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  1. £20 Daily Challenge - All Welcome

    bank 1244.87 Newc 5.00 - Ripley 7/1 Newc 6.00 - Elixsoft 7/1 Newc 7.00 - Danzan 9/1 3 x £2 EW doubles 1 x £4 EW treble trying something different !
  2. Naps - Monday Feb 18th

    7.00 Newc - Danzan - win at 9/1 bog bet365
  3. Racing Chat - Sunday Feb 17th

    I think they should schedule one AW flat meeting on Sundays !
  4. Naps - Sunday Feb 17th

    Navan 3.25 - Champagne Classic - win at 13/8 bog bet365
  5. £20 Daily Challenge - All Welcome

    Ah well …….. at least my 'nap' won the race !
  6. £20 Daily Challenge - All Welcome

    bank 1264.87 Just noticed a horse that I was considering last night for 'Nap of the Day' ……. actually it was my second choice in the race and I went with my first choice But the horse has drifted massively overnight from about 12/1 to 33/1 so I thought I'd take a punt on it in here as it's too late for Nap of the Day Ling 1.30 - Claudine - 10 pound EW at 33/1
  7. Naps - Saturday Feb 16th

    1.30 Ling - First link - win at 2/1 bog bet365
  8. Golden Rules..

    Get to know the tracks Years ago I started keeping notes on all the tracks …… whether they were right-hand, left-hand or straight, sharp or galloping, flat or undulating, uphill finish or 'easy' finish, length of home straight on turning tracks, stiff or yielding fences for chases, long run or short run from last obstacle Unfortunately I no longer have those notes …… but it's all now in my head. Well until I start losing my marbles which probably isn't that far off now. With younger horses who haven't raced much it doesn't add much value because they haven't run enough on different tracks for any pattern to emerge. But once you get to seasoned handicappers you can often see a pattern as to which 'type' of track they perform best at old saying - Horses for Courses
  9. Division 5 - Week 8 Selections

    Barnsley at 1.50 Solihull Moors at 1.85 Glasgow Rangers at 1.33 20 point treble please
  10. Naps - Friday Feb 15th

    6.15 Newc - Helovaplan - win at 5/4 bog wm hill
  11. Naps - Thursday Feb 14th

    Chelm 7.30 - Executive Force - win at 15/8 bog wm hill
  12. Naps - Wednesday Feb 13th

    Non runner I'll go with …….. Sou 3.00 - Busy Street - win at 5/2 bog bet365
  13. Naps - Wednesday Feb 13th

    2.30 Sou - Royal Cosmic - win at 9/4 bog bet365
  14. Golden Rules..

    One little aphorism or saying that I read years ago stuck with me Don't try to find the winner of a race, look to see if there's a winner 'in' the race At first sight it's a bit 'Confucius he say...…..' but what it means is to decide what kind of horse should win a race like the one you're looking at and then check the runners to see if any of them fit the bill If none of them fit the bill then don't bet ……… An example might be in a sprint handicap you might think a horse dropping in class, down a few pounds in the weights and returning to it's ideal conditions of track, trip, going from running in less than ideal conditions last time out……. check the entries to see if there's a horse like that in the field. if there isn't one move on to the next race !
  15. UK Horse Racing returns on Wednesday

    Oh that's good
  16. Golden Rules..

    Avoid short priced favourites Obviously they'll win quite often but they'll never win often enough to make a profit I think favourites are nearly always poor value because a lot of punters are naturally drawn to 'the favourite' regardless of it's chance of winning ……. it's human nature ! so the favourite not only carries money which reflects it's chance but also extra money merely by being 'favourite' and that extra money doesn't reflect the horses chance actually I'm brim full of golden rules …. some of which are probably contradictory !
  17. Racing Chat - Monday Feb 11th

    If this drags on I wonder if the Irish might consider putting on extra meetings at Dundalk on days when there are no scheduled Jumps I'm sure the bookies would be pretty keen to sponsor races !
  18. Racing Chat - Monday Feb 11th

    I'm having a day off ! looking at the fixtures I might have tomorrow off as well With news today that 4 new cases of the Flu have been confirmed in Newmarket a resumption of Wednesday is looking less likely but we do have Fairyhouse on Wednesday
  19. Naps - Sunday Feb 10th

    Punch 2.50 - Riders on the Storm - win 3/1 bog bet365
  20. Naas 2.40 - Konitho - win at 6/4 bog bet365
  21. Naps - Friday Feb 8th

    Dun 6.00 - Colfer Me - win at 11/10 bog bet365
  22. I'm up early this morning and just seen the news that all UK racing today (Thursday) has been abandoned following an outbreak of Equine Flu Have to see how this one develops …… Apparently the outbreak was confirmed at a yard that had runners on Wednesday at Ludlow and Ayr and the fear is that the airborne infection could have spread to other horses at the two meetings and then back to their respective yards
  23. All racing in the UK cancelled

    Wolves have decided to call off their Saturday meeting
  24. Mey 3.05 - Dubhe - win at 9/4 bog PP
  25. All UK racing cancelled on Thursday following an outbreak of equine flu !