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  1. 3:35 Worcester,Altiepix 0.5pts EW@10(1/4) at Betfred
  2. Toluca vs Queretaro 2017,September 17 19:00 Liga MX Toluca Seeking to return to the top of the table as the results of the round have send them to 7th position, with only one defeat, the team has not that pressure of being unbeaten, still at home they are with three victories and one draw. In last five they only miss with a scoreless draw against Necaxa, besides that victories. Good defending and playmaking style, the only dark mark in their recent form is the defeat at Monterrey by 4-1, besides that scoreless draw on away. But in home two victories to continue with a great step in Copa Mx and Liga Mx. Queretaro From a promision beggining claiming Supercopa MX, to being winless in the last six, with two home defeats, they even where almost eliminated from Copa MX, as they draw with Cimarrones Sonora from Ascenso MX 2-2 and had to wait for other results in order to be in the knockout stage of this edition, a year ago the team won the cup. Despite this, on away the team has a streak of 8 matches unbeaten, which began precisely here in Toluca with a 1-2 victory last tournament, but in last five only draws obtained, sometimes they are ahead, once they came from being, where it is not a scoreless draw. The only bright side is that they are able to score and this might be the match to go back to victory, but maybe next one in the knockout stage of Copa MX, or when they return home, but not this match. Prediction Toluca should claim a victory as their recent form points towards it, and would like to avenge Queretaro for beating them here, still Queretaro will not make it an easy feat, but Toluca's coach Cristante for sure has a great tactic to keep them in control. Toluca with 8 units @ 1.95 at Tempobet
  3. 3:30 Ffos Las, Imperial Link 0.5pts EW@13(1/4) at BetVictor
  4. Result: Cruz Azul 2 - 1 Santos Laguna +5.46 units Necaxa 1 - 1 Puebla -3.5 units
  5. @BillyHills Sorry, my bad, as I saw it on the odds-comparison.co.uk website and did it in a rush. Won't happen again.
  6. Necaxa vs Puebla 2017,September 17,04:00 Liga MX Necaxa Lost the 1st position of the group in the midweek match against Monarcas Morelia, still proceed as both teams where already qualified to next stage, on Liga MX remains in 8th position, but with a rather irregular performance. After with match the team will have a double encounter with Santos Laguna, on in Copa MX and one in Liga MX both matches in Santos Laguna home. Being home for this match should propel the team for a good performance. Puebla Eliminated from Copa MX after a midweek defeat to a team from Ascenso MX, Atlante, which has left Puebla to focus on Liga MX, where they are on the bottom of the general table with just one victoy, an away victory 0-1 against Chivas Guadalajara, which help them break a five matches without victory, still not the team has another four matches without a victory, with just an scoreless draw against Cruz Azul as the highlight. Only in one match of the last five has the team not received at least a goal, in the match against Guadalajara. Prediction Necaxa should bounce back to the victory in home, still this could be an uninteresting match, as the midfield could get clogged and few scoring chances. Necaxa posses more quality, but both teams seem level, and Puebla being on the bottom just made them more dangerous as they are with limit opportunities. Necaxa -0.25 AH with 7 units @1.99 at Pinnacle
  7. Cruz Azul vs Santos Laguna 2017,September 17, 00:00 Liga MX Cruz Azul A rather irregular tournament, still the team remains unbeaten with 6 draws in 8 matches, but counting Liga MX and Copa MX, the team has 16 matches unbeaten. In last three matches at home, the team has claimed two victories, both by 2-1 against Atlas and Tigres, and draw 1-1 with Monterrey. The team has the second best defence of Liga MX, still on the offensive side, the team needs to improve on this aspect if they aspire to be able to qualify to playoffs. Santos Laguna With only one victory in eight matches but thanks to five draws the team is not on the bottom of the league, but very close to it. But in the last five the team has just one defeat, on Copa MX, 1-0 to Guadalajara. On Liga MX the team has three matches without defeat, but just one victory. Despite their irregularity, the team was able to achieve qualification to Copa MX round of sixteen thanks to their midweek victory to FC Juarez. Prediction Cruz Azul should dominate the match, with the most scoring chances with them, in their favour is that Santos Laguna played on midweek, meanwhile Cruz Azul did not, so they will be rested and ready for this match, together with their rather good performance as they have not lost. Cruz Azul with 6 units @1.91 at 5Dimes
  8. 4:25 Chester,Marsh Pride 0.5 pts EW@11(1/4/) at 10Bet
  9. Division 4 - Week 6 Selections

    Mancherster City @ 1.33 Juventus @ 1.44 Tottenham @ 1.25 20 treble please
  10. 1.50 D: Vibrant Chrods 2.25 D: Nathra 3.00 D: Meldelssohn 3.35 D: Stradivarius 4.10 D: Ventura Knight 4.45 D: Muntazah 5.55 D: Amazing Red
  11. 5:50 Listowal,Glebe Girl 0.5pts EW@9(1/4) at Betfred
  12. Mexico > Copa MX

    I would like to state that Dorados Sinaloa lost the match due to ineligible lineup (the news is in spanish): http://www.espn.com.mx/futbol/mexico/nota/_/id/3539737/dorados-pierde-ante-leones-negros-por-alineacion-indebida Despite this, it will depend on the rules of each betting house, as most will stand with the match result, or maybe void the bet. Either way, please let me know.
  13. 3:15 Listowel,All India 0.5pts EW@13(1/5) at 10Bet
  14. Sorry last post wrong, I put the races of 15th, instead of the 14th, here the right selections for September 14th: 1.20 D: Kinglami 1.50 D: Silver Starlight 2.25 D: Tajaanus 3.00 D: Wild Irish Rose 3.35 D: Humble Gratitude 4.05 D: Al Neksh 4.35 D: Nathalie
  15. 2:35 Listowel,Beat of the Sea 0.5pts EW@11(1/5) at Bet365