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  1. 2.10 Wolv - Chester Le Streak 13/2 and Thank The Lord 5/1 4.18 Wolv - Caleta Sunrise 4/1 and Ustath 7/2 prices Sky bet 4 x £5 doubles
  2. 3.15 Nott - Myboymax - win at 13/2 bet365
  3. Disappointed with that ....... of course it was a very small sample for a system and one of the horses was a faller on the flat which is pretty rare 'Banned' drifted and wasn't favourite by race time ...... which does point up a problem mentioned in my original post with having 'favourite' as part of a system.
  4. but in a 12 runner race there might be 10 horses that are not Fav and not top rated ........... if I understand you right !
  5. cheers ....... might look at tonight's racing later and maybe stick to handicaps ....... not keen on these short priced favourites in maiden and novice races where there's not a lot of form to go on towards the RPR figure
  6. Kemp 1.00 - Keep Bidding 4/11 Kemp 1.30 - Take A Stand 11/4 well this hasn't started very well ....... my first runner was winning with ease then decided to run sideways across the track my second runner fell or was brought down when just beginning his run ......... hope the two jocks are OK, these falls on the flat can be bad
  7. blimey, skint now ! wait till the energy price hike in October .... we'll be eating the horses come winter !
  8. I've been posting up system selections for the last week based on RPR and RTF figures from the Post,. @Wildgarden suggested it might be worth looking at selections that were both top rated and Favourites. I think there is a logical problem with including 'Favourites' in systems or trends ...... as far as systems go whatever time of day you do your selecting you're never quite sure which horse will go off as Favourite, the market moves right up to race time. But I can't do much about that when posting before racing gets underway (as for Trends ,..... I see the purpose of them as using past data to identify which horse 'should' be favourite so including 'favourite' as a trend seems illogical. However that's not really relevant here !) So I'm looking at this afternoon's AW races for horses that are top rated and are currently Favourite Prices bet365 Kemp 1.00 - Keep Bidding 4/11 Kemp 1.30 - Take A Stand 11/4 Kemp 2.00 - Fariba 6/5 Kemp 2.30 - Enola Grey 11/10 Kemp 3.00 - One World 5/6 Kemp 3.30 - Tamilla 6/4 Wolv 1.45 - Banned 2/1 Bit of a divergence there between Wolverhampton and Kempton .. only one race at Wolves. Not surprisingly there's lots of short priced selections there ......... these are trial system runs so I'm not backing them with money. But if I was to be backing I'd probably leave out the 3 odds on shots, I'd leave out Fariba because I fancy another runner in that race ....... and I'd do the other 4 in a yankee or L15 Anyway, let's see how they get on .......
  9. Wot ..... afternoon already and no thread !
  10. I've had a look through todays cards with Skybet prices and only 2 qualifiers ....... Wind 3.10 - Rainbow Mirage Hayd 6.15 - Queen Aminatu that's at current prices, they might not be Favs by race time if something else in the race is backed .... They're both not bad odds ...... currently 5/2 and 10/3
  11. Wind 3.10 - Rainbow Mirage - win at 11/4 wm hill
  12. Yep, good idea for a trial run .......... perhaps I'll do that one day during the week Obviously though all the selections will be short prices so might be a good tactic for getting a yankee or lucky 15 up ?
  13. not bad I guess ..... 3 winners and a couple placed in pretty competitive races Could have just done with one bigger priced winner
  14. Bit disappointing there with only 1 winner and 3 placed Kinda hoping I'd get at least 2 winners
  15. ..... and the whole business of Reserves as mentioned in my earlier post Don't know how our Irish friends get on with Reserves....... they seem to have them in a lot of races but I can't believe it doesn't put punters off.
  16. The first thing to note is that it has nothing to do with Winners ....... it's a measure of to what extent a trainers runners are running up to their known form which is measured by RPR So if a trainer has 6 runners and they're all rated 60 and they all finish 9th or 10th in races but they all still run to a rating of 60 ....... then the trainer gets a 100% RTF because all his runners are running to form ........ ie, they're all expected to run to a level of 60 and they all do even though they're all well beaten ....... they run to their expected level of form Another example ...... you could have a horse rated 100 who wins a race but only runs to a level of 90 in winning ...... then the trainer wouldn't have a 100% RTF because the horse has run below form even though he's won So it's a measure of the extent to which a trainers horses are running to form regardless of where they finish in races Does that make sense ?
  17. Also trying out the RPR/RTF system on today's listed and group races Newm 3.40 - Mottisfont 166, Ivory Madonna 164, Curr 3.15 - New York City 192, Wings of War and Tereza Mendoza joint 2nd on 183 Curr 4.15 - Little Big Bear 192, Bradsell 186 Hayd 3.00 - Intellogent 196, Grocer Jack 195 Hayd 3.35 - Floral Splendour 175, Crenelle 167
  18. I'm having another go with my simple RPR/RTF system as trailed earlier in the week ...... with quite a lot of success in run of the mill weekday handicaps. It's very simple ...... just add up two figures from the Racing Post race card, the RPR and the trainers RTF. Highest number is top rated, second highest is next best So thought I'd try it out on the Shergar Cup races today ........ 8 competitive class 2/3 handicaps and classified stakes with mainly 10 runner fields. Ascot - 1.00 - Amanzoe 168, Adjourn 163 1.35 - Stone Soldier 162, Gweedore 160 2.10 - Hurricane Ivor 177, Judicial 164 2.45 - Super Superjack 171, Red Verdon 169 3.20 - Celtic Art 202, Daneill Kodiac 195 3.55 - Montaasib 179, Redarna 181 * 4.30 - Hamaki 169, Pub Crawl 155 5.05 - Razeyna 172, Adaay in Asia 168 * 3.55 - Coase is top rated at 206 but is a Reserve (the curse of the Shergar Cup and Irish Racing, how can you bet when you don't know if Reserves are going to be running or not ?). I've assumed he's not running.
  19. Thirsk 3.00 - Symbolise - win at Evens wm hill
  20. Oh dear ........ bolt of lightning moment ....... Just realised that the above wouldn't make any difference ..... d'oh ! I'm getting old ....... 😥
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