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  1. Naps Competition - Monday Jan 22nd

    17:50 Wolverhampton, Sonnetist 0.5 pts EW@5 at WilliamHill
  2. Naps Competition - Sunday Jan 21st

    15:55 Chelmsford City, Classic Pursuit 0.5 pts EW@7 at Bet365
  3. Result: Cafelateros 0-0 Murcielagos FC -8 units 1 shot on goal from Cafetaleros in all the match, that was all the offensive play.
  4. Result: Monterrey 0-0 Tijuana -7 units Aviles Hurtado return for Monterrey, which dominate and had the better chances, even a penalty kicked by Aviles Hurtado, that went no where near the goal. A shame!
  5. Monterrey vs Tijuana 2018, January 21, 02:00 (CET Time) Liga MX Monterrey Copa MX champions, opened the defense of the title with an away victory 1-2 against Dorados using an alternative team, which allow the team to give minutes to substitute players and have them ready in case of new, the team recently recover some injured players, over all Aviles Hurtado, which used to play for Tijuana and has been determined to be fit, and new arrival Jonathan Urretaviscaya, a lot of offensive power. Last season the team did not lose a single match here, with 8 victories and a draw, with only 4 goals allowed, scoring almost five times that. Start this season with barely rest after Copa MX final, but where able to hold Morelia and obtain a point. Afterwards the team obtained two victories to return to that rolling machine coach Mohamed has engineered. And that should unleash here as they are at home. Tijuana Finally obtained a victory under coach Cocca, improving in defense by holding at bay Necaxa and the week before Cruz Azul in a scoreless away draw. Things start to look positive for the team after the changes during the off season, and now they will encounter a hard test against one of the powerhouses of Liga MX. On away the team lost five matches last season, and one of the main reasons why they did not achieve qualifications to playoffs. Still this season is the team is unbeaten and have not allowed a single goal, so they will not make it easy for Monterrey. Their good defense will be the main point here, still is yet to see how the will respond if they are under in the scoreline, which might be witness here. Prediction Two offensive teams that enjoy creating scoring chances, then expect an open match with plenty of scoring chances, still that would not secure a high scoring match as at Monterrey this encounter in last four has fluctuated between over and under. Monterrey is the powerhouse here and should show its domination and give their fans a home victory after just drawing 1-1 against Morelia in the opener. Tijuana still has work to do, and this will be a good test but that will go down on Monterrey side. Monterrey with 7 units @ 1.67 at Coolbet
  6. Cafetaleros de Tapachula vs Murcielagos FC 2018, January 21, 02:00 (CET Time) Ascenso MX Cafetaleros de Tapachula One of the teams that appears to have improve the most in Ascenso MX in this season start with an away victory to Cimarrones Sonora, and above that the victory in Copa MX against Leon by 2-1. Cafetaleros has good sensations from both matches, and now returns home, where they have not won in Ascenso MX as they lost the opener against Atlante. After this they will have a double encounter with Venados FC first Copa MX and then Liga MX. They will return for a home match until February, therefore they know they have to obtain a good result here. With coach Gabriel Caballero, the team seems better in their playmaking than last season. The players are in tone with their coach and are confident of searching for the victory in this match. Christian Bermúdez, Víctor Neves and Adolfo Domínguez have shown the way with goals and should keep on that. Murcielagos FC The team did not finish on the last place last season as they where able to obtain a victory at home in the last round of Ascenso MX, with a very bad performance the team is a the bottom of the relegation table, and they need a very good tournament to avoid it, which does not seem like it considering last season performance and how they have open this season, with two defeats at home 1-3 to Cimarrones Sonora and 3-1 to Venados FC, which are not exactly the powerhouses of Ascenso MX. Murcielagos knows that the first step will be to avoid getting goals, as they have allowed at least 3 goals per match in the last three matches, a total of 9 goals, which is a very bad start, and does not help in the overall table to avoid relegation as one of the untying factors is precisely that, and they are for the moment -13 goals and 7 points behind.Match Prediction This clash normally goes to the home side, and despite Murcielagos wanting to change that, this one should also be dominated by the home side. The first task for Murcielagos is not to allowed a goal, so a team focus first on defense might be expected. Cafetaleros momentum is excellent and they should confirm that at home and obtained a good result, I do not see much opposition from Murcielagos. Cafetaleros Tapachula with 8 units @ 1.81 at 1xBet
  7. Results: Puebla 2-0 Veracruz -6 units Atlas 1-3 Toluca -2 units Day Result: -8 units
  8. Results: Mineros Zacatecas 2-1 Leones Negros +6.8 units Potros UAEM 3-3 Alegrijes Oaxaca 0 units Day Result: +6.8 units
  9. Naps Competition - Saturday Jan 20th

    15:10 Lingfield Park, Fearsome 0.5 pts EW@6.5 at Bet365
  10. Potros UAEM vs Alebrijes Oaxaca 2018, January 20, 02:00 hrs (CET Time) Ascenso MX Potros UAEM Last season the team avoid being last place thanks to their performance at home as they won the last match 2-1 to a Mineros that had already they mind on playoffs. This season the team has not yet seen a victory, with a home defeat against Dorados on the opener and then a scoreless draw against Leones Negros, which not exactly the best opposition, as both did not qualify for playoffs last season. Still the team has showed they are focus on changing things as they have only allowed one goal, still they have yet to score, which is alarming, as last season they where able to so, and only where unable to score in 5 of 19 matches, thats they where able to score in 74% of the matches. Alebrijes Oaxaca Last season the team fare better in home than away, but was able to clinch a place for playoffs where they went on to claim the title. And despite champions teams having difficult at the start of the following season, for Alebrijes this is far from true, as they have won their first three matches, two in Ascenso MX and the Copa MX clash against Cruz Azul. They have not allowed a single goal, and have show offensive power on all of them. Great sensations and a great form that will motivate them to continue in that tendency. This match on away will be another important test, they where able to overcome their visit to San Luis, is yet to see if they will take this one, as their last visit they carry a defeat 2-1. Prediction The match seems level, despite the recent form it is an important test for Alebrijes, Potros UAEM will not put it simple and more now that they are focus on defending more than ever. I sense a close match, with a very fought middlefield. A tight match where the need of Potros UAEM appears to deliver a simple match for Alebrijes, I sense the value to be with Alebrijes, still I find it on the level ball handicap, it could be a low scoring match. Alebrijes Oaxaca 0 AH with 6 units @1.87 at Marathonbet
  11. Mineros de Zacatecas vs Leones Negros 2018, January 20, 02:00 hrs (CET Time) Ascenso MX Mineros Zacatecas After the opener victory against Venados FC the team has a streak of three matches without victory, still the away draw 2-2 to Toluca in Copa MX was a great result as despite the defeat against Santos Laguna at home, maintains them with opportunities to proceed to next stage. In Ascenso MX the team is unbeaten, with the opener victory and a good away draw against Dorados. Last season the team was not the best at home, but was fair winning more than 50% of their matches there. Leones Negros Winless, but also unbeaten in this opener of the season, but their rivals have not been the best, both teams did not achieve playoffs and Potros UAEM was almost the last place of the league. Now the team hits the road to encounter one of the prime forces of Ascenso MX. At away the team as not very bad, as they where able to claim a victory, and obtain some draws, still not very powerful on away, but here they have a chance to change that, and their main focus will be their defense as they have been doing in the start of this season and the end of last one. Prediction Mineros should dominate the actions and confirm the good sensations obtain from their double encounter with Liga MX sides, that despite now winning, they made it very hard for the rivals. Meanwhile Leones Negros has the advantage of now playing Copa MX to plan better each Ascenso MX match. Expect Leones Negros to focus on defense and from there try to get something. Mineros Zacatecas should return to the winning lane, still it will be a close encounter as Leones Negros will focus on defending. Mineros Zacatecas with 8 units @ 1.85 at Betcity
  12. Atlas vs Toluca 2018, January 20, 04:00 hrs (CET Time) Liga MX Atlas Winless on this season, and with the disastrous end of last season the team has six matches without victory, last five defeats. Consequently coach Cruz was fired and a replacement takes the team, with the mission to revert this situation. The first thing will be to work on defense that has ten matches allowing at least a goal, and the perspective does not seem bright as they are facing a team that has score in every match this season. With the new coach, the emotions renew and hoping to improve, I sense a better Atlas will be on display and it will be an interesting match. Toluca The opening of the season has been very bittersweet as they have been on the lead on the first two matches and then have obtained draw, last match was different Leon completely dominated them, but the scoreline 3-1 does not tell the whole story that despite being with one less player the team was able to generate scoring chances and even score one, but they left the defense very weak on that. A offensive display is expected from Toluca, but they should first look to avoid getting goals, as with the bad form they carry their coach job could be on risk and happen to him what did to Atlas coach. Prediction A intense match, both teams are normally offensive as they have the players to do so, but both teams recent form indicate that defense will be the first concern and they will be creating, where I see Toluca stronger, but just by a tick. I tend to avoid matches where a new coach is appointed, still here I see value on a draw, with a very small stake as it can go either way. I believe it will be a match with few goals, as breaking both teams tendency, so behold. Draw with 2 units @3.49 at Pinnacle
  13. Puebla vs Veracruz 2018, January 20, 02:00 hrs (CET Time) Liga MX Puebla The start of the season was excellent a home victory against champions Tigres UANL, then went to loss 1-0 to Morelia which lower the expectations, but now they are up again as they beat 1-3 Cruz Azul on away during Copa MX, match where both teams send their best players. Now returns home for a match that some considers of 6 points (3 you win, and 3 the rival did not win) as is against a direct rival in the fight to avoid relegation. Coach Enrique Meza has made a fair work with the team, still only four victories in the last 8 matches. Three of them at home, with two of them by 2 or more goals, but that was back in October. If something can be remark of the team is their defense as they have at the most allowed one goal per match in last 8 matches. In last five matches at Puebla against Veracruz, the team only won the last one, with four draws before that (four of them scoreless). Veracruz Not the expected start of the season, but anything else would be a surprise. The team does not seem to find their footing, as they began well, with an away victory in Copa MX against Atlas, and a scoreless draw against Necaxa on away. As expected Monterrey was too much for the team as they lost at home 0-2, but then they expected a good result against Tampico Madero, and until minute 77 the scoreless draw was not bad, but then in two bad defended balls, Tampico Madero took the lead for the second consecutive defeat at home for Veracruz. In the overall picture things does not look good, but in the expected scenario things are on track, and the key is this match, where again the team will be focus on defending first, but also looking to score, they generate important scoring chances against Tampico Madero, but where unable to score. On the bright side, it is the six match under 2.5 goals, and they just need their offensive to improve as they have just 1 goal scored in last five matches. After this match, another difficult match against Santos Laguna at home, and then again on away against a direct rival of relegation, Queretaro, therefore this match is key. Prediction Common knowledge states that one has to remain away of relegation matches, as they tend to be tricky and the motivation of the teams is different. But I sense there is value in this match, small value but there is. Both teams have been involve in the fight to avoid relegation several seasons, and in the recent encounter between them, from the last 11 matches, only twice has Puebla claim the victory, with 5 draws as the most frequent result, most of them scoreless. Veracruz looks like the underdog, but I sense they are level due to their needs and the huge handicap for the away team has a lot of value. As even losing this match only half stake lost. Veracruz +0.75AH with 6 units @ 1.87 at 188Bet
  14. Division 2 - Week 4 Selections

    Mainz 05 @ 2.55 Leeds @ 2.20 Vitesse @ 1.83 £ 20.00 Treble please.
  15. Naps Competition - Friday Jan 19th

    14:30 Lingfield Park, Kasbah 0.5 pts EW@6.5 at PaddyPower