level on with Monarcas Morelia in the Copa MX, despite the defeat, so in two games they have shown interesting things, which are expected to be reflected in this game. And they have an interesting test against Alebrijes Oaxaca who have become a constant guest at playoffs. Alebrijes Oaxaca The season has started excellently, with two victories, both in Ascenso MX and in Copa MX. First at home they imposed against last season leader, won 2-0 against FC Juarez, forward Luciano Nequecaur is still one of the references of the attack. Especially continuing with the strength in their field. But it highlights the next game, where Copa MX won at awy to Leon from Liga MX by a single goals. Noting that in these two games they have not received a goal. Demonstrating that the team is determined to improve its visitor performance. Last season they made their field a fort and could be expected with the reversion of the calendar that now have good away performance, at the moment with the result of the match against Leon it seems that could be like that. Prediction A close match, despite last season one of them played playoffs and the other don't they seem to be more level this time around, yet Alebrijes has a slight edge and Potros UAEM was very irregular, and that is hard to change around. The probable improvement of Potros UAEM is something to have into consideration, yet Alebrijes Oaxaca start of season could not be better. An Ascenso MX that leans towards few goals, but it could rather quickly get more goals, as both have shown they can compete against Liga MX sides, still Alebrijes Oaxaca was able to get the victory, meanwhile Potros UAEM defensive was the cause of their defeat, therefore Alebrijes Oaxaca should take something from this match. Alebrijes Oaxaca 0 AH with 7 units @ 2.02 at Unibet
  9. Celaya vs Mineros Zacatecas January 13, 2019 02:00 hrs Ascenso MX Celaya Great start of the season, beating Dorados with the minimum, achieving his first victory and equaling the number of points at away they had in the entire last tournament in his first game, and also the total number of victories they had in total. As for the sensations, they are good for the team, especially stopping the sub-champion, who had barely time to prepare for this season, together with coach Maradona being away. Quickly another interesting challenge comes to them. While the start may have good feelings, it should be noted that was at home where they lost more matches than at away. The obligation to dominate the game does not feel so good for them, it might be different this time around. Mineros Zacatecas Two games without losing this season, he opened at home with a goalless draw against Atletico San Luis, then midweek, they had a superior touch-up against Lobos BUAP of Liga MX, with a win by the minimum margin, a victory that makes them the leader of the group. If something has highlight has been its defensive solidity, two games in which it has not received goal, especially stopping Lobos BUAP, that although the goal of Lobos BUAP is to avoid relegation more than Copa MX, still has to be taken into account the away win. Now repeat at away and keep in mind that last season was one of the teams that performed best, as well as at home, the team closed the tournament with 10 wins in 14 games, only two draws and two defeats. Although in playoffs Dorados throw them out, we can highlight that there was only one goal in both games against Dorados, so the defensive solidity is there. Prediction A classical tight match of Ascenso MX, both teams will be more focused on not allowing goals more than creating them. Mineros Zacatecas had time to plan this season therefore they should avoid Dorados fate. A low scoring affair where the away side has the edge despite having play in midweek, Celaya will find a difficult challenge at home, still with the positive outcome of the first match their morale boost will be their biggest asset. Therefore with a medium stake the Asian Handicap for the away team. Mineros Zacatecas -0.25 AH with 6 units @ 2.02 at Dafabet Under 2.5 goals with 3 units @ 1.74 at 5Dimes
  10. A new season of Ascenso MX. In its second round now.
  11. Cruz Azul vs Chivas Guadalajara January 13, 2019 02:00 hrs Liga MX Cruz Azul Open the season with an unexpected draw against Puebla in Cuauthemoc Stadium, now they return to Azteca Stadium, where last season they went unbeaten before playoffs, with eight wins and one draw, and expect to bounce back to a positive result. The midweek of the club was fill with rumors and lately the confirmation that Marcone, a key player of last season, left the club to play in South America. The exit was a clear outcome after missing to perform during the key moments of playoffs and with the arrival of offensive players together with the interest of another club, the logical conclusion happened. Newcomer Jonathan "Cabecita" Rodriguez is yet to score, and he for sure will do it soon, playing at home might be the key. Cruz Azul Coach Caixinha, has not lost against coach Cardozo, in 5 games, with 3 wins and 2 draws in the match between them. Last season Cruz Azul victory in Akron Stadium, Chivas coach Cardozo was not appointed yet. Chivas Guadalajara Open the season in a great way, beating 2-0 Tijuana at home, with a great performance of their new reinforcements and good performance from players that were already on the team. Now goes to Azteca Stadium, last season the team had a fair performance at away, where they only lost once, getting four wins and four draws. On midweek play against Cimarrones Sonora at away, and the team continue with apositive performance claiming a 1-2 victory in the Heroes of Nacozari Stadium to claim three points and take the lead in the group, the team use an alternative lineup and claim a positive result. Match The clash of the weekend, one of the matches that fill stadiums due to both teams fans. Yet the match yields more draws than any other result. For Chivas it has been a hard match only two wins in last 13 matches. We have to keep in mind that 10 of the last 15 matches where Cruz Azul acted as home team against Chivas ended in draws, still this will be the first match in Azteca Stadium in 19 years between them. The previous 10 matches in Azteca Stadium against Cruz Azul, Chivas only lost once, three draws and winning six, still that was a long time ago. Expect a very intense match, with the key being the middle field, however gets to generated the most scoring chances might get the match, with the arrivals Chivas has strengthen the middle field and it will be a level fight there. Prediction It has been a close match lately, and last match was the first one where both teams did not score after five games seeing goals from both teams. Now considering matches where Cruz Azul is home team seven of last eight have seen goals from both teams. Now returning to play at Azteca Stadium it might be different the result, but both have important offensive players and will try to win the match, therefore I do not expect them to nulify themselves and at least a goal from each team should appear. Both Teams To Score - Yes with 7 units @ 2.15 at Sportingbet
  12. Naps - Friday Jan 11th

    14:10 Lingfield Park, Swift Approval @ 8 at WH
  13. Result: Vitoria de Setubal 0-0 Chaves +4.25 units Result: Belenenses 1 - 0 Vitoria de Guimares - 2 units Vitoria Guiamraes had a last minute goal but was unawarded. Result: Feirense 2 - 2 Santa Clara 0 units Day Result: + 0.25 units