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    1 from 1 on Saturday and it is another quiet mid-week with not too many fixtures to look at. I like the look of 1 bet in the National League North and a short price treble as well. FC United v Alfreton FCUM have certainly struggled on the whole this season and they sit just one position and one point out of the relegation places. It is no surprise that they decided to sack Karl Marginson a couple of weeks ago as he had taken the club as far as he could and it needed a fresh pair of hands. Player Tom Greaves has taken over as caretaker manager and he scored their opener in a 3-1 victory over AFC Telford on Saturday. That win came at home and they have won their last 3 home league games now. Given they have won just once away in the league all season it is clear they are stronger at home at the moment. I thought Alfreton might do OK this season and although they are only 6 points off the play-offs they sit in 16 place and just 3 points ahead of their hosts. I must admit they don't look too fair away and although they lost 5 of their last 6 all 5 came against sides in the top 8 and only one of those defeats was by more than a goal. The problem is they have won just 2 away games all season and with FCUM looking so strong at home at the moment I think they will come away with another defeat. I think there is enough in Marathon's 139/100 to get involved. Treble As I mention in the posts above Billericay are playing a league game against Merstham on Tuesday night and the FA Cup replay against Leatherhead on Thursday. I would imagine the likes of Jake Robinson will be rested, but they have added some strength to the squad and whatever team they put out it should be strong enough to beat a home side who are so inconsistent. They have lost 5 of their last 8 league games and had a disappointing 1-0 defeat to Lowestoft on Saturday. A Billericay first team would be a lump on job at 4/5, but given the doubt about who is going to play I will stick them in a treble with a couple of other likely winners. Dulwich are top of the Bostik Premier at the moment and are looking very good at the moment, bar the FA Trophy defeat on Saturday. They have played 9 league games since I saw them lost 1-0 to Hendon with a goal with the very last kick of the game and they have won 8 and drawn 1 of them. Visitors Harrow have lost their last 4 and have picked up just 2 points in their last 7 league away matches. Finally Hereford should really see of Potters Bar Town at the 2nd time of asking in the FA Trophy. The treble pays just under 4/1 with Betfred. FCUM 1pt at 139/100 with Marathon Billericay/Dulwich/Hereford 1pt treble at 3.98/1 with Betfred
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    so backing all daily selections in each race would have made a profit of £21,363.81 from 16,178 bets Backing all selections 4/1 and above would have made a profit of £25,521.84 from 8,418 bets
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    hi their guys i am starting a post based on Billy's Track Stats for NH top 10 tracks, I have done a spreadsheet for all tracks to end of OCT 2017 For any who wishes to look you can find the spread sheet here on google sheets https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sXbDWzvD-hJAi2_-nC0tPuCsVf-MDUnTCBhT2nsYPWs/edit#gid=70517233 Rank Racecourse Bets Wins Loss S/R Staked P&L ROI 1 Chelmsford City Racecourse 484 150 334 30.99% 9,680.00 1,750.46 18.08% 2 Ascot Racecourse 193 66 127 34.20% 3,860.00 1,545.55 40.04% 3 Newcastle Racecourse 571 159 412 27.85% 11,420.00 1,391.76 12.19% 4 Chester Racecourse 124 46 78 37.10% 2,480.00 1,391.10 56.09% 5 Kempton Park 651 185 466 28.42% 13,020.00 1,344.74 10.33% 6 Catterick Racecourse 224 77 147 34.38% 4,480.00 1,251.30 27.93% 7 Redcar Racecourse 181 56 125 30.94% 3,620.00 1,217.50 33.63% 8 Musselburgh Racecourse 232 73 159 31.47% 4,640.00 1,143.40 24.64% 9 Thirsk Racecourse 157 52 105 33.12% 3,140.00 1,076.50 34.28% 10 Gowran Park races (mixed) 146 49 97 33.56% 2,920.00 1,039.80 35.61% 11 Carlisle Racecourse 207 66 141 31.88% 4,140.00 888.36 21.46% 12 Newmarket Racecourse 351 107 244 30.48% 7,020.00 866.60 12.34% 13 Taunton Racecourse 87 35 52 40.23% 1,740.00 825.80 47.46% 14 Killarney races (mixed) 106 36 70 33.96% 2,120.00 802.60 37.86% 15 Wolverhampton Racecourse 649 170 479 26.19% 12,980.00 745.43 5.74% 16 Windsor Racecourse 229 69 160 30.13% 4,580.00 679.90 14.84% 17 Ffos Las Racecourse 164 46 118 28.05% 3,280.00 675.10 20.58% 18 Bangor on Dee Racecourse 116 41 75 35.34% 2,320.00 665.65 28.69% 19 Salisbury Racecourse 162 47 115 29.01% 3,240.00 651.95 20.12% 20 Curragh 190 61 129 32.11% 3,800.00 635.71 16.73% 21 Goodwood Racecourse 157 49 108 31.21% 3,140.00 619.70 19.74% 22 Yarmouth Racecourse 222 69 153 31.08% 4,440.00 614.80 13.85% 23 Ripon Racecourse 143 44 99 30.77% 2,860.00 605.83 21.18% 24 Hexham Racecourse 119 41 78 34.45% 2,380.00 576.50 24.22% 25 Southwell Racecourse 354 110 244 31.07% 7,080.00 555.14 7.84% 26 Kelso Racecourse 110 33 77 30.00% 2,200.00 552.20 25.10% 27 Limerick races (mixed) 193 48 145 24.87% 3,860.00 549.10 14.23% 28 Clonmel races (mixed) 88 33 55 37.50% 1,760.00 539.00 30.63% 29 Downpatrick 93 27 66 29.03% 1,860.00 538.60 28.96% 30 Doncaster Racecourse 295 82 213 27.80% 5,900.00 473.63 8.03% 31 Tramore races (mixed) 102 27 75 26.47% 2,040.00 426.20 20.89% 32 Dundalk races (all-weather) (flat) 342 92 250 26.90% 6,840.00 421.40 6.16% 33 Haydock Park Racecourse 244 71 173 29.10% 4,880.00 417.22 8.55% 34 Beverley Racecourse 181 48 133 26.52% 3,620.00 393.75 10.88% 35 Thurles races (mixed) 83 28 55 33.73% 1,660.00 373.10 22.48% 36 Leicester Racecourse 240 76 164 31.67% 4,800.00 305.80 6.37% 37 Newbury Racecourse 230 69 161 30.00% 4,600.00 301.70 6.56% 38 Leopardstown races (mixed) 193 48 145 24.87% 3,860.00 229.70 5.95% 39 Perth Racecourse 131 37 94 28.24% 2,620.00 214.50 8.19% 40 Sligo races (mixed) 52 19 33 36.54% 1,040.00 202.10 19.43% 41 Brighton Racecourse 210 54 156 25.71% 4,200.00 172.30 4.10% 42 Cheltenham Racecourse 95 26 69 27.37% 1,900.00 171.10 9.01% 43 Newton Abbot Racecourse 150 47 103 31.33% 3,000.00 170.73 5.69% 44 Fakenham Racecourse 65 17 48 26.15% 1,300.00 159.90 12.30% 45 York Racecourse 158 36 122 22.78% 3,160.00 138.80 4.39% 46 Wincanton Racecourse 97 31 66 31.96% 1,940.00 122.04 6.29% 47 Laytown races (flat) 12 3 9 25.00% 240.00 112.00 46.67% 48 Lingfield Park Racecourse 600 168 432 28.00% 12,000.00 109.34 0.91% 49 Towcester Racecourse 75 20 55 26.67% 1,500.00 101.80 6.79% 50 Cartmel Racecourse 71 19 52 26.76% 1,420.00 84.10 5.92% 51 Wetherby Racecourse 137 42 95 30.66% 2,740.00 83.80 3.06% 52 Galway races (mixed) 119 40 79 33.61% 2,380.00 76.70 3.22% 53 Market Rasen Racecourse 162 50 112 30.86% 3,240.00 50.10 1.55% 54 Kilbeggan races (jumps only) 73 19 54 26.03% 1,460.00 45.20 3.10% 55 Hamilton Park Racecourse 149 37 112 24.83% 2,980.00 1.00 0.03% 56 Sandown Park Racecourse 189 47 142 24.87% 3,780.00 -54.40 -1.44% 57 Worcester Racecourse 193 52 141 26.94% 3,860.00 -81.60 -2.11% 58 Huntingdon Racecourse 114 36 78 31.58% 2,280.00 -115.40 -5.06% 59 Chepstow Racecourse 267 77 190 28.84% 5,340.00 -115.60 -2.16% 60 Cork races (mixed) 88 38 50 43.18% 1,760.00 -116.60 -6.63% 61 Naas races (mixed) 144 45 99 31.25% 2,880.00 -128.20 -4.45% 62 Navan races (mixed) 150 39 111 26.00% 3,000.00 -133.76 -4.46% 63 Bath Racecourse 189 52 137 27.51% 3,780.00 -136.70 -3.62% 64 Fairyhouse races (mixed) 157 42 115 26.75% 3,140.00 -151.40 -4.82% 65 Hereford Racecourse 63 15 48 23.81% 1,260.00 -165.60 -13.14% 66 Exeter Racecourse 109 33 76 30.28% 2,180.00 -176.30 -8.09% 67 Down Royal 90 22 68 24.44% 1,800.00 -210.70 -11.71% 68 Uttoxeter Racecourse 174 46 128 26.44% 3,480.00 -217.80 -6.26% 69 Plumpton Racecourse 109 30 79 27.52% 2,180.00 -220.80 -10.13% 70 Aintree Racecourse 58 13 45 22.41% 1,160.00 -260.30 -22.44% 71 Ludlow Racecourse 116 31 85 26.72% 2,320.00 -263.96 -11.38% 72 Ballinrobe races (mixed) 81 18 63 22.22% 1,620.00 -281.70 -17.39% 73 Tipperary races (mixed) 118 35 83 29.66% 2,360.00 -284.55 -12.06% 74 Roscommon races (mixed) 83 21 62 25.30% 1,660.00 -321.00 -19.34% 75 Punchestown races (mixed) 130 31 99 23.85% 2,600.00 -326.40 -12.55% 76 Pontefract Racecourse 143 34 109 23.78% 2,860.00 -327.63 -11.46% 77 Wexford races (National Hunt only) 92 25 67 27.17% 1,840.00 -370.50 -20.14% 78 Fontwell Park Racecourse 169 46 123 27.22% 3,380.00 -440.14 -13.02% 79 Bellewstown races (mixed) 52 11 41 21.15% 1,040.00 -447.50 -43.03% 80 Listowel races (mixed) 114 26 88 22.81% 2,280.00 -497.50 -21.82% 81 Ayr Racecourse 263 63 200 23.95% 5,260.00 -513.20 -9.76% 82 Nottingham Racecourse 191 38 153 19.90% 3,820.00 -597.40 -15.64% 83 Sedgefield Racecourse 146 35 111 23.97% 2,920.00 -611.90 -20.96% 84 Warwick Racecourse 127 34 93 26.77% 2,540.00 -639.00 -25.16% 85 Epsom Downs Racecourse 92 14 78 15.22% 1,840.00 -687.10 -37.34% 86 Stratford-on-Avon Racecourse 156 36 120 23.08% 3,120.00 -823.10 -26.38%
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    Huntington 2.10 Unison @ 33-1 PP
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    Melbourne cup Tuesday 7th nov

    Good luck everyone! Here's my take on this very special race. Melbourne Cup 2017 - Preview: The race that stops the nation.... or the race that disrupts my sleep. Yep, it's back - the one and only Melbourne Cup! Thankfully only once a year. Getting up at 3.30am on a regular basis is probably not recommended. Nonetheless, Tuesday morning I will. All in the name of my favourite race on this beautiful planet! Not because I've ever been particularly successful finding the winner. I have not. But because the build-up. The atmosphere. The enormity of the whole event. It's special. One day I gonna be there. To see it with my own eyes. Wide awake and alert. Unlike tomorrow morning. When I watch on with red eyes. As close as I ever came to the mecca that Flemington is: I drove passed it with a rental car earlier this year on a trip to Australia. Let's talk about the actual race: off at 4am Irish time. Here's hoping my neighbours are prepared for the screams of joy when Rekindling strolls over the line as the winner of the 2017 Melbourne Cup! In past years I always backed multiple horses in the race. Didn't do me any good. Only the bookies were smiling. This year I pin all my hopes on the Joseph O'Brien trained three year old colt. But let's move all the negative factors out of the way first: no doubt there are a handful of good reasons why this lad won't get anywhere near the money tomorrow morning. Some smarter people than I am are probably right if they say Rekindling had a long season, the Cup is a mere afterthought on the back of an excellent Ledger performance and therefore he'll find this really tough. Rekindling is not a particularly imposing individual in terms of physical presence either. He didn't have a prep run Down Under. And he's a galloping sort who might not enjoy the start-stop nature of the race. All fair points. However at 14/1 I am prepared to take a chance on Rekindling, fully aware I will likely go back to sleep at roughly 4.30am after yet another Cup disappointment. But hold on, let's hear for all the good reasons why Rekindling will win the 2017 Melbourne Cup: Weight, Class and Ratings. He's a classy 116 rated individual, a multiple pattern class winner and was only 2 lengths beaten - and in my view unlucky not to get closer - when 4th in the English St. Leger. He gets into the Cup with a featherweight thanks to WFO, however on Aussie terms is actually a four year old. He's got as little as 8st 2lb to carry. He's third highest ranked in terms of time speed and Racing Post Ratings. Granted, the merit of these ratings is questionable for obvious reasons - it still is another little piece in the puzzle. The draw. It could hardly be any better. Stall 4 gives every opportunity. Not allot of energy needs to be wasted early on, as long Rekindling breaks alright. Which he should. Form. An impressive winner of the Curragh Cup, and an equally as impressive 4th in the English St. Leger. A performance I rate particularly highly. That is because he came from a long way back that day, trailing for most parts, and when travelling strongly on the bridle over three furlongs out, he did not get a clear run and lost valuable momentum and ground as a consequence. Yet he produced the joint fastest sectionals for the last four furlongs and finished in fourth, only 2 lengths behind Capri. That form in its own right is strong, but has already been franked multiple times. I also don't subscribe to the fact Rekindling would not be suited to the start-stop nature of the Melbourne Cup. In fact this lad is not a mere galloping sore who travels strongly and grinds things out. No, he has pace and a turn of foot. He showed it quite clearly when producing a superb effort over 10 furlongs in the lowly ran Ballysax Stakes earlier this year. Now, I do really love the chance of this horse. I understand why people compare him to Bondi Beach in last years Cup. However I feel Rekindling is a different animal altogether. I strongly believe he's more for than against him - with one only concern: he's usually held up. Here's hoping Rekindling will be utilized to full effect from his positive draw and does not settle farther off the pace than midfield. I readily admit that it is a huge ask, nonetheless. And the field is incredibly competitive. I do not quite buy into the hype of Marmelo and find it hard to see Almandin doing it all again - however Red Cardinal would be my absolute prime chance in this race - if not for the wide draw. Now this must not be a problem necessarily given he'll settle off the pace anyways, regardless of the draw. Still, he'll be too far back I fear. Max Dynamite, if fully fit - and he looked good during his comeback run - is another one to like a lot. The runner-up of 2015 has even less weight to carry this time round. Tiberian, despite a wide draw, might be able to cross over as there seems not too much early pace here. If so, he's a dangerous horse. Hugo Palmer's Wall Of Fire had the perfect preparation - he's a major player. Nonetheless, it's Rekindling or nothing for me. And what a story it would be. Joseph O'Brien in his first season as a trainer winning the Melbourne Cup - a feast his record breaking father never achieved? Go son, go! Selection: 10pts win - Rekindling @ 14/1 William Hill
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    Naps Competition - Saturday Nov 4th

    Thewadfather if you were as good as you think you are picking horses you would not be wasting your time on this site coming on here and giving abuse out , Graham (BH) does a great job with no thanks for spending time keeping three comps running and does not need the abuse out of you , Ascot 3.35 Braqueur D'Or @ 8/1 bet365 e/w thanks Braqueur D'Or...from Paul Nicholls yard the 6yo was previously with Rebecca Curtis yard where he only found a 2nd place from five runs but with him coming in April this year to Paul who gave him two runs a handicap hurdle and novice handicap chase in May which saw 3rd at Warwick and 2nd at Newton Abbott good fact finding mission and a months break to do a bit more schooling , They gave him three runs in July in small fields which will have gave the horse more confidence as he found two wins and a 3rd place, Ever month after that he's had one race another two small field races both finishing 2nd and his last race 24 days ago at Ludlow 3m GF hcp chase he won by 7 lengths , The yard also increased the distances from 2m.4f up to 3m.2f and ran him in novice chases and novice hurdles on GF to Soft with Sam Twiston-Davies in 7 of the eight runs , Although up 10lbs he's been gradually worked through the classes and now Grade
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    Latest Tables - October

    Final Table Well done to Jinxy who bags his second title of the year Congrats to Bymatrix, Jimmy and Whistle Stop who made the places All prizes are now paid via PayPal If you haven't got an account either open one or send the prize to a friend/relative who can pass it on to you. Prizes: £80: Jinxy £40: Bymatrix £20: Jimmy2shoes £10: Whistle Stop £30 KO Cup: BH
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    Hibs are a far better team than Hearts, our midfield will dominate here and the pace we have on the wings will put the fear into the young Hearts full backs. I can't believe Hibs are not odds on. Pile on folks, Hibs will smash these deluded weirdos. Hibs at 2.05. Gimme gimme gimme.
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    PL Tips: All Weather Watch

    Lingers 3rd 10/1, NR, Won 5/2 Returns: 6.00 Kempton Won 9/4, Won 4/1, Won 8/11, Won 5/2 Returns 13.48 Total Stakes: 16.00 Total Returns: 19.48 Newcastle tomorrow - cant wait!
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    Lemon Silk


    Another winning drifter, slightly less spectacular but impressive none the less was The Happy Chappy who went off at 10/1 having been advised at 9/2. Cracking stuff today and thanks once again to Billy and the team !
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    Pinata does the business.......
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    Thank you for all your efforts with the stats. It is very interesting to see. Personally, I would still follow all the tracks because everyday is different and it doesn't always follow the stats. We actually gained back our loss yesterday so far by betting on all the tracks today (though not the day before yet, still more races to go.) If we didn't bet on all the tracks, we might not have gained back our loss from yesterday so quickly. Of course, everyone bets differently and has their own choice and opinions. Respects to all of you. Just thought that I'd add in my little thought. Good luck on all bets, everyone.
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    Saint R

    Naps Competition - Thursday Nov 16th

    The happy chappy 3:30 at Ludlow 1/2 point each way. 8/1 at bet365. Thanks.
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    Ten Tracks To Follow - Jumps

    I know the days to miss, rubbish on the 14th! Nov 15th - Bangor 1240: Agememmon 5/2 bet365 1.10: Rene's Girl 6/4 bet365 1.45: Potters Legend 7/2 bet365 2.20: If The Cap Fits 4/6 Betfred 2.50: Midnight Tour 9/2 Betfair 3.20: Pageburg 8/11 bet365 3.55: Motueka 4/5 bet365
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    November 13 - November 19

    Jack Sock to beat Marin Cilic at 2.20 with BetVictor I don't see a reason for having Cilic as the favourite here, it's a 50/50 match at best imo. Firstly, Sock leads the H2H record 2-0, so he's not going to fear this match-up. Secondly, I think that he was actually the better player of the two on Sunday, especially when it came to critical moments.
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    Non-League Predictions > Nov 11th

    1 bet 1 winner to continue adding to the profits!
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    November 13 - November 19

    Grigor Dimitrov (-2.5) to beat Dominic Thiem at 1.83 with BoyleSports Honestly, Thiem has been dreadful since the end of the clay court season. On top of that, he's also had some injury worries recently, so he might not even be 100% going into the tournament. Dimitrov, on the other hand, has been relatively good recently - and he does have a chance to make it out of the group with everyone else having some worries. With the London courts usually helping aggressive players, this match should be fully on Dimitrov's racquet.
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    1st and 2nd .....fill ya boots richee......255 pts jackpot
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    1st and 4th ......that's good enough for me and 11/2 ...will get paid at that even better
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    Quick look wins nicely ....makes up for earlier roll over to tomorrow
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    FA Cup Predictions > Nov 3rd - 6th

    I love punting on the FA Cup as it always throws up the chances of getting some big price winners or you get some bigger prices than you should on the higher ranked teams. The competition has been pretty kind to me so far this season so hopefully that will continue into the weekend. Hyde United v MK Dons At first glance this really should be an easy win for MK Dons as we have a League 1 side playing a team from Step 4 of Non-League football. Hyde got some publicity when it took them ages to win a game in the Conference Premier a few years ago and then they followed that relegation with two more to find themselves at Step 4. Darren Kelly is their manager and he is famous for lasting 8 games at Oldham and then 9 games at Halifax two seasons back. He looked completely out of his depth and he failed to save Hyde when he joined them late on last season. It has to be said though that Kelly seems to have found his level and he has done a superb job in changing their fortunes around. They have yet to lose a league game this season winning 7 and drawing 4. They had a fairly kind passage to this stage of the FA Cup with them only having to play one side from above them in the pyramid, but that doesn't mean they won't be capable of holding their own here. MK Dons are on a hiding to nothing here given the game is live on BBC2 and it is a tricky tie for them. They aren't doing all that well in League 1 at the moment and have only picked up 2 points in their last 5 games. A big factor for me though is that Hyde play on a 3G pitch and as we saw last season that can cause problems for Football League and Premier League sides as they just aren't used to playing on them. Now I do expect MK Dons to be too strong, but I think Hyde are capable of causing them a scare. I am going to back them on the -2 handicap which is 5/4 with Ladbrokes, Coral and Stan James. Gateshead v Chelmsford and Gillingham v Leyton Orient With Gateshead a shade above evens and Gillingham a shade under evens I am going to stick these two in a double as I fancy them just as much as one another and it makes sense to risk less for more money than risking more and if only one wins basically getting my money back. Gateshead's home form is strong, they have lost just twice at home in the league all season and arguably they were unlucky to lose those two. They should have beaten table toppers Dover last weekend and I fancy them to overcome National League South side Chelmsford. In the league they went 5 games without a victory drawing 4 of them and then they looked to come out of the other side of that winning two including beating top of the table Dartford. However they then went and lost to Chippenham last weekend. To be fair that was their 1st away defeat of the season, but this will be much tougher for them. At least they will be used to playing at an athletics stadium! I opposed Leyton Orient last weekend and I was surprised Wrexham conceded 2 goals against them. Although they did beat Dagenham to get through to the 1st Round they haven't won in 10 league games no and have conceded 20 goals in that time. Defending has been a big issue for them and League 1 Gillingham should be able to take full advantage. Gillingham have improved since sacking Ady Pennock and are doing well of late. I am surprised they aren't shorter than they are to be honest and it seems Orient have been priced up as a Football League side not a side who haven't won in 10 National League games. The double pays around 2.9/1 with Marathon. Peterborough v Tranmere Given Peterborough's recent form it is amazing they are 8th in League 1. Prior to beating Shrewsbury last week they had only picked up 1 point in their previous 5 games. Now being the side who finally beat Shrewsbury is obviously a very good feat, but given their form up to that win I think Tranmere have a decent chance of causing an upset. Now if you don't follow the National League you might be thinking that backing a team who have only won 6 of 18 in the league to beat a team in 8th in League 1 is a silly move. However, Tranmere are much better than their league position suggests indeed I still think they are more than capable of winning the title. For whatever reason things haven't quite clicked for them this season, especially in front of goal, but I believe they are the best side in the division and they are certainly showing more than enough of late to suggest that. I can see the Tranmere players looking to make a statement in this and they were really good against Halifax last Saturday. I certainly can't make them as big as 19/4 for this and Bet 365 are at least a quarter of a point bigger than anyone else at the time of writing. Dartford v Swindon Onto Sunday's BBC games now and I like the look of Swindon here to overcome National League South leaders Dartford. To be fair to Dartford they have only lost once at home in the league all season, but I don't think the league is overly strong this season. Swindon's away form in League 2 has been nearly as good as Dartford's home form as they have lost 2 and won 6. I think with Dartford doing so well in the league it will help concentrate the Swindon's players minds that they have a job to do and you would hope their better quality will see them safely through to the 2nd Round. I think Swindon should be odds on for this so the 23/20 available with Skybet, BetVictor and William Hill makes plenty of appeal. Acca Obviously there will be some upsets over the weekend, but there are 5 odds on shots that should all do the business and I think they are worth sticking in an acca. Oxford City are struggling in the National League South and Colchester have only lost one of their last 7 in League 2 and should prove too strong. Nantwich have only won 4 Evo-Stik Premier games all season and although Steveange's recent form has seen them lose 4 of their last 5, their home form has been strong and they should have few issues in winning this. Truro are having a good season in the National League South, but Charlton are flying in League 1 at the moment and they have lost just once at home in the league. I can't see anything but a home win. Fair play to Heybridge on getting this far and because of that they have only played 8 league games so far, winning 7 and losing 1. They are also still in the FA Trophy after winning a replay in midweek. Exeter though are 4th in League 2 and I just can't see how Heybridge can possible compete. Exeter should run out fairly comfortable winners. Finally Solihull are looking for their 3rd manager of the season after Richard Money decided he didn't fancy the job after all earlier in the week. That suggests to me he thought he wouldn't be able to keep them up and I struggle to see how they can beat a Wycombe side doing well in League 2 and having lost just once away from home in the league. Those 5 pay 4.2/1 with Sportingbet. Hyde +2 1pt @ 5/4 with Ladbrokes/Coral Gateshead/Gillingham 2.5pts double @ 2.9/1 with Marathon Tranmere 1pt @ 19/4 with Bet365 Swindon 2.5pts @ 23/20 with Skybet/BetVictor/William Hill Colchester/Stevenage/Charlton/Exeter/Wycombe 1pt acca @ 4.2/1 with Sportingbet
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    October 23 - October 29

    David Ferrer to beat Kyle Edmund at 1.91 with William Hill Ferrer isn't all that great nowadays, but he still has the mental edge over guys like Edmund. He also has a very good record in Vienna, so I think he's going to win this more often than not. Mischa Zverev (-1.5) to beat Leonardo Mayer at 1.80 with Pinnacle Mayer has gone off the boil a bit recently, while Zverev should like the final tournaments of the season. If the conditions are at least somewhat quick, he should be the clear winner, as his style isn't going to give Mayer enough time for his shots. Henri Laaksonen to beat Borna Coric at 2.20 with Paddy Power Coric has been crap recently, there's just no going around that - and the 0-2 record he has against Laaksonen this year isn't going to help either. With home conditions on his side, I don't see Laaksonen as the underdog here.
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    Lemon Silk

    Punters Lounge Tips

    There have been a few forum members asking about how best to filter the data contained in the spreadsheet provided on the PL Tips page regarding the top rated selections, while SirPuntalot and BH have already answered these questions, I'd just like to add my two cents As BH and Sir Puntalot have already said, you are missing out on a decent portion of the profits if you ignore E/W bets or only bet on them as singles, even over the week/ten days I've been following them I can confirm that this holds true ! The optimum ROI seems to be obtained by only betting on longer priced selections, according to the latest spreadsheet a £10 E/W bet on all selections with advised odds of between 14/1 and 16/1 returns a profit of £4365.40 or 218.27 pts over 741 bets - a not too shabby ROI of 29.46%. Similarly, for a greater profit and a slightly lower ROI, £6686.8 and 26.41% over 1,266 bets, odds of 12/1 and 16/1 should be considered. Below that the ROI starts dipping noticeably (while profit continues increasing of course !) Maybe this might be particularly useful for those starting off who don't feel comfortable risking a bigger bankroll ? The easiest way to significantly maximise profit and ROI and to minimise losing runs is to use the table that BillyHills kindly posted with the P/L figures for each UK and Ireland course and filter out all the 'dead wood' courses (loss making ones) which have so far drained profit to the tune of around £4,000 - sadly my home racecourse, Listowel, is up there with the worst offenders ! There are also about 10 courses with quite low ROIs which maybe could be removed/filtered to give a small improvement in ROI for a smaller sacrifice of profit although I have left them all in so far. This is what I feel is the best mix between extracting maximum profit and reducing losses/losing runs for me. SIr Puntalot/BillyHills/anyone who knows the stats, feel free to correct any incorrect figures or any flaws in my analysis here !
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    Ten Tracks To Follow - Jumps

    Having done some research into how profitable each course has been (or not) for the PL Tips, I have decided to concentrate on the top ten most profitable tracks that will feature during the Jumps season. The ten in order are: Ascot Newcastle Musselburgh Catterick Carlisle Taunton Bangor Ffos Las Hexham Kelso Will back them at the prices advised, 10pts win or 5pts EW if 8/1 or over. Will update when any of the above meetings take place between Nov 1st and Dec 31st.
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    Taunton 1405 Red Admirable 8/1 Betvictor
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    Non-League Predictions > Nov 18th & 19th

    So last night didn't go to plant although it was great to watch Billericay lose and Tamplin throw his toys out of the pram. One tip one winner last Saturday and then both bets won on Tuesday night and FCUM had an amazing come back. From just one bet last weekend I have 7 teams that are worth an interest this weekend. Leyton Orient v Dover Orient finally sacked Steve Davies this week which wasn't a big surprise given how bad their form has been in recent weeks. Going forward they don't look too bad at all, but time after time their defence lets them down massively and it was the case against Ebbsfleet in front of the TV cameras last Saturday. They have had key players injured in defence which hasn't helped, but I think it might take until the new manager comes in to sort their defensive issues out. Dover are surprising leaders and I would be even more surprised if they were still top come the end of April, but they are 9 games unbeaten now and crucially they are very solid at the back and have conceded just 5 on their travels all season. That's impressive and you would imagine they will get chances at the other end to score. I think they should really be favourites for this one so the fact they aren't makes them well worth backing. Bradford Park Avenue v Brackley Given 2nd place Brackley's recent good form it might be surprising that I am putting up the home side, but I think BPA have been over priced. Their home form has been very strong and they have lost just once in their last 7 home league games. That was against top team Salford and even then it was only 2-1 in a game they more than held their own in. Brackley have won their last five, but they have been playing some of the lesser sides in the division and this game is much harder than their recent matches. The 3/1 on offer about a home win is way above what I would have it. Gainsborough Trinity v FCUM I am going to continue backing FCUM after their fantastic win on Tuesday night. To come from 2 down to win it 3-2 was a huge effort and they were by all accounts superb in the 2nd half. Granted they have only won once away in the league all season, but they look an improved side since Greaves took over as caretaker manager and so I think that can be ignored to a certain extent. Trinity have won just 3 at home in the league all season although to be fair two of those were their last two home league games. We have to add to that though that they did lose 6-0 to Slough in the FA Cup.The away side look the value at over 2/1 to pick up another 3 points. East Thurrock v Havant & Waterlooville The home side were unbeatable at the start of the season, but now they can't win games of football. They haven't won in 7 league games now and they have lost their last 3 including a shocking effort at Bath last weekend when losing 4-0. They also conceded 4 in their previous game against Weston. They have also failed to win in their last 5 home league matches. Havant come into this in really good form and they have been superb away from home all season. Their only defeat came at St Albans and they beat top of the table Braintree in their penultimate away league match. Given they have won just two at home in the league it is clear they seem to be performing much better on their travels. Given East Thurrock's recent form you would be hopeful of them continuing that form on Saturday. Hungerford v Truro Fair to say Truro have been the surprise package in the National League South so far this season and currently sit in 3rd position. They have lost just one of their last ten and had a superb 3-1 victory over Dartford last Saturday. Hungerford are struggling and have won just one of their last 9 league games and that came over bottom side Whitehawk. Truro should probably be nearly odds on for this game and you would expect them to be able to carry on their good form here. Lowestoft v Margate Amazingly Lowestoft did manage to win last week although that was against the massively inconsistent Merstham. Just in case anyone thought they might be making progress again on the pitch they duly went and lost 3-0 to Thurrock on Tuesday night. Margate had a little wobble where they didn't win in 5 league games, but they drew 3 of them and the two losses are their only two in their last 10 games. Margate have the joint 2nd best away points tally in the Bostik Premier with 14 in 8 games and given they perform so well away I am confident they should be able to beat a Lowestoft side who have plenty of issues. They look the best bet of the weekend. Worthing v Leiston Finally a bit more of a speculative bet in bottom side Worthing. Now they have won just two league games all season, but crucially they were their last two games. They were disappointingly beaten by Thame in the FA Trophy last weekend, but otherwise they look an improved side, indeed they have picked up 8 of their 9 points in their last 6 games. Leiston may be on 26 points, but they look in a right mess on the pitch on the moment. They have lost 4 of their last 5 games in the league and were hammered 4-1 by Dorking in the FA Trophy last Saturday, which just happen to be the last side they beat in the league. A bit more of a risky one, but I think the price offers value as Leiston are very low on confidence right now. Dover 1pt @ 197/100 with Marathon Bradford Park Avenue 1pt @ 3/1 with Betfred and Bet365 FCUM 1pt @ 52/25 with Marathon Havant 2pts @ 44/25 with Marathon Truro 1pt @ 127/100 with Marathon Margate 2.5pts @ 29/20 with Sportingbet Worthing 1pt @ 5/2 with BetVictor
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    725 chelm Miracle garden 98.88 Pinnata 98.87 These two are a touch clear in this open race .....conditions suit so both should run good races ...betfair offering fairly good prices so ill play Miracle garden 5pts win 5.3 betfair Pinatta 5pts win 9.2 betfair
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    never known anyone as lucky as Leo, unreal run of cards........... well played all
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    We did this a while ago now and Saturdays were surprisingly profitable at that time. I was expecting a loss with so many races, I remember i did about 70 race in one day during the summer, something like 9 meetings in total. Bank Holidays showed a loss if I remember rightly. Without doubt the worst races were the 2yo's on the flat and Novices over the jumps, too many unknown quantities and debutants winning. I do take form from other codes into account now to try and help the bare ratings.
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    Latest Tables - November

    Nov 13th Lots of winners today, well done all
  32. 3 points

    Naps Competition - Monday Nov 13th

    Southwell 2.15 Medici Moon E/W 10-1 Bet365
  33. 3 points

    Naps Competition - Monday Nov 13th

    Kempton 1.50 Way Back Then 0.5 pts e/w 11/2 bet365
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    Racing Chat - Sunday 12th November

    Slow start to the month, glad the flat racing has finished to be honest. We do our best guys, thanks for the support
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    Sir Puntalot

    Results Page

    Everything is possible, let me ask our coder and see what he thinks.
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    I'm starting to wonder if it would be better if he doesn't win cos I really think I'll get banned soon ....I've taken them for a fair amount lately including a grand yesterday so this would firmly put me on the radar .....I might be about to get promoted to the big leagues lol
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    Sir Puntalot


    There's more than a handful. We rank No.1 on Google.co.uk for "Free Horse Racing Tips" and top 5 for "Horse Racing Tips" and the traffic is growing to that page all the time - for obvious reasons! Great thread guys. Unlike most horse racing tips records, we're happy for anyone to dismantle the stats as there's nothing to hide.
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    745 chelm Pearl spectre 98.93 Miracle garden 98.91 Tropical rock 98.89 Firm decisions 98,89 Rollover from today 30pts so may as well play in this open race .....top two have been running fairly well and look ready to run big races today .....any one of top 4 could win this but paddyp have quoted pearl spectre at 16/1 !! (Bet365 15/2 ) ....so lets play and roll the dice Pearl spectre 15pts win 16/1 pp Miracle garden 15pts win 10/1 pp
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    OK, so maybe the trick is predicting that you’ll lose. +8 units
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    Naps Competition - Saturday Nov 4th

    Peace, at last! Good luck and Happy Weekend, everyone! 3.35 Ascot: Go Conquer 0.5pts e/w @8.00 with bet365. Thank you.
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    Castebridge wins nicely ...rollover landed 120 pts returned
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    Ten Tracks To Follow - Jumps

    Heads up when the active days are this month Nov 4th: Ascot Nov 5th: Carlisle Nov 8th: Musselburgh Nov 10th: Hexham Nov 11th: Kelso Nov 12th: Ffos Las Nov 13th: Carlisle Nov 15th: Bangor Nov 16th: Taunton Nov 17th: Newcastle Nov 22nd: Hexham Nov 24th: Ascot, Ffos Las, Catterick Nov 25th: Ascot Nov 30th: Musselburgh, Taunton
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    Swansea City V Brighton & Hove Albion Brighton & Hove Albion +0.25 @ 2.10 Paddy Power A close match on paper but the stats show Brighton are the more efficient team infront of goal and I'm not sure that markets have this one price correctly. Obviously Brighton have form advantage but when will the fortunes of either team begin to turn? Swansea will see this as an important and winnable game against a perceived relegation rival. The home team can be a menace from wide areas in this game as I have reservations about Brighton's ability to defend flank attacks. Despite this, Paul Clement's side have struggled infront of goal all season and I'm concerned the problem might be terminal for their Premier League survival hopes. Brighton have not exactly been world beaters in the final 3rd either but that might start to change with the return to fitness of Glenn Murray. He is a massively underrated centre-forward and he will enhance players around him such as Knockaert, March, Izquierdo and Gross. When it comes to the crunch we have two teams that are closely matched in a difficult game to predict. I was expecting Brighton +0 line to be around 2.10 for this game but instead we're getting +0.25 line at said price. Brighton +0.25 @ odds against seems to be a reasonable value play here.
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    Right I have already written this once and forgot to press the submit reply button so I am going to have to write it again! Poole v Concord I was tempted to oppose Poole on Saturday when they played my team Gloucester as we had been much improved against Welling the weak before. In the end I wanted to wait to see if we could carry on in that vain and Poole were unbeaten in 3. As it turned out we won 3-0 and it was very much a deserved victory. Poole have only picked up 2 points at home all season and I just can't understand how they can be odds on against any side in the league, bar Whitehawk, so Concord look a great value play. Now Concord have also only picked up 2 points on their travels, but there have been signs that they are improving. They have drawn their last 4 league games and they included the 2 away draws so far. On Saturday they drew at Oxford City and the City keeper won the man of the match of the award which tells you all you need to know about how well Concord played. They also were the better side in two FA Cup games against Woking who only won in extra time and didn't deserve to. It all points to the fact Concord are very much overpriced at 3/1 with Marathon. Sutton Coldfield v Stourbridge Sutton Coldfield are bottom of the table. They have only one win in their last ten league games and have had some hefty defeats in that spell conceding a massive 30 goals. Saturday saw them lose 3-0 to Stamford in the FA Trophy who play in the league below and they managed to get two goalkeepers sent off! Stourbridge have lost their last two league games and have been disappointing in both. Their away form has been very good though winning 5 and losing just once and they had a very good FA Trophy win against Basford who have yet to lose in their league. This looks a great gamefor Stourbridge to get back to winning ways in the league and Marathon's 11/8 makes plenty of appeal. Concord 1pt @ 3/1 with Marathon Stourbridge 2.5pts @ 11/8 with Marathon
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    Leic 4.10 Champagne Bob @ 16-1 PP
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    Why would you pay someone for tips when you can get them free here? Have you seen this record for example? https://www.punterslounge.com/tips/free-horse-racing-tips Have you seen how many great tipsters there are all over the forum?
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    Non-League Predictions > Oct 24th

    As I predicted the weather had a big affect on games up and down the country and on reading the reports in the Non League Paper today pretty much all of them mention how the weather affected the games. I certainly feel it was right to keep too small stakes and with two winning tips it meant there was another profit. I also think to a certain extent you can ignore what happened on Saturday given how bad conditions were. Also 6 of the 11 National League games had injury time goals in them with 5 of those having an effect on where the points went. That is a staggering fact and it does seem there are more injury time goals this season. Onto Tuesday and there is a full fixture list in the National League where I have 3 bets and a full fixture list in the Evo-Stik South Premier where I have the one tip. Chester v Barrow Having originally thought Marcus Bignot was going to get Chester winning football matches it hasn't quite worked out like that. Indeed after winning his first game in charge they have lost 3 of their next 4. They were awful against Kidderminster in the FA Cup last week and then lost 2-1 to Boreham Wood at the weekend. Bignot mentioned he may bring in a couple of new faces prior to this game as he looks to change the squad. Now having written all that I am tipping up Chester to win this. The main reason I am backing Chester is the price. I just can't understand how Chester are the price they are for this given the state of Barrow at the moment. In their last 8 league games they have picked up just 3 draws and they were dumped out of the FA Cup by Shaw Lane. Having signed a 2 and half year deal a month ago Micky Moore was sacked prior to the game against Ebbsfleet on Saturday which they went on to lose. So how on earth can the bookies make them such strong favourites away from home. Chester should be marginal favourites so the 11/5 with Bet 365/Betfred/Betfair has to be taken. Dagenham & Redbridge v Macclesfield I have to back Macclesfield again after siding with them on Saturday. That is now 5 league wins on the bounce giving them a 3 point advantage at the top and yet you can still back them at 3/1 to win this match. Again how have the bookies come up with that price. Opposing Dagenham was the other winning bet from Saturday as they lost to a 93rd minute OG against Wrexham. To be fair it sounded like it was a bit harsh as Dagenham had played well after having a man sent off in the first half. It does mean that Dagenham have only won 2 of their last 8 league games though and they might be feeling a bit leggy after playing in such hard conditions with 10 men on Saturday, plus they had the FA Cup replay last week. Macclesfield have also won more games away (6) than at home (4) and thus I would make them no bigger than 7/4 to win this. Hartlepool v Tranmere Whilst the injury time gods gave us a winner in Wrexham they also gave us a loser with Hartlepool as Sutton got their equaliser in the 94th minute. Still it meant the home sides good run of form has kept on going and I just can't make them 9/4 (Marathon) shots to win this game. I do think Tranmere have improved of late and I still think they can mount a title challenge, but they lost again at the weekend to Aldershot and actually created very little. My guess is after going a goal up Mellon decided to try and hang on to the advantage, but it didn't work as they conceded two goals late on. Now for ante-post reasons I hope Tranmere win and if they did it certainly wouldn't surprise, but Hartlepool are in better form at the moment and I would make them slight favourites not biggish outsiders. Tiverton v Hereford I did wonder if Hereford might take their time to adjust to this level after easing to a 2nd promotion last season and they did make a slow start very early on. Bar a 1-0 defeat to Farnborough last week though they have been flying since that start having won 8 of their last 10 league games and they have reached the FA Cup 1st Round. Ante-post wise I am sitting pretty with Slough and Kettering, but I am very worried about Hereford pipping them and I think they can beat Tiverton on Tuesday night. Tiverton have lost 5 league games this season and 4 of those have come in their last 6 games. The other two have been wins against a poor St Ives and on Saturday against Bishops Stortford. Hereford should prove too strong for them and I would have them shorter than the 34/25 that Marathon have them. Chester 1pt @ 11/5 with Bet365/Betfred/Betfair Macclesfield 1pt @ 3/1 with Marathon Hartlepool 1pt @ 9/4 with Marathon Hereford 2pts @ 34/25 with Marathon
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    2017 NFL Season Predictions

    Just the 3 home teams for our usual college bet this weekend, Wisconsin, Alabama, TCU 3.21/1
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    Many Clouds Tribute Film

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    Great game - lot of pp's HU - Paul calling my raise with 4 2 pffft! Good job it wasn't 4 3. Hopefully I have put up the correct result this time