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  1. Derby 2.05 Preston 2.05 Swindon 1.75 5pt win treble
  2. Newcastle 2.2 Northampton 2.1 10pts win double
  3. Aston V 2.37 Colchester 1.65 Exeter 1.75 24.53 win treble
  4. APAT team game agreed for the 1st and 2nd Feb (subject to confirmation) location yet to be announced but was told it is Midlands ish) It will be on first come basis payment via online holing tank.
  5. Preston 1.66 Oxford 1.9 Plymouth 1.55 30pt win treble
  6. Just to clarify the date is not set yet, so could possibly still be on the 1st of feb but with it just 6weeks away I would doubt it will be, but defo not VGC
  7. Ian were have you heard that, is it still in Leeds. I’m playing at VGC on Sunday I will try to find out if they know