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    Hello from Finland. Interesting fact about SJK Seinäjoki - KR Reykjavik. The away team have booked a hotel in downtown Seinäjoki right next to a local tango/pop festival. Good luck getting a decent sleep tonight. We had a poor start at veikkausliiga and head coach was sacked two times. First issues with the board and the second time poor performances. We have had had scoring issues lately but Aristote "Totti" Mboma is fit again and should be helping with that. We have a quite new home stadium and expected to be sold out (about 6000) and artificial grass so that is in our advantage as well. Ill take SJK Seinäjoki @ 2,75 Nordicbet
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    2.00 Ponty - Mininggold - win at 10/1 bog bet365
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    Final Table Btugero follows up his Royal Ascot performance by taking the monthly title for June. A couple of winners in the last week just proved too good for his rivals. Unlucky for Dan who was just pipped along with Pirate and YSM who fill the places. Bymatrix took the KO Cup We had 18 players in profit, 1097 bets places and 212 winners picked. *Next months KO Cup will start on July 8th* Prizes £80: Btugero £40: DanV89 £20: Pirate53 £10: YSM £30 Cup: Bymatrix All winners need to send their Skrill email addys, PL Name and prize being claimed to; team@punterslounge.com (within 7 days) Many thanks
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    Final Table Well done to Btugero who led on day one and snatched it back on the last day with a 25/1 winner. Jediknight and Bosou finish in the places. Well done to all three Thanks to all for supporting the comp, next one is Glorious Goodwood. Prizes £60: Btugero £25: Jediknight £15: Bosou Can all three winners send their Skrill email, PL Name and prize being claimed to: team@punterslounge.com
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    14:00 Doncaster - Waslim. 0.5 E/w Bet @ SP Thanks
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    2.30 Ascot - Different League @ 50/1 Bet365 e/w
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    The Open Championship Royal Birkdale The Open this year goes back to Royal Birkdale for the first time since Padraig Harrington won here in 2008. I'm fortunate enough to live just a 5 minute drive from the course and I can tell you the town is buzzing at the moment. All sorts of side events will be going on in and around Southport and we even have had the Town hall gardens transformed into a mini interactive golf centre. The weather forecast is pretty good as far as I can see, little rain expected and light winds. For those not local, Southport sits in its own micro climate, we have no snow, the sea can be two miles out and its always better than the weather forecast says. Royal Birkdale is on the coast but don'y be fooled into thinking you need to be able to play the wind here. I walk the dogs on Birkdale sands two or three times a week and its rarely windy, most of the course is a bit further in land and shielded by the dunes so I wouldn't expect any problems on that score. Just watch it now we will have a hurricane or something!! I'm going on Tuesday to have a look round during practise so will report anything about the course thats worthwhile. The course has not changed much over the years, it juts doesn't have the space to extend much and the actual yardage is about the same as it was in 2008. As long as you keep it straight enough I reckon the top players will find this test easy enough and I personally expect a double figure under par winning total. Local player Tommy Fleetwood will be a popular winner, born and bred in the town he has just won the French Open so is in terrific form. The local bookies will go bust if he pulls it off and its not out of the question. He will know the course well. It looks a wide open event and all the big names will fancy their chances, Dustin Johnson is the early favourite along with Jordon Spieth. Defending champion Henrik Stenson and the consistent Justin Rose will also be popular in the betting along with the enigmatic Rory McIlroy, if he's in the mood he could win this thing but it's a big IF. Latest Odds with Bet365
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    Tipsters Challenge Football Competition *Start Date - August 12th 2017* Welcome to the brand new Punters Lounge Football Tipsters Challenge The competition will kick off on August 12th and our season will be split into four separate sessions. This allows us to keep things fresh and also for new players to join at various times of the season. Format as follows: 4 ten-week mini-seasons TC1 – Aug 12th – Oct 14th TC2 – Oct 21st – Dec 23rd TC3 – Dec 30th – Mar 3rd TC4 – Mar 10th – May 12th Entrants split into divisions, which will include 15 players in each. Players in the first mini-season will drawn at random to decide which division they will play in. After the first mini-season players will be distributed into divisions in order of their final total from the previous mini-season. (Top 15 players in Division 1, next 15 highest scorers in Div. 2 etc.…..) Each mini-season will last 10 weeks and players must play in at least 7 of those weeks in order to keep their place in the competition. (So you get 3 weeks off basically) Cash prizes will be awarded at the end of week 10 in that particular mini-season. Details to follow. Rules: Players start with a bank of 100pts Players can stake up to 50% of their current bank in any one week. Players can bet on the following markets: Outright Result, Both Teams To Score and Over/Under 2.5 goals. Players can bet on a single, a double or a treble on any of the accepted markets. All bets must be posted by 3pm on Saturday (earlier if it’s a Friday or Sat Midday game) Any bets posted outside these limits will be reduced in order written. (i.e.; 4 fold down to a treble) All markets can be mixed in whichever way the player chooses, including using the same match more than once on any particular match day. Prices to be taken from the supplied Odds thread only. (If it’s not on there, you can’t do it) The TC Odds thread will be posted up each Tuesday for the following weekend matches and selections threads will be set up at the same time. League tables will be posted once all matches have been completed for that week, typically this will be after the Monday night match. The Sat 3pm deadline for all bets is put in place so no one can gain an advantage by knowing if an opponent has won or lost before placing his bet. So strictly no posts allowed after the deadline will be accepted. More information to follow as we get closer to the start of the season.
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    14.45 Ayr - Regal Mirage - 1 Pt Win @ 4\1 WHill
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    Hope you and the rest of the Battalion have a nice day at the races Corky enjoy that home leave 16:55 Ayr - Inglorious 0.5 E/w Bet @ 22/1 with Bet365 & Paddy Power + a few others
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    15:35 Doncaster - Classic Seniority - 8/1 @ Coral
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    July 4 9 winners and 4 places on a great days tipping Jimmy 16/1, Pirate 11/1, Tipsterix 8/1 ............
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    Hamilton 15.00 Starplex 1pt win @ 11/1 Bet365
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    Norway Eliteserien Today 1st of July 18:00 Lillestrøm - Strømsgodset This game will be played at Åråsen Stadion in natural grass, while guests use artificial at home. Well after lost in Derby last week against Vålerenga 3-1, Lillestrøm is concentrated in 15th round in a tough game againts Strømsgodset. Lillestrøm is in 11th place with 17 points. In last 5 they won three draw one and lost one. Key player striker E. Knudtzon 13/5 is back after suspension and will be a good option in offensive repart. In the other side Strømsgodset in 14th place, last 5 matches only a victory over Viking, eliminated in Cup from Mjondalen lost againts Rosenborg and two draw in a row Vålerenga and Molde last round. Midfielder Bassel Jradi 14/3 and striker Marcus Pedersen are out today. Lillestrøm need to win today to avoid as much possible the relegation zone and i think they are favorites to take three points againts Strømsgodset. Pick : Home win 2.00 @Pinnacle 9/10. Good luck.
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    Mr Billyhills what can i say that's not been said before. Thanks for keeping the Books
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    Dan Dan Dan .................I'm not angry but I'm disappointed, I had you home and dry but as per it just proves that No amount of profit is ever really safe. Well done btugero, full credit and some quality darts were thrown, great stuff Dan pick yourself up and we'll see you again up near the business end in the future months. July starts tomorrow but for June 2017....................btugero IS the DADDY!
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    great to see over 1000 tips for the month well done to all the guys in profit,and to the guys who never threw the towel in when on losing streak congrats to btugero on winning and the runners up and cup winner
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    @Kengur2017 to Punters Lounge. I don't know if this will be useful to you or not but I have written down some things that are important to bear in mind if you want to take betting seriously: Psychology First of all, if you do not have the correct mentality then you will not be able to develop into a professional bettor. ‘Tilt’ or ‘Gambling rage’ is one of the first major obstacles that needs to be overcome if you are serious about betting. Tilt is a term usually associated with poker but it can apply to any form of betting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tilt_(poker) Tilt affects all people to some degree, some only suffer from it mildly and can completely eliminate it with a combination of changes to lifestyle and perspective. At the other end of the scale you have chronically impatient degenerates with no self discipline or perspective, the affects gambling has on these people can be highly destructive. Ask yourself: “Do I have self discipline? Can I take a loss or a string of losses and still retain my composure? Do I react to losses by making rash or impulsive bets?”. Patience and self discipline are key factors if you wish to become a professional bettor. In my view any professional bettor does not see his or her line of work as a get rich quick scheme. Unless you luck out with some kind of crazy accumulator or long odds punt it will take time to build your bankroll. Hurrying to reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow can be a toxic mentality. It’s great to visualise a better future for yourself and creating a plan to achieve that but wanting something and wanting it right now will not aid your quest. Do you enjoy the process of becoming a professional bettor? If you really do not enjoy the process at all then why are you devoting your time and energy to it in the first place? Obviously the goal is to make money but you shouldn’t try to make money from something you really don’t like as it will inevitably compromise your ability to execute the process effectively. You have to enjoy the process of getting there and you have to enjoy the process of learning. Never think you know it all, because believe me no-one does. The road to becoming a professional bettor is a constant process of learning and improving, the path is not smooth and chances are there will be setbacks. If and when setbacks occur can you maintain your self discipline and motivation? Bankroll Management Obviously your betting bankroll needs to be completely segregated from all your other forms of expenditure. Your ability to pay the bills cannot be dependent on how well your betting career is doing – especially if you have a family. Set aside only what you can afford to loose as your initial betting bankroll, then understand and accept that it cannot be used for anything other than betting. Even if you have only set aside a relatively small amount of money for your initial bankroll you must still treat that money with respect. If you want to take betting seriously then a bet must never seem frivolous. One of the first objectives of any serious bettor is to never go broke (loose their entire betting bankroll). The partitioning of your bankroll into individual bets must be sustainable. A sensible way to grow your bankroll over the long term is through compounding: http://www.investopedia.com/walkthrough/corporate-finance/3/discounted-cash-flow/compounding.aspx Partition your results over quarterly or annual periods then incorporate the profits from the latest period into your staking structure. For example: You have an initial bankroll of $5000 which is divided into 40 individual fixed stake bets of $125 (2.5% of total bankroll) At the end of year 1 you make a profit of $1000 so total bankroll is now $6000. Year 2 - Your fixed stake bet would be $150 (still 2.5% of total bankroll) At the end of year 2 you make a profit of $1200 – total bankroll now $7200. Year 3 - Fixed stake would be $180 (still 2.5% of total bankroll)… and so on and so on. By using compounding you can exponentially grow your bankroll in a safe and sustainable way. It will require patience and discipline, especially to begin with, but if you are consistently profitable then I would advocate it as a good way to grow your bankroll. Sustainability When it comes to sustainability as a career, one of the main questions is “Where can I get my bets on?”. Bookmakers are no fools, if you are a consistently profitable bettor then sooner or later you will get limited or banned – nothing you can do as it’s in the terms and conditions you agree to in order to bet with them. One way to negate this problem is to have accounts with lots of different bookmakers and rotate your bets. It’s generally a good idea to have accounts with different bookmakers as you want to take advantage of different offers and prices etc. Despite this, rotating your bets with different vendors could still be problematic in the long term if you are consistently profitable. Betting exchanges is the way to go if you don’t want to get banned or limited. On an exchange you’re betting against other bettors with the exchange operating as the middle man who matches up both sides of a bet. The exchange makes its money from charging commission for each bet made, usually between 2-5% (very reasonable in my opinion). The main problems you will face with an exchange are: Does it have the market you wish to bet on? Does the market you wish to bet on have enough liquidity to get your bet matched? Your access to betting exchanges will vary depending on what country you live in. Some of the main ones are: https://www.betfair.com/exchange/ https://www.matchbook.com/ https://www.pinnacle.com/ https://www.sbobet.com/ https://smarkets.com/ If you’re not sure on who to bet with then ask around on this forum and check bookmaker review sites. Always do your research on the various operators and keep appraised of how they’re progressing. If you want betting to become your business then you have a responsibility to follow the industry at large and pay attention to new developments. Never leave excess money in an online account for longer than you have to. Your bank should be the safest place to store the core of your funds – distribute them to the various exchanges and bookmakers only when necessary. This will help minimise your exposure if an operator goes bust or they inexplicably transfer your funds to bongo bongo land. Methodology From reading your post I suspect this is the area you wish to learn most about. Personally I have no special system to offer you, no low risk to high reward strategy, no promises of gold and jewels untold. The phrase ‘There’s a million ways to make a million dollars’ also applies to betting. The various methods and strategies you could adopt to become consistently profitable from betting are too varied and too numerous to catalogue in a single post. Ultimately betting is about finding errors in the pricing of an event. If you believe a market has priced something incorrectly you can take advantage of it. Generally speaking, sports betting markets are not stupid. They evaluate outcomes with efficiency but this does not mean they never make mistakes. Your job is to capitalise on those mistakes at every opportunity. This requires diligence and dedication, you must always be on the lookout for opportunities in the market. The more knowledge you have on a sport / subject, the more you can spot the opportunities in the market when they present themselves. Specialising in a particular sport will help you, it should be a sport that you like watching and can watch regularly in order to gain qualitative information: https://www.simplypsychology.org/qualitative-quantitative.html Preferably it will be a sports market which is covered by the betting exchanges with enough liquidity to match your bets. Personally I believe it’s important to develop your own betting strategies rather than follow or rely on other peoples. What if you are following someone else’s betting strategy but you do not really understand it and that person then disappears? You probably wouldn’t have learnt much and would be back at square one. Someone may very well come along on this thread and say “Hey Kengur, I have a great betting system that you might want to follow” and it might indeed be a good system but if you can’t fathom what’s behind it then you’re not really going to advance as a bettor. If you want to be ‘professional’ at something you have to be independent and generate your own ideas. Never rely on others to spoon feed you as it’s not sustainable over the long term. Punters Lounge is a great site in my opinion – use it. I have learnt a lot from seeing how other people do things over the years on here, there’s lots of useful information on these boards. Just don’t expect anyone to wave a magic wand and make you rich overnight – the world seldom works like that.
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    Chicago Fire -1 @ 2.18 Orlando players have been forced to go into overdrive in midweek when they went in search of an equaliser(which they did and screw me ). A cross country game is probably the last thing they needed. Chicago Fire could be the Leicester City of MLS if they win the cup this season while Schweinsteiger(10x better than Stevie G and Lampard) has been a revelation so far in his short MLS career. Sounders failed to take advantage of Orlando but I doubt Fire will let the chance slip away.
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    Ayr 15.00 Sea Of Green 1pt win @ 15/2 Bet365
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    18:40 Wolverhampton: DESERT RAIN @ 4.00 William Hill
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    Sam Querrey vs Marin Cilic Over 43.5 4/5 paddy power Cilic to win 3/1 5/2 paddy power I do fancy Cilic to win this match as he has impressed during this tournament and the only two sets he has lost were in the last round. It wont easy though as he will lose a set against his tough opponent who had a great win in the quarters
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    Hallo you Guys. Thought I would post some of my tennis tips today and who knows maybe I will start posting often in here.. Wimbledon Raonic M. - Federer R Federer R. -3,5 @1,60 6/10 Muller G. - Cilic M u43,0 @1,76 4/10 Cilic + Murray + Federer @1,76 6/10 Tennis other than Wimbledon Winnetka Challenger Men Nevolo D. - Saville L. Nevolo D @2,20 3/10 Estrella V. + Sandgren T. @1,84 6/10
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    Great to see so many differing opinions That's what it's all about. My two penneth; Garbine Muruguza to win 2-0 - 2.37 Svetlana has had a mightily impressive tournament but think it comes to an end here. Two tough sets. Coco Vandeweghe to win 2-0 - 2.10 Again, great tournament from Rybarikova but felt like the energy reserves were beginning to run dry vs. Martic. Venus Williams vs. Jelena Ostapenko Over 2.5 Sets - 2.37 Good luck picking this one! We know Venus can switch off for sets and Jelena doesn't know when she's beat on this current run. Expect 3 sets and the UE/W counts through the roof. Johanna Konta vs. Simona Halep Over 2.5 Sets - 2.25 Konta has arguably played the best tennis of the tournament but Halep so talented and on a mission after RG disappointment. Both prone to a choke; see it going the distance. Accumulator - 26.65 Good luck
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    Guys, a lot of you underestimate Venus. She won 3 times Wimledon,so for me she is the big varorite here. Yes, Ostapenko is playing good tennis but for me the experience will dominate... Other three: Muguruza - Kuznetsova - OVER the games Both want to continue in the next round, both are fighters and I expect tight match. Konta - Halep - Halep to continue I was a little negative on Hapep game, but after yesterday game against Azarenka I think she can win here. Rybarikova - Coco - Coco to continue Nothing much to say. Coco is the better player for me. GL
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    Market Rasen 2.55 Miss Conway 0.5 pts 4/1 BET365
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    2.25 Sandown El Hayem 1pt win. 8/1 betvictor Wouldn't have liked the soft ground when flopping last time. Should put up a better effort today.
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    0 out of 3. Disastrous day. Surprised by Pouille and Medvedev actually. Very surprised by Kvitova as well. I have Garcia as To Win Wimbledon with 1 unit @64. Odds hasnt changed for her and playing againt Brengle instead of Kvitota next round is much better. Actually, I really don't see any favorite to win this year so I put a small coin on the french girl. Murray said that one day, she will be #1. For today, I like the below: Gulbis +6 vs. Del Potro @2,05 (7 units) Mannarino @2.09 against Sugita. (7 units) He lost in final last week but he's clearly more talented that the Japanese. Maria @4.5 against Vandeweghe. 3 units. VAndeweghe is overpriced here. 4.5 for Maria is a clear value to me. Small stakes.
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    6 out of 8 today, that makes it a very profitable 1st round. Paire @1,8 (Marathon) I simply rate him as the better player. Not much to add. Anderson-Seppi over 36.5 games @1,917 (Pinnacle) Seppi has some decent results on grass the recent years. Anderson isn't easy to break. I think this can be a long match Brown +2.5 sets @2,5 (Pinnacle) Pouille -1.5 sets @1,73 (Unibet) Sevastova @1,7 (Marathon) Vekic @4,2 (Marathon) She's on a good run and won against Konta 2 weeks ago. Value bet. Wang @4,1 (Marathon) She won against some good players this year and has a good record. She lost on Rolland Garros against Williams, but Williams didn't win easily. Now that Williams has some other issues, I think this game can be closer than expected.
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    3.45 Brighton DOVE MOUNTAIN 1pt win 11/2 888sport BOG
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    Odds, already dropped a lot, but I would think Soylu/Wongteanchai should prevail over Minella/Sevastova in the doubles. Minella lost easily against Schiavone yesterday (nice prediction by CzechPunter) and afterwards revealed she is more than four months pregnant. I doubt she want to take any risks here and is partly just at Wimbledon to collect the first round prize money. @1.67 William Hill http://sports.williamhill.com/bet/en-gb/betting/e/11336022/Ipek+Soylu+Varatchaya+Wongteanchai+v+Mandy+Minella+Anastasija+Sevastova.html
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    I have tweaked my method and it proves very very fruitful. I will elaborate. 1. Go to our Punter's Lounge Horse tips 2. Select only those horses which are priced 2/1 or above. 3. Exlude suggested E/W tips. 4. Bet 10 pts on each remainder. Based on the results published here, the profit from 1st August 2016 to 30 June 2017 is over 28000 that's a sweet 2800 per month!!!!
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    Pontefract 3.30 Breakwater Bay 0.5 pts e/w 9/1 bet365
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    Well done BT mate a great effort. Thought I'd won my first ever naps comp but I live to fight another day!! Thanks as usual to Graham and good luck to everyone in the knockout.
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    Thank you so much Graham, for your effort running this comp. Just amazing. Sorry DanV89, i got lucky this month. Good luck all next month.
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    I think Gigor has a decent chance of winning his quarter where he will meet Federer there.He will play Schwartzman,Baghdatis and Isner and Federer at the quarter finals.With some luck he might land a juice price. Schwartzman should be no match for him whatsoever,Baghdatis is injured and retired today against Sugita,Isner was battered yesterday so it lefts us only with Federer on his way to the semis Dimitrov @ 10 with bet365
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    Cracking day for the ratings today 4 winners at Salisbury (inc 7/1) , 2 at Carlisle (8/1& 12/1) and 2 at Worcester so far.
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    Indeed, what a joke.....!! I like Donald Young -3,5 @1,92 for today. Young is on a good form. He went to QF at Queens being defeated by Cilic. Donaldson is clearly not a grass player. He only plays one or two games per year on this surface. Last year, he played only one and it was against.... Young at Newport and he lots 6/1 6/3. Last week, he lost 6/1 7/5 against Kamke at Queens... I expect an easy win.
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    June 27 Amazing day, Dan extends his lead and is among 11 winning bets today. Fantastic battle for cup spots with just £6 between 10th and 28th! (although I think some have declared for the month- chickens) Good luck in the last few days
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    The bet of the round for me looks to be Linfield to win at home to La Fiorita at 1/5. I would have expected the odds for this to be around the 1/10 mark. Granted, Linfield aren't the strongest side, but they are playing arguably the weakest team in the competition - La Fiorita have played in European competitions for five consecutive seasons now and have lost all 10 games in that time including a 7-0 defeat to Levadia of Estonia and a 10-1 aggregate defeat to Vaduz of Liechtenstein. Looking at the wider picture, since gaining admission into European club competitions in 2000, Sammarinese sides have lost 33 of 34 away games in European competitions, the sole exception being Tre Fiori's draw with Andorran outfit Sant Julia in 2009. Obviously, results from 15 years ago are not going to have a bearing on next Wednesday's game, but it is clear to see that Sammarinese teams are out of their depth at this level, and as such La Fiorita's 100% losing record in Europe looks set to continue on Wednesday.
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